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No affiliation to any Frog-chasing pig.

MOI Animation is an Emmy Award-winning Seoul based South Korean animation studio established in 1998 as a spin off to DR Movie. They have a satellite studio in Vietnam. The company is a regular with Japanese studio Madhouse (who also owns them) and American studio Warner Bros..

Their style is mainly noticeable through "Shaky-Cam" action scenes and gratuitous amounts of CG animation.

See also the aforementioned DR Movie, who also has ties with Madhouse and both Mua Film and Tiger Animation, Moi's successor studios (sort of, it's complicated). Compare and contrast AKOM, Rough Draft Studios, Saerom, Sunwoo Entertainment, Dong Woo Animation, Koko Enterprises, Yearim Productions, Digital eMation, JM Animation, Yeson Entertainment, Hanho Heung-Up and Plus One Animation, other major South Korean animation studios.

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