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Men are not allowed to participate in the sport of Keijo due to fears that Scott Sterling would dominate the competition otherwise.
Let's face it, the man has an uncanny knack for winning at just about any sport when the chips are down for him.
Ranma Saotome is banned from professional Keijo
There are several reasons, such as the side effects of having the Jusenkyo curse, the collateral damage that could result from some of the crazier moves he could potentially jury-rig, and the additional collateral of having his fiances and the rest of the Nerima Wrecking Crew join in the madness. By extension Xian Pu and the other Chinese Amazons are forbidden because of their distressing tendency of threatening outsider champion Keijo practicioners with the Kiss of Death.
Keijo takes place in a universe were (reasonably) super-powered meta-humans exists.
And Keijo was developed as an outlet for these people without letting them take matters in their own hands and cause a ruckus on society as vigilantes or villains.
  • Considering the feats of what some of these girls are capable off, Keijo is a far better alternative for an outlet then allowing them go the path of vigilantism.
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  • Somewhat confirmed, Kaya does have super strength as seen when she broke a table by merely touching it with her hand and when asked, break a bed with her ass. This alone makes the other feats of the other girls being due to meta-genetics plausible as well.
The Keijo sport is funded by Victor Donovan, with Zack's help.
The whole "stand on a platform and kick the other girl off by only using your boobs or butt" idea crops up the Xtreme Beach Volleyball Spin-Off and as we know, the people (but especially the girls) of Dead or Alive are Made of Iron and very competent fighters, much like the Keijo girls are, and both groups can pull some almost physics-defying stunts. Therefore, if Donovan funds it, the whole Keijo sport might be a (new?) way to find fighters for DOATEC's tournament (or run in parallel to it), which itself is already a way to find powerful individuals (such as Kasumi) to use in their experiments, which are suspected to have the end goal of a Super Soldier army made from clones.
Alternatively, the Keijo Tournament is an offshoot of Variable Geo.
Since V.G. is strictly for waitresses only, the tournament sponsors created an all-new full contact event that lifts the restriction. It's still women only, but now it's possible for all women to compete, regardless of their occupation.
Keijo is set in the same universe as Maken-ki!
The Keijo contestants are actually ability users, which would explain how they can perform special attacks. They've simply been taught to channel their Element through their breasts and buttocks. It'd also explain why Keijo is such an ecchi-centric sport.
Love Espada is officially banned from the competition
The tournament committee had to, since allowing Espada to compete would be Tempting Fate. Big timenote .
The Straw Hat Pirates are forbidden from Keijo matches
Because Nami and Robin participating would put the entire audience in the hospital.
Keijo is set in the same universe as Eyeshield 21
It would explain the green glow whenever a character uses a lightspeed move. As well as Aoba's Expressive Hair (as Suzuna Taki has a similar range of motion but slightly more control over hers). Also super strength is not outside the realms of possibility in that universe either (Shin, anyone?). And one of the minor characters is called Kobayakawa, after all.

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