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Fil-Cartoons was a Philippines-based animation studio. It was established in 1987 by Hanna-Barbera (specifically, Jerry Smith), and was in operation through 2001. The studio was primarily responsible for producing animation for parent company, Hanna-Barbera. Some of its employees later went to work for Toon City.

As the studio is closed, there is no official website for Fil-Cartoons, but here is a short video tour, hosted by its general manager Bill Dennis.

See also Wang Film Productions, another major animation provider for Hanna-Barbera (and its partner for several shows).

Shows and films worked on by Fil-Cartoons:


  • Darkwing Duck (IMDb lists Fil-Cartoons as having involved, likely providing uncredited ink & paint, camera services for Kennedy Cartoons)
  • The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (ink & paint services for Walt Disney Animation UK, uncredited)
  • Timeless Tales From Hallmark: Jerry Smith is listed as a production supervisor, which is often a giveaway that he supervised episodes at his studio Fil-Cartoons. And Hanna-Barbera used them quite heavily during this period. They are not listed in the end credits though.

Tropes associated with Fil-Cartoons:

  • Animation Bump:
    • Many of their What a Cartoon! shorts.
    • Compared to the rest of the series, Season 3 of The Mask is easily the most fluid and expressive.
    • The earlier Dexter's Laboratory episodes is much more fluid than Rough Draft, which uses limited animation for their episodes.
  • Depending on the Artist: Their style tended to be cruder but more offbeat and free style than standard studios at the time, meaning a lot of their episodes produced this for respective shows. The episodes they produced for Dexter's Laboratory and The Dreamstone in particular contrast greatly with the work of other studios.
  • Deranged Animation: Present in a lot of their What a Cartoon! shorts, but especially the ones directed by Pat Ventura.
    • Also many moments in Capertown Cops, especially the intro sequence.
    • Urpgor is generally characterised by this individually in The Dreamstone but Fil-Cartoon's episodes animate him especially bizarre.
  • Line Boil: In the What a Cartoon! short "The Kitchen Casanova".