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Osamu Dezaki (November 18, 1943 – April 17, 2011) was a Japanese animator and director. He is acknowledged to be one of the best and most influential Anime directors and popularized various techniques that are now considered standard in Japanese animation. Dezaki developed a highly distinctive Signature Style and is credited with inventing the Pastel-Chalked Freeze Frame.

Dezaki started his professional career as Key Animator in Osamu Tezuka's studio Mushi Productions and quickly rose to fame when he directed the iconic sports anime Tomorrow's Joe. He proceeded to direct influential and successful anime series. Particularly beloved are his shoujo-oriented collaborations with manga artist Riyoko Ikeda and animators Shingo Araki and Akio Sugino

He died from lung cancer in 2011 at the age of 67.

Selected Works, listed as a director unless said otherwise (list under construction):

Pastel-Chalked Tropes: