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Parody Video Games

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As with most forms of media, video games have since been a subject to parodies ever since they gained mainstream popularity in the early Eighties, with popular characters like Mario, Sonic and the like getting their fair share of expies, or common gaming conventions such as Achievement Systems and First-Person Shooter mechanics being satirized or deconstructed either as a commentary on the industry, to simply poke fun at or pay homage to them or pop culture in general, or as a mere Shallow Parody.

Note that Affectionate Parody applies here as well; arguably even more so than other forms of parody. A parody game can just as easily be a fan game as well, or at the very least a love letter to the game it's parodying. Some games are even made by the same company, either as Self-Deprecation or just wanting to have fun compared to the more serious versions.

Sub-trope of Comedy Video Games. Compare and contrast this with Deconstruction Game. See also Lighter and Softer, Denser and Wackier.