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Digital eMation is an animation studio located in Seoul, South Korea and founded in 1993.

Compare Toon City, Production I.G, Rough Draft Studios, DR Movie, and GONZO, who also use CGI in their animation, and AKOM, JM Animation, Dong Woo Animation, Sunwoo Entertainment, Saerom and Hanho Heung-Up, other South Korean animation studios.

Works by Digital eMation include:

Tropes used by Digital eMation

  • Animation Bump: Dante's Inferno and Samurai Jack, thanks to their big budgets, are awash with fluid animation that fits each work's respectve style.
  • Conspicuous CG: All over the place. Especially in Batman: The Brave and The Bold and Wacky Races (2017) (though the latter can be attributed to show's aesthetic and style to a certain degree).
  • Off-Model: Very much intentional in the case of OK K.O.!, as a stylistic choice by creator Ian Jones-Quartey. Averted otherwise (usually).


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