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"This is a classic pattern of behaviour: People have incomplete information on something and fill in the blanks with suppositions. Which usually (especially when they assume bad faith) are not dependable. The result is some strawmannish nonsense that only barely resembles the actual thing."
Septimus Heap, a note for myself here
A cool discovery during lurking.

First edit: 18th Nov '11 12:56:25 PM on YMMV.Septimus Heap.

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The 300th trope for Septimus Heap, The Reveal, on Sun, 19th Feb '12 4:14:40 AM.

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    Archiving the ATT discussion upon my promotion here. 

12:52:57 AM 22nd Oct 2014

Congratulations on becoming a full mod, Septimus Heap. What was that task you performed that got you up there, again?


12:54:39 PM 17th Oct 2014

He's been on the "mod radar" for quite some time due to his dedicated work on the wiki and in TRS/IP. He had already been granted limited use of wiki tools like the reverter, and this was a natural progression. He graciously accepted our offer.

01:10:05 PM 17th Oct 2014

I guess that explains it.

But if anyone wants to offer a version for The Ancient Circle of Mods, I just happen to be in the mood to hear a tall tale take on it.


I suppose we could make up a story about how he conducted ritual sacrifices of banned tropers in a secret ceremony.

My Final Edits
01:29:21 PM 17th Oct 2014

Congrats to Septimus for reaching the 33rd degree. Best of luck in this new journey. =)

01:39:08 PM 17th Oct 2014

Congrats, long overdue!

But he's always so even tempered. I'm having trouble imagining what he's going to be like in "You have just pissed off the management" mode. :)

01:40:19 PM 17th Oct 2014

It was obvious this day would come; the only question was when. Congrats Septimus, and thank you for all your hard work on the wiki.

Very Melon
02:31:53 PM 17th Oct 2014

Oh hey good on him.

02:37:19 PM 17th Oct 2014

Oh look, the sun's risen in the east!

All joking aside, we all knew this day was coming, and with good reason. Well done, Septimus!

02:43:51 PM 17th Oct 2014

I thought I heard cheers coming from the Death Course's exit.

Congrats, Septimus.

02:52:03 PM 17th Oct 2014

And here I thought that Septimus had only stayed away from full mod duties because he was too busy with the engineering stuff.

Congrats, long overdue.

03:11:30 PM 17th Oct 2014

Congrats, Septimus! I wonder who else is about to be added.

03:24:58 PM 17th Oct 2014


03:57:33 PM 17th Oct 2014

Congratulations Septimus!

I know the blasphemous eldritch rites of moderatorhoodship! Tremble and heed these words!

  1. Humbling, humiliating nudity.
  2. Knowest thou which is a Heel-Face Turn and which is a Face-Heel Turn. Turneth thou as thy alignment requires.
  3. Be torn asunder in the Crucible of Darth Wiki. Become Wall Banged. Suffer a Dethroning Moment of Suck. Briefly become So Bad You're Horrible.
  4. Die. Everyone dies but moderators are reborn! If you are Killed Off for Real then Bad End.
  5. Go on the tedious quest for the McGuffin. Pick a Five-Man Band of veteran moderators. Beware for one is a Leeroy Jenkins and another a Token Evil Teammate. Try to guess which one, I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised.
  6. Learn the horrible secret of the McGuffin: it was friendship all along. Note: if the secret turns out to be "world peace" then you lose through no fault of your own. End.
  7. The dread Archive Binge. Decades of Doctor Who. A decade of Penny Arcade. Twenty James Bond films. There are many Long Runners, dive in. Become one with them. Argue on forums about them.
  8. Shocking Swerve! Heel-Face-Face-Heel back to thy original alignment!
  9. Read 1,000 random pages. Chop chop.
  10. Smite 1,000 sockpuppets. Collect 4,250 sockpuppet socks.
  11. Ascend to moderatorhood! Become be-crowned and claim thy throne. Good End!

Pistols At Dawn
04:02:37 PM 17th Oct 2014


05:18:30 PM 17th Oct 2014


05:30:07 PM 17th Oct 2014

Congratulations, Septimus! You totally deserve it. :)

Lord Xavius
06:53:32 PM 17th Oct 2014

Indeed, congratulations!

07:07:42 PM 17th Oct 2014

Congrats man!

08:13:34 PM 17th Oct 2014

The only surprise is that it took this long. Good on yer, Septimus!

Morning Star 1337
09:04:18 PM 17th Oct 2014

Somehow I knew he was destined for this. Congraduations

09:43:08 PM 17th Oct 2014

Congratulations, Septimus!

And now, your real battle has just be begun...I'm pretty sure you're fully aware that with great power comes great responsibility. ;)

10:50:54 PM 17th Oct 2014

Congrats, now you just have to pick out a mod hat and find the right time to show it to the world.

Ano Baka Desu
11:33:19 PM 17th Oct 2014

Looking at the whole slew of replies above, there is only one way to go: congratulations!

11:42:52 PM 17th Oct 2014

Is it strange that I see it and thought, "Hey, this will help make the P5 work run even more efficiently"?

In all seriousness, though, congratulations on the promotion, Septimus. After all the work you've done here, you very much deserve it!

The One Who Tropes
12:40:05 AM 18th Oct 2014


Septimus Heap
01:47:43 AM 18th Oct 2014

Thanks, all! I'll probably archive this discussion line somewhere ... ideas where?

Pistols At Dawn
02:29:53 AM 18th Oct 2014

hm did you know that if you google "Septimus Heap Tvtropes" (i was looking for your troper page) the result you get is for Septimush Eap?

congratulations on the promotion Septimush!

Satoshi Bakura
05:26:01 AM 18th Oct 2014

Congratulations! Now that you are a mod, you can ban people who screw with the site too much.

06:58:44 AM 18th Oct 2014

I for one welcome our new extraordinary overlord.

07:06:40 AM 18th Oct 2014

Suprised it took this long to make him a mod, considering how active he is! Anyway, congrats on becoming a mod Septimus Heap!

05:30:39 AM 19th Oct 2014

I'm a bit late to the party, but congratulations, you've earned it!

Clockwork Universes
09:23:59 AM 20th Oct 2014

Congrats! I've been meaning to ask: how do you find time to commit to the wiki? What's your occupation?

03:32:40 PM 20th Oct 2014

Now for the kicker, what will your Mod Hat Avatar be? :P

05:36:49 PM 20th Oct 2014

Maybe something along the lines of Telcontar's (which I find hilarious compared to his 'troper' avatar). :P

08:43:26 PM 20th Oct 2014

Just check Edit Banned thread, I have no idea what he is though.

08:49:28 PM 20th Oct 2014

I did, and his looks kind of like a Roman senator to me (but you don't have to take my word for it!).

Mr L 1193
09:10:46 PM 20th Oct 2014

I would assume it's the character Septimus Heap. The avatar is the same as his regular one, so if he's planning to choose a different one for mod posts, he hasn't yet.

Septimus Heap
02:04:44 AM 21st Oct 2014

Alright, people, this discussion is nice and all but crowding out ATT a bit. I recommend to continue it in the forums somewhere.

To answer a few quick questions; I am currently in uni (I guess that's called college in the US) and will have a lot less time available next week. I haven't picked a Mod Hat avatar and I don't think I will (when I haven't picked one, both my normal posts and pink posts display the same avatar). Incidenally, my current avatar (the boy in a blue shirt) is Nicko Heap, another character from Septimus Heap.

02:05:39 AM 21st Oct 2014

Yeah, that's how it works; your normal one gets used until you set one.

02:42:35 AM 21st Oct 2014

OK, but shall we archive the ATT part of it somewhere?

Septimus Heap
12:52:57 AM 22nd Oct 2014

I guess I'll copy this discussion into my troper page later this day.

Page bottom, entries requested by PM (publishing permission needs to be submitted, too) will be moved here

Well, this is surprising. A person that is one of the Wiki's most productive members with no vandalism in his page? I call first. -desdendelle

Wohoo! I'm glad I'm not the only Aspie around here. I don't feel so alone in this world anymore. -Indigo12ash

Apparently, now there are at least three Aspies on this wiki. -IlVit
The Original Barnstar

For all the hard work you do adding to and cleaning up the wiki, I award you Wikipedia's barnstar, since I have an inkling you may edit there as well. Telcontar (talk contribs) 08:04 7 September 2012

I personally think you should be a moderator, Septimus. -Waxing Name