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Old friends! New adventures! Never before seen stories from the world of Pokémon!

Pokémon Chronicles is a side stories Spin-Off of Pokémon: The Series that follows characters other than Ash and his Pikachu. Characters like Misty and Tracey get to shine in the spotlight while Ash isn't around. Jessie and James are no longer the main villains here (though they do get a few episodes of their own), instead being replaced by Cassidy and Butch (who everyone keeps getting his name wrong). They appear in most of the episodes, where they wreck havoc by stealing Pokémon of various types and rarities.

The series was one of the last things that 4Kids Entertainment ever dubbed with the Pokémon franchise. The series aired on Cartoon Network in 2006, the same year that 4Kids lost the rights (and right in the middle of Pokémon's 10th Anniversary).

The series has a DVD release in the United Kingdom and Australia. Not in America, though.


This series contains examples of:

  • A Day in the Limelight: The main gimmick of the series.
  • Baseball Episode: "Those Darn Electabuzz!" is about a worn out baseball player who needs help from Casey to get his groove back for the Electabuzz baseball team. The team Charizard, Don, also can't breathe fire.
  • Big Bad: Cassidy and Butch are the main villains, though they don't appear in every episode.
  • Nice Guy: Georgio, who wants to date Misty. He cares about Misty and is even nice enough to give away some Electabuzz tickets to Casey even after her Elekid lost against Delcatty.
  • Torment by Annoyance: How Butch and Cassidy torture Professor Oak. They scratch a piece of glass with a nail.


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