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Team Galaxy is a French and Canadian 2006 animated series that aired on YTV for 52 episodes in 2 seasons. The story is about three young students living their own normal lives and training to become space marshals. The protagonists are Yoko, a wannabe pop singer, Brett, a serious Child Prodigy, and Josh, a rebellious and fun-loving adrenaline junkie. They attend Galaxy High (not to be confused with Galaxy High, a 1980s animated program)

It's made by the same company as Martin Mystery and Totally Spies!, which explains the Animesque style.

Not to be confused with Team Galactic.


  • Brain in a Jar: In the episode "Brett's Brain", robots from the City Planet of Computopia sneak into his bedroom and replace their planet's old, faulty computer chip with... well... his brain.
  • Brainwashed and Crazy: Josh, Yoko and Brett have all undergone this or the milder brainwashed trope at some point as well as many of the supporting characters.
  • Christmas Episode: "How Much Is That Human in the Window?" It also doubles as an instance of You Mean X Mas, since the holiday (despite featuring things like Santa Claus decorations) is only ever referred to as "Cosmicmas".
  • Circus of Fear: Alien circus clowns kidnap humans for their performances in the "Circus of the Stars" three-parter.
  • Cloning Blues: In one episode, Josh, Brett, and Yoko are cloned, but the personalities are mixed up to where the Josh clone is nerdy, the Brett clone is obsessive over his hair, and the Yoko clone is a daredevil.
  • Cool Starship: Galaxy High's Marshals have access to two different kinds of ships. Hornets and Defenders.
    • The Hornet is used as a cruiser for teams of 3 marshals, as well as a shuttle to ferry marshals and cargo to wherever they are needed.
    • The Defender is a smaller single pilot starfighter that is used to defend Galaxy High and Earth from incoming threats.
  • Criminal Amnesiac: Used on Josh along with the brainwashed trope in "Psycho-Cycle".
  • Cross-Popping Veins: Happened to characters such as Brett in the episode "Emperor Brett" when Yoko and Josh teased him for being small.
  • Crying Wolf: One episode has Josh try to get out of work by faking a video broadcast of an impending alien invasion on the school. It works, but only in the short run, as his ruse is soon discovered. When a real alien invasion does come and declare themselves about to invade the school, everybody thinks it's Josh's doing. Josh tries to tell everyone the invasion is real, but even when he tries to until he's blue in the face, no one will believe him until it's too late.
  • Early-Installment Weirdness: The first episode ends with the Monster of the Week (Kraig) dying in a show where Nobody Can Die.
  • Everyone Has Standards: Galaxy High has a very strict rule forbidding space marshals using themselves as The Bait while pursuing criminals. In "Psycho-Cycle, Josh's team is nearly killed and, to an extent, almost expelled when Josh breaks this rule to solve an abduction case. Considering they are around or close to teens, this rule is justified.
  • Evil Costume Switch: Josh during his brainwashed stint in the episode "Psycho-Cycle".
  • Fake Muscles: In the Halloween episode "Trick or Treat", Brett's costume is that of a bodybuilder, the desired appearance accomplished by putting compressed C02 cartridges inside of it.
  • Fate Worse than Death: A video game system has a player that wins the game sucked in and forced to direct the game for eternity.
  • Giftedly Bad: Yoko's singing is actually... well, horrible. The aliens like it, though, even though it makes humans cry out in pain.
  • Gone Horribly Wrong: Done twice in one episode. Brett tries to make himself physically stronger for the school's physical exams by using DNA of a mighty kaiju-like alien that was recently captured. While it does give Brett strength to the point of being super-human, he starts to think it's a bad idea when he starts to become like the kaiju alien. Later in the episode, after being cured, the Principle lauds Brett as a hero for using brains over brawns. ...But that means he increases the students' school work so they can be smart enough to emulate Brett, making the whole school rather miffed at Brett for unwittingly raising the bar.
  • Halloween Episode: "Trick or Treat". The rest of the known universe has apparently adopted Halloween, including an alien cult that celebrates it by feeding people to a Big Creepy Crawly.
  • Hollywood Tone-Deaf: Yoko. Doesn't stop her from going on. Though this only seems to apply to earthlings, most of the aliens love her singing. Especially ironic when one considers that her voice actress, Katie Griffin, is more than capable of carrying a tune and sings for the show's opening sequence.
  • Irony: At the end of "Brett's Brain", Yoko was about to dismantle the Foodtronic 3000 so people would go back to eating real food. But before she had the chance to do it, the machine started malfunctioning and giving gross food pill flavors like "tuna peanut butter" and "roastbeef yogurt". In other words, the machine did Yoko's job for her and proved to the school the value of real food.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Josh can sometimes act this way, but if he does he always comes to the aid of the heroes in the end.
  • Literal Maneater: "The Matchmaker" has Yoko unwittingly set up their teacher Mr. Spzoerscliipw' with an alien woman from a species who does this, forcing the team to need to save him. Fittingly enough, it turns out that she's a shapeshifting Insectoid Alien who looks like a giant praying mantis in her true form.
  • Mars Needs Water: "H2-Oh No!" featured an aquatic race stealing water from various planets due to the fact that their planet is in a system that has six suns, which constantly evaporate their planet's water supply.
  • Mind-Control Device: In "Mr. 6025-A46", after the eponymous villain kidnaps one of Galaxy High's teachers, Mr. Fitch, and places himself as the substitute teacher, he gives each of his students necklaces with gold stars in them. When he has them build a giant robot as a class project, Mr. 6025-A46 activates the machine to brainwash them through the gold stars so that he can take over Galaxy High.
  • Multiple Head Case: The alien girl from "Miss Cosmos" has her family growing on the back of her neck.
  • Mutagenic Food: The fruits growing on the unknown planet in "Strange Fruit" turn out to be this. If you wait for them to be ripe and fallen on the ground, you can eat them with no problem, but if you eat them while they are still hanging from the branches, while they are delicious, they will turn you into a giant fruit replica.
  • Pardon My Klingon: Josh and Brett are supposed to be translating a text from an alien language into English in the episode "When Josh Attacks". Josh, who has been goofing off playing a video game on his computer, connects his laptop to Brett's to steal his homework. Josh ends up taking all of the credit for the translation. Brett, annoyed, tells Josh he has a word for him and shouts some strange, alien word. The whole class suddenly gains an expression of shock on their faces.
  • Rogues Gallery: The show's recurring villains included Pompadour, Captain Blackbeards, Rex-3, the unnamed Intergalactic Alien Catcher, Bozone, Gangus, and the ".Predator Plants"
  • Rousseau Was Right: In "Brett's Brain", Yoko isn't exactly happy with the cafeteria's new food pill dispenser, believing that natural food is the way to go. She's even heartbroken when she sees that her friends think natural food is outmoded. By the end of the episode, however, the food pill dispenser starts malfunctioning and giving rather unsavory food combinations like "roast beef yogurt","mustard doughnuts" and "Tuna peanut butter". In wake of the malfunction and subsequent breakdown, Yoko quickly finds everybody on her side as they demand the principal put real food back on the menu. (Ironically, she was just about to sabotage the machine, right before it conveniently malfunctioned.)
  • Sand Necktie: The protagonists gets this treatment from some Plant Aliens. In this case, though, the aim doesn't seem to be any kind of torture, but the primitive aliens actually thinking that the humans would... germinate and grow.
  • Space Police: Galaxy High works both as a regular high school (albeit with aliens and Recycled In Space) and an intergalactic police department. They arrest dangerous criminals and other threats from both inside and out, and it even has its own prison for said criminals.
  • Team Pet: Fluffy the robotic Ultrapet, who pulls the protagonists out of precarious situations on multiple occasions.
  • Transflormation: The episode "Strange Fruit" is centered around it. Josh eats an unknown fruit from a planet they just discovered. Turns out it is a Mutagenic Food that slowly turns him into a giant replica of the fruit. The transformation actually devolves into Transformation Horror: while at first it is mostly comical, with his skin turning orange, his body swelling up and strange pustul-like growth covering his face, soon the loses the ability to move on his own (Yoko manages to make his fingers twitch by squeezing his arm), and his friends realize that if he stays in this state for too long... he will rot like an overripe fruit.
  • Valentine's Day Episode: "The Matchmaker". Yoko arranges an online date between Mr. Spzoerscliipw' and another alien who turns out to be a Slaying Mantis.
  • Weasel Mascot: Fluffy is a robotic mix between a dog and a ferret.