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Titmouse is an American animation studio best know for utilizing Adobe Flash well.

Founded by former MTV animator Chris Prynoski in 2000, it began as a t-shirt design company, with Prynoski doing freelance animation gigs on the side and accepting payments through the company's bank account (because he couldn't get production insurance as a contracted individual). Today, the company has expanded to three locations, one in Los Angeles, one in Vancouver and one in New York City.

The studio is named after the Tufted Titmouse.note 

They also have a YouTube channel.


Among the studios' works:

    Produced by Titmouse 
    Animation Production services only; outsourcing work for other companies 


Tropes Associated with Titmouse:

  • Animation Bump: Motorcity, Superjail!, and many of their best work are this.
  • Animesque: Some of their work, like Motorcity and Ballmastrz, come across as such to a degree.
  • The Cast Show Off: The studio hosts an annual "5 Seconds Day," in which all three locations are shut down for a day to let their staff work on whatever they want to be screened later.
  • Deranged Animation: Their more "cartoony" shows are this, especially Superjail!
  • Limited Animation: The early seasons of Metaocalypse, Breadwinners, and Big Mouth.
  • Meaningful Name: See above.


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