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A Humanoid Abomination but replace Abomination part with Jerkass. Also a Comedic Lolicon who love Humongous Mecha.

Suffer from serious Character Derailment, he was once a Wide-Eyed Idealist whose dream were to become a Mad Scientist. Now he dream to be a prolific novel author, expressing how he found that Humans Are Bastards. Unfortunely for him, it look like novel won't work in Thailand unless it's story about Loveable Sex Maniac , High-School Sweethearts or Sugar Bowl that Tastes Like Diabetes show.

He also run a small random mecha database, but it's in Thai only.

Pages Launched by Kuruni


My attempt to fix Weblinks Are Not Examples and Zero Context Examples in Multiform Balance. That mean Kamen Rider would need its folder. I will run this through Get Help with English afterward.