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I am Kelnius. I made up the name in my youth and thought it was a truly original word, but thanks to Google I've learned that the word kelnius is a real Lithuanian which means "trousers". Since I wear jeans all the time, I figured that made the name all the more appropriate.

I generally just read the Trope pages, fixing them when I see mistakes, occasionally editing them to add in appropriate references if I I'm aware of a good example has been overlooked.


I also have a blog called The Absurd Word Nerd where I talk about language, writing and my opinion. I want to be a published author, but while I'm still working my way up to that stage, I do what I can to better my writing ability and write fiction for my blog.

I believe the blog's pièce de résistance to be the blog-serial Duke Forever. It's a fun science-fiction adventure I'm working on, set in the Universe of Doctor Who, with allusions to adhering to canon . If you wish, you can begin reading the story on my blog. The first Chapter is called The Unearthly Pilot. You can find a list of chapters and links to them in the Duke Forever Chapter Archive

One of my goals is for this Duke Forever blog-serial to become popular enough for someone else to reference it on TV Tropes.

I'm also working on adding a few tropes, like the Unfinished Word Reveal


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