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An anime or manga in which, rather than fighting, the characters play a game or sport. Said game or sport will be Serious Business sometimes resulting in physically unwarranted pain, injury or death. Expect a lot of Mundane Made Awesome. Frequently leads to a Tournament Arc. Sometimes overlaps with Mons and To Be a Master.

Because the vast majority of characters are male, sports anime and manga have become synonymous with fangirl fodder along with otome games and Yaoi. They also have a huge following of gay men for obvious reasons. That's not to say there isn't fanservice for straight men either: manga featuring girls playing sports are similarly prime fanboy material (especially those for the seinen demographic) and may include blatant Les Yay or even go into outright Yuri territory.

Not to be confused with RPG Anime.


Alternative Title(s): Gaming Anime, Sports Anime