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It's been one year since the Over the Rainbow boys made their mark, and now everyone is trying to get into Edel Rose to be like them. What's more, the Prism King contest -a popular event that comes once every four years- is on the horizon, and the boys need to prepare for the big day. Suddenly they're met with a serious opponent in another idol school— Schwartz Rose, who also wants to compete for the title. Who will come out on top? Who will take the coveted quadrennial prize? Who will make the ladies soon the most? And what is Schwartz Rose's deal?

KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm is a male spinoff of the Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live anime and a part of the larger Pretty Series franchise, taking place one year after the events of the last episodes. The movie was first seen in theaters in January 9, 2016, selling an amazing 600 million yen overall at the end of its run, and 30 million in the first month alone. It proved so popular with audiences that a sequel was immediately considered and greenlit, with KING OF PRISM: PRIDE the HERO opening in July of 2017 and focusing on a new set of Edel Rose students.


The series also received a novelization, a mobile phone game titled KING OF PRISM: Prism Rush! LIVE in 2017 which largely keeps the same writers as Rainbow Live, a stage play, and a manga spinoff series, KING OF PRISM by Prettyrhythm Party Time.

At the series' "Rose Party 2018" event, the staff announced a separate anime project: KING OF PRISM: Shiny Seven Stars, a 12-episode TV series that would also be split into four theatrical compilations. Shiny Seven Stars is slated for release in Spring 2019.

The series, as is the case for many idol franchises, got its own concert in 2017. Titled "King of Prism Super Live Ready Sparking!", it features all of the actors from the first two movies, singing the songs featured in them.


Provides examples of:

  • Audience Participation: The movie showings have "Cheer Screens"'; they can cheer and sing along with the in-series audience, play the Straight Man during comedy scenes, and have scripted reactions during certain parts of the film.
  • Audience Shift: The original Rainbow Live show was primarily focused towards little girls. The KING OF PRISM movies, on the other hand, have major focus on the male idols and much more fanservice geared more towards older female audiences.
  • Awesome Moment of Crowning: When Hiro wins the Prism King contest, he's crowned by the Prism Queen, Aine, who floats down just to give it to him.
  • The Cameo: Many of the Rainbow Live cast members come back for the movies.
    • In PRIDE the HERO, Meganee and Meganii show up in the Rainbow Live artstyle. Meganee shows up as a cheer girl, while Meganii is a janitor.
  • Cast Full of Pretty Boys: Oh, you'd better believe it. And the second movie adds more of them.
  • Cast of Snowflakes: The main cast of boys do have slight variations to their bodies while still maintaining the same style. Petite, muscular, square chin, round face, and anything in between, the boys are.
  • Cover Version: Alexander and Kazuki sing another rendition of TMR's "EZ DO DANCE" much like Rainbow Live before it, but this time with a techno slant.
  • "Do It Yourself" Theme Tune: "Over the Sunshine", considered to be the main theme of the series, has a version done by all of the major players of the story.
  • Female Gaze: The movies were certainly made with an older female audience in mind, given how many service shots the boys have, all the shirtless scenes and provocative outfits, and the rampant Homoerotic Subtext. The stage plays are no slouch here, either.
  • Graduate from the Story: PRIDE the HERO ends with Over the Rainbow graduating from Edel Rose, at the very least.
  • Hotter and Sexier: Than the rest of the Pretty franchise in general, thanks to the audience shift. When one boy can do what amounts to pole dancing in his Prism Show, and there is a lot of fanservice in general, you know your series is this.
  • Idol Singer: And as a Pretty Rhythm first, it's all boys this time around.
  • Love Confession: Louis admits his feelings for Shin in the second movie.
  • Mythology Gag: The way Louis holds up Hiro's hand to show him as the winner in PRIDE the HERO is near identical to when Aine was crowned the same way in Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream.
  • Reincarnation: In their previous lives, Shin and Louis were Rinne and lovers. Louis remembers this, but Shin doesn't.
  • Ship Tease: During the moments where Over the Rainbow interests with faceless girls, the girls in question resemble their Rainbow Live love interests. In the first movie, Hiro has a Bell look-alike and Kazuki has an Ann, while Hiro gets a girl resembling Naru and Kazuki gets a Wakana clone in PRIDE THE HERO. The only silhouette Ship Tease who has any explicit mention is Ito (though by her nickname "Cross"), and her shade went to Kouji in the second film.
  • Shout-Out: In the second film, one poster has the Rainbow Live characters do a Time Bokan parody, with some cues from Yatterman Night in the henchmen's outfits.
  • Spinoff Babies: Young of Prism shows the main cast as children and babies. An article of one of the boys is released monthly.
  • Wall Pin of Love: A whole segment of a musical interlude is devoted to the Over the Rainbow boys pinning girls down in the first person.