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Xin Yang Animation Co., Ltd. is a Taiwanese animation studio that since 1989, has operated mostly out of its Chinese satellite studio. It was founded in Taipei, Taiwan by Sam Wang in 1988 as Morning Sun Animation Company; at the time, it was a subcontractor for Wang Film Productions. After working on a few of Wang's shows, they soon gained an identity of their own, working on a number of cartoons. Shortly after the establishment, it started its OEM-works processing in-betweens for Hanna-Barbera and other companies (through Wang Film Productions) and opened a parent company in 1989 in Shanghai in order to receive works from Japan.

The company has done animation for both Western Animation and Anime TV shows and films.

See also Hong Ying, another Taiwanese animation studio based in China that has also done animation for both Western and Japanese TV shows and films.

Among the shows/movies done by Xin Yang (shows done by its predecessor, Morning Sun, marked with *. Shows done by United Sun marked with **):

Western Animation

As Anime Subcontractor