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TV Tokyo is Japan's smallest television network (so small that you can even count the number of stations and their initials with your fingers), famous for their specialization in anime. It began broadcasting in 1964, and was originally called "Tokyo 12 Channel"note  until 1981 when it adopted its current name. It eventually became part of the TXN networknote , which opened stations in Osaka (TV Osaka), Nagoya (TV Aichi), Okayama (TV Setouchi), Sapporo (TV Hokkaido) and Fukuoka (TVQnote ) between 1982 and 1991, later adding a satellite/cable station (AT-X) in 1997. Linked to economical newspaper Nikkeinote , it also focuses on more "alternative" content that isn't picked up by the other networks, including travel and business news.


Some shows are produced by other TXN stations, especially TV Osaka and TV Aichi.

Shows aired by TV Tokyo and its affiliates:


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