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Xebec, Inc. was an anime studio known primarily for the anime of Love Hina, To Love Ru's anime adaptations, Shaman King and the Zoids franchise.

Founded by former Ashi Productions producer Yukinao Shimoji, literary manager Toru Sato and animator Nobuyoshi Habara on May 1, 1995, the studio was a subsidiary of Production I.G. As such, they had a tendency to use CG in some of their animation. They also utilized similar sound effects to the ones that Sunrise use.

In 2002, the company established Triple A as a subsidiary. Triple A became independent in 2005.

In 2003, the company re-organized Studio Z5 as a subsidiary under the name XEBEC M2. It was disbanded in 2009, with some of its staff transferred to XEBEC zwei.

In 2018, the studio's parent company, IG Port, sold XEBEC to Sunrise after constant deficits that the subsidiary had in different years. In March 2019, the studio was rebranded Sunrise Beyond; while its paint and photography divisions were absorbed into Signal.MD and I.G itself, respectively. The studio was officially shut down on May 31 of that year, with the copyrights to its works reverting to IG Port. Their final completed project, Fafner: The Beyond, premiered on May 17, two weeks before Xebec's shuttering.

See also Toon City, Rough Draft Studios, DR Movie, Digital eMation & GONZO, other studios that use CG in their animation.

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