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This is an Ecchi sport series with an Improbably Female Cast‎ that has Skinship Grope and at least one confirmed lesbian character. So expect plenty of this.

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Nozomi Kaminashi

     With Sayaka Miyata 
  • Miyata seems to get jealous when students in the Elite Class or any other girls gives Nozomi special attention.
    • After Mio introduces herself to Nozomi, she asks Miyata why someone in the Elite Class would be interested in her. Miyata "congratulates" Nozomi on how popular she is while blushing and then walks away from her.
    • After Rin introduces herself, Miyata "congratulates" Nozomi on Rin liking her and walks off again leaving Nozomi confused. In the manga, Non notices Miyata's jealousy at that moment.
    • In Chapter 136, Miyata gets a little jealous when she sees how coordinated Nozomi and Saya are during their race when she said that their teamwork is okay but she would've been much better coordinated with Nozomi.
    • When Maya is staying with Nozomi and Miyata at the Garden Worth, Miyata gets extremely jealous when she sees how close Nozomi and Maya are.
  • In Chapter 34, while working together at a workshop during New Year, Miyata notices that something is wrong with Nozomi so she grabs her butt to feel her muscles and notices that it's strained. After Nozomi explains to Miyata that even though she passed the second exam she still feels like a failure, Miyata cheers her up by telling her that they should get stronger together.
  • When the students are finally able to practice in the water, Nozomi gets on her hands and knees to get a close look at the pool. Miyata uses this opportunity to grab and feel Nozomi's butt and notes how much better it looks, a Call-Back to what she did in Chapter 34. When Non asks Miyata how could she say something so naughty, she clarifies she meant Nozomi's butt is more muscular than before.
  • In Chapter 45, during the class exchange match, Miyata is mad at Rin for claiming herself as the fastest and for making a grab at Nozomi. The latter wasn't included in the anime.
  • In Chapter 56 or Episode 6:
    • When deciding what to do with their free time in Kyoto, Miyata nervously tries to ask Nozomi, along with Aoba and Non, to join her while they explore Kyoto. But the way she tried to ask her makes it look like she's asking Nozomi on a date. She gets shocked when the other Elites asks Nozomi to spend time with them, resulting in Miyata calling Nozomi a dummy.
    • When Miyata is exploring Kyoto alone, the manga and the anime do different things with this moment. In the manga, Miyata is approached by two street thugs, who calls her cute, before being rescued by Nozomi, but in the anime, Nozomi pretends to be a street thug and jokingly calls her cute. When Miyata ask Nozomi why she's here, Nozomi tells her she wants to hang out with her, resulting in Miyata breaking out in tears and thinking to herself that Nozomi is usually dense when it comes to this type of moment.
  • After Kyoko tells Nozomi that her body has a weakness and she needs to fix it, she asks Miyata for help. Without properly explaining her problem to her, Nozomi just strips naked in front of Miyata, all the while asking her questions like what does she think of her body, or if breasts and butt look alright. This confuses and embarrasses Miyata resulting in her throwing the still naked Nozomi out of the room.
  • During the party after the East-West War, when Nozomi comments how bad Midori thrashes the whole room in her sleep, Miyata points out that she's no better and mentions that Nozomi tried to get into her bed with her before.
  • In Episode 12, when taking group pictures with the Elite Class, Mio gives Nozomi a kiss on the cheek, resulting in Miyata personally pushing Mio out of the way so she, Aoba, and Non can take a group picture with Nozomi.
  • In Chapter 103, when Nozomi and Miyata are attending the Kobe Harbor Special to watch Sumire compete, Miyata is wearing a big hat and glasses to avoid unwanted attention. When Nozomi tells her she looks cute wearing glasses, Miyata blushes and gets flustered and denies looking cute.
  • The cover of Volume 13 has Nozomi and Miyata happily seating on a platform with flowers on it with their swimsuit torn apart while they hold hands.
  • In Chapter 122:
    • Miyata stares at Nozomi's butt when she's worried that Nozomi is hiding the pain in her butt from her race during the Funabashi tournament. She's proven correct when she pokes Nozomi's butt and she scream in pain. When Nozomi explains that she hid the pain so she can eat cake instead, Miyata scolds her by poking her butt several times and then plans to call a doctor.
    • Nozomi and Miyata have gotten so close that rumors were going around that both of them were dating each other, much to the shock of both of them. Sumire and Aoba couldn't help but tease them. Sumire points out that it was Miyata's idea to pick up Nozomi at the train station and Aoba notes that both of them always sleep next to each other in the dormitory and during the training camp and they also train together. Miyata denies them being a couple and insist they're Just Friends. Oddly enough, Nozomi doesn't even bother to try denying it.
  • In Chapter 127, due to the exhausting schedule of being an A-class keijo player, Sumire suggest they live in Garden Worth, a residence exclusive to keijo players and suggest they both share a room to pay rent. Both of them imagine what it would be like living together with Nozomi happily imagining Miyata acting like a supportive wife and Miyata frustratingly imagining Nozomi acting like a Lazy Husband. The only time their imagination is the same is when they're both going to practice keijo. In the end, they both happily agree to the idea.
  • In Chapter 165:
    • In the morning, Miyata is about to wake up Nozomi, she is shocked to discover that Nozomi and Maya embracing each other in bed.
    • Nozomi admits to Maya that she one time embraced Miyata when they were sleeping.
    • While doing the dishes, Miyata overheards Nozomi and Maya's conversation while they're showering. When she hears something wrong, she barges into the bathroom and is shocked to see Maya laying on top of Nozomi with both of them naked.

     With Kazane Aoba 
  • When the students are practicing the Hip Toss training routine, Nozomi and Aoba are about to hit the beach ball until they both collide into each other resulting in Nozomi being on top of Aoba. Nozomi begins groping Aoba's breast after noticing how big they are until Aoba pushes her off of her. In the manga, when they both collide again, Nozomi is on top of Aoba again but this time with her hand on Aoba's breast and her face on her crotch. Aoba lays curled up in a ball traumatized by what Nozomi did while believing she can't marry anymore.
  • When the regular class are finally able to practice on the water, Nozomi ogles at Aoba's breast when she's in her school swimsuit. Aoba covers up her chest so Nozomi will stop staring at her, but Nozomi starts teasing her when she figures out her cup-size by watching her hair movement.
  • In Chapter 55.5, Nozomi is surprised to find "battle underwear" (which looks like Barely-There Swimwear) that belongs to Aoba. Nozomi then mentally pictures Aoba wearing said underwear, and has this inner monologue: "I didn't need to know this...! My cute little Kazane is more adult than me!!!". Although Nozomi is left even more surprised when Aoba informs her that the underwear are actually her sister's.

     With Hanabi Kawai 
  • Despite her goal to find a boyfriend, Hanabi seems very interested in Nozomi after they raced against each other during the Second Exam arc as she spoke positively about her to the other Elites and treated her as an equal.
  • In Chapter 26, during the first trial match, Hanabi gets upset at Nozomi when she ignores her to go help Miyata. When they compete again in the second trial match in Chapter 29, she scolds Nozomi for ignoring her and describes her shock at being ignored like "your boyfriend referring to you by another woman's name". Hanabi admits she's glad to be in the same race as her and didn't want to end on that note.
  • In Chapter 33, after Hanabi tells Nozomi how her athletic skills made her too good to the point people started alienating her and she couldn't enjoy sports anymore, Nozomi promises her that she won't be alienated and or ever be bored again if she's competing again her.
  • In Chapter 36.5, when Nozomi and Hanabi are exchanging email addresses, Nozomi tries to help Hanabi put her email address on her phone. When Nozomi sees that Hanabi's contact list is just her home number and her grandma, she feels sorry for her and gives her hug which confuses Hanabi but happily accepts it.
  • In Episode 7, when Mio is fondling Nozomi's breast while talking about Usagi, Hanabi asks Nozomi if she can also fondle her breast and she does it off-screen.
  • At the last day of the Training Camp, the students are allowed to choose their opponents for their mock race. Hanabi was about to choose Nozomi as her opponent until Usagi chooses Nozomi first. In the manga, when Nozomi accepts Usagi's request, Hanabi begs Nozomi to be her opponent.
  • When announcing the teams for the East-West War, Hanabi is happy that she's on the same team with Nozomi. In the anime, Hanabi hugs her saying she's happy to be with Nozomi.
  • In Episode 12, when the Elite Class are taking group photos with Nozomi, Hanabi barges between Nozomi and Usagi, determining to be next to Nozomi when they take their pictures. Nozomi and Hanabi both get their picture taken together with Hanabi latching onto Nozomi's arm while they both blush.
  • When Nozomi found out that Hanabi won her first Keijo match during the Debut War, she calls her to congratulate her. Hanabi was taken by surprised that someone other than her relative would actually call her and was immediately embarrassed when she mistook Nozomi as her grandma.
  • In Chapter 128:
    • When Hanabi sees Nozomi again, she happily greets her by jumping towards her for a hug.
    • After she makes fun of Saya and she starts to draw her sword, she playfully latches on to Nozomi and ask her to save her from Saya, leaving Nozomi asking why her.

     With Mio Kusakai 
  • Mio is a confirmed lesbian, she loves to tease her classmates and other Keijo players, and she's a Lovable Sex Maniac. While she enjoys flirting with many girls, Nozomi appears to be her favorite target.
  • When Nozomi first meets Mio, Nozomi comments to herself how pretty Mio looks. After checking out Nozomi's body, Mio immediately hugs her and tells her she's her type. In the anime, after introducing herself to Nozomi, she starts squeezing Nozomi's butt until Hanabi tells her to stop.
  • In Episode 6, Mio just decides to fondle Nozomi's breasts while talking about how cute Usagi is.
  • In Chapter 61 or Episode 7, when Nozomi is having trouble pulling out turnips from the ground without breaking them, Mio gives her some advice but states Nozomi should figure out the rest on her own. Nozomi tries asking Mio to give her more help on the training, resulting in Mio agreeing to show her the technique in bed while groping one of her breast. Nozomi naturally rejects the offer but it doesn't stop Mio from fondling her breasts.
  • Near the end of Episode 12, when the Elite Class are taking group photos with Nozomi, Mio gives Nozomi a kiss on the cheek. Judging by Nozomi's reaction afterward, she didn't seem to mind.

     With Maya Sakashiro 
  • After her encounter with Nozomi, Maya couldn't stop thinking about her. Her teammates notice this, noting that she never showed interested in anybody, not even her teammates, until now. Ayase believes they were fated to clash while Nami jokes that it might be love and a forbidden love between rivals would be hot.
  • During their match, Nozomi presses her face against Maya's butt. Naturally, Maya freaks out, pushes Nozomi back with her attack, and accuses Nozomi of being a pervert. Nozomi explains that she did this in order to learn the nature of Maya's techniques. However, Nozomi fails to explain why she was vividly sniffing Maya's nether regions, and commenting on its scent of deodorant soap.
  • In Chapter 88, when Nozomi goes to Shizuoka to meet Ayako Sakashiro so she can bring her to a doctor that can help her breasts, Maya goes in her place of her mom instead. When heading to the doctor, Nozomi tries to strike up a conversation with her but it goes nowhere. When Maya is about to tell something to Nozomi, she changes her mind, leading to Nozomi being intrigued on what she was about to say.
  • In Chapter 89:
    • Maya helps Nozomi through her rehab for her breasts and she is willing to miss her lessons at school to help her. When Nozomi starts to question why she's helping her and if she feels responsible for putting her in this state, Nozomi tells her it's her own fault for being reckless and she doesn't have to force herself to help her. Maya tells her that's not what she had in mind and it's actually the opposite. When Nozomi asks her what she means, Maya gets embarrassed and refuses to elaborate.
    • When Maya notices that Nozomi is suddenly motivated in rehab, Nozomi tells her that she had to stick with her up until this point and she can't complain about it and if she doesn't recover properly then she won't be able to have a rematch with her. This causes Maya to blush and smile , which catches Nozomi off-guard as this is the first time she ever saw Maya smiling and thought to herself that she looks cute.
  • In Chapter 165:
    • Nozomi and Maya were embracing each other in bed while they were sleeping.
    • Nozomi and Maya end up in an erotic pose with Maya on top of Nozomi while they were bathing.
     With Sumire Sakuragi 
  • Sometime subtlety can shove it (slightly NSFW).


  • When Rin is showing off her speed to Nozomi, she uses her speed to get behind Non and starts groping her breast. She ends up groping Non too fast that Non faints from excitement.
  • Usagi clearly loves Mio. Although her feelings are a bit ambiguous in the manga as Usagi explains that she is more of a Hero-Worshipper, and doesn't necessarily want to be with Mio. However, her habits and body language implies that Usagi feeling for Mio are beyond simple admiration. The anime is much less ambiguous about how Usagi truly feels about Mio.
  • Saya and Mari do seem pretty close and are almost always seen together.
  • Midori and Hikari work so well together that they created a "fusion" technique where the two of them wear the same bikini bottom. Hikari inserts herself inside Midori's swimsuit to combine their power.
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  • When Mio is flirting with Midori during the East-West War feast, the manga depicted Midori being flustered by Mio's advancement while the anime depicted Midori being interested.

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