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Anime, as in Japanese animation, has not only been around for a few decades, but it was quite self-contained for much of that period. It therefore has a select number of people who were extremely influential in its development. It is useful to know these people, as their personal style has formed the foundations of many Japanese Visual Arts Tropes found in this wiki.

Not to be confused with Essential Anime: that's about programs.

The "who's who" in anime includes the following:

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Individual people involved in production

    Anime directors and producers 
Notable directors/producers of anime films and television series.

    Manga artists and writers 
The following manga creators, while not always directly involved in anime, have provided the basis for a large number of anime:
Also see:

    Literature writers 
In addition to mangas, traditional novels and light novels are also rich sources for anime adaptation. These authors are known for having animated adaptations of their works:

    Musicians and composers 
Following music performers and composers have made their name in anime history:

Production and distribution companies

    Japanese animation studios 
Some production studios are particularly well known, especially if they have their own little quirks:

    Japanese television networks 
Every TV show needs a network to air on (until streaming was invented anyway...), and anime is no exception. Here are some notable ones.

    International companies — English dubbing and distribution 
Of course, one can't have a dub without a dub producer. And there are other companies that license and distribute anime in the West.

English dub producers (active; especially associated companies in bold)

  • 4K Media (New York City): Formerly 4Kids' in-house English dub studio before the entire company was bought out by Konami. Mostly works on Yugioh!-related
  • Artwood Production (Hong Kong)
  • Azur Studios (Vancouver)
  • Bang Zoom! Entertainment (Los Angeles)
  • Centauro Group (Miami)
  • Cinelume (Montreal)
  • Da Capo Productions (Winnipeg)
  • Difuze (Montreal)
  • Digital Sound Magic (Vancouver)
  • DuArt Film and Video (New York City)
  • Dubbing Brothers (Los Angeles)
  • Epcar Entertainment (Los Angeles)
  • Funimation (Dallas): In-house dub studio for Funimation.
  • Headline Sound Studios (New York City)
  • Igloo Music (Los Angeles)
  • Kocha Sound (Houston, sometimes New York City)
  • Macias Group (Miami)
  • Nelvana (Toronto): In-house dub studio for Nelvana's forays into anime.
  • NYAV Post (Los Angeles, sometimes New York City)
  • The Ocean Group (Vancouver)
    • Blue Water Studios (Calgary, later also Edmonton)
  • Okratron 5000 (Dallas, Los Angeles)
  • Red Angel Media (Hong Kong)
  • Roundabout Entertainment (Los Angeles)
  • SDI Media (Los Angeles; merged with Iyuno Media Group in 2021)
  • Sentai Studios/ Seraphim Digital (Houston): In-house dub studio for Sentai Filmworks.
  • Sound Cadence Studios (Dallas)
  • Studiopolis (Los Angeles)
  • Studio Nano (Dallas)
  • The Kitchen (Miami)
  • Universal Cinergia (Miami)
  • Voice & Script International ("VSI") Media (Los Angeles, sometimes London)

English dub producers (defunct; especially associated companies in bold')

  • ADV Studios/ Amusement Park Media (Houston; FKA Industrial Smoke & Mirrors): ADV Films' in-house dub studio.
    • Monster Island (Austin)
  • Arvintel Media Productions (Los Angeles, very briefly Atlanta)
  • Audio Dolce (New York City)
  • Audioworks Producers Group (New York City)
  • Central Park Media (New York City): In-house dub studio for the same company.
  • Coastal Studios (Wilmington, North Carolina)
    • Phoenix Post Sound (Asheville)
  • CINAR Studios (Montreal)
  • Creative Products Corporation (Manila)
  • CTV Studios (Cardiff)
  • Elastic Media (Los Angeles)
  • Electric Media (Los Angeles)
  • Frontier Enterprises (Tokyo)
  • Gaijin Productions (Los Angeles)
  • Intersound (Los Angeles)
  • Kaleidoscope Entertainment (Toronto)
  • Knight Mediacom (New York City)
  • L.A. Hero: in-house dub producer for US Renditions. Once US Renditions went kaput, it became...
    • Animaze
  • Magnavision (Manila)
  • Matlin Recording (New York City)
  • Media Concepts (Los Angeles)
  • Mercury Productions (New York City)
  • National Sound (New York City)
  • Omni Productions (Hong Kong)
  • Optimum Productions (Toronto, later also Montreal)
  • PCB Productions (Los Angeles)
  • Planet to Planet Sound (New York City)
  • Pretend Productions (Los Angeles)
  • Sky Quest Entertainment (Los Angeles)
  • Skyhigh Productions (New York City)
  • Skypilot Entertainment (New York City)
  • Sound Dimensions (New York City)
  • Soundz Nu (New York City)
  • Southwynde Studios (Wilmington, North Carolina)
  • Streamline Pictures (Los Angeles)
  • Studios VOA (Miami)
  • Swirl Films (Wilmington, North Carolina)
  • TAJ Productions (New York City)
  • Titra Productions (New York City)
  • TripWire Productions (New York City)
  • Synch-Point (Los Angeles)
  • Village Productions (London)
  • Voice One Productions (San Francisco)
  • Voiceovers Unlimited (Singapore): Odex's in-house dubbing studio that broke off before too long.
  • World Wide Group (London)

English distributors (active)

English distributors (defunct)

    International companies — Spanish dubbing and distribution 
Like in English, one can't have a Spanish dub with out a recording studio. Here are some of them.

Spanish dub studios (active)

  • Candiani Dubbing Studios (Mexico City. Also credited as Audiomaster Candiani.)
  • CBAudio (Cuernavaca. Had a branch in Mexico City until 2016. Owned by Jesus Barrero until his death, currently owned by his nephew, Victor Covarrubias.)
  • Centauro Comunicaciones (Colombia. Has a branch in Mexico City)
  • Cine Dub (Mexico City)
  • Dubbing House (Mexico City)
  • DINT Doblajes Internacionales (Chile)
  • Elefante Films (Cuernavaca)
  • Etcetera Group (Venezuela)
  • Grupo Macias (Mexico City. Actually a Dubbing Producer, which owns several separate studios, only two of which are still active)
    • IDF
    • Sebastians
  • Iyuno • SDI Group; Mexico (Known as Prime Dubb before being purchased by SDI Media and renamed SDI Media Mexico. Mexico City. Founded and previously ownedy by Eduardo Giaccardi. Merged with Iyuno in 2021 and became Iyuno-SDI Group)
  • Koe Dubbing Masters (Mexico City. Founded and owned by Gabriel Gama.)
  • Labo (Formerly known as Labo Prime Dubbing Producers, Mexico City. Founded and previously ownedy by Eduardo Giaccardi.)
  • Lipsync Audio Video (Venezuela)
  • Sensaciones Sonicas (Known as Suite Sync de Mexico until the mid 00's. Mexico City)
  • New Art Dub (Formerly known as Grabaciones y Doblajes [Internacionales], Mexico City)
  • Non Stop Dubbing (Known as Media Pro Con until 2018. Buenos Aires, Argentina. Known mostly for it's work with Disney)
  • Palmera Record (Argentina)
  • Point.360 (Formely known as All Post or VDI Media, Los Angeles)
  • Provideo S.A. (Colombia)
  • Civisa Media (Owned by Voice & Script International (VSI). Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Spanish dub studios (defunct)

  • Audiomaster 3000 (Mexico City. Merged with Candiani Dubbing Studios.)
  • Intertrack (Mexico City, then Cuernavaca. Merged with Doblaje Paris.)
  • M&M Studios (Venezuela, stopped doing Spanish dubs in 2012)
  • Hispanoamérica Doblajes (Also known as Technoworks) (Chile)
  • Sono-Mex Doblajes, S. A. (or simply Sonomex, Mexico City)

Spanish distributors (active)

  • Alebrije Entertainment (Formerly known as Xystus)
  • Kora International
  • Rose Entertainment
  • Televix Entertainment

Spanish distributors (defunct)

  • Cloverway Inc
  • Locomotion/Animax Latin America

Voice Actors

    French voice actors 

    Portuguese voice actors