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An index of works about in-universe video games, whether they be real or fictional. These games and their players play an important role in these stories, often incorporating Video Game Tropes and portraying Video Game Culture.

This index doesn't include works that are dedicated to just reviewing video games, like many of those in Video Review Show.

Not to be confused with stories merely taking place within a video game universe. Compare to The Anime of the Game and Video Game Movies, which are both works adapted from video games. See also Parody Video Games, RPG Episode, RPG Mechanics 'Verse, and The Most Dangerous Video Game.


Multimedia Franchises
  • .hack, a Japanese multimedia franchise (2002-present)

Anime & Manga

Comic Books

  • Kid Paddle and its spin-off Game Over
  • Louca takes a detour from its usual soccer and sport-oriented action for an arc at an e-sport tournament (vol. 8-9)
  • Noob, based on the eponymous webseries

Comic Strips

Fan Works

Films — Animation

Films — Documentaries

Films — Live-Action


Live-Action TV



Television Episodes

Video Games

Visual Novels

Web Animation

  • Lacey Games, a horror series about a series of fictional Flash games (2022-present)
  • Little Runmo, a 2019 animated short film
  • Meta Runner, an animated series (2019-2022)
  • Rabbit Games, a horror series about fictional Flash games (2023-present)
  • TOME, an animated series (2011-2015)

Web Original

Web Video

Western Animation