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"Listen up. I'm an animation fan; I've seen all sorts of animation in my lifetime. I've watched countless cartoons from every decade, good and bad. The statement I'm about to make....might sound hyperbolic but it's true:
"Believe me when I say Kidd Video is bar none, the absolute craziest, strangest, chaotic cartoon I have ever seen. You know that Raggedy Ann movie? This is weirder!"

This cult favorite originally ran from 1984-85 on NBC and produced by DiC Entertainment and Saban Entertainment (with Cuckoo's Nest Studio in season 1). It involved a Garage Band who were brought to a very strange magical land called the Flip Side by the evil controller of cats, Master Blaster. Master Blaster wishes to kidnap all the musicians from our world (it's never really explained why; perhaps he had hit upon the idea of using The Power of Rock for evil). The band escapes with the help of the good Fairy, Glitter, and the rest of the series involves them getting into adventures in every city and battling Master Blaster and his Copy Cats.

As with the Dungeons & Dragons series, they're also ostensibly looking for a way to get back to the real world... but not really. The fact that everyone in the Flip Side loves their music relieves the sting of Failure Is the Only Option.


Much, much more importantly, this series is remembered for being a truly glorious perfect storm of Rule of Cool, Deranged Animation, and The '80s. Mass quantities of The '80s.

The show was canceled for being too costly for NBC to produce.

Compare Jem. An extensive website, with episode guides, is maintained by Toolbot, who has also been kind enough to upload several episodes to YouTube. Which is good, because trying to describe the show is nothing compared to actually watching it.note 


Tropes appearing in Kidd Video include:

  • Band Toon: While not based on a real band, it otherwise fits the description to a "t".
  • Cactus Person: Ash is turned into one of these when a plant monster takes over the Kiddmobile and emits a pollen that induces Transflormations (Carla is turned into a flower). Fortunately, the effects are undone by the end of the episode.
  • Captain Obvious
    Master Blaster: They're getting away!
    Copycat: Thanks for the news flash, Your Obviousness.
  • Cats Are Mean: Subverted. The Copy Cats are just Punch Clock Villains; Master Blaster is the real meanie.
  • Cool Car: The bizarre tour bus that must have been designed as a tribute to Yellow Submarine. Somehow created out of a Subaru Brat.
  • Cute Bruiser: Glitter gains super-strength (enough to toss buildings around), and other magical powers any time she sneezes.
  • Depending on the Writer: The goals of Master Blaster fluctuated. At times, he wanted to take over the Flip Side, but other times, he just wanted to control its music. Sometimes, he tried to amass wealth. Then there were times where MB actively tried to recapture or eliminate Kidd Video.
  • Deranged Animation: See page quote. Any questions?
  • Down the Rabbit Hole: As explained in the opening sequence, they were rehearsing in a storage room, when Master Blaster suddenly appears and brings them to the flipside, likely through the mirror that he appeared on.
  • Eat the Camera: Absolute ending of "Grooveyard City" (which showed the "Ghostbusters" clip).
  • The '80s: Oh God yes. Did we mention Glitter wears legwarmers?
  • Expository Theme Tune: Complete with live action footage of the origin story.
  • Failure Is the Only Option: Both ways. The gang can't get home, nor can the Master Blaster capture them, or we have no more show.
  • Fairy Companion: Glitter, who guides them throughout the Flipside, and helps them (or tries to) with her powers.
  • Fake Band: Inverted. The four main actors who played the heroes also sang and played the band's songs.
  • Title Theme Tune: One of the few western productions to play with this trope. The chorus has the line "from my video to my radio", while the second verse (which only appears in the full version of the song) has the line "this kidd is up a tree", but it never actually gives the full name of the show.
  • Transflormation: One episode has Carla and Ash turned into plants — she turns into a flower, and he turns into a cactus.
  • Trapped in Another World: The Flipside. They're trapped in it.
  • Vocal Tag Team: All four band members got to sing on various songs, even though Kidd was signposted as the bandleader.
  • Walking the Earth: Okay, they ride a bus-car-submarine-thing, and it's not the Earth, exactly, but the trope still applies.


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