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Keijo!!!!!!!!note  is an Ecchi sports manga series written and illustrated by Daichi Sorayomi and serialized in Weekly Shonen Sunday from 2013 to 2017, with an anime adaptation directed by Hideya Takahashi and produced by Xebec that premiered in the fall of 2016.

Keijo is a new sport whose popularity is sweeping the world. The premise is straightforward: a number of female competitors stand on a platform floating on a swimming pool and must attempt to knock each off until only one remains standing. The catch is they are only allowed to make contact using their breasts or butt. As silly as it sounds, the sport rakes in a fortune for players, so it is taken very seriously. Into this world comes Nozomi Kaminashi, a seventeen-year-old gymnastics prodigy who shocks her friends and family by turning down a number of college scholarships in favor of taking up Keijo and making as much money as possible, as fast as possible.

The anime received a lot of buzz, including a worldwide simulcast on Crunchyroll and an English broadcast dub by Funimation. After the anime aired, Sorayomi had to speed up the story so that it would conclude in April 2017, with a total of 177 chapters (across eighteen volumes). Contrary to initial reports which later turned out to be incorrect, this was not because of poor sales of the anime, which actually did reasonably well.

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Keijo!!!!!!!! provides examples of:

  • Accidental Pun: The round platform (Land) was meant to spell and loop KEIJO, but unintentionally resulted in IJOKE in specific viewpoints as shown in the anime.
  • Adaptation Distillation: The anime skips the first 20 chapters of the manga, and then distills chapters 22 - 33 into a roughly ten-minute flashback in episode 1. Episode 1 actually starts on page 4 of chapter 35 of the manga.
  • Adaptational Context Change: Because the anime is an adaptation of the second arc of the manga, the mentions of Keijo players' high mortality and its dangers discussed in the first arc are removed, making Keijo look more like an extravagant and comical sport than the possibly mortal one the manga makes it out to be.
  • Adaptational Dumbass: Downplayed. While Nozomi is still quite attentive in the anime, she's slightly slower than in the manga.
  • Adapted Out:
    • Because the anime skipped a lot of chapters from the manga in the beginning, several characters, like Sayuri Naka, were removed in the anime.
    • The anime cuts out the male students at the school who study to become Keijo engineers. They do get mentioned in the final episode of the anime but they are never seen.
    • Nozomi's family is absent from the anime, despite them being Nozomi's motivation to make money in Keijo.
  • Affectionate Nickname: Mio gave Rin the nickname "Rinrin" because of how cute she finds her, much to Rin's dissatifaction.
  • Age Lift: A minor one, but Nozomi's age in the anime is increased by a year making her eighteen-years-old. This is because the anime skipped a lot of chapters in the beginning.
  • Animal Motifs:
    • The walrus for Nagisa, on account of her huge girth.
    • Rin's hair spikes up like a pair of cat ears when she gets excited.
  • Ass Kicks You: One of the two body parts keijo players are allowed to hit each other with is their butts and is primarily used.
  • As You Know: The "Over Ero" rule. Despite being in the rulebook, this rule never came into play until chapter 126 which states that if a racer loses more than 80% of her swimsuit, she is disqualified by nip slip loss.
  • Awesomeness by Analysis:
    • Aoba's right hand, being more sensitive than a normal person's, is not just capable of picking up subtle changes in the wind such that she can predict the trajectory of a beach ball, but also able to determine physical quirks of every person she's touched. In the manga, she's covertly felt up nearly every one of her peers; the anime instead lets her get away with it via providing massages.
    • Kotone's feet are sensitive to vibration which allows her to read her opponent's movements.
  • Back for the Finale: Yuko Oshima and the classmates who raced during the class exchange match appeared in the final episode of the anime to watch the final match in the "East-West War".
  • Badass Adorable: Most of the main cast qualifies, as they're almost all incredibly cute and attractive teenage girls who can also perform superhuman feats of strength, speed, and skill.
  • Blood Sport: Unfortunately for Keijo players, as there's a possibility that they could hit their heads on the platform or get their swimsuit or hair stuck on the metal springs and drown. Nozomi's coach mentions that there have been a couple deaths in the sport.
    • After one of the girls uses her breasts to hypnotise her opponents, there is a minor emergency when a poolside observer realises the losers are completely paralysed, in danger of drowning, and require urgent rescue and resuscitation.
  • Breast Attack: In Keijo, breasts attack you. Then there's Nozomi's "Bust to Bust Attack", where she strikes an opponent's breasts with her own breasts.
  • The Cameo: Kokage Juumonji, the protagonist of Sorano's other manga Momi-Baraishi, appears in chapter 88 to help Nozomi's breasts heal from the East-West War.
  • Career-Ending Injury: Discussed in the case of the Vacuum Butt Cannon, as the sheer force of the simultaneous body and hip rotations can cause severe injuries if executed improperly and can still cause intense pain when it is done so. Invoked by a former pro player who trained too hard and made herself paraplegic; specifically, she suffered from muscular tearing of her glutes, which in the world of Keijo is similar to an ACL tear.
  • Cast of Snowflakes: You wouldn't expect it in a series like this, but Keijo players and hopefuls come in all different sizes and shapes. You have slim and busty girls, but you also have muscular girls, tall girls, and fat girls coming in too.
  • Character Overlap: In Chapter 88, when Nozomi needs to see a doctor to help her with her breasts, she ends up seeing Kokage Juumonji, a character from Sorayomi's other work, Momi-Baraishi a.k.a. "The Rubbing-Away Master". His sister, Konami, and their dog, Napoleon, also appear in the chapter.
  • Charles Atlas Superpower: A lot of the technique and skills keijo players use, especially those at the top, would require inhuman strength and speed. Just a few include:
    • Nozomi's "Butt Cannon", which starts off with a series of incredibly acrobatic flips and jumps, and ends with an insanely powerful butt bump. Her "Vacuum Butt Cannon" which requires accelerating, is a more powerful version of it that can even rip off opponent's clothes.
    • Miyata's speed. She moves so fast at one point she creates an afterimage that makes it look like her butt became her boobs (confusing her opponent into thinking her breasts expanded suddenly). She can also thrust her butt rapidly, known as Butt Gatling.
    • Kawai is capable of moving so fast she can strike her opponent's jaw in a single twirl.
    • Atsuko Yoshida can tense her gluteal muscles to the point where they're as hard as steel.
    • Rin Rokudo can move her hips so fast that her butt can be in multiple places simultaneously. She can also use the Butt Gatling, like Miyata. She also has an impressive lung capacity, which is necessary for the oxygen-depriving Butt Gatling.
    • Aoba Kazane's right hand is sensitive enough to pick up minute quirks in her peers' training and habits just by feeling up their butts.
    • Non Toyoguchi's soft butt can deflect very powerful attacks back at the opponent.
  • Chekhov's Gunman:
    • In Chapter 9, Sayuri is telling Nozomi about the athletes who will be taking the second exam. Among the athletes she tells Nozomi about, we get a glimpses of Mio (whose face isn't revealed yet), Hanabi, Yuko, and Kotone. Nozomi ends up befriending all them and Mio, Hanabi, and Kotone ends up making it in the Elite Class.
    • In Chapter 21, when showing a list of people who qualify to be in the Elite Class at the moment, among them include Hanabi, Atsuko, Rin, Kotone, and Mio. Guess who makes it to the Elite Class after the Second Exam?
  • Clothes Make the Superman: A Plot Coupon that appears is legendary swimsuits that were created that could enhance a Keijo racer's abilities to new heights. They are considered the reason behind the current Keijo situation happening behind closed doors.
  • Clothing Damage: Courtesy of Nozomi's Vacuum Butt Cannon, Sayaka, Non, and Kazane's swimsuits all get shredded by the shockwaves. If too much clothing is damaged, however, players can get flagged for over exposure.
  • Combat Parkour: Having previously been an Olympic-level gymnast, Nozomi carries flipping and twirling into her Keijo game. This also lets her build up momentum for her Vacuum Butt Cannon.
  • Combat Pragmatist: While the sport is focused around forcing other players to fall off the platforms, Hanabi Kawai delivers concussions to her opponents to eliminate them, since touching the land with any part of your body except your feet is a loss. Mio is even more vicious, as she hypnotized girls with her boobs and hits erogenous zone to weaken their knees and make them fall by themselves.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle:
    • Kawai versus the girls who tried to gang up on Nozomi. She takes them out so fast none of them can even see her attacks coming. Kawai then does the same to Koizumi, spurring her to stick with the sport.
    • Instructor Hitomi takes down all of her student opponents with a single attack during the practice matches.
    • Nozomi's first race as a pro keijo player ends with her out in the first few seconds, even though she was considered a brilliant prodigy after winning the East-West war against Maya.
  • Cute Clumsy Girl: Non Toyoguchi tries denying it even has she clearly tripped over herself.
  • D-Cup Distress: Aoba Kazane seems rather embarrassed about her breast size, much to Miyata's disbelief.
  • Dangerous Forbidden Technique: The Vacuum Butt Cannon is rarely used even by professionals due to the incredible strain it could put on one's back and hips. Improper execution is also known to cause a Career-Ending Injury. According to the creator of the technique, only those who where born with an extra bone in their vertebra can perform the technique without to much fear of injury as it allows them more flexibility. Although this is not true about the L6 vertebra.
  • Distant Finale: The epilogue chapter that came with the final volume takes place 3 years after the graduation tournament. Nozomi and Sayaka have become Keijo scouts in the meantime, and observe a sprightly pair of girls who are eager to become prize queen like they were when they started out.
  • "Do It Yourself" Theme Tune: The ending theme is performed by Lynn (Nozomi), M.A.O. (Sayaka), Kaede Hondo (Kazane) and Saori Onishi (Non).
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Rin and Kotone appeared in the first episode of the anime as cameos before they are fully introduced. In the manga, we don't learn their names until the class exchange race.
  • Eating the Eye Candy: In-universe with the boys that help setting the lands and lifeguards in the manga. Fujisaki especially likes their bromance.
  • Elimination Catchphrase: Overboard and Fall. An announcer also says "[Player], overboard/fall! Loser!"
  • Enemy Eats Your Lunch: A less serious example of this occurs when Kawai notices Nozomi and Miyata watching the Elite Class eating their (ridiculously expensive and fancy) breakfast. She picks up a cup of ice cream and starts eating, making a bunch of over exaggerated reactions to make them jealous.
  • Everyone Has a Special Move: A large number of keijo players have special moves and gimmicks unique to them.
  • Evolving Credits: In the anime opening, Usagi is seen wearing her hoodie with her hood concealing her eyes. When she's introduced in Episode 6, she's not wearing her hoodie and her face is revealed.
  • Fan Disservice: Tae Yokosugi & Nagisa Ujibe.
  • Fantasy-Forbidding Father: Sayaka's father, who's the head of a dojo, is disappointed at his daughter for giving up Judo to pursue Keijo. However, he eventually comes around when he sees that Sayaka applied her Judo training to Keijo.
  • Feminist Fantasy: In spite of being heavily laden with fanservice, Keijo!!!!!! is highly praised by feminists as a female-centric sports anime with all the insanity, named moves, and drive of an over the top Shōnen sports story. In addition each character has agency and drive and they don't go into boyfriend discussions. And even the Fanservice is more diegetic instead of feeling forced and out of place.
  • Fictional Sport: Keijo, the main theme of the series, is an aquatic, girls-only sport where one can use only their boobs and/or ass to attack their opponent.
  • Form-Fitting Wardrobe: The main characters are practically shrink-wrapped while competing. Egypt sees less camel toe on a given day.
  • Friendly Enemy: One of the mottos of Keijo is "what happens on the Land, stays on the Land". Many of the opponents that Nozomi and her friends face during their Keijo matches may come off as extremely antagonistic, sometimes even acting downright villainous. However, none of the players hold any hard feelings towards each other once the match is done. When they are not playing against each other, nearly all the Keijo players are very friendly and civil towards one another. There are those who act antagonistic even off the Land, however, but are treated with some form of trepidation.
  • Gecko Ending: In chapter 177, since Sorayomi was forced to end the series at Shogakukan's request, Nozomi and Miyata both get disqualified in the finals of the Butt Graduation Festival. In chapter 177.5, the true final chapter, it's explained that Kazane was able to outsmart Mio's ability of reading through her mind tricks, allowing her to achieve the dream Nozomi wanted from the start: becoming the prize queen. Now Nozomi's forced to go back to square one if she's to achieve her dream like Kazane.
  • Good Parents: Miyata's father initially disapproved of her taking up on Keijo, but respects her decision after witnessing her utilize her judo skills and when she wins the first match of the East-West War.
  • Graceful Loser: After losing to them during the East-West War, the Suruga players quickly befriend the Setouchi players during the post-match celebrations.
  • Hard Work Hardly Works:
    • When Nozomi first wears the UTM suit to help her get stronger, she has trouble moving around in it due to how tight it is and it took her a month to finally master it. In the anime, the whole elite class were made to wear the UTM suits and Mio, Hanabi, and Atsuko were able to move in the suit without any issues, much to Nozomi's disappointment.
      Nozomi: I can't believe they can move around right after puttin' it on. What was my month of blood, sweat, and tears for?
    • When Shirayuki has Nozomi pull out turnips from the ground without breaking them by only using her butt to help her master the "Butt Flash", she ends up breaking a lot of turnips. When Mio comes along and tries it, she is able to pull a turnip out without breaking it on her first try, much to Nozomi's disappointment again.
  • Heel: Mutou Jack Knife, it's for the sake of the in-universe keijo fanbase as she is relatively nice outside the land.
  • Heroic RRoD: Miyata's "W-Acceleration" puts a lot of strain on her legs. To her credit, she realizes this as she invents the technique, and properly uses it to overwhelm Rin in the last 30 seconds of their elite promotion fight. During the East-West War, she uses it for too long near the beginning of her match, causing her to become weak in the legs, unable to move for a significant amount of time.
  • Hidden in Plain Sight: At the end of the animation of the ending song, the clouds display a butt.
  • Hot-Blooded: Most of these girls are very passionate about the sport, Nozomi especially so.
  • Iaijutsu Practitioner: Saya Kogatana uses her bikini top as a sheath to strike with her breasts.
  • Idiosyncratic Episode Naming: The chapters are named Hip X [something].
  • I Know Madden Kombat: A lot of the girls use their former sports to perform well at keijo like Nozomi (gymnast) and Kawai (softball). Some use keijo itself in a sparring match against sumo wrestlers! And they win!
    Miyata: She used a joint technique with her ass!?
  • "I Know You're in There Somewhere" Fight: Nozomi does this after Maya's split personality, Kaya awakens so she can properly finish her duel with Maya. She succeeds.
  • Imagine Spot: When Nagisa tells Nozomi that the Vacuum Butt Cannon technique could potentially make her a prize queen, Nozomi imagines herself being showered in money, wearing fancy dresses, driving a shiny new sports car, living in a high rise, and eating like royalty.
  • Improbably Female Cast: Justified since Keijo is a sport for women so the entire cast is female. But in the manga, there are some male characters.
  • In Medias Res: Two cases in the anime. The show adapts out the first chunk (the high school years) of the manga and goes directly to the Keijo Academy as only two characters move on together to that institution. The other is that sometimes the first or last scenes of an episode depict events that will happen either later in the episode or somewhere in the next episode.
  • Innocently Insensitive: During Episode 1, Nozomi makes a comment about how all the girls at the school have funny accents. In Episode 2, we see that Aoba overheard her. This is the main reason she doesn't want to talk at all, and doesn't want to be the Leader during the beach ball exercise because she feels embarrassed by her accent.
  • It Makes Sense in Context: Considering that talking about breasts and butts in this manga is like having a strategy meeting, I think it's an understatement.
  • Jerkass:
    • Sasaki Jun, the male reporter who claims Nozomi is just a nobody who will probably drop out when Shiomi tries to interview her. Not just with Nozomi though. He only acknowledges accomplished sportswomen and he has no problem voicing out his thoughts when the people he badmouths can easily hear him. Also, before the East-West War, he outright says he rather interview the Suruga than the Setouchi, because they never lost the competition. He gets an Adaptational Nice Guy in the anime though. While his personality is mostly unchanged, he does acknowledge that perhaps the Setouchi can win after seeing the first round results, something that never happens in the manga.
    • Ayako Sakashiro, the East instructor Nozomi and her friends meet in Episode 8. Later revealed to be a Jerk with a Heart of Gold, and makes a Heel–Face Turn after Suruga loses.
  • Meaningful Background Event: In Episode 7, when the elite class are having their meals, Usagi can be seen glaring at Nozomi every time she sits next to Mio.
  • Mêlée à Trois: Whenever a keijo match starts with three or more players, this is bound to happen.
  • Ms. Fanservice: It's a game that is for women only, makes them compete in swimsuits, and utilizes their boobs and butts. And almost all of them are incredibly sexy and attractive young women with very prominent "assets." The teacher Kyoko qualifies the most however as the first shots you see in the show are her Underboobs and her buttocks. She's also in a bikini when the others are typically in One Piece Swimsuits.
  • Mundane Made Awesome: It would be more or less just king of the hill in a pool, if not for the fact the series goes full sports shonen with its intense action scenes and characters pulling off superhuman attacks and abilities.
  • Muscles Are Meaningless: A lot of the higher ranked keijo players tend to be rather petite and almost anytime a keijo player with significant muscle mass is introduced they tend to lose badly.
  • No-Sell: Despite Kawai's attacks being able to knock people out in 1-hit, Nozomi was able to take a direct hit in the face from Kawai and shrug it off. She manages to do this by taking the attack to the front of her face, rather than on her chin (which is where Kawai was aiming for, and is how she knocked out the other girls). Kaya is outright immune to it thanks to her unnatural strength, rough childhood and a strong chin.
  • Ooh, Me Accent's Slipping: The English version has Kazane Aoba's regional accent, which she tries to hide, replaced with an over-the-top Texas country accent. After about the fourth episode or so, quite a few of the other female characters begin randomly slipping into this accent.
  • One-Hit Kill: The Butt Guillotine move, focused on striking an opponent's vital areas and potentially delivering a concussion.
  • Only in It for the Money: Nozomi and a lot of girls moved from their original sports because keijo paid better.
  • Opening Monologue: Nozomi provides a very energetic one at the start of the first episode.
  • Panty Fighter: The girls fight with their boobs and butts while wearing swimsuits. The whole sport is made of fanservice.
  • The Paralyzer: Mio Kusakai is capable of completely freezing her opponents in place by swaying her breasts back and forth in a manner similar to hypnosis. Ujibe declared this move as forbidden because those who are affected and knocked out in the water could drown and die if the rescue crew don't reach them on time.
  • Pool Scene: Due to the nature of the sport, most of the series takes place in pools with the girls in swimsuits.
  • Power Glows: Many of the more powerful special attacks and techniques (such as the Vacuum Butt Cannon) create a shining aura around the users butt and/or boobs.
  • Promotion to Parent: Nozomi has to take care of a younger brother and sister because her mother is absent and her dad is a traveling entertainer, who doesn't offer much financial support.
  • Pummel Duel: Miyata and Rin with Butt Gatling.
  • Pun-Based Title: Episode 2 has the instructor Miku Kobayakawa has a book called Asstronomy, which is also a class lecture. On top of that is Boobology. Also, Aoba's "Gate of Bootylon" involves an arsenal of butt techniques.
  • Punch-Clock Hero: Nozomi wants to become a keijo player mainly to become rich and support her family. Though later on she starts gaining a real passion for the sport.
  • Put on a Bus: The early chapters of the manga are victim to this, which somewhat explains why it was Adapted Out of the anime. For example, Sayuri Naka, a former biker leader who had some of the best scores, went and remarried off-screen before even participating in a race.
  • Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs: Butt Gatling, performed mainly by outfighters. Users are able to do 30 butt thrusts a second!
  • Refuge in Audacity: The only reason this show works is because of how completely absurd it is presented as being. Complete violation of the laws of physics aside, if this sport were to be attempted in real life, it would result in immediate and extremely painful soft-tissue injuries. When a group of Portuguese women actually did try to attempt it, they did so with massive amounts of full-body padding, which made the end result look more like water sumo than anything seen on the show.
    • The Keijo pool itself is absurdly deep (appearing to be around 10 meters, or 30 feet), simply to allow dramatically prolonged sinking shots when a character is knocked off the platform. It is also much, much larger than it needs to be. The only pools of this size and depth in real life are those used to house orca whales.
  • Rule of Cool: This series isn't all about the sexiness. Those battles can get pretty darn awesome, awesome enough that one can momentarily forget the butts. And no matter how impossible it may be that a wedgie can turn a fast girl into a hypersonic shounen-fight-worthy powerhouse, that doesn't make it the slightest bit less awesome.
  • Sanity Slippage: Those eight exclamation marks. Terry Pratchett famously noted that five exclamation marks are a sign of absolute insanity. Eight would break the Pratchett scale.
  • Scenery Censor: Even on the DVD release for the anime, instances of nudity are covered up by convenient objects (or in some cases, bursts of light). The series does not show much even after a girl's swimsuit is demolished.
  • Second Place Is for Winners: Maya. In losing to Nozomi, she learned that her mother wasn't just keeping her around for her talent at Keijo, and was able to actually enjoy the match for the first time. Her teammates even note how much happier she is after it.
  • Serious Business: As silly as the premise of keijo sounds, it pulls in a lot of money so it's treated with the same amount of seriousness as any other professional sport. One girls even mentions spending her childhood drinking special milk to have boobs ready for keijo.
  • "Shaggy Dog" Story: The final chapter. After spending the entire graduation party fighting against some of the strongest Keijo players of the previous generation, taking out the current Prize Queen, and gaining enough clout to seriously compete for a billion yen prize reward, Nozomi and Sayaka end the series going all out on each other in the finals only to get immediately disqualified via Over Ero. The one who actually wins is Kazane.
  • Shameless Fanservice Girl: Considering this is where girls fight with their breasts and buttocks almost every character qualifies. Miyata Sayaka qualifies the most however due to the fact that she didn't mind showing her nipples off in a huge public area just to win.
  • Shout-Out: A few to spot:
    • In an Inversion, this series makes a cameo in Dead or Alive Xtreme 3.
    • Multiple moves parody Street Fighter staples.
    • In its completed form, the Vacuum Ass Cannon is basically a Fanservice version of the Ama Kakeru Ryu no Hirameki. It is a dangerous move that can injure the user if done improperly. And if the first attack misses or is blocked, the vacuum created sucks the victim into the second attack. However, this being Keijo, the first attack is with the butt and the second is with the breasts.
      • Likewise from Rurouni Kenshin, Kotone's Gatotsu Ketsu (Butt Fang Stab) and Gatotsu Nyuu (Boob Fang Stab) are Saito Hajime's Gatotsu performed via T&A.
      • In chapter 144, both the Gatotsu and Ama Kakeru Ryu no Hirameki references would be combined into the Vacuum Ass Cannon Type Zero. Like the Gatotsu Type Zero, it requires no start-up dash.
    • In Chapter 76 of the manga, Aoba has a stockpile of copied techniques from all the other keijo atheletes she's managed to feel up so far. Named the "Hip of Babaylon"note , it has the same visuals as Gilgamesh's iconic noble phantasm.
    • During the placement race, Hanabi Kawai's brain-shaking precision jaw strike has a significant similarity to Ichiro Miyata's perfect counter, from Hajime no Ippo.
      • Hanabi's techniques are also compared to Kenshiro's. There's even an Imagine Spot panel of a "man with seven scars on his butt".
      • An additional reference would occur later with a butt-based Dempsey Roll.
    • Attack on Titan gets one when an especially large girl performs an Ass Kicks You, with the steamlines and all. Naturally, like most shout outs, it's appropriately named Buttack On Titan.
    • Saki Hanayama's God Hip Impact is Obelisk the Tormentor's God Hand Impact via a different bodypart.
    • Maya can do GaoGaiGar's Hell and Heaven (renamed to Heaven and Hell in the anime but even more visually similar due to the colors) with her breasts.
    • Chapter 151's climactic Pummel Duel explodes into several referential attacks, including the Hundred Crack Breast, Mammary Final Heaven, and Breastor Canon. Then it keeps going even further to pierce the heavens with GIGANTIC BREAST BREAKER.
    • Nami Nanase's Synaesthesia ability is similar to the heat vision of the Predator.
      • She also refers to her breasts and ass as her fork and knife, similar to Toriko.
  • Skinship Grope: A lot, usually done by Mio.
  • Speed Echoes: Miyata. Her opponent tried to attack her front thinking that her small breasts wouldn't be able to counter, but Miyata counters with her butt so fast that it looked like her breasts expanded.
  • Tactical Rock–Paper–Scissors: Keijo fighting styles are classed into three categories - infighters, outfighters, and counters. Infighters overpower outfighters in direct combat, outfighters outspeed counters, and counters turn the infighters' strength against them.
    • Some characters like Mio and Aoba have specialized technique that doesn't quite fit any fighting style which make them more versatile.
  • Tall Poppy Syndrome: Prior to the mock race of the entrance test, Sachiko Yamikumo spreads rumors that Miyata and Nozomi are colluding to score better than their peers, causing Miyata and Nozomi to be ganged up on.
  • Truth in Television: This series has several examples familiar to people engaged in competitive sport and martial arts.
    • Most elite Keijo players develop moves or styles based on their own unique body type. This is common in competitive sport, especially in the uppermost tiers where victory can be determined by milliseconds.
    • Active Keijo fighters are leagues ahead of trainees, Keijo teachers severely outclass their new students due to years of experience, and fresh graduates can Curb Stomp green trainees. Ask anyone who does martial arts and they will tell you that the initial growth phase usually hits a rapid incline after a while before petering off. Past that, active combat or sparring will help you improve much more quickly than practice in a dojo.
    • Several techniques are dangerous because of the strain they place on the body like the Vacuum Butt Cannon. Repetitive stress injury is very common in competitive sport and sport physiologists work hard to minimize such injuries in professional athletes.
  • Walking Swimsuit Scene: The series is largely about a sport played in a swimming pool so naturally a lot of the characters are shown wearing swimsuits most of the time.
  • Watch Where You're Going!: Chapters 38 and 39 have this occur multiple times during Room 309's "Hip Toss" training. Between their shoddy teamwork and the wind blowing the ball about, the girls are either bumping butts at best or crashing into each other and winding up in lewd positions at worst.
  • Weak, but Skilled: Nozomi is considered one of the top rookies of her class after the East-West War between schools, and is able to smoothly transition into being a pro keijo player. Her first race sees her lose almost instantly. This was even foreshadowed with Nozomi's lessons with a pro infighter; Nozomi couldn't so much as hit her. Her skills are good but she makes obvious mistakes such as staring where she is gonna hit and getting surrounded.
  • Wham Episode: Chapter 128. Nozomi won't go at Garden Worth because she made a promise to her mother to take care of her siblings. We get a flashback of form of Nozomi's mother dying on an hospital bed while her daughter is clutching her hand while crying her eyes out. She changes her mind after Takeru and Megumi convince her, but seeing such a serious and heart-breaking scene in contrast to the normally extravagant ones can catch readers off-guard.
  • Wham Line: During Miyata and Nozomi's promotion match, their swimsuits fly off after their Cross Counter attack making the referee penalize them both for being too erotic, revealing that, yes even in this Fanservice laden game, there is a limit to how sexy it can get.
  • Wingding Eyes: Kawai's eyes get a starry glint the moment she gets serious when fighting.
  • Worf Effect: Yoshida is the physically strongest student and member of the elite class, which is good to show the other players are stronger than they look.
  • World of Buxom: Since boobs are one of the only two body parts competitors can use to fight each other with, it comes as little surprise that almost all keijo players have pretty sizeable busts. Nanase who trained for keijo since childhood even drank special milk to get her breast bigger growing up.
  • Worthy Opponent: Nozomi gets this quite a bit from those she battles with, especially those who have to be knocked down a few pegs. This is even encouraged by the instructors, who say that all keijo players must maintain an attitude of "what happens on the land stays on the land." As a result, it's commonplace to see players complimenting each other after matches.

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