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Recap / Kim Possible S2 E9 "Virtu-Ron"

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In the fantasy role playing game Everlot, the players are being tormented by a mysterious player calling himself "the Wraithmaster." Back in real life, Ron is hoping to impress Zita Flores and, hearing her talk about her progress in the game, claims he plays it and has an item she is seeking, causing her to invite him to join her for a session. Though his initial attempts to play meet with failure, he soon learns the game thanks to Wade, and helps Zita obtain the Aspen Power Wand of New Forest, while also earning the enmity of the Wraithmaster in the process, and the jealousy of Malcolm Neevious, a fellow Everlot player.


While Kim is having dinner with her family, Zita arrives at Bueno Nacho to invite Ron to a gathering of Everlot players. When they get there, they find only an empty warehouse, with strange devices attached to their heads, causing them to end up in the game for real. Meanwhile, Kim investigates the theft of the devices, known as "immersion caps," and when she learns the head scientist is the father of Malcolm, she makes the connection.

She and Wade make their way into the game to rescue the two, who soon learn Malcolm & the Wraithmaster are one and the same Ron & Zita attempt to rescue the Wraithmaster's prisoners, but even with Kim & Wade's help, they are easily defeated by the villain until Rufus uses Jim & Tim's computer to access the game, becoming the mythical Tunnel Lord. Using the fight as a distraction, Kim frees the other players, who use a rule in the game and give their power to Zita, granting her the strength to vanquish the Wraithmaster. With peace restored, everyone leaves, except Ron, who convinces Malcolm to join drama club (since he has the shirts), then celebrates his victory with the villain's sword.


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