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Things You Are Not Allowed to Do

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“To conquer the earth with an army of flying monkeys” is a bad long term goal to give the re-enlistment NCO.

Once upon a time, there was an enlisted man in the United States Army named Skippy. It occured to him that there were a lot of things that people in the army — with "people" often meaning "him specifically" — were, in various fashions, commanded not to do. He decided to make a list of all of those things...and once people got done giggling, some of them started coming up with their own versions.


This is the page for the growing number of "Things X Is Not/No Longer Allowed To Do" lists, which are exactly what they sound like. From the Army to XCOM, if you're not allowed to do it in there, you'll find it in here. The Evil Overlord List is similar, but more of a "best practices" as opposed to "don't do this". These tend to be something The Loonie would try.

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Known "Not Allowed To Do" lists include: