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Seoul Movie was a Seoul based South Korean animation studio owned by TMS Entertainment. They were established in 1990 and closed sometime in the late '00s. Their Spiritual Successor is Soul Creative, launched in August 15, 2008, which has a YouTube channel.

See also Koko Enterprises, another TMS owned South Korean animation studio.

Seoul Movie's original projects include:

  • Adventure King Jang Bogo
    • The Legend of Blue
  • Billboard Sign
  • Blue Seagull
  • Bori & Zzagu
  • Curucuru and Friends (season 1 only; with Ffango Entertoyment)
  • Dooly the Little Dinosaur: The Adventure on the Ice Planet
  • Ghost Station
  • Koongya Koongya
  • The Marshmallow Times (with Studio Comet)
  • Nudl Nude
    • Nudl Nude 2
  • One Day of Hitchcock
  • Pure Joy
  • Restol, The Special Rescue Squad
  • Soul Frame Lazenca
  • Tangoo & Ullashong
  • The Toy Warrior
  • Wa-Bull
  • The Wishing Star
  • Yorang-Ah Yorang-Ah
    • Sing Together, Yorang
    • Petit Petit Muse (to date, their last production)

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