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Sunwoo Entertainment is a South Korean animation studio based in Seoul. They started doing animation in 1979 (though they existed as a company as early as March 1974), first working on South Korean productions, then for Disney nearly a decade later and have since become one of the busier overseas animation studios.

Back in The '90s, Sunwoo had a few companies spun-off from it: Anivision (in March 1991 Note ), Grimsaem (in March 1997), and Sunwoo Digital International (in April 1998). In April 2000, however, the spin-offs were all sucked back into the main studionote . Sunwoo has a subsidiary in the Philippines, as well as a studio in Singapore called Sunwoo Asia Pacific. They also have a toy company (Named Mocom Toys; making them one of two Korean animation studios that owns a toy company)note , responsible for releasing Hasbro's Transformers toys (as well as stuff for Thomas & Friends, Hamtaro, Disney and others).

In addition to Disney, Sunwoo and its spin-offs have also worked for Universal, Cookie Jar Entertainment, 20th Century Fox, and, of course, Nickelodeon and Klasky-Csupo.

Compare Toon City (another studio that got its start with Disney), TMS Entertainment, Wang Film Productions, Rough Draft Studios, the Walt Disney Animation Units, Varga Studio and Kennedy Cartoons, other studios that Sunwoo and its spin-offs have worked alongside.

Shows and films worked on by Sunwoo, Anivision, Grimsaem and Sunwoo Digital International (Studio section in brackets):


  • 101 Dalmatians: The Series [Sunwoo] (7 episodes)List 
  • Aladdin: The Series [Sunwoo] (21 episodes)List 
  • American Dragon: Jake Long [Sunwoo] (9 episodes)List 
  • Bonkers [Sunwoo] (20 episodes)List 
  • Buzz Lightyear of Star Command [Sunwoo] (7 episodes)List 
  • Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers [Sunwoo] (the company's first notable U.S. work; 12 episodes)List 
  • Darkwing Duck [Sunwoo] (41 episodes solo)List  (camera services for 2 episodes)List 
  • Gargoyles [Sunwoo] (7 episodes)List 
  • Goof Troop [Sunwoo] (17 episodes)List 
  • Hercules [TV series] [Sunwoo] (4 episodes) list  Trivia 
  • Lilo & Stitch: The Series [Sunwoo] (8 episodes)list 
  • Lloyd in Space [Sunwoo] (19 episodes)List  (the rest by Plus One Animation)
  • Mighty Ducks: The Animated Series [Sunwoo] (8 episodes)List 
  • Pepper Ann [Sunwoo] (3 episodes were done by Hana Animation)
  • Quack Pack [Sunwoo] (3 episodes)list 
  • Recess [Sunwoo/Grimsaem/Anivision] (Grimsaem did most of season one and the main title sequence, Sunwoo did the rest of season one, assorted traditional cel episodes for the rest of the series (along with Plus One Animation), and Recess: School's Out, and Anivision the (better animated) digitally colored episodes (along with Toon City))
  • TaleSpin [Sunwoo] (25 episodes)List 
  • Teamo Supremo [Sunwoo]
  • Timon & Pumbaa [Sunwoo] (2 episodes)List 
  • Winnie The Pooh and Christmas Too [Sunwoo] (provided ink & paint/camera services for Walt Disney Animation France)
    • Tales of Friendship with Winnie the Pooh [Sunwoo]



  • Aaahh!!! Real Monsters [Anivision]
  • As Told by Ginger [Anivision/Sunwoo Digital International]
  • Duckman [Sunwoo/Anivision] (70 episodes total)List of Sunwoo episodes  List of Anivision episodes 
  • Edith Ann: A Few Pieces of the Puzzle [Anivision] (with Wang Film)
    • Edith Ann: Homeless Go Home [Anivision]
  • Immigrants (aka L.A. Dolce Vita) [Anivision/Sunwoo Digital International]
  • Klasky Csupo pilots: [Anivision/Sunwoo Digital International]
    • Bench Pressly
    • Citizen Tony
    • Psyko Ferret
    • Stinky Pierre
    • You Animal
  • Rocket Power [Anivision/Sunwoo Digital International] (with Varga Studio for the pilot)
  • Rugrats [Anivision/Sunwoo Digital International] (season 2 onwards; replacing Wang Film)
  • Santo Bugito [Sunwoo]
  • Stressed Eric [Anivision] (season 1 only)
  • The Wild Thornberrys [Anivision/Sunwoo Digital International]
  • The Wacky Adventures Of Ronald Mc Donald [Grimsaem/Sunwoo Digital International]


  • Angry Birds [Sunwoo] (2D animations only)
  • Baby Blues [Sunwoo] (3 episodes)List 
  • Bad Dog [Sunwoo]
  • Big Bear & Nannook [Sunwoo]
  • Captain Planet and the Planeteers [Sunwoo] (uncredited)
  • The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury [Sunwoo]
  • Clifford's Puppy Days [Sunwoo] (season 1 only, replaced by Yeson Entertainment)
  • Colorful Crayon [Sunwoo]
  • Cro [Sunwoo/Anivision/Anivision America]
  • Curious Ping & Pong [Sunwoo]
  • Curious George (with Warner Bros. Animation, Yowza! Animation, Mercury Filmworks, Wang Film, Toon City, Project Firefly, James Baxter Animation, Neomis Animation, July Films and FatCat Animation)
    • Curious George (TV series) (5 episodes)List 
  • Dooly's Journey to the World [Sunwoo/Anivision]
  • Doubting Thomas (main title animation)
  • Dreamland Cartoon Theater [Sunwoo] (the company's first notable work)
  • Dragon Tales [Sunwoo]
  • Dumb and Dumber [Sunwoo]
  • Family Guy [Grimsaem/Sunwoo Digital] (31 episodes)List  / [Sunwoo] (35 episodes) list 
  • Fatherhood [Sunwoo]
  • Flamingo Court pilot [Sunwoo]
  • Growing Up Creepie [Sunwoo/Sunwoo Philippines] (with Peach Blossom Media and Animation Dimensions)
  • Holly Hobbie and Friends [Sunwoo]
  • I Got a Rocket [Sunwoo/Sunwoo Philippines]
  • The Illusionist [Sunwoo] (with Neomis, Guy Movie, Ink Digital, La Station and Django Films)
  • Johnny Bravo [Sunwoo] (season 1, along with Rough Draft Studios)
  • Jumanji [Sunwoo] (5 episodes)List  (also animated the opening sequence with USAnimation)
  • King of the Hill [Anivision] (3 episodes)List 
  • Kung Fu Dino Posse [Sunwoo/Sunwoo Asia Pacific]
  • Metajets [Sunwoo]
  • Megas XLR [Sunwoo] (6 episodes)List 
  • Milo's Bug Quest [Sunwoo/Grimsaem/Anivision America]
  • Mini B [Sunwoo]
  • Mix Master: King of Cards [Sunwoo] (co-produced with Nippon Animation, KBS, Beijing Omni Culture Exchange Co., Ltd., and du HITEC)
    • Mix Master: Final Force [Sunwoo/Sunwoo Asia Pacific] (with Axis and Studio Raon)
  • The Mouse and the Monster [Sunwoo] (with Saerom)
  • Mr. Bean: The Animated Series [Sunwoo] (4 episodes)List 
  • ¡Mucha Lucha! [Sunwoo] (5 episodes)List 
  • The Mummy: The Animated Series [Sunwoo]
  • My Friend Kommy [Sunwoo]
  • The New Woody Woodpecker Show [Sunwoo] (with Big Star, Funbag Animation for season 2, Mercury Filmworks and Studio B Productions for season 3)
  • Nick & Noël [Sunwoo]
  • The Night B4 Christmas [Grimsaem/Sunwoo Digital International]
  • No More Diapers [Anivision]
  • Noonbory and the Super 7 [Sunwoo] (season 2 only)
  • Party Wagon [Sunwoo] (with Saerom)
  • Paul's Miraculous Adventure [Sunwoo]
  • Private Eye Princess pilot [Sunwoo]
  • Red Planet [Sunwoo] (with Anitec Animation Production)
  • The Simpsons [Anivision] (57 episodes)list 
    • Deep Deep Trouble music video (Anivision's first assignment, animation for Rough Draft Studios)
  • Siren [Sunwoo]
  • Sofia the First [Sunwoo] (season 1 only) (5 episodes)list  (the rest by Toiion Animation Studios)
  • Son of the Mask [Sunwoo] (animated sequences only, movie with Industrial Light & Magic, Illusion Arts, Digital Dimension, Pacific Title and Tippett Studio)
  • Space Goofs [Sunwoo/Anivision] (with Big Star, Toutenkartoon and Studio Dacodac)
  • Space Hip Hop Duck [Sunwoo] (co-produced with Shanghai Animation Film Studio)
  • Special Agent Oso [Sunwoo]
  • Spin Kicker [Sunwoo]
  • Ted & Dory Detectives [Sunwoo]
  • Transformers (Mocom Toy, later Sunwoo; Toyline distribution in South Korea since the 2007 film)
  • Trickster: Clue Hunters [Sunwoo] [cancelled]
  • Van Helsing: The London Assignment [Sunwoo] (animation services for Production I.G)
  • Wild Animal Baby Explorers [Sunwoo]
  • Xiaolin Chronicles [Sunwoo] (2D and CG animation, with Digital eMation) (7 episodes)List 
  • Yobi, the Five-Tailed Fox [Sunwoo]

Properties licensed by Sunwoo:

Tropes found in the works of Sunwoo and its spin offs:

  • Animation Bump: Grimsaem's feature film work, as well as their work on Recess.
    • When Anivision replaced Wang Film on Rugrats, the animation quality improved greatly.
    • They had the fullest animation of the three studios on Baby Blues.
  • Animesque: MetaJets, Mix Master, Spin Kicker and Yobi.
  • Deranged Animation: Plenty of moments in Aaahh! Real Monsters.
  • How the Mighty Have Fallen: Disney, one of their biggest clients, has moved away from them. The Simpsons dumped them in 1999. Klasky-Csupo is no longer active in the TV animation field. Family Guy now prefers working with Yearim Productions and Digital eMation. Nickelodeon hasn't used them in quite some time. In general, the studio doesn't have nearly as many projects as it once did, with almost all of them being made for domestic Korean audiences.