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Western Animation / Kung Fu Dino Posse

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"Gonna tell you a story and it's vaguely true,
about butt-kicking dinos who know kung fu"

Kung Fu Dino Posse was a short-lived and mostly unknown Animal Superheroes cartoon from the early 2010s produced by Sunwoo Entertainment with origins from all over the map like Germany, Singapore, South Korea and Canada.

In the city of Megalopolis, six dinosaurs are thawed out in the basement of the museum when young aspiring paleontologist and technological genius Edgar Chudley accidentally causes a city wide blackout. One year later, Edgar discovers that four of the dinos, Kane (a T-rex) Jet (a pteranodon) Chow (a stegosaurus) and Lucy (a triceratops) have been living in the museum basement and have taught themselves kung fu. They befriend Edgar and the group now work together to foil the plans of the other two dinos, raptor brothers evil Skor and dimwitted Skrap, who hunt for crystals that contain mutant DNA with which Skor can create monstrous dinosaurs to conquer the world. Compare/contrast with other dinosaur shows like Dinosaucers, Extreme Dinosaurs, Dino Squad and Jurassic Strike Force 5.

Kung Fu Dino Posse contains examples of: