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Hanho Heung-Up Co., Ltd. (currently known as Dream Creator Hanho, yes seriously). is a Seoul based South Korean animation studio founded in 1984. For years, the company has been doing overseas work for the productions of many North American and European animated films and TV series, as listed below.

Compare Toon City, Rough Draft Studios, AKOM and Wang Film Productions.

Films and shows worked on by Hanho Heung-Up:

Original properties

  • The Adventures of Lotty
  • Dooly the Little Dinosaur (Original series, with additional animation by AKOM)
  • The Flying Superboard
    • Sao Village (TV special)
  • Guru Cabbage and Guru Radish's Once Upon a Time
    • Eunbi & Kabi's Once Upon a Time
  • MBC-TV Campaign
  • My Dear Daigoro
  • A Pumpkin Tale
  • Sam & Ghost Campaign
  • Sun-Shining Tree

Outsourcing work - credited

Outsourcing work - uncredited

Tropes associated with Hanho Hueng-Up's works:

Alternative Title(s): Dream Creator Hanho


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