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K.K. C&D Asia was a Japanese studio co-established in 1983 by DiC founder Jean Chalopin and former TMS Entertainment producers Tetsuo Katayama and Shigeru Akagawa. As a result, the company mostly worked for Jean Chalopin's company Créativité et Développement (C&D), and DiC, whom had some ownership in the studio (it was sometimes referred to as K.K. DiC as a result) until 1988. They were often paired with other animation studios, Mook DLE in particular. Katayama later left the studio around 1988 to work for Studio Junio through his company called Image K.

In 2000, the company closed for money costs and lack of any Japanese content; most of its employees now are working at Production I.G.

KK C&D worked on the following shows (note that many of these shows are collaborations with other studios):

Western Animation



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