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In the age of the internet, anyone with a camera and a point of view can deliver their opinions on media to the world. A Video Review Show is a recorded video featuring one or more hosts who review a piece of media. But no two shows are exactly the same, and the format can vary widely.

Some shows are simply recorded versions of a Review Blog, in which the host delivers a pre-written overview and assessment of a work. These shows are generally focused on a serious analysis of work itself, for better or worse. They can range from a short review to a lengthy and detailed "video essay." The host may appear on camera or simply deliver his opinion in voice-over.

On the other end of the spectrum are shows focused on being entertaining pieces of media in and of themselves. In these shows, the hosts may play larger-than-life characters, often a Caustic Critic, as they review the work. They may also take breaks from their reviews to play out comedy sketches that relate in some way to the work they're reviewing. These types of shows typically specialize on reviewing extremely bad works, with the focus on humorously mocking them.

Still other shows feature several hosts having a live discussion of the work, much like an online version of Siskel & Ebert. The purpose may be to engage in serious criticism or to just crack jokes at the work's expense.

See also the Analysis Channel, a similar genre of videos with a lot of overlap, and Web Video Series for other series of web videos.

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