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Considered by many to be Australia's answer to Disney, Yoram Gross Films (known as Flying Bark Productions since 2007) was founded in 1968 by Polish-born Australian filmmaker and producer Yoram Jerzy Gross.

Gross himself was born during 1926 in Krakow, Poland. His father disappeared and was presumably killed when Gross was almost 13 and preparing for his Bar Mitzvah, however, said ceremony would never take place, as the German forces invaded Poland in 1939. His family was actually on Oskar Schindler's famous list of Jews to rescue from deportation, but they chose to make their own risky escape, moving hiding places 72 times. The following years saw the Gross family divided, constantly on the move and eventually managing to survive the war.

Gross had no filmmaking dreams when the war ended in 1945, but after the war they started to come back to life. He moved to Israel and later Australia, where he founded his film studio in 1968, and where he would work with his wife and his staff until his death in 2015.

Films and series created and produced by the studio include: