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3, 2, 1, apocalypse please.

Let's see if we can get this to make sense.

A multifandom Livejournal roleplaying game set in the aftermath of an unknown apocolyptic event on a planet called Fortuna. Players control characters taken by a group of scientists to Fortuna, and dumped in the deteriorated remains of the city Discedo. Said characters struggle to survive through various events thrown at them by nature or the scientists themselves.

The game was originally located at LiveJournal, but it then later moved to Dreamwidth.

This article is still under heavy construction.


This roleplay provides examples of:

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     Tropes related to the NPC Characters. 

The Scientists

  • Holden: For a long time the leader of the scientists, Holden was a major JerkAss who delighted in picking on and abusing the city. Eventually it was discovered that he had orchestrated the entire Hollisland Invasion, and he was banished from Discedo by Q and Knowlton.
  • Ace: One of the original scientists, Ace was the friendliest and could often be found in the city, interacting with other residents and granting their requests.
    • Friendly Enemy: In a sense, since the scientists are generally thought of by the player characters as the bad guys of the game. Ace, however, was known as "Sweet One" and was friendly with many until she was Put on a Bus.
  • Q: A newer scientist, Q arrived in Discedo a year ago after having been traveling elsewhere. For a while she was Holden's lackey, but then stood against him when she discovered his goals, taking on the leadership role himself. She's quiet, but wants a good relationship with the residents, and wants to help them in any way that she can.
  • Lolita: A mysterious and partially insane scientist. She's been in Discedo from the beginning, but requires a lot of caretaking and isn't very active.
    • Save the Princess: (Save the scientist). She has been rescued by the characters twice in plots.


  • Thomas Knowlton: A man from Hollisland, a country across the world and Discedo's old enemy. Dying of the Atropos virus he came to Discedo in search of the cure for himself and his companions, desperately killing Cuddy and holding others hostage. In the end, he fell victim to the disease, but was spared by the city. After his recovery, he spent some time in jail before breaking free and allying himself with his former enemy, Q.
  • Klaus: A hermit who lived in a cabin in the woods outside of Discedo and died there alone of natural causes. He apparently grew up in Discedo, but left when things started to go bad.
    • Posthumous Character: Was first encountered in the spring of 2010… as a skeleton. Has been mentioned in several plots since.
    • Alas, Poor Yorick: His skull was used to act out the scene in question, no less.
  • Molly: The head anchor of Discedo's 8 O'Clock News. Loud, obnoxious, crazy, childish, and more than slightly snarky.
  • Steven: Field reporter for the 8 O'Clock News. He studies monsters and gets injured. A lot.
  • Michael: Weatherman for the 8 O'Clock News. The youngest of the group, and a bit of a nervous wreck.

     Tropes related to the rest of the game. 


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