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Titmouse is an American animation studio best known for utilizing Adobe Flash well.

Founded by former MTV animator Chris Prynoski in 2000, it began as a T-shirt design company, with Prynoski doing freelance animation gigs on the side and accepting payments through the company's bank account (because he couldn't get production insurance as a contracted individual). Today, the company has expanded to three locations: one in Los Angeles, one in Vancouver and one in New York City.

The studio is named after the Tufted Titmouse.note 

They also have a YouTube channel.

Among the studios' works:

    Produced by Titmouse 

    Animation Production services only; outsourcing work for other companies 

Tropes associated with Titmouse:

  • Animation Bump: Motorcity, Superjail!, and many of their best work are this.
  • Animesque: Some of their work, like Motorcity and Ballmastrz, come across as such to a degree.
  • The Cast Showoff: The studio hosts an annual "5 Seconds Day," in which all three locations are shut down for a day to let their staff work on whatever they want to be screened later.
  • Deranged Animation: Their more "cartoony" shows are this, especially Superjail!
  • Limited Animation: The early seasons of Metaocalypse, Breadwinners, and Big Mouth.
  • Meaningful Name: See above.