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Animation Sevice (HK) is an animation studio in Hong Kong (that's what the HK stands for).

Founded in 1990, ASHK is mostly used on French series, though Canadian clients such as Cookie Jar Entertainment have also used them. It is currently known as Agogo Media. ASHK also owns the Wales-based Animasia UK (unrelated to Animasia in Singapore), which mostly does pre-production work.

There's also a very likely possibility that Animation Enterprises Ltd. is somehow related to ASHK, or is even part of the same company, due to sharing many staff members and ASHK listing working on some AE Ltd. shows on its website. As such, AE Ltd.-animated shows will be listed in this article as well.

Compare Wang Film Productions, Hong Ying and Synergy Animation, three other animation studios based in or near China.


Shows worked on by ASHK:

Shows worked on by Animation Enterprises Ltd.:

  • Les Enigmes de Providence (co-production with Protécréa, TF 1, Banco Production, and Melusine)
  • Jack & Marcel
  • Jacques Costeau's Ocean Tales
  • Kitou Scrogneugneu
  • Le Petit Spirou (animated adaptation)
  • Les Exploits d'Arsene Lupin (with Animation Services Hong Kong and KK C&D Asia)
  • Secret Adventures (animated sequences, ink and paint and camera services for StarToons)
  • Sherm!
  • Skipper & Skeeto
  • Spaced Out

Shows worked on by Agogo Media: