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Hong Ying (also known as Hong Ying Universe) is a Taiwanese animation studio that since 1990, has operated mostly out of its Chinese satellite studio. It was founded by Bobby Hsieh in 1986 as Hung Long; at the time, it was a subcontractor to Wang Film Productions. After working on a few of Wang's shows, they soon gained an identity of their own, working on a number of cartoons (especially those from DiC), and later providing support of Anime. Sometime during the mid '90s, they changed their name to Hong Ying. There is another studio called Hong Yang (or Suzhou Hong Yang Cartoon), but it appears to be the same studio as Hong Ying, as Hong Ying lists Hong Yang-animated shows on its website.

They are pretty much best known for providing animation for some very trippy shows. That's not to say that's all they do. When they aren't doing weird stuff, they're doing animation for some more realistic shows.


Compare Carbunkle Cartoons, Spumco, Saerom, Wang Film Productions, Morning Sun, Rough Draft Studios and other animation houses known for doing a lot of crazy animation.

Among the shows/movies done by Hong Ying (shows done by its predecessor, Hung Long, marked with *. Shows done by Hong Yang marked with **):

Western Animation

As Anime Subcontractor

As Subcontractor For Wang, All Uncredited

As Creator

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