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Anime / Nobara no Julie

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Our wild rose, Julie with her pet Pepe

Nobara no Julie, or "Julie the Wild Rose" is a 13 episode anime created by Dax International in 1979, running between January 4th and March 29th of that year.

Julie Braun in the innocent protagonist, living in the Tyrolean countryside with her parents near the end of World War One. Unfortunately, while on a picnic with her family, they are killed when they're caught in an air raid, and Julie now must live in Vienna with her uncle's family, doing her best to fit in while keeping true to herself and traditions.

The series provides examples of:

  • Defrosting Ice Queen: Male version. Johann isn't too fond of Julie at first, believing her to be another mouth to feed, but quickly grows to care for her.
  • Good Parents: Carl and Clara, not only to their own children but to their niece as well, assuring her that even in financially strained times, they won't send her away.
  • Limited Animation: Sometimes cutting to live action footage even!
  • Shrinking Violet: Julie's cousin Tania, who wants to sing but has crippling stage fright. She decides to become a choir singer instead