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Oct 11th 2016 at 11:10:35 AM •••

I noticed a few items that I wouldn't mind having on the "So You Want To Write [Insert Genre Here]".

Ex: -Science Fantasy -Fantasy Americana

Also, whoever wrote "So You Want to Write A Cloudcukoolander" and "So You Want to Write A Urban Fantasy", thanks.

Jul 29th 2015 at 11:28:21 PM •••

When will the 'write a character archetype' gonna be written? I certainly can't wait for the'write a goth'advice be upload. Or it will be me (as an editor) to write an article?

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Jul 30th 2015 at 2:25:51 AM •••

Someone has to do the first move, yeah.

Jul 30th 2015 at 4:54:42 PM •••

But how do I write an advice article?

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Apr 5th 2014 at 6:58:19 AM •••

I'm thinking of dividing the main list into sub-sections because it's getting pretty long. Frex, fantasy, scifi, and romance, each based on the predominating genre in case of a conflict.

I think that this will make it easier to go through the list and find what you're looking for, and especially make it easier to see if anything new has appeared in a genre that you care about (instead of having to skim the whole list).

Does anyone have an objection to this?

Dec 2nd 2013 at 8:49:50 PM •••

Somebody hasn't actually written the "So You Want to Write a Deconstruction"? Doesn't sound like it would take that long. Then again, I'm a little too nervous to write one. :P

Nov 24th 2013 at 2:06:09 PM •••

Why isn't The Lord Of The Rings on the Groundbreaking Works list? Surely it qualifies more than most of those examples.

Dec 16th 2012 at 6:26:21 PM •••

Any chance we could, I dunno, freeze the page and prevent more suggestions until some of these suggestions become articles?

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Dec 16th 2012 at 9:04:04 PM •••

I think it's now more of "request"...

But agree that there need some restrict to suggestion.

Jul 17th 2012 at 10:01:58 PM •••

I'm eventually going to get around to writing a Functional Magic how-to. Sutff I'm going to include:

If anyone has some suggestions, feel free to state them. I'm also having trouble with a system of "reality warping" magic.

May 9th 2012 at 7:40:14 PM •••

I'm planning to make a So You Want To Write a Visual Novel page even though I, uh, haven't actually made any. -_- If someone else is up to the task, go ahead. I'll just read some of the other so you want to stuff before I start so that I'm not redundant.

Hmm, the Dating Sim section will probably have some overlap. While a Romance Visual Novel is technically not a Dating Sim, they tend to have similar plots because they are both Romance genre and they are both text heavy. I'll leave it alone.

I started the page today. I'll finish it and add it on to the index by tomorrow.

Gah, it's taking longer than I thought. I'm on the final stretch though.

EDIT: Done. Well, I get the feeling something is missing, but I'll sleep on it.

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May 5th 2012 at 4:39:07 PM •••

I just found this So You Want To Project and I kindof want to write a section about how suspense is created. I didn't find anything about that and didn't read of it anywhere in the existing sections. I kind of doubt that such a thing can be simply forgotten, so why is there no part about tension/excitement/suspense? Any reason for me not to start writing tips on this? And if I do, where can they be best implemented?

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Apr 30th 2012 at 1:28:58 PM •••

This is getting out of hand. We have more suggestions now than we do articles and its rapidly becoming painfully obvious none of them are getting written any time soon. Perhaps someone should write a "So You Want to Write a So You Want To" to make these more accessible, or perhaps put some sort of task force together. Maybe just have rough drafts drawn up to be built off of so people who think they know better can add to and change it. Either way I'd hate to see the page become an endless list of genres with "So You Want to Write" tacked in front of them.

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May 11th 2012 at 3:30:47 PM •••

This seems like a job for the special efforts thread in the forums, isn't it?

May 12th 2012 at 12:16:44 PM •••

I made a special efforts thread to advertise the problem and attract new tropers who may be interested in making new pages.

Jul 30th 2015 at 3:53:30 AM •••

"So You Want To Write A 'So You Want To Write A' Page?" ??

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Mar 23rd 2012 at 9:21:15 AM •••

Personally, I'm still waiting for pages on "How to Write a Satire/Deconstruction", among others, since I don't know if I can write it myself. Anyone up for it?

Aug 13th 2011 at 10:02:25 AM •••

Alright, so over the last three hours I have made some significant changes to this page. It's taken ten edits (the last was just for a single typo...) but it's done! Here's an overview of what I did:

- Completely reorganized the Suggestions Section. All suggestions are now in separate categories- the same ones as the existing article, in order of appearance, and all alphabetized- with most (some were existing articles by this time) of the suggestions in the first Discussion post added. It should now seem more streamlined even though there are many new ones from that post. I combined a few like Pick Your Own Adventure and Choose Your Own Adventure, discarded some like Spy Thriller- we already had Spy Fiction- and the like, but I have not actually added any suggestions of my own (well, not since the three I added months ago anyway). I made a Word document that included all works in the suggestions area as well as those in the Discussion post to help me organize and arrange things, and I've made sure to not miss anything. If it seems like I skipped something, it was either an existing page or able to be merged with another suggestion. I did not strike any out of personal taste. There were a few renames as well such as changing "Write An Animated Movie (Disney, Don Bluth, etc.)" to "Write A Children's Animated Movie" as it says what the other does without needing examples.

- To accommodate a decent portion of suggestions I have actually made two new categories for the main article.

Creator Jobs
I added this as there were several suggestions such as "Cast A Hollywood Blockbuster" or "Be An Animator" that didn't really fit anywhere else. They wouldn't really belong in the famous creators section, so I made a new one specifically for people who want to pursue these types of jobs/careers. The only one already written is "Be A Booker" but there are a few in the suggestions area, so please write those to supplement it. Those articles should detail the duties of such a job and preferably also how to get them. Some, like "Cast A Hollywood Blockbuster" imply you already have it; add how to get it anyway, while still detailing the best advice on what to do once the job is already attained that you can think of.
Story Aspects, Scenes and Large Ideas
I added this one at the very end because I realized about 2/3 through this task that there were about ten (actually eleven upon reviewing) suggestions that STILL wouldn't fit anywhere else. Many of these came from the Discussion post, but some were already in the article. These suggestions were for parts of a story that wouldn't fit in the genre section because they were too narrow; they didn't fit as entire genres OR they were too broad, like Deconstructions. The broad ones weren't confined to a specific genre, yet they were still good ideas for articles in the index. It's nice to have a decent guide to writing a Spiritual Sequel or a Deconstruction. Yet they still didn't fit as "basics" at the top of the article. I was originally going to separate these "too narrow" and "too broad" suggestions into two articles, but I felt that we've already got plenty of sections as is and I'm adding more already. In the end I figured it would work to shoehorn these into a "Just don't really fit into the basics or genres sections but still have to do with plotting." article. Notice there aren't any character suggestions in the section given; it's for plot, theme, and dealing with tropes themselves (like Deconstructions). Currently there isn't a single finished article in the section; I decided to put it in the main area anyway so people would know what that break in the suggestions area was, and also because I feel it really would be useful. As there are no existing pages here yet, please make this (and the other new section with one article) your top priority.
- I completely changed what it says at the top concerning the suggestions section (before it said to take them all to the discussion area, and that wasn't being followed anyway) briefly detailing how it's arranged. I also added a new part about expanding existing works as I know of at least one that I noticed when clicking some links to check things (Stephen King) that need expanding. I imagine there are others I didn't see as well.

All in all from the start right around 6:00 AM to finishing this write-up right at 10:00 AM (I'm in PST, just so you know) it's taken me a good four hours! I did not expect it to take that long or as many edits as it did, but it's now done. I hope you all approve of my changes, and feel free to comment or critique it, even if you think it was unnecessary (personally I think it will be quite helpful in the future but I know not everyone may agree). If there is anything you truly find to just not work, please change it. But please post about it here when you do.

EDIT: Oh, and more more thing. I also gave rather detailed notes in each of my edits. If you want to know some of the more specific things I did, I suggest looking there.

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Aug 21st 2010 at 2:49:13 PM •••

The following entries were zapped for being suggestions on the main page. No objections to that, but I'm listing them here because...well, because the discussion page is where suggestions belong.

  • So You Want To Write An Adventure Story
  • So You Want To Write An Animated Comedy (The Simpsons, Family Guy, King Of The Hill, etc.)
  • So You Want To Write An Animated Movie (Disney, Don Bluth, etc.)
  • So You Want To Write A Bestseller
  • So You Want To Write A Choose Your Own Adventure
  • So You Want To Write A Christmas Story
  • So You Want To Write A Dark Fantasy
  • So You Want To Write An Educational Cartoon
  • So You Want To Write A Fighting Game
  • So You Want To Write A Hentai OVA
  • So You Want To Write A Heroic Bloodshed Movie
  • So You Want To Write A High School Sitcom
  • So You Want To Write A Hispanic Style Soap Opera
  • So You Want To Write A Horror Game
  • So You Want To Write An Interactive Fiction
  • So You Want To Write A Narrative or Epic Poem
  • So You Want To Write A Pirate Story
  • So You Want To Write A Police Procedural
  • So You Want To Write A Rock Opera
  • So You Want To Write A Satire
  • So You Want To Write A Screwball Comedy
  • So You Want To Write A Sentai Show
  • So You Want To Write A Short Story
  • So You Want To Write A Side-Scrolling Platformer (Mario)
  • So You Want To Write A Space Fighters Series
  • So You Want To Write A Space Western
  • So You Want To Write A Sprite Comic
  • So You Want To Write A Space Opera
  • So You Want To Write A Shoujo Series
  • So You Want To Write A Steampunk Story
  • So You Want To Write A Thriller
    • So You Want To Write A Spy Thriller
  • So You Want To Write A Time Travelogue
  • So You Want To Write A Trailer
  • So You Want To Write An Urban Legend
  • So You Want To Write A Visual Novel
  • So You Want To Write A Webtoon
  • So You Want To Write a Plot-ful Shonen-ai/Yaoi Story
  • So You Want To Write A War Movie
  • So You Want to Write An Adventure Game

For parts of works:

  • So You Want To Be original.
  • So You Want to Write A Climactic Battle
  • So You Want to Write A Clip Show
  • So You Want to Write A Death
  • So You Want to Write A Dream Sequence
  • So You Want to Write A Pilot Episode
  • So You Want to Write A Wedding

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Aug 13th 2011 at 5:58:15 AM •••

I'm not certain if the last comment still applies since we've got a fine suggestion area on the actual page. Moving them all to the page itself (with cross references to make certain I'm not adding duplicates).

Actually, I think I'm going to revamp the suggestions area as a whole, organizing things into the same categories that already existing pages have. There won't be a description separating them; perhaps just a skipped line. They'll be in the same order as the existing page topics, meaning basic story pages will go first and so on.

I'm going to be changing a few of the suggestions above as well (Animated Show referencing The Simpsons and Family Guy will now just be Write The Next The Simpsons, for example). Hopefully when all is done it will look cleaner, if bulkier because of the added suggestions.

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