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Despite the fanservice, this is still an over the top sports anime, such moments are almost mandatory.

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  • The East-West war is full of it from Aoba being The Strategist and taking out half of the other team to Kaya and Myata using their breast to judo throw their opponent.

  • Episode 1:
    • Nozomi taking out two opponents at once with her Butt Cannon.
    • Miyata moves so quickly that she creates an afterimage that makes her opponent mistakenly think her breasts expanded (when in reality she quickly swung her butt around to where her boobs were).
    • Nozomi and Hanabi's fight is incredibly awesome, showcasing some gorgeous animation and keijo skills.
  • Episode 2:
    • Nozomi uses the Butt Vacuum Cannon, a move she didn't even KNOW about!
    • During the practice battles, Instructor Hitomi easily avoids all of the students attacks, taking all of them down with a single strike.
    • Nozomi mastering movement in the UTS by realizing that relaxing her muscles is the key.
  • Episode 4:
  • Episode 10:
    • Kazane Aoba unleashes her true power, and boy, is it marvelous: Gate of Bootylon. One of the most unexpected and exciting shout-outs ever.
  • Episode 12:
    • The final fight between Nozomi and Kaya.
      • Knowing that Nozomi was the only one who can defeat Kaya, Hanabi gives Nozomi a massive power boost using her Tit Spirit technique. And she does it with her glowing nipples!
    • Not to mention, this is the first time Seitouchi manages to score a victory since the competition between the schools began.

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