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"Who's a cuddly fuzzy-wuzzy?"
"They're so cute. They're like if puppies and kittens could have babies."
Leela talking about penguin chicks, Futurama

A cute widdle creature typically consisting of fur, big eyes, maybe a Big Smile, and little else. It's probably biologically unfeasible, if not downright impossible, but who cares? It's stupidly huggable, and if the show is Merchandise-Driven, it will probably be a top seller. In many cases, it will become an easily-recognizable symbol for the show/series/whatever. You can picture the reaction: "Awwwww..."

You can easily spot one of these by the four tricks detailed on the Analysis page: oversized head, large eyes, and probably large feet and stubby limbs; soft and huggable looking; high-pitched, low volume noises; and small size.

This trope is related to an instinct, genetically encoded into almost every vertebrate to trigger mercy and sympathy in adults when they see a hatchling/pup/kit/etc with these traits.

May double as Non-Human Sidekick types, but the main purpose of these creatures is to be irresistibly cute. Sometimes, they are unconventionally cute. Their natural habitat is the Sugar Bowl, but they have been known to wander far and wide.

Depending on the series, there can be either only one or two types of cute characters, contrasting with the rest of the cast. In others (most commonly those taking place in Sugar Bowl realms), most if not all of the cast is made up of these.

If it's so ugly it's cute, it's Ugly Cute. If it can also inspire fear or uneasiness, then it's Creepy Cute. If it's not so lovable, it's a Sidekick Creature Nuisance. If it's visually appealing but ferocious, it's a Killer Rabbit. If the critter is better defined as a robot, see Cute Machines. If it's cute and capable of holding its own in battle and kicking ass at the same time, then it's Badass Adorable. If it's really not conventionally cute, then it's What Measure Is a Non-Cute?.

When the critter ends up being hated by the audience instead of loved, you have The Scrappy. On the other hand, when the cute critter becomes well-liked despite being a minor character, you have the Ensemble Dark Horse.

May cause Cuteness Overload. May be Yet Another Baby Panda.

Contrast with Eldritch Abomination (though there are exceptions), and contrast that with Did We Just Have Tea with Cthulhu? if it's a nice monster. Compare with Cute Monster Girl.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • Most characters in Aggretsuko are designed to be absolutely adorable, like most of Sanrio's properties. But looks can be deceiving. It is actually a Crapsaccharine World where the characters deal with real world adult problems. The main character is a red panda, one of the cutest animals on earth, but under her adorable appearance she is hiding a ton of rage, which she deals with by singing Death Metal. Even some characters who are based on not stereotypically cute animals are also pretty adorable, such as Haida the spotted hyena. One character named Tsunoda, a gazelle, is actually The Fake Cutie, who uses her appearance to get what she wants.
  • Potato, the puppy from AIR that some people think was so named because it resembled a pile of mashed potatoes. It's disturbingly intelligent (Kano can apparently talk with it), says nothing except "Pico pico" and is mind-bendingly adorable!
  • Sodom from Betrayal Knows My Name looks like a winged black hamster/guinea pig... who can also transform into a powerful dragon when needed.
    • Botan, the baby boar. When it first appears, Tomoya and Sunohara aren't quite sure what it is, though they both agree that it's ridiculously cute. After the time-skip Botan is grown, but is still depicted as cute. Doesn't hurt to have kindergartners playing around it as if it's a living stuffed animal.
    • The big dango family, of course; they could be described best as small rolls of bread with Super Mushroom eyes.
  • Delicious in Dungeon has the adorable fluffy, white dog form of dream!Laios that Marcille sees, much to his irritation since he had imagined himself as a badass wolf.
    • The Winged Lion, Kensuke and the no less letal dungeon rabbit count too.
  • Isako from Den-noh Coil uses a group of virtual pets to do some of her chores. They are all extremely adorable fluffy round things, but underestimating their abilities would be a big mistake.
  • Mad Scientist Watari from Descendants of Darkness has his fluffy little owl 003.
  • Digimon:
    • Patamon is probably the Rookie that fits the most; of course, that's before he becomes the super-special-awesome Angemon.
    • Culumon from Digimon Tamers exemplifies this trope. It has to be among the most "awwwww" inducing critters ever seen. In Culumon's case, this is actually an Exploited Trope. Because it knows it's cute, it'll often use that cuteness the same way a stray puppy or kitten would, to get things he wants or needs like food, attention, among other things. He also uses that cuteness to motivate and approach the main trio of Tamers, often to help them out in some way.
    • Marine Angemon: Most of the supercute Digimon are at Baby and In-Training levels (the levels of actual infant Digimon, and the heroes' Sleep-Mode Size.) Marine Angemon? Mega. (That is, the levels of the heroes in Super Mode, and post-midseason Big Bads.) The Powers That Be sadly didn't let him out of the bag much, but he saves the day in a big way once. D-Reaper is a program that is basically an Eldritch Abomination. Its base matter, called 'chaos,' is the red gel its creations are made of and revert to when defeated. It keeps spreading no matter how many you "kill." See Fighting a Shadow; nothing actually destroys D-Reaper matter. Nothing except Marine Angemon's attack, normally used for healing. Said attack takes the form of pretty colorful bubbles, naturally.
    • Impmon, he even has a tummy smileyface.
    • Then we have Cutemon in Fusion.
    • Puwamon in Digimon Data Squad. Best described as a little ball of feathers with big Puppy-Dog Eyes.
  • Doraemon, the cute robot cat from the future.
  • Chibisuke from Dragon Drive. Well, he's not as small as a few others, and he turns into a much bigger dragon later, but still.
  • Pip from Dragon Goes House-Hunting is a fluffy Hraesvelgr chick with big, round eyes and innocent look that quickly wins him Letty's, and later Nell's, affections.
  • The Puuchus from the Excel♡Saga anime are meant as a parody of this. They're actually evil alien invaders and when you hit them they bleed purple and take on the haggard features and guttural tones of Golgo13. Domesticated Puuchus on the other hand turn into heroes from shows like Captain Harlock or Gundam. Not ugly, but definitely weird.
  • Fairy Tail has a newborn baby Happy who earned his name by making everyone in the guild go happy by just being ridiculously cute.
  • In Fullmetal Alchemist, Xiao Mei, the midget panda actually stunned Scar into silence with her cuteness.
  • Gugure! Kokkuri-san's animal youkais all have cute fluffy Super-Deformed modes that they'll often go into especially to gain sympathy with Kohina. In particular:
    • Inugami the dog youkai specifically invokes this by basing his dog form on trendy mascots in order to appeal to Kohina.
    • Shigaraki the Tanuki initially subverts this with his rather unsightly animal form, but he later switches to this trope in order to appeal to women.
  • While the animals characters are already cute in Happy Happy Clover, Hickory the Flying Squirrel takes the cake due to his cute voice in the anime, big eyes, and is so small compared to the others. Same goes for the tiny field mouse who shows up in the manga.
  • Happy Lesson: Subverted when Kisaragi brings a box full of live chicks...for the purpose of them being the subject of dissection. The entire classroom's reaction is an extremely anguished Big "NO!".
  • While Heaven's Design Team features plenty of cute animals, the sea otter takes the cake. Fluffy, adorable and smart, its precocious antics cause Neptune and Shimoda to Squee for almost the entire chapter.
  • In Hetalia: Axis Powers, most of the Non-Human Sidekicks. Hanatamago and Pochi are some that are named, both being fluffy little dogs. China has a little panda, England has his little spirit friends and so on. There is also a recurring white bunny with gray ears seen with America, England and Japan (probably based on the author's pet rabbit). Tony the alien is also rather cute. There's also Kujimarou the bear cub (with drastic memory problems!) belonging to Canada.
  • Pero Pero from His and Her Circumstances, the dog that gets around by rolling around.
  • Kirara from Inuyasha looks like a cross between a kitten and a fox kit, with adorable mews to match. At least until she transforms.
  • The eponymous animals of the Jewelpet series all look very cute and cuddly and have precious little gemstone eyes that make it hard not to want to give them a hug. Even better, Lady Jewelina created the Jewelpets specifically to make humans happy.
  • Lady!!: Leonard. He's a cute fluffy squirrel with big blue eyes and an Adorable Fluffy Tail, and he loves cuddling Sophie's cheek. He's also dressed in a dapper red bow by the second half of the season 2.
  • The Bearbees from Kyo Kara Maoh!. They're snuggly embodiments of love that sprinkle glitter, say 'Nogitsu!' and concider Yuuri and Wolfram to be their parents, making them Greta's siblings. They're highly endangered and their poop makes very high-quality, but very smelly, paint.
  • Macross:
    • Guvava, Mylene Flare Jenius' Empathy Pet from Macross 7. Basically a Tribble with eyes.
    • Ai-kun, the little green alien creature that steals Sheryl's panties and which Ranka befriends from Macross Frontier. Later Ai-kun molts and becomes a stage-1 juvenile Vajra, and somehow still manages to act obnoxiously cute.
    • The Ragnan mercats from Macross Delta are cute little half-cat/half-seal things, with Querule taking the cake among them.
  • Made in Abyss, despite its incredibly harsh environments, has several of these. They're generally fairly harmless, with the exception of the horde of weasel rabbits that briefly attack Riko and Reg in the Third Layer. One example looks suspiciously similar to a certain space ferret from another show seen as a genre deconstruction, but doesn't appear to be dangerous in any way.
  • Magic Knight Rayearth features, in one episode, a stupidly-cute, injured, foxlike critter that Hikaru instantly adopts and names "Hikari" after her old dog. Turns out it's actually a demonic monster named Vigor, who deliberately played this trope in order to get the jump on them.
  • Fuzzy from The Morose Mononokean is a dog spirit who looks like a ball of fur with stubby legs and big eyes. Ashiya certainly loves cuddling him and plays with him whenever he can.
  • Moyashimon features one of the few successful attempts at making bacteria and mold spores cute. This especially goes for the series mascot, an anthropomorphic spore of Aspergillus oryzae.
  • Natsume's Book of Friends: Nyanko-sensei is so cute and round that he has spurred piles and piles of merchandise, from cellphone-straps to giant pillows. His outwardly-abrasive personality only makes him cuter, since we all know he's actually a big softie. Of course, everyone in-universe with the exception of Taki seems to think he is an ugly, fat cat.
  • In Onegai My Melody, Mari Land is a world entirely populated by cute critters. Heck, characters in general are like this.
  • One Piece:
    • Chopper's half-human form is definitely an example. Even though creatures of his type (animal zoans) look like adult humans crossed with animals, Chopper ends up looking like a three-year-old cosplaying as a plushie, for reasons of Cute, and possibly because he was actually an animal that became half-human. To his dismay, this caused the Marines to mistake him for a harmless pet instead of the full-fledged, Badass Adorable crewmember he really is, and thus they gave him a pathetically low bounty of 50 Beri.
    • The Tontatta dwarves are tiny, have big puffy tails, pointy noses, and look adorable. Even by their standards, their princess Mansherry is so cute that she causes Cuteness Proximity in almost everyone she meets.
    • Ladies and gentlemen, Baby Laboon. An adorable whale cub that made the Rumbar Pirates' hearts melt.
  • Photon has Koro-chan, a critter about the size of a bunny, but with two long tails instead of two long ears. Koro-chan is usually Keyne Aqua's pet, but Koro can also function as part of a computer system, like a wetware CPU. On his own, though, Koro can only chirp and squeak unintelligibly.
  • Pokémon:
    • Cute creatures have been a mainstay of the series from the beginning, starting with Misty's Togepi, which even Team Rocket thinks is adorable.
    • Then brought right back in with two of the main group's Pokémon in Best Wishes. Ash's Oshawott (who Ash even says is adorable), Iris's Axew, and Trip's Vanillite (although Iris disagrees).
    • Professor Icarus's Elgyem. It's got big eyes, it's all shy and timid, and it makes little "Ri-kuuuuuu" noises. D'awww.
    • Pokémon Adventures has this happening all the time. Because of the author's chibi art style, all of the pokemon are ether this or Ugly Cute.
    • Even Team Rocket has had cute Pokemon, especially Chimecho, Mime Jr., Cacnea, Wurmple, and Woobat and even Meowth.
  • The fairies from every incarnation of Pretty Cure. They're so damn ''cute''!
  • The main character of Princess Tutu is actually one of these! Ahiru's (which means 'Duck' and is named that in the dub) true form is that of a yellow duckling with big, big blue eyes. Even the resident Tall, Dark, and Snarky can't resist her cuteness.
  • Pudding-chan and other dessert characters in Pudding In Love.
  • Kyubey of Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Who wouldn't make a contract with something this cute? Enforced. Word of God says he/it/they was deliberately designed to be this trope to hide his true nature.
    • Charlotte the Dessert Witch is right up there too. At least, until it reveals its true form: a gigantic clown/cake/worm thing with rows of razor-sharp teeth and a ravenous appetite for human flesh.
      • Charlotte's disarmingly cute appearance is probably the main reason for her sizable fan following. She's so insanely popular with fans she made a triumphant comeback in Rebellion as the best friend of Mami, and she spends the vast majority of her screentime being downright adorable. We even learned her identity as a Puella Magi, and she’s just as cute!
  • Another example from Sayuri Tatsuyama is Pukupuku Natural Circular Notice which features very cute pets such as hamsters, puppies and cats.
  • Queen Millennia: Mayu creatures look like babies with fur and are said to be the cutest and gentlest in the universe who represent Earth itself.
  • ChuChu, the little purple marmoset from Revolutionary Girl Utena (Particularly in the manga).
  • Rumiko Takahashi Anthology's "Tragedy of P" has Pippin, a Humboldt penguin that the protagonist's husband brought home from work. Virtually everyone who lay eyes on him immediately goes Cuteness Overload, and even the protagonist, who was against keeping pets from work, immediately relents after realizing how adorable he is.
  • The Keronians in Sgt. Frog including Keroro, Tamama, Giroro, Kululu, Dororo and every other that shows up over the course of the series. There's also pop-star alien girl Sumumo who isn't Keronian but might as well be.
  • Hoshimaru in Shadow Star is an adorable star-shaped creature with big, round eyes. Everything else in the manga he's in is not adorable.
  • Along the same lines, Pokota from Slayers Revolution is the a prince, bound into the bizarre but adorable shape of an alien bunny looking thing with gigantic wing-hand-ears, a cape, and a zipper up his stomach that opens on to L-space. He is, of course, Stronger Than He Looks.
  • In the manga version of So I'm a Spider, So What? new-born Taratects like the protagonist are pig-sized spiders but their art is more in line with plushy than abomination. It helps that she's also pink.
  • The Animal Soldiers from Tentai Senshi Sunred. Their attempts at fighting Sunred are commonly thwarted by squealing schoolgirls picking them up and hugging them.
  • UFO Baby has Pepo, Luu's adorable, stuffed animal-like alien space pet that's a Peponian... from the Planet Pepo. Guess what it says? That's right. Pepo!
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!:
    • Kuriboh, from which LittleKuriboh of Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series gets his name, is a ball of fluff with large eyes, small hands and feet, and a tiny, high-pitched voice. And despite it being a Dark-attribute Fiend-type monster, this is one case where Dark Is Not Evil.
    • GX takes it to the next level with a winged version of the fluffball as Judai Yuki's duel spirit partner.
  • Magotan from Kitchen Sentai Cookrun is an adorable kitchen assistant who has a wealth of knowledge of food and ingredients. Mitten from the second season is a friendly alien who helps the heroes.

    Asian Animation 
  • The eponymous character of the Iranian children's cartoon Babaei, who is an anthropomorphic sheep, has an appearance styled off of Sanrio's characters, with all the cuteness that comes with it.
  • This 1959 Chinese animated short called Bee and Worm features adorable invertebrates and flowers.
  • The eponymous characters of Canimals are absolutely adorable little animals who hide in cans whenever humans are around.
  • Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf: The blobby elves from The Season Towns are mostly small and have large eyes, giving them adorable appearances. In the first episode that introduces them, Paddi ends up lovingly rubbing one against his head and calling it cute.
  • The Yoyo Supermen from YoYo Man, with their large heads and similarly bulbous eyes, are meant to look adorable.

    Comic Books 
  • The cute little orange octopi Willow comes across in the ocean in Season 9 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She names one Mr. Octopus Fantasticus and expresses a desire to have one as a bathtub toy.
  • Shmoos, in the Li'l Abner comic strip, are adorably cheerful aliens that look kind of like walking white bowling pins with endearingly silly faces. They are good-natured, loving, kindly and almost desperate to be helpful to anybody and everybody. They're not just cute, they're also very tasty. And want to be eaten.
  • The baby golden gargoyle adopted by Abel in The Sandman (1989) is an adorable little lizard creature.
  • Cheche from The Stupiders is a perfect example of this. He's a furry boa constrictor, consisting almost entirely of fluffy fur and two huge googly eyes, tiny cute fangs and to top it off, he's always smiling. His brother, however, has issues.
  • Chaffies. They are fluffy little bunny-like critters who are always smiling, with only 1 1/2 ear after a simultaneous lawnmower accident. Also, they like to wander off absolutely everywhere, getting themselves hidden amongst other Ridiculously Cute Critters.
    • One page in the Find Chaffy book has them hidden in a whole group of pandas.
  • In the main Marvel Universe, Tigra has gotten pregnant by Hank Pym (really his Skrull double) and given birth. Her baby, William, seems to combine the best cute features of babies and kittens.
  • Speaking of Marvel, there's also the Bamfs from X-Men who are freaking adorable.
  • Gnutten & Gnuttarna from the Swedish comic Bobo are small white fluffy Cephalothorax creatures.
  • The first plot arc of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (IDW) features a village of incredibly cute anthropomorphic cats. Who get decimated by Queen Chrysalis's army.
  • In Tina's Groove, Tina ends up dogsitting a puppy so incredibly cute she can't even look at it for long without suffering literal Cuteness Overload. The pup's owner suggests a cup of chamomile, a cozy spot on the couch and visualizing Donald Trump in a diaper as treatment.
  • Jeff the baby land shark from West Coast Avengers (2018). He's about the size of a bulldog, and almost as threatening as one.

    Eastern Animation 
  • Qumi-Qumi is a Russian Flash animated kid's series featuring big eyed, brightly colored tribes of cartoon creatures, and the animals are very adorable.

    Films — Animation 
  • Ark has Amarinth's pet, Juju, a canary-hamster hybrid who makes sharp, squeaky chirping while perched on it's master's shoulders.
  • The Black Cauldron:
    • Gurgi is an example of Adaptational Attractiveness due to being a hideous (but friendly) wolf- or gorilla-like monster in the original books. Here he's a cute, small, and blue-eyed gopher-like creature.
    • Hen Wen the piglet is a little white sow, very timid, picky about her food and fond of Taran.
  • The Boss Baby has the Forever Puppy, a puppy by Puppy Co. which is designed to never grow old, to literally be "a puppy that stays a puppy forever." The idea is that it will steal all of the world's love from babies. It has a huge round head, massive eyes, and is utterly adorable.
  • A Bug's Life: Dot looks as adorable as a cartoon ant can.
  • Curious George: Even more than in the original picture books and PBS series, George is very cute.
  • Rhino the Hamster from Bolt, whose cuteness is potent enough to distract henchmen and save the day.
  • The otters in Finding Dory are very fluffy. Their cuteness actually ends up being a useful Chekhov's Gun.
    • Also Baby Dory with her giant eyes and love of sand.
  • The Good Dinosaur
    • Arlo is without a doubt one of the most adorable dinosaurs in animation, especially as a Baby. The fact he is the runt of siblings and acts cowardly at times definitely helps.
  • The Minions from Despicable Me are so Ridiculously Cute, they got their own movie!
  • How to Train Your Dragon:
    • Toothless may very well be the most adorable fire-breathing lizard in any movie ever. It's that big head and eyes that does it. It also helps that his teeth are frequently retracted.
    • The Terrible Terrors, big-headed tiny dragons that act like house cats.
    • The sequel adds the baby dragons (Scuttleclaws) who love to play and don't listen to anyone.
  • Bing Bong from Inside Out is an imaginary friend made of cotton candy who is also part cat, elephant and dolphin. Many people who've seen the movie find him adorable and wish that they had an imaginary friend like him when they were younger.
  • Kung Fu Panda:
  • The Gang of Seven from The Land Before Time all qualify, but the main two are Ducky (who has a squeaky voice) and Chomper (who manages to be an an adorable T. rex!).
  • Uni-Kitty in The LEGO Movie. Her cuteness is lampshaded in the merchandise.
    Sticker Book Bio: Whenever Uni-Kitty builds something, she can't help but make it totally adorable. Awww!
  • Pipsqueak the baby Bar-ba-loot in The Lorax film adaptation. His cuteness is later exploited by the Once-ler.
  • Mort, the little lemur in Madagascar. Smaller than the other lemurs, huge head, and even bigger eyes.
  • From Rio, we have the fluffy, large-eyed Baby-Dory-esque Baby Blu. Not to mention Blu and Jewel's offspring at the end of the film.
  • Puss from Shrek could stop an advancing army with his ginormous eyes.
  • Up: Dug himself is pretty adorable. A golden retriever (arguably one of the cutest of all dogs) who can speak, whose entire dialogue consists of expressions of love despite having just met SQUIRREL!
  • Extend this trope to mechanical "animals" and you get WALL•E, whose huge adorable eyes seem custom-made to tug the heartstrings of all who gaze upon him.
  • In Wolfwalkers, Robyn and Mebh's wolf forms have cute proportions, simple fur coloring, playful expressiveness and are smaller than the rest of the adult cast, making them look more like huggable puppies than fierce wolves.
  • The ridiculously adorable tiny snowmen (known as Snowgies) from "Frozen Fever" created by Elsa's sneezing when she gets a cold.
  • Pascal, the chameleon sidekick from Tangled, has the requisite oversized head and large eyes, and makes cute squeaky sounds.
  • The Q-Teez, an all-female j-pop group of young red pandas, who only speak Japanese, in Sing. A brief running gag in the movie was that they misinterperet Buster Moon's words as being selected for the competition even though they really weren't.
  • Mulan has Cri-Kee, a Perpetual Smiler cricket sidekick with big eyes.
  • Turning Red:
    • In the ultimate test of her ability to control her panda transformation, Mei is confronted with a box of kittens that are deliberately chosen to be as cute as possible, with high-pitched plaintive meows, loud purring, and large heads. They're also ridiculously affectionate, climbing all over her and rubbing themselves on her.
    • Mei’s red panda form is also highly adorable (both in and out of universe). Mei and her friends exploit this to raise money for going to the 4*Town concert.
  • The Luma-like Star from Wish (2023), a cuddly and round star-like being that plays with a ball of yarn like a kitten and causes all manner of goofy but good-natured shenanigans all around the kingdom of Rosas.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Fizzgig from The Dark Crystal. Basically a Tribble crossed with a pomeranian and a shark.
  • A rare robotic version of this trope would be the title character from Earth to Echo. Its small size and big blue eyes definitely make it the cutest thing in the movie.
  • Star Trek (2009) gives us Keenser, with his tiny size and his huge black eyes, he is truly adorable. He's also a very proficient engineer and Scotty's Number Two.
  • Star Wars:
    • The entire race of Ewoks. They're furry little alien teddy bears!
    • The Porgs in The Last Jedi, fluffy round birds with big eyes.
    • The Star Wars Bestiary informs us of the Voorpak. It is a tiny, almost spherical Pomeranian-like animal that Naboo nobility use for companionship and warmth. It is basically a cross between a Pomeranian for its size and fluff, a fuzzy spider for its hidden legs, and a Vampire Bat for its face. And it's a-freaking-dorable.
    • In the Expanded Universe are the catlike race Kushiban, who look like this. They're a sentient species. This particular Kushiban? Jedi Master Ikrit.
    • The blue, elephant-like species of Ortolans (which first appeared in Return of the Jedi) also qualifies, where they go into full-on Woobie Species when the Separatist Droids invade their homeworld in Star Wars: Clone Wars. Many, many players in Star Wars: The Old Republic couldn't find it in their hearts to perform any dark side actions against their kind on Hoth, particularly the one where Republic players are sent to their geothermal power plant (which they literally depend on for their survival) to destroy it.
    • The Expanded Universe also gives us gizka, cute little frogs with big eyes that are essentially the Star Wars tribbles.
    • Babu Frik from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, the teeny-tiny droid-fixing handyman sidekick of Zorri Bliss... both lovers and haters of that movie are united in the opinion that Babu was a high point and utterly precious.
  • The Mül converter in Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets looks like a rat-sized pastel-colored pangolin designed by Jim Henson.
  • Baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is absolutely adorable. He nails pretty much everything on the list of qualifications.


  • Bigfoot and Littlefoot: In the second book, The Monster Detector, Mrs. Nukluk brings a pair of Arctic Floofs into the school to be class pets. Arctic Floofs look like fluffy cotton balls with long ears, thin tails, and the face of a rodent.
  • Carnival in a Fix: Emily finds a book among Mr. Moonbottom's belongings called How To Keep and Care For Your Peladorian Puffball. On the cover of the book is a picture of a puff ball with a smiling face. This is because the Rustlers that are sabotaging the park are really juvenile versions of Peladorian Puffballs. They start out as little black spiky balls before the exterior bursts off, revealing all the fluff underneath.
  • DrakAkhos from Phenomena is a really adorable newly hatched dragon whom Alk and Ilke adopts.
  • Martian flat cats from Robert A. Heinlein's The Rolling Stones (1952), which may have inspired Tribbles.
  • The "pygmy puffs(keins)" from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Basically a miniature Tribble dyed girly colors. Also nifflers, furry little black things with long pointy snuffly noses.
  • Geoffrey Chaucer, in Book of the Duchess, has a puppy beckon the narrator because it wasn't yet trained for hunting (meter-preserving "Blind Idiot" Translation):
    A whelp that found me as I stood, / That had a-followed, and could do no good. / It came and crept to me as low, / Right as it had-a me a-know, / Held down his head and joined his ears, / And laid all smoothly down his hairs.
  • Treecats from the Honor Harrington series. Yes, they are as deadly as they are sapient, but they are as cute as they are deadly. How else could they endear themselves to those people they haven't bonded to in order to obtain celery?
  • Lazarus Long gave this observation in the Robert A. Heinlein novel Time Enough for Love:
    On the planet Tranquille around KM849(G-0) lives a little animal known as a "knafn." It is herbivorous and has no natural enemies and is easily approached and may be petted—sort of a six-legged puppy with scales. Stroking it is very pleasant; it wiggles its pleasure and broadcasts euphoria in some band that humans can detect. It's worth the trip.
    Someday some bright boy will figure out how to record this broadcast, then some smart boy will see commercial angles—and not long after that it will be regulated and taxed.
    In the meantime, I have faked that name and catalog number; it is several thousand light-years off in another direction. Selfish of me—
  • Mouse of The Dresden Files started out this way. Harry acquired him by accident when he was hired to rescue a bunch of puppies and one of them crawled out of the box and hid in his car. Harry proceeds to spend the rest of the book carrying around the little gray furball in the pocket of his coat, and several characters are reduced to cooing over it due to the sheer cuteness. However, he doesn't stay tiny for long.
  • One of the protagonists of The Skins of Dead Men has tamed a creature that he refers to as a "coon cat" (probably a ringtail from context.) Reactions are about what would be expected given the linked picture.
  • The Fuzzies from Little Fuzzy and its sequels. Tiny golden-furred intelligent bipeds who resemble a cross between a marmoset and the world's smallest and most adorable Sasquatch.
  • In the Rainbow Magic series, Rachel declares a baby penguin to be the most adorable thing she's ever seen. The illustration proves it.
  • In the Sector General novels, Sommaradvans (a sentient species), by pure chance, are Ridiculously Cute to Gogleskans (an unrelated sentient species from a completely different planet). This becomes a plot point, when a Gogleskan has life-threatening problems with childbirth, and since Gogleskans have biologically hard-wired Hates Being Touched, tendencies to uncontrollably violent panic attacks, and lethal natural weaponry, a nearby Sommaradvan is the only person who might be able to touch them intimately without being stung to death or impaled.
  • In Russia, there's Cheburashka, a cute creature with big ears who would later become popular in Japan and Russia.
  • While the majority of stories made by Beatrix Potter feature Funny Animals, some of the cuter looking characters she created are Tom Kitten from The Tale of Tom Kitten, Samuel Whiskers from The Tale of Samuel Whiskers, Miss Tiggy Winkle, Mrs. Tittlemouse, and Peter Rabbit.
  • In The Watchmaker of Filigree Street the titular watchmaker creates a clockwork octopus that is definitely this to readers, although some of the characters are offput by it.
  • Franklin Turtle, Snail, Harriet Turtle and plenty of the other woodland creatures from the Franklin book series and its companion cartoons are utterly adortable and charming.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Doctor Who: "Partners in Crime" gives us the Adipose: Adorable little aliens made out of human fat. So cute they make additional cameos in "The End of Time" and its wrap party video.
    Donna: (the Adipose are waving at her and she can't help waving back) I'm waving at fat.
  • Joey and Chandler's chick when it was first brought on Friends. Chandler lampshades this when it later grows into a rooster.
  • The adorable, burping yeast sock puppets that appear on many episodes of Good Eats. So popular are they on the show, in fact, that many fans have attempted to make their own.
  • Carly's hair from iCarly and there's also Peter the Penguin and the Pee Wee Babies from "iDate a Bad Boy", Marvin the Ostrich from the Fred episode and the poodle puppet and the possums from "iGo to Japan"....
  • Japanese children's show Inai Inai Baa! at some point introduced a character named Ou-Tan. He's a little... humanoid thingy with maraca-shaped appendages on his head, with a rather adorable design.
  • Love and Destiny:
    • Little White, the dog Ling Xi rescues. It's practically a ball of fluff, with the most adorable little face.
    • Five Bowls, the baby monster Ling Xi adopts after Little White's death. It has tiny antlers and a very rabbit-like head.
  • The Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode "Colossus and the Headhunters" has a genetically engineered fuzzy cute thing called "Nummy Muffin Coocol Butter" that the Mads send up to the Satellite. Mike falls under its/her spell, but he's forced to send it/her back because 1. she has a shedding problem that really rankles the Bots, and 2. Frank misses her desperately.
  • Li'l Sebastian the miniature horse from Parks and Recreation is adored by all citizens of the town of Pawnee. Even Ron Swanson isn't immune! His funeral is attended by thousands of the town's residents.
  • Chicken puppet Chica from The Sunny Side Up Show is this. One blogger compares her and the network to crack, and every other post on Sprout's Facebook page is requests for a plush Chica toy.
  • Lucy the Firefly from The Good Night Show.
  • The iconic tribbles from Star Trek, which are basically living balls of fluff. You'll notice many other examples on this page have been compared to them.
  • From The Mandalorian, one word... GROGU
  • Ultra Series: Perhaps not coincidentally, they're also both the Team Pet of their shows.
    • Hanejiro from Ultraman Dyna, a tiny, furry alien creature that is completely peaceful (if a bit mischievous) and possesses a number of useful abilities for the team.
    • Ultraman Mebius has Rimu/Lim. Eleking, a chibi version of popular Ultraman kaiju Eleking.
  • The Untamed: The rabbits, of course. They're basically walking cotton balls with paws and ears.


    Music Videos 
  • The puppies in the music video for The Chalkeaters' song "Breathtaking". They are bright glowing pink and fluffy, they can sprout wings and fly, the larger ones are rideable, and they attack game companies with light beams of kindness.
    A whirlpool of puppies in vague neon light
    All purple and fluffy, please take me inside
    They're swirling and laughing, awakening my mind
  • Weezer did two different videos for the track "Island in the Sun". One of them is littered with adorable critters.

  • Tellie from Sequinox is the servant of Gaea, who looks mostly like a fox but with weird proportions and occasionally different colours. A lot of the cuteness also comes from it's penchant for eating anything but food, and also it being kinda dumb.

    Puppet Shows 
  • Many of The Muppets would count (with their big bulgy eyes and fluffy bodies—specially if you live on Sesame Street). Bean Bunny stands out, as he's supposed to act cute so the rest of the Muppets wouldn't have to. There's also Kermit's tiny, musically talented nephew Robin, and Gonger, a somewhat new Sesame monster who is a tiny, pink, hyperactive British chef.
    • In the Fraggle Rock episode "Invasion of the Toe Ticklers", we have the titular characters. They're basically big fuzzy caterpillars with antennae and wide smiles.
    • The Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock episode "Night of the Lights" introduces the world to Coop, an adorable "flooby bug". They are pink, super fluffy, have very large eyes, a second pair of antennae that look like a little mustache, makes sweet lil soft, high pitched noises, and they can stretch their legs much longer than before to show off some serious dance moves. In fact, the Fraggles themselves both here and in the original are some of the most adorable Muppets out there. Wembley deserves a particular shout out for his large eyes and nature as the Fraggles' resident Keet.
    • Bear in the Big Blue House has Tutter, a little Muppet mouse adorable in much the same way Wembley Fraggle is. Most of the cast qualifies, with their charming Black Bead Eyes.

  • Kwang from Dawn of a New Age: Oldport Blues is a young, fuzzy grey squirrel with an increasingly close friendship with his owner and an inability to say anything besides "Mom". He's very good at drawing out the softer side of shy or vitriolic characters.
  • In Effulgence, the world of Chronicle has a cave inhabited entirely by ridiculously cute, and friendly critters. Most notably the poofs, which are cuddly colorful balls of fluff that go "whmmm" and exude a healing aura.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Dungeons & Dragons:
    • The Book of Exalted Deeds has some very cute celestials: the fairylike coure eladrins and the musteval guardinals, who resemble bipedal ferrets. Hollyphants in their small form would also count.
    • Pseudodragons. They look like dragons, but they're the size of house cats. Small house cats. Faerie dragons are much the same, only with butterfly wings.
  • Wastems and Wastits from Human Occupied Landfill. Wastems are cute little creatures whose bodies are filled with a tapioca-like substance that can be used for anything from food to motor oil.note  Wastits are cruel, psychotic, and make most grown men wet themselves in terror if they know what they're dealing with. And the worst part? If you don't have the "spot wastit" skill, you can't tell the difference between the two, even if the wastit is walking away from a bloody corpse with a skull in one hand and a bloody butterfly knife in the other.
  • Pathfinder:
  • The RPG Rogue Trader introduces us to the Gyrinx, a mid-sized cat that hangs around psykers. Of course, this being 40k, they serve as conduits to increase their master's already considerable psychic power and tend to explode if a Daemon takes interest in the relevant psyker.
  • The Sci-Fi version of Fluxx, Space Fluxx, has shout outs to several different Sci-Fi establishments, but all a little different to avoid nasty copyright infringements. They have a "Cute Fuzzy Alien" card that looks an awful lot like the ones Kirk had trouble with...
  • Skittermanders in Starfinder are a race of helpful intelligent aliens who look like six-armed walking stuffed toys.
  • If your kobold in Kobolds Ate My Baby has the Winning Smile perk, you can force intelligent foes to stop for a moment by flashing a smile that makes them squee at the adorable little fuzzball.

    Theme Parks 
  • Fuzzball in Captain EO is the hero's primary sidekick — a little fuzzy orange thing that has butterfly wings and can sit on one's shoulder. It can also play guitar and even gets the hero out of a tight spot.

  • There are many many different cute-ified plush versions of Cthulhu, Nyarlethotep, and other Great Old Ones from the Lovecraft Mythos.
  • There are also cutesy toy versions, plush and otherwise, of various parasites, bacteria, and viruses; such as Parasite Pals and GIANTmicrobes.
  • Furby, the part owl, part hamster robotic pet toy.
  • Kitty Kitty Kittens, which are Cute Kitten dolls with large heads and small endearing eyes that purr when you pet them.
  • Littlest Pet Shop consists entirely of tiny bobblehead animals with large eyes and cheerful expressions.
  • Squishables!! They manage to make everything adorable, up to and including Cthulu
  • As mentioned in the anime section, Sanrio has a lot of characters that are designed like this. Especially characters that are very popular, such as My Melody, Cinnamoroll, Wish Me Mell and BonBonRibbon.
  • Tamagotchi:
    • Most modern characters tend to have massive heads and big eyes, stubby limbs, and other features that give them overall adorable appearances.
    • On the original virtual pets, how cute the Tamagotchi became was determined by how well they were cared for; severely neglecting a Tamagotchi would result in one that was ugly and had a short life span.

    Video Games 
  • The Baliflids in Ascendancy are described this way in universe — although judging from the art, this is a case of either Ugly Cute or Informed Ability (they are rather scrawny rodentoids with three tongues). Alien species find them so irresistibly cute that their special ability is to force all other species to make peace with them at once.
  • Aura-Aura is possibly the cutest star ever. And if the game says anything, it's that he's no bigger than a basketball!
  • Bomberman is just OOZING with them, to the point of risking Cuteness Overload. Let's start listing them off:
    • The roois/Louies from Bomberman '94/Mega Bomberman onward, adorable kangaroos that give Bomberman a ride. White Bomber in Bomberman Jetters also has a small one as a pet companion.
    • The dinosaurs that also serve as mounts. In Super Bomberman 4, they start off as generic enemies early in the game until you blast them, at which point they turn into eggs. Walk over your first egg and you get to ride one, as well as gaining spike bombs. Any additional eggs you collect follow behind, Yoshi-style. Saturn Bomberman instead features different dinosaurs as general Louie replacements, also with unique abilities.
    • The Charaboms in general, but especially Pommy, debuting in Bomberman 64: The Second Attack! He even introduces himself to a few Mooks as "the cutest hero in the galaxy"!
    • If Bomberman B-Daman Bakugaiden IV qualifies, there's the B-Darons; mostly Funny Animals that don't talk, but clearly show intelligence nonetheless. And many of them are indeed adorable, to the point of young Bomberwomen getting Cuteness Proximity reactions around them right in the third episode!
    • See something at the start of the stage that looks innocent and adorable? It'll probably kill you on contact. They might be kid mice holding balloons at an amusement park or weird panda umbrella things, but they're still every bit as deadly as everything else.

  • Lex from Bookworm looks unbelievably proper and adorable despite being, well, a bookworm.
  • Chrono Cross has Draggy, for being a cute newborn dragon and Pip, a creature that can evolve into cute forms as well.

  • The Dragon Quest series is chock-full of endearingly adorable monsters no matter which entry. Even the "menacing" monsters like dragons/golems/inanimate suits of armor/etc. tend to be Ugly Cute at worst. Several notable examples include:
    • The most famous of them all are the Slimes; cute little blue droplets with a big happy smile. Whenever they talk, they tend to replace certain words and syllables with slime-related puns (like "gooman" instead of "human"), and they're always given child-like voices.
    • Imps are diminutive demons with googly eyes, a big tongue sticking out (which makes them talk like Elmer Fudd), and a big pitchfork that looks more like a table fork. They're also a subversion of Killer Rabbits; although they have access to incredibly dangerous spells like Kathwack, their MP is way too low to cast it.
    • Drackys, bat-like creatures with adorable toothy grins.
    • Great Sabrecubs, the younger versions of the fearsome Great Sabrecats, are essentially just kittens with the same flowing mane as their adult counterparts.
    • Sham hatwitch, a recent monster in later entries, they are small warthogs with comically-oversized hats.
  • The fluffy wamblers from Dwarf Fortress are described as, "known and beloved for their warm hearts, gentle natures, and stumble bumblings... They are widely held to be 'adorable,' and many dwarves consider them to be a delicacy." They're also respected as killers of bronze colossi.note 
  • EXTRAPOWER: Attack of Darkforce: Three of the Hikari Warriors have adorable Non-Human Sidekick, Pururu for the Blue Warrior, Pororo for the Green Warrior, and Purara aids the Red Warrior.
  • The Final Fantasy series has several:
    • Most iconic are the Moogles, little white fuzzballs who say "kupo" all the time. Not even Terra can resist the cute. Lightning can.
    • Chocobos, yellow birds used as mounts, may or may not be ridiculously cute depending on the Art Shift of the game.
      • In Final Fantasy XI, not only do you have cute chocobos, you also have the even cuter BABY chocobos. Baby chocobos have also made it as merchandise as a noisy but oh so cute toy.
      • There's a number of Final Fantasy spinoffs known collectively as the Chocobo series, all featuring the same ridiculously adorable protagonist.
      • From Final Fantasy XIII, Sazh's baby chocobo fits into this trope. It's essentially a fluffy infant chicken that can fly. Amping this up is an optional scene on Gran Pulse in which Sazh's baby chocobo meets baby chocobos of Gran Pulse.
    • Final Fantasy VIII has Moombas, apparently an evolved form of the big ugly humanoid Shumi.
    • Tonberry is certainly cute as he slowly waddles across the battlefield, pokes you with his cute little knife, and you fall over dead.
    • Final Fantasy VII has Cait Sith. He's essentially a bipedal cat, but with an oversized head to make him even cuter.
    • The Carbuncle, in the games where it is portrayed as a cat (or fox)-like mammal with huge ears, beady eyes, and rounded snout, like Final Fantasy VIII or Final Fantasy XI. Not so much in Final Fantasy V or Final Fantasy VI, where it's more reptilian (and is actually a large and menacing boss monster in the former.) Or Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, where it looks like something entirely different. Double Subversion with Final Fantasy V: You have to fight a very feral-looking one at first, but then you summon it and instead get the adorable, Reflect-buffing, shiny-Espeon-esque creature that's pretty much standard for the later games. Yes, including Final Fantasy VI. Dissidia Final Fantasy outright lampshades how increasingly adorable it gets with each game.
    • In Final Fantasy XII, they threw in some literal Killer Rabbits by introducing some bosses in the form of the game's terribly cute Dream Hare creatures (imagine a tiny bunny with a giant puffball tail and feathers for ears, and that's about the gist of it). Fury, one of the optional mini-bosses, is one of those.
    • The Nu Mou race from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and Final Fantasy Tactics A2. They've got big furry tails, long and droopy ears like a dog, and their face finishes the rest of their cuteness. Of course, these cute factors run away when you start to see them slaughter your team with powerful magic spells if you find them as enemies. Their Final Fantasy XII incarnations goes the complete opposite end of cute.
    • The Lalafells of Final Fantasy XIV are an entire humanoid race that seems devoted to this concept. They have the largest, most expressive eyes of any playable race in the game (and even a choice to have shimmering pupil less jewel eyes), tiny beady noses, and large pointed ears. Also, they max out at about three feet tall. Even their battle cries will make you want to drop your weapons and give them hugs!
      • In the same game, there's the Namazu, which are a beastmen race that are modeled after catfish. Their googly eyes, short and chubby stature, doofy personalities, and the squeaks they make when they waddle make the Namazu ridiculously cute. There's also merchandise made after them.
      • Shadowbringers introduces the Great Serpents of Ronka (Scree!), a species of Tsuchinoko with beady eyes and Cute Little Fangs that get around by bouncing on their chubby bellies rather than slither. Three variations of them are available as minions (one with a mining helmet, one with a farmer hat and bandana, and the original hatless variety), and two larger specimens as mounts hiding inside levitating pottery.
  • If you have the right items, you can turn yourself into a small cute frog, rabbit, dog, etc. in Gaia Online. Cue the delight if you enter the Zomg! game as a frog. Not to mention all the fluffs in the game itself.
  • Ghost Trick gives us Missile, the Bad Ass Adorable Pomeranian. Missile was previously featured in Ace Attorney, where he looked more like a Shiba Inu, but with the same amount of adorableness.
  • Guild Wars has rollerbeetles, giant rolling beetles that make cute little chittering noises. During Canthan festivals, you even get to participate in Mario Kart-style rollerbeetle races.
  • Hello Kitty Online: All of the mooks are even cuter than they are dangerously aggressive. As is pretty much everything else in this Sugar Bowl world.
  • Pretty much any character in the Kirby games is some degree of cute, given the setting. Kirby himself, a round little pink orb of cuteness, is no exception, as are the Waddle Dees, a race of adorable Waddling Heads that look a bit like stuffed toys. But Elfilin, the Big Good of Kirby and the Forgotten Land, takes the cake. He's basically a chinchilla with fluffy blue-green fur and huge ears he can use to fly around. And just when you've finished staring into his Innocent Blue Eyes, you'll realize his entire body is shaped like a heart. It's like HAL made him to be loved.
  • Klonoa: Nobody's really sure just what the eponymous protagonist is, beyond the adjectives "cute", "long-eared", and "fuzz-covered". Word of God claims that Klonoa's a cat with long ears. This really applies to pretty much almost everything in his games, as well.
  • Shadows from Kingdom Hearts. Big heads, big, wide eyes, and so little and huggable looking. A lot of the smaller Heartless fall into this category. They are so huggable you can almost ignore the fact that if you get within an arms' reach they will plunge whatever limbs they have inside your chest and rip your heart out.
  • The Yordles from League of Legends count, pretty much being Moogles in all but name. Teemo in particular was the game's first designated cute champion.
    • Also Fizz, who is basically an amphibian Yordle.
    • Poros which inhabit the Howling Abyss map, who are tiny white furballs with very small limbs, disproportionately large tongues and goat-like horns. They can be fed a Poro-Snax, which will cause them to happily run around in a circle once and grow larger.
      • If fed by Braum, they grow a moustache. If fed by enough players and Braum, however, this happens.
    • Poros really came into their own in the Legends of Runeterra CCG, giving us a look at various different varieties of poros and the crazy, adorable things they do. Loremaster Necrit did an analysis of all the poro cards in the game's first release after Riot declared that every card in the game was canonical. Their fluff is truly infinite, to the point where the collective noun for a group of poros is a fluft.
  • Genshin Impact introduces the Aranara in its Sumeru update. The Aranara are a race of mystical plantlike spirits who reside in the secluded Mahavanaranapna in Sumeru, and are only visible to young children or adventurers who have received the blessing of Dendro. They are characterized by their very short height, simple and rotund body shape, a cute leafy hat as well as facial features which look like a child doodled them on. They also have a youthful singing voice, a cutesy sound to their footsteps and are overall pleasant little creatures to be around who only wish for the well-being of the Traveler and the rainforest.
  • The Legend of Zelda:
    • Link's Deku form in Majora's Mask. He retains his cap, which is almost as big as he is!
    • Skyward Sword has Remlits, little siamese cat-raccon things with big bat ears... at least, during the day. At night they're a whole different matter... You can make the Remlits stay ridiculously adorable all the time if you complete a certain sidequest, however.
    • Also in Skyward Sword, the Kikwis, who resemble a cross between a penguin, a beaver, and a shrub. Not to mention their Verbal Tic...
    • The Maiamais from A Link Between Worlds are small crab-octopus creatures that you have to collect. They make cute squeaky noises and you bring them back to their mother, which looks like a Puni Plush version of an Octorok.
  • Nall and Ruby from Lunar, being what appear to be adorable winged cats with high-pitched voices. Until they become full-fledged dragons.
  • Furrikin in Lusternia. Bipedal, intelligent little fuzzballs, they resemble anthropomorphic archetypical animals. Furrikin can look like anything from a panda bear to a raccoon to a sheep, but don't let their appearance fool you - they're smarter than humans and very fast. And not all of them are peaceful, either.
  • Nelly Cootalot has spoonbeaks from the Barony of Meeth, which are not only cute for their eponymous spoon-shaped bills, but also serve to show how evil Baron Widebeard can be when he enslaves them to work in the Saul Mines.
  • Nippon Ichi games have Prinnies, dood. Fat, cuddly looking penguins with squeaky voices.
    • Also the Eryngi, goofy dancing/boxing mushrooms with adorable faces and high-pitched voices.
  • Chibiterasu of Ōkamiden, a puppy replacement for Amaterasu of Ōkami, is undeniably cute. All the brush gods' offspring qualify, as well. Especially Gekigami's.
  • Pokémon: About half of all Pokémon start off like this, then get bigger and (slightly) less cute as they evolve. (Kind of like real baby animals.)
    • Except Goomy, who becomes cuter as it evolves. Feebas is an intentional exception; it starts off as an ugly, ratty fish, but evolves into a gorgeous (and somewhat overpowered at times) Milotic. The drooling Gloom becomes a pretty Bellossom when you use a Sun Stone on it.
    • Generation VI has a whole category for this kind of Pokémon (well, except Granbull), the aptly-named "Fairy" type, and a matching gym dedicated to it in XY.
    • Pokémon Sword and Shield not only showcased Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble as the starters; the utterly fluffy Wooloo is described as a timid and peaceful creature that rolls away from conflict. Wooloo is so adorable that the Pokémon has gotten tons of fanart minutes after its reveal.
    • Depending on your thoughts on spiders, Joltik and Galvantula can come off as either this or Ugly Cute. Both of them are fluffy yellow spiders with big blue Puppy-Dog Eyes that make you want to pick them up and snuggle them to death (Joltik moreso). Not to mention the large amount of cute Galvantula artwork such as this.
    • Pokémon Scarlet and Violet introduced many very adorable Pokémon. To name just a few:
      • The starters this Generation: Sprigatito the Cute Kitten with the ability to create relaxing therapeutic auras, Fuecoco the happy-go-lucky fire crocodile that loves to eat, and the Water-type duckling Quaxly with its meticulously cared-for pompadour.
      • Fidough, a Fairy-type dachshund puppy made of bread dough with a tiny face. Its evolution Dachsbun, looking like a walking loaf of fresh bread, manages to be every bit as cute.
      • Tandemaus consists of two tiny white mice working together to fight which will eventually become a Maushold, consisting of the same two mice from before but now accompanied by one or two even tinier mice who fight alongside their parents/guardians.
      • Cetoddle, a land-whale with enormous eyes and a round, very huggable appearance which can often be found in large groups that walk up to the player to watch them curiously.
      • Ogerpon, introduced in the Teal Mask DLC campaign, is initially feared by the populace of the Kitakami region, but is ultimately revealed to be a very sweet-natured and fun-loving Pokémon (but nevertheless a force to be reckoned with when the chips are down) and whose face behind her various masks is exceedingly cute. Once the misunderstanding is cleared up, one of the villagers even comments on how adorable she is.
      • Terapagos from The Indigo Disk is also very cute, especially in its initial form. It looks like a tiny blue turtle with a gem for a shell, and it has big eyes with star-shaped pupils. Its first action upon waking up is to yawn adorably and look curiously up at the player character.
  • This is who you play as in Tamarin.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog:
    • Being colorful animals, the main characters are naturally predisposed to cuteness, and many a dedicated fan has even made the likes of the stubborn, cold-faced Blaze the Cat into something adorable.
    • Anyone who's seen the Chao would think they're cute.
  • Super Mario Bros.:
    • Yoshi easily falls under this. Being a small dinosaur with huge but adorable eyes, a big nose, orange boot-like shoes, and sounding cute whenever he "speaks" (saying "Yoshi!", various exclamations such as "Wow!", "Whoa!", "Yay!", "Ha!" and "Wah!", and several unintelligible noises), who's to say he's not cute? Though he does get less cute when you find out how exactly he can whip some ass in the Mario and Super Smash Bros. series.
    • The Toads are very cute with their small proportions and their big heads, giving the impression that they are a race consisting entirely of little kids. This is even lampshaded in The Super Mario Bros. Movie, where they make Puppy-Dog Eyes in one scene.
      Toad: How? Look at us! We're adorable!
    • Ever since his first appearance in Super Mario 64 Dorrie, the adorable blue plesiosaur-like creature who can be found in Hazy Cave Maze constantly swimming in circles and will gladly give Mario a ride across water and lowering his neck to allow Mario to climb onto his head to reach high areas. A signpost near the lake in which he resides states that he might eat visitors who come too close, although he is completely harmless. In the remake, his design has changed from a beady-eyed creature into a design which has strong elements akin to Yoshi, sharing a similar round, friendly face and placement of the eyes and nostrils, with the most noticeable change is wearing a pair of goggles. In Super Mario Odyssey Dorries of different colors can be seen swimming around wearing hats.
    • The Ukiki from Super Mario 64, which is an adorable little monkey you see when scaling Tall, Tall Mountain. Most curious players have picked him up in hopes of carrying him around the level, and then he steals your hat...
    • Super Mario 64 DS introduces some adorable colorful rabbits you chase after in order to gain access to a location due to each of them having a key.
    • The Lumas, introduced in Super Mario Galaxy, are little sparkly star-shaped critters that also sound very cute when speaking. Many of them live under the care of their adoptive mother Rosalina, whom they call "Mama", which does not help matters.
    • Super Mario 3D World introduces Plessie, which can be summed up as "Yoshi's possible distant cousin"; he has the face of Yoshi with the body of a cartoon Loch Ness monster and wears a red bandana. You ride Plessie like a super fast jet ski during some water sections of a level and when you have to leave him behind, he gives you a friendly wave goodbye. You can even tickle him using the Gamepad, causing him to giggle!
    • Princess Peach: Showtime! has Peach's magical companion, Stella who's a small adorably cheery 8-pointed star sprite who's the guardian of the Sparkle Theater. She serves as Peach's guide through the plays she reenacts in her quest to defeat the Wicked Witch Grape with the magical ribbon she conjures for Peach when they first meet serving as the princess' Transformation Trinket.
    • While not directly involved in the mainline Mario games, Diddy Kong tends to give off this vibe thanks to his large eyes, red baseball cap with the Nintendo logo on it, long prehensile tail, and rather adorable voice.
      • Ditto for his girlfriend Dixie Kong, who is just as adorable if not more so. Her little sister Tiny Kong used to qualify for this, but after a redesign looks more mature and less cutesy.
  • The main Monsters you run into in Wario Land: Shake It! are little bandana-waring red balls with feet and mouths known as Bandineros. They don't actually do any damage, they just walk about and bounce off your fat gut, and grabbing them causes them to panic in a way that can cause just a little bit of empathy for them. Also, they come in multiple types - yellow (they jump all about the stage), blue (they inflate and float, making a face that looks suspiciously like that anime "Hey-I'm-cute" face we all know and love (:3, to be exact) all the while), and a lighter blue (they have forks on their head which can actualy harm you, but cause them to get stuck to the cealing or walls when thrown, with struggling included). It seems even the game likes them, as some missions to unlock the music soundtrack require you to get through a stage without killing a single baddie.
  • Cute little Kyu-Kyu of Vanguard Bandits, a platypus who's always hanging around his human Nana.
  • World of Mana:
    • Rabites. As the name suggests, the look a little like rabbits, but rounder and fluffier. They are usually the earliest and weakest enemies in each game, but Trials of Mana features the Black Rabite as the ridiculously powerful Superboss. Evil in its cutest form!
    • Flammie from the same franchise. He's a fluffy, four angel winged dragon with big eyes and ears.
  • World of Warcraft has many "Vanity Pets" (as opposed to Combat Pets used by hunters) that fall into this category, including a panda cub (which ups the ante by falling asleep), dragon whelps and baby murlocs. Okay, not many consider murlocs cute, but the baby version is so much cutie-fied (and does a funny dance) that most people don't care. In Wrath of the Lich King there is a quest where you have to rescue baby murlocs being kept locked up in cages... and when you open them, sometimes they say, "Mama?" or "Dada?" and then they follow you in a little scampering group.
  • The Zork universe has the minx, "an irresistibly cuddly animal which shares all the most ingratiating characteristics of kittens, koala bears, and piglets."
  • The titular Knytt and its mouse-like scurring up walls. It is (and his species) a cross between a kangaroo and a tiny T-Rex.
  • Teddie from Persona 4, it's like this trope page is describing him on purpose. As the name would suggest, he looks like an overly large, animate teddy bear, with short arms and legs and a huge head and eyes. Funny enough, it is kind of describing him on purpose-Teddie looks the way he does because he wanted humans to like him.
  • Minecraft:
    • Baby mobs are just the normal mobs with a smaller body and a head of the same size as the old ones, but they're still very cute.
    • As of the "Pretty Scary" update, bats count as well. They're small brown flying bundles with big ears that make adorable squeaks and hang on walls by their tiny little feet.
  • The Nopon in Xenoblade Chronicles 1. Small? Check. Fluffy? Check. Adorable speech pattern? Check. This cuteness causes a stark contrast from the other more-humanoid sentient beings in the world, and they are fully aware of it. Some Nopon lament that other races tend to not take them seriously, while others use their cuteness to their advantage (resulting in sidequests covering material darker than one'd expect from a token cutesy species, like breaking up a drug-smuggling ring).
    • They're back in the sequel Xenoblade Chronicles X, where they're natives of planet Mira. That's right, the cute little merchant puffballs have evolved and survived on a planet where humans with mini-mecha are experiencing severe survival issues. They achieve this by hiding and traveling smart, though, so they're noncombatants.
    • They show up once again in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Only Bana, the chairman of the Argentum Trade Guild, is designed to be not-so-cute compared to the rest of his species to showcase his slimy nature.
      • 2 also reveals in a sidequest that, centuries prior, Nopon were capable of speaking the common language just as well as any other race. Then, the famous Nopon pirate Captain Nopopon proposed that, since everybody else already perceived Nopon are harmless furballs anyway, they should go the whole hog to get people to underestimate the fuzzy Proud Merchant Race. He promptly fluffed himself up and started talking like an idiot, and the entire species followed suit. What was at first merely a deliberate attempt to play up the ridiculous cuteness inherent to Nopons ultimately became a legitimate part of their culture.
  • Shadowverse:
    • The Cerberus card grants the player two cute puppy like cards, Mimi and Coco.
    • Runecraft has a Penguin Wizard. That's right, a penguin wizard.
    • The Ivory Dragon from the Dragoncraft deck is pretty cute as well.
    • Blood Wolf staggers between this and Savage Wolf.
    • Hamsa card is basically an adorable duck.
    • Owlcat is a bizarre cross between an owl and cat, but its expressions in both its forms make it widely adored.
    • Bladed Hedgehog is a hedgehog that happens to be insanely adorable despite having dozens of sword-like quills sticking out of its back.
  • Spiral Knights has snipes, adorably pudgy birds that fly around using helicopter wings. The mewkats also fit in, being tiny, higher-pitched, non-aggressive versions of the spookats.
  • Omnom from Cut the Rope. Especially with the puppy dog eyes he makes if the player fails a level.
    • In the sequel, the other nommies.
  • Vegemon Farm is filled with adorable vegetable creatures that serve as the player's front lines against monsters and are residents of the player's farm.
  • Taomee's Little Flower Fairy has the pet flower fairies the player get from harvesting selected plants.
  • The titular Kaburin in the mobile game of the same name, which is now defunct. They are creatures wearing an bag or bucket over their heads. In gameplay, the player throws them to attack enemies.
  • The Mimigas from Cave Story can count. Cute little bunny/dog creatures with big ears. What's not to like? When they're given Red Flowers, that's what.
  • Nugs in Dragon Age, a combination of the most pleasant traits of piglets and rabbits. You can acquire one as a pet for Leliana in the first game.
    • Nugs are somewhat of a subversion due to the fact many people find their tiny little hands to be creepy. As well, they're a primary food source for the dwarves.
  • Pikmin, of course, which utilize every last one of the tricks listed up at the top of the page. Many of the monsters would qualify as well.
  • Wiki the bell monkey from Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure can certainly qualify, with his almost unfaltering cheery face and adorable voice.
  • Mary's dream world in Dreaming Mary is exclusively inhabited by cute animal companions. Except for the Otherworld, that is.
  • The eponymous critters from Popcap's Chuzzle are little more than brightly-colored balls of fur with eyes. They also sneeze if you click on one too much, causing them to suddenly shed all their fur (it grows back), and leaving your pointer hovering over one too much makes them angry, causing them to fling your pointer away with an irritated squeak.
  • All of the monkeys that appear in the Super Monkey Ball series are very cute to look at. Especially Baby and MeeMee!
  • The Felynes of Monster Hunter. They're two-foot tall anthropomorphic Siamese cats with the cutest meow ever ("mywah!") and speak in gratuitous catspeak ("purretty" and "beclaws"). They enjoy dancing, and being a Supreme Chef is their racial hat; Monster Hunter 3 (Tri) adds a French Felyne chef who says things like "meown ami", and yes, he has the little hat. Let's not forget Poogie, a little pig you can dress up in different costumes, pet, and carry around. There's no real in-game benefit to do this.
  • Dragon Project gives us Linton, the adorable friendly orange baby dragon as the mascot for both the Kingdom of Heiland and the game.
    • The Mufu family note  too, although they're just as threatening as other behemoths if you're not careful, especially Rabbot. Killer Rabbit indeed...
    • Ange's Head Pet, a white fluffy squirrel thing, is also pretty adorable.
    • The Kraken Story Event introduces the squishy and cuddly Nebbi, as they are so docile that they never attack you. In fact, they even get their own accessory for the Player Character to wear!
  • Freedom Wars: Like Dragon Project above, the game also has its own cute orange mascot in the form of Percy Propa, an adorable teddy bear wearing a large blue Panopticon hat and a civilian's utility belt who helps motivates the Sinners to contribute to their Panopticon for the Greater Good!
  • Falling somewhere between being a Feelie and a Ridiculously Cute Critter gives us these adorable yarn Amiibo figures that accompanied the launch of Yoshi's Woolly World. Based on the already-cute-as-a-literal-button Yoshis from the game, many media outlets have remarked Nintendo has outdone themselves with these little guys.
  • Splatoon:
    • Inklings are pretty adorable in both squid and human form. Their competitive, Totally Radical natures and the upbeat rock-flavored soundtrack offset the cuteness somewhat. The same goes for their octopus counterparts, Octolings, who are more serious and diligent (and their introduction to the series has them trying to kill you), but still know how to have a good time. Helps that they all make the cutest noises when excited. Woomy!
    • In-Universe, Squee-Gs garner this reaction from a few characters, being small, polka-dotted fish robots that clean up ink. They'd probably be cute to the player as well if them cleaning up ink didn't get in the way of you trying to climb that wall over there.
  • All the slimes from Slime Rancher, this is pretty much what the whole game is about. They're almost constantly smiling and make cheerful noises and they look like giant living gumdrops.
  • The entire point of Neko Atsume is to invite adorable cats to play in your yard.
  • While most of the monsters in Undertale are Ugly Cute, several of them fall square into the cute critter territory:
    • Toriel is a motherly goat monster with such an adorable face that some people just want to hug her.
    • Asriel, who was Toriel's son, is ridiculously cute and his tragic backstory only makes him more endearing when you finally meet him. You can even give him a hug.
    • Temmies, which are adorable white cat-dog hybrids with bizarre, misspelling-ridden speech patterns.
  • Yo Kai Watch gives use Jibanyan, Komasan, Komajiro and especially Pinkipoo and Pookivil.
  • The Sackboys and Sackgirls from LittleBigPlanet. They even spend much of their time with their mouths open, possibly with their tongues hanging out like little happy puppies.
  • Insaniquarium has many. The adorable Starcatchers pparticularly stand out with their innocent, big eyes and their Cat Smile.
  • The Iggles from Iggle Pop! are literal fuzzy balls of fluff with wide, innocent eyes.
  • The moles featured in Wii Play: Motion are ungodly cute and round. Too bad you have to whack them with a hammer as they are stealing vegetables from your garden.
  • Almost every character from The Legendary Starfy series qualify. Heck, the hero is a cute yellow starfish with a huge smile which makes the most adorable noises.
  • The various planctons in Electroplankton are designed to be adorable: bright, colourful, simplistic, small and smiling.
  • While the titular octopus monster from Octogeddon isn't anywhere near this trope, its animal buddies do qualify - a smiling pufferfish with big eyes? A bandana-wearing Kung-Fu starfish? The cutest electric eel you have ever seen? Sold!
  • All the squids from Squid Ink qualify, what with having a Cat Smile and many having friendly dispositions to boot.
  • Tales Series:
    • Tales of Symphonia has Corrine, a tiny fox-like Summon Spirit under the ownership of Sheena. He's so cute that the even normally Stoic Presea can't resist getting close with him.
    • Tales of Berseria has Pengyons, which are brightly-colored piscine penguins native to the tropics. They're actually farmed as a staple food source in Southgand, which means the party have a good deal of fun ribbing Token Good Teammate Eleanor for doing something as barbaric as eating such a cute creature (and finding them delicious, apparently).
    • Tales of the Abyss has the cheagles. The mere sight of them sends Tear into a stupor over the sheer cute of them; she's not alone as all the girls enjoy the Team Pet Mieu just for cuteness value. Luke isn't too fond of them however and finds Mieu irritating; even after he Took a Level in Kindness he still calls him annoying to his face.
    • Tales of Arise has owls, which are round, fluffy, and happen to make all sorts of cute noises. One of them, Hootle, who's also Fun Size due to being a chick, also acts as the party's Team Pet.
  • Phantasy Star series has the Rappy (at first called "Chirper"), a chubby yellow bird that slowly but surely evolved to become the adorable mascot we now know of.
  • BoxxyQuest: The Gathering Storm:
    • In Chapter 6, the Hype Train is staffed entirely by chibi-esque talking frogs and kittens. They speak childishly, and seem to be largely oblivious of the murder mystery that's unfolding on their train.
    • Later in the same chapter, we meet the Turnip Tribe, who are utterly adorable with their derpy little eyes and smiles. The baby turnip/crab hybrid manages to be super cute despite being only a few pixels tall. Sadly, things don't end too well for them.
  • An orange, crazy, genetically modified marsupial doesn't exactly sound like this trope, but Crash Bandicoot is very much this and Ugly Cute at the same time, especially when he dances. His Moe younger sister Coco even more so.
  • Reachin' Pichin stars Pichin, an adorable bird-flan-peach creature. His evolved forms are equally cute.
  • Roco Kingdom follows greatly in the steps of Pokémon in multiple ways, including having a cute electric mouse mon named Dimo to serve as main character Roco's partner, similar to Pikachu.
  • Pillars of Eternity: Itumaak, Sagani's Animal Companion is an utterly adorable, bright white arctic fox. Edér is very upset that Itumaak bites him whenever he tries to pet Itumaak.
    If I'm not meant to pet him, then WHY IS HE SO SOFT?!
  • The Tims in Balan Wonderworld are fluffy animalistic squeaky blobs that follow the player and can sometimes assist in levels.
  • A few of the potential species portraits in Stellaris fit into this mold. Of particular note are Reptilian portrait #16, which are guranteed to be the appearance of the aggressive Absolute Xenophobe Prikkiki-Ti.
  • The protagonist of Tunic is an adorable little orange fox in a green adventurer's tunic.
  • The entire monster design philosophy of Patch Quest is to make bright, cute, cartoony creatures.
  • My Friendly Neighborhood has the mice puppets; being small, round, hopping in place and making little adorable squeaks.

    Visual Novels 
  • Rewrite has Kotori's "dog" Chibi-Moth, who is actually a baby miniature mammoth. Since it has its tusk and trunk hidden, it ends up looking like a strange little adorable furball. Kotori insist that its a dog though, but she has good reasons to do so, despite giving him a name that basically means "little mammoth."
  • Starship Promise gives us Comet, the adorable green space mouse that serves as Team Pet to the crew of the Promise.

    Web Animation 
  • Lizzie is a little black lizard with big expressive eyes.

  • In a long defunct webcomic, Acid Reflux, we saw critters similar to those that now grace the image at the top of the page: Melting Pandas. They are almost Exactly What It Says on the Tin, although it's uncertain whether they truly are melting, or just completely boneless. Plus, oxygen is a powerful narcotic to them. Apparently, they only existed to be adorable. The only ones that were still alive were ones that had been put in stasis at an old museum. Upon hearing about the two main qualities of these creatures, one character commented that maybe there's a reason that they were extinct.
  • Cassiopeia Quinn:
    • The Vanaa are a species of adorable jelly blob creatures. However, their cute appearance can be deceiving due to their military prowess.
    • The Doggo are a species of miniscule puppy-like aliens allied with the Prime Galactic Navy. After Vrax saves them from becoming the slaves of Dr. Botz, they repay her with an "almost life-size" statue - which only really comes up to her knee.
  • Charby the Vampirate has the vaeltwii, winged large-eyed gerbil-like traders that often to wear hats and scarves and whom shopkeepers cater to as they'll get a place more business if they like the shop.
  • Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures:
  • Dr. Yahwah from Denma the Quanx Its puppy shape is cute. But it does brutal things in Silverquick HQ. In fact the puppy shape is its avatar.
  • In El Goonish Shive, the game Susan plays contains a dog that is designed to be cute and innocent looking such that to Kick the Dog would be an unambigously evil act (and thus affect the Character Model Karma Meter).
  • Fluffy in Hazard's Wake, whose cast page entry even states, "Does Fluffy have a point other than being the cute mascot-ish character?"
  • Many characters of Hi to Tsuki to Hoshi no Tama, including The Hero, are pagets, which are like fuzzy Shoulder-Sized Dragons.
  • Homestuck's Tinkerbull is a tiny little bull with wings. Its species is known to swarm hapless adventurers in order to cuddle them.
  • Lackadaisy of all things has this in a character from the side comics: Mordecai's little sister Rose, a little kitten with massive eyes, chubby cheeks and a stubby little tail whose introductory comic is her making cute faces and giggling at Mordecai's Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness when he's critiquing her drawing. Since the cats are human analogues, she's roughly 3-5 years old when she's shown since she's only appeared in flashbacks so far.
  • Manly Guys Doing Manly Things has Jet's Raptor Squad, which consists of combat raptors. Said combat raptors are turkey-sized, plumaged in warm pastel colours, afraid of fireworks and docile enough to be cuddled. As it turns out, that's deliberate: the genes that made them fat and adorable are also the ones that make them docile and friendly. A more typical looking velociraptor-sleek, lean, built for speed-is also too skittish and was basically unsuitable for training.
  • Monster Food from A Moment of Peace are classically adorable. Big eyes and little else.
  • Monsters Can Be Heroes Too The main protagonist is Coal the Kobold, an adorable big-eyed lizard girl with an adorably innocent personality.
  • Sheldon The Tiny Dinosaur stars a Fun Size dinosaur who wears an acorn cap as a pretend turtle shell. His best friend an equally diminutive baby seahorse, and he has a plushie that is really a fluffy cotton ball with eyes. #cute is one of the comics' staple descriptors, for good reasons.
  • Unless you've read Skin Horse, you won't believe that silverfish, centipedes, and cobras can be utterly adorable. But they are. Especially the cobras.
  • In Webcomic/Sluggyfreelance there are at least two subversions. Regular character Bun Bun looks like a cute little rabbit, but is arguably the deadliest character in the comic. The Evil are cute little kittens bred by Satan who can shred a person in seconds.
  • Choo-Choo Bear from Something*Positive: a hairless, boneless, shapeshifting cat.
  • The Jinxlets from Starslip are a rare, fur-free species. They compensate for lack of fur with overwhelmingly cute behavior.
  • Doppler, from tinyraygun, a baby alien with long Expressive Ears and adorable big green eyes.
  • Uni from Unicorn Jelly is a cute jelly monster.
  • Unsounded: "Squeals" are large amalgamations of happy memories which look like a smiley glowing yellow and teal seal or otter mixed with the happy fish-squid creatures formed by smaller groupings of happy ghostly memories and are reminiscent of sea hares, if they had more mammalian cute features.
  • User Friendly has Dust Puppy, an innocent, adorable ball of fluff with feet and big eyes.
  • During a hyperspace mishap in Vexxarr, the crew finds Twee space, an alternate dimension where everything gets turned into one of these. Vexxarr manages to weaponize this against boarders, with the help of one exception in this universe: The normally pretty cute Sid.
  • The unofficial mascot of Woo Hoo is the "slotter"— sloth-otter.
  • In Yokoka's Quest, Raya is a cute furry Cheerful Child who especially fits this label to a tee. She cutely pleads with Puppy-Dog Eyes and Blush Stickers to Kagi and Yfa to let her go and look for a mushroom with Yfa. Grace reacts to Raya's cuteness when seeing her for the first time with her own Puppy-Dog Eyes.

    Web Original 
  • Along the same lines as Neopets are the Webkinz. Thus far, Gantz has managed to make every species imaginable into a Squee-worthy plushie covered in their trademark stringy fur (even, oddly, animals that tend to lack fur such as frogs). The things are designed to make kids scream, "OMG!!! WANT!!!" after all, and there's a reason they were so extremely popular during the mid-to-late 2000's.
  • Protectors of the Plot Continuum:
    • CAFs — Cute Animal Friends — are the results of an author attempting cute and instead getting diabetes-inducing twee. Particularly bad examples end up as little more than big eyes, fur, and cute cooing sounds, like oversized tribbles. Some can be trained or educated into becoming productive members of the multiverse, but a particular Sidekick Creature Nuisance may be better off simply fed to the nearest mini.
    • Minis can fall under this as well, from Ugly Cute in the case of the mini-Balrog or Camoudile, all the way to mini-Hounds of the Baskervilles.
  • The pet cow you can buy in Progress: The Game. It may not do anything other than sit there and look adorable, but it does it so well that it's worth the price.
  • SCP Foundation:
    • The Puffer kittens (SCP-2558-J) are this, because of their cuteness and effect it has on the staff the actually have Euclid classification.
    • The "Eye Pods"
  • YouTuber and former Capcom sound designer Hideaki Utsumi (currently a teacher at HAL vo-tech school in Osaka) showcases a menagerie of pet birds on his channel, of which the Breakout Character is an adorable chattering lory named Gumi, better known to the Internet as the Red Birb. His unusually keen sense of comedic timing as well as his signature "WUEWUEWUEWUE!" laugh quickly turned him into an internet meme and even landed Gumi a cameo in a Japanese Fanta commercial.
  • Looming Gaia: Poffles are deliberately designed as more cutesy than other creatures in Looming Gaia. They are monsters made by Miliko, the Divine of Vanity, and resemble small round two-legged dogs. They're cute and harmless, but also very stupid, loud, and impossible to train. Some people love them and keep them as pets, while others, including Miliko himself, hate them.

    Web Videos 
  • YouTuber Zamsire makes animations of Ridiculously Cute Critters known as Eggdogs. They're basically walking eggs with Pomeranian faces.
  • The animatronics of the Five Nights at Freddy's Musical are not malicious like their game counterparts are, and in fact, they only want to say hi and be friends, and in that regard, they are adorable. Unfortunately, poor Markiplier is scared out of his mind of them, thinking them to be out to kill him.
  • Karameru's animations feature adorable blob-like cats, penguins and axolotls doing bizarre, humorous things, such as in this short. Even though occasionally their strange antics cross into Cute and Psycho territory due to how destructive they can get, the Surreal Humor of the videos keep them from losing their cuteness.

    Western Animation 
  • Reginald the koala from American Dad!. In his first appearance, he even had a theme song and a montage dedicated to his cuteness. The fact that he's a secret agent who works for the CIA probably makes him even more adorable.
  • Amphibia: The Screen Fiend (page image) is a cat-fox-red panda hybrid that squeaks and sneezes. It appears in an online video Anne and her friends watched, then uses its cuteness to lure people into watching the videos endlessly and literally getting sucked into their phone.
  • The Warner siblings from Animaniacs, Dot even has her own song about it.
  • Arcane:
    • Heimerdinger's pet poro. Imagine a furry sphere slightly smaller than a basketball with tiny eyes, ram's horns, stubby legs, and a fur mustache. It appears to be blind in its left eye, and also makes high-pitched squeaks and barks like a lap dog.
    • Rio, the giant white pink salamander is an unconventional example but it's large eyes make it darn cute. No wonder why young Viktor quickly offers to help save its life.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender:
  • Bilby: The albatross chick is a small ball of white fluff with huge Puppy-Dog Eyes, tiny feet, wings and beak.
  • A few characters from Camp Lazlo, examples include Clam, Patsy, Nina and others.
  • CatDog looked extremely cute during their childhood, as seen here.
  • ChalkZone has Snap, Rudy's little chalk drawing. His huge eyes, sweet nature, daredevil personality, and Fingerless Hands make him this.
  • Walter Lantz's Chilly Willy, a tiny penguin who's always cold, hungry, and determined to get what he wants.
  • The characters in The Crumpets, which can be a hybrid of humans and some kind of mammal such as otters. The word "human" is even mentioned in one or more episodes.
  • The lovable ghost pup in Danny Phantom. It's friendly and adorable in small mode, but can turn big and aggressive if it needs to. "Yikes" is a far more appropriate word for that one.
  • Doc McStuffins has Squibbles, who is basically a ball of fuzz that looks a lot the voorpaks from Star Wars, but much more colorful.
  • The Dragon Prince has Adoraburrs, small, colorful, fuzzballs that live inside flowers. And they're stackable!
  • Drawn Together: Ling Ling is a subverted example in that while he is an adorable parody of Pikachu, he is a sociopathic killing machine (this is his in-show description).
  • The hero species, the Noops and Wuts in The Dreamstone. And then there's also the "ferocious" Wottles.
  • The Fairly OddParents!: Parodied with the Gigglepies, big-eyed, Carebear-esque creatures who speak entirely in rhyme. It's eventually revealed that they are actually alien conquerors who enslave worlds with their hypnotic cuteness.
  • Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends: Several of the housemates come off as this, such as the one-time character Crackers, recurring background character Fluffer Nutter, the friend Wilt helps in Good Wilt Hunting, etc... Berry is a subversion, World from Destination: Imagination has shades of it, certain characters like Eduardo come off as this, but more of a Gentle Giant-type. Even Bloo, for as much as a Attention Whore he is, has shades of this. As Madame Foster pointed out in the pilot episode, Bloo's design is unique yet simple and is absolutely adorable. This makes him one of the most wanted imaginary friends at Foster's, and it's been shown that Bloo is at risk of being immediately adopted if Mac is even slightly late with his daily visits.
  • Futurama:
    • Nibbler probably qualifies — he's pretty weird looking, but he's small and squeaky enough to make the tough, no-nonsense captain Leela go to pieces and adopt him as a beloved pet. He later gets a little red cape and diaper. It turns out that his entire species is sapient, and uses their cuteness as a ploy to infiltrate places where the local species is bigger and uglier as part of a giant conspiracy.
    • In the episode "The Problem with Popplers", the Popplers themselves, as they are actually the young of the sentient, not to mention angry Omicronians.
    • The horror that is the Lovey Bears in "Love and Rocket". Supposedly just stuffed toys made by Romanticorp, the owners reveal that rather than manufacturing them, it's actually cheaper to genetically engineer real teddy bears, which are raised in the Lovey Forest until their first birthday. Then scientists find the cutest, kill them, and stuff them full of fire-retardant "love fluff". Even Bender looks appalled by this.
  • Gravity Falls has Waddles, Mabel's beloved pet pig.
  • Happy Tree Friends uses this trope to hide the true premise of the show that revolves around Cruel and Unusual Deaths.
  • Jang Keng and Tekirai from Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi, two adorable kittens who happen to share the same voice actresses as their owners.
  • Hilda: Twig the deerfox is a Loyal Animal Companion for the title character, and is not only useful to have around, but downright adorable.
  • Chuck Jones had a penchant for ridiculously cute critters that brought out protective impulses in unlikely characters — like the kitten to bulldog Marc Anthony, or the penguin to Bugs Bunny. Early in his career he did shorts which starred ridiculously cute critters, such as Sniffles the Mouse among others. It wasn't until hanging around with the likes of Tex Avery that he began to use more humor.
  • Guano from Kappa Mikey. Of course, it's obvious since he's a parody of Pikachu.
  • Let's Go Luna!: Carmen's pet hamster Honey. She's just this little yellow ball of fur with shiny eyes and buckteeth and the sweetest possible voice.
  • Molly of Denali: In "Bye Bye Birdie," Molly and Trini can't help but Squee over the pufflings (baby puffins). They're adorable indeed.
  • The main character from the upcoming animated short "Moom" by Tonko House who has long ears. The trailer speaks for itself.
  • My Gym Partner's a Monkey: Ding-Bang Panda from the episode "Bear of Bad News" is an absolutely adorable panda cub. However, this turns out to just be a disguise for banned Charles Darwin Elementary student Larry Raccoon, who in all fairness, is kinda cute as well.
  • Thanks to good art design in an unapolagetic Fantasy Kitchen Sink-slash-Sugar Bowl, it's hard to find characters in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic that aren't exceptionally cute. Special mention goes to Fluttershy, whose sheer adorability is enough to make anyone smile.
    • "Rainbow Roadtrip" manages to invoke this trope with a spider, of all creatures.
  • The Owl House:
    • King is already pretty cute on his own, but his infant self we meet in "Echoes of the Past" is even more adorable, scampering around like a puppy and making pretend kingdoms out of toys and rocks.
    • Palismen. They are Bond Creatures carved from Palistrom wood, who come to life after a witch speaks their deepest wish, subsequently bonding with that witch for life, and all of them take the form of small, adorable animals. Special mention goes to Owlbert, Flapjack, and Stringbean, who take the forms of a small, round owl, an equally small and round cardinal, and a snake-shifter with a permanent smile and cat-ears respectively.
  • Baby Butter from PB&J Otter, who has the appearance of a cute teddy bear. Even more when she's dressed like a sugarplum
  • A plot point in Penguins of Madagascar; Dave becomes evil because penguins in general are so cute they keep stealing his attention everywhere he goes. Near the end of the movie, Private uses his cuteness to save the day, and in the stinger Mort uses his to change Private. For examples that aren't in-universe, there's the four younger, smaller versions of the main penguins in the beginning, especially Private, who's newly hatched and pretty much just a ball of white and grey feathers.
    • The Penguins of Madagascar has Mort the mouse lemur and Eggy the duckling. Private probably qualifies as well - he's made even King Julien go "Awwwww". Private manages to attain a level weaponizable cuteness in one episode. Naturally, Skipper takes advantage.
  • Peter's sister Cottontail on the CGI animated Peter Rabbit easily ticks most of the boxes. Big head with big eyes and big ears? Check. Otherwise overall small size? Check. Soft and huggable looking? She's a young little bunny! Add in cute little yellow ear bows and you've got the complete package.
  • In Rainbow Rangers Anna Banana's gadget is Super Stuffie Wuffie, a toy that's so cute anyone who hugs it can only sit and cuddle things.
  • Sunspot from Ready Jet Go! definitely qualifies. He's a hybrid of a kangaroo, bunny, and raccoon with the personality of a dog or a cat, and has a stuffed animal-like quality to him.
  • Rocko the wallaby from Rocko's Modern Life, as he has a cute and friendly personality to match.
  • Once The Simpsons were at a petting zoo and saw a cute little lamb with big eyes. They all let out an "Aw!", then saw an even littler lamb with even bigger eyes. They let out a bigger "AWWW!!", then saw the littlest lamb with the biggest eyes, and let out the biggest "AWWWW!!!" of all. Then the first lamb walked in front of the third one, and Homer shoved it out of the way. Video clip here.
  • All the slugs in Slugterra. In their proto-form, they're adorable little cartoon slugs with big eyes and bright colors. When shot into attack mode, they become much more intimidating. And ghouls are just creepy with Red Eyes, Take Warning and Scary Teeth.
  • Spartakus and the Sun Beneath the Sea has Triggies, tiny robots with smiling faces produced by Tehrig for maintenance purposes. Children in Arkadia love to play with them.
  • While no one is certain what he is (not even himself), Peri from Spliced, with his big eyes, huge grin, and buck teeth, seems to be a favorite among female fans.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: Gary is such a sweet little snail, and tends to be the Only Sane Man around his owner's antics.
  • Given their cat like mannerisms the Loth Cats in Star Wars Rebels most people in the show find them cute. Minus the two stormtroops who got their helmets mauled for shooting at them.
  • The Pixies from Winx Club are tiny, adorable chibish all-female humanoids.
    • There's also Bloom's pet blue rabbit Kiko, and the fairy pets.
    • The Undines and Selkies also fit this trope.
  • The baby animals in Word Party. They're designed so cute that the entire show can be declared this.

    Real Life 
You may notice that most of the creatures above are based off of real biological animals. This is not a mistake. Notable examples on planet Earthnote  include:
  • Marmosets are among the most adorable of monkeys, being small and having pug-like faces.
  • Baby emperor penguins compensate for size with fluffiness.
  • Aardwolves.The smallest species of hyena that feed primarily on termites, ants, and other insects. Other species of hyena instead fall under Ugly Cute or Creepy Cute when they don't fall under Heinous Hyenanote , as despite being vicious predators, and stereotyped as the Unpleasant Animal Counterpart to lions, they are actually very intelligent and social animals.
  • Babies, period. Given that babies of nearly all vertebrates, from mammals and birds to even snakes and sharks share a number of similar features compared to adults, like oversized heads and eyes, scientists speculated that we're as a species genetically hardwired to find such features cute.
  • The "sand cat" of Afghanistan is easily the least intimidating of the wild cats. Their heads and ears are larger by comparison to their bodies than those of house-cats, and their faces are wider, but their bodies are smaller. Even the adults look like kittens! Oh... and they are vicious hunters who eat venomous snakes.
  • The black-footed cat is the smallest wild cat in Africa, and the adult is as small as, or even smaller than, an average house-kitten. The black-footed cat kitten hits a cuteness level that shouldn't even be possible.
  • The ocelot, a species of South American wild cat, looks exactly like a scaled-up housecat with a leopard fur.
  • Sloths look like a cross between small bears, monkeys, and piglets and constantly have a smile on their faces. They are also known to make adorable squeaking sounds.
  • Baby crocodilians, in contrast to the more fearsome adults, count as this. While sharing many of the "cute" characteristics with other animals (bright, cartoony eyes, and a tiny snout that would make them look not out of place in Bambi), they can even chirp like baby birds!
  • Baby dinosaurs. Many fossils of young dinosaurs have been found and they're thought to be as cute as buttons when they were alive. In fact, its been theorized that baby tyrannosaurs were covered in down.
  • Owls are very cute looking for birds-of-prey due to their big heads, large eyes facing forwards, and relatively small beaks. Saw-whet owls in particular have been known to make hardened ornithologists explode into rainbow confetti and little pink hearts.
  • Kookaburras, despite their sonic infamy, are short, stout little fellas even as adults. But the babies are the closest nature has come to making a real life Pokémon.
  • Chinchillas. Take a mouse with bunny legs, but make it fluffy. No, fluffier. Keep going. Little more. If you're picturing basically a poofy gray cloud with big ears and eyes, little paw hands in front with big feet in back, and the softest fur you can possibly imagine, you've got the general gist.
  • Mouse deer! (Also known as chevrotains.) They are tiny, tiny deerlike hooved critters on spindly legs, with bitty little tusks in their mouths that read as Cute Little Fangs. What can be cuter?
  • The hyrax is a round, furry critter with stubby legs and big eyes that looks like a guinea pig despite being more closely related to elephants.
  • Harp seals, especially the pups. Too bad they get clubbed to death for their fur.
  • Corgis are dogs with stubby legs, satellites for ears, and heart butts. There are countless internet videos of their adorable antics.
  • The Ila Pika is not only one of the most elusive animals out there note  but possibly also one of the most ridiculously adorable. Just picture a fluffy little rabbit with a teddy bear's face. So sweet, you'll have to get an insulin shot.
  • Quokkas. Always smiling, always having fun, always curious. No picture of a Quokka doesn't look cute.
  • Samoyeds. Huskies but fluffier and all-white. Not so much a cute dog but more a borking cloud of adorable.
  • The desert rain frog. Not only does it look cute, it makes a sound that can best be described as "a squeaky kitten."
  • Chickadees. They're considered adorable, even relative to other small, cute songbirds.
  • Hummingbirds are very cute, with their small size, hyperactive behavior, iridescent bright colors and drinking nectar from flowers. They're the closest thing to real life fairies.
  • Small, bipedal ornithopod dinosaurs like Hypsilophodon and Dryosaurus are often restored this way due to their large eyes and small beaky snouts. Some speculate they may even had plumage.
  • The tiny, muppet-like pterosaurs known as Anurognathids were also really cute. Take a look! Considering they were essentially the pterosaur equivalent of bats, with big heads and big eyes, this isn't surprising.
  • Pygmy Falcons, since they're smaller than pigeons and even the fluffy adults could pass for baby falcons.
  • The humble guinea pig. When not being used as a laboratory rodent, it's a precious pet, an adorably cute tailless ball of fluff that rarely bites and makes soft, pleasing noises. Sounds a lot like a tribble.
  • Manatees. Much like Walruses, but they live in warm water and exude Big Fun cuteness.
  • Rabbits. Those ears... It also helps that they are incredibly soft.
    • Viscacha, are technically closer related to chinchillas, which as ridiculously cute on their own merits, but look like rabbits with long bushy tails.
  • Long-tailed tits are small, plump birds that look like little fluffballs with tails. The Japanese long-tailed tits (shima enaga), which are native to Hokkaido is an especially adorable version because of their unspeckled face.
  • The slow loris is tragically a case of this going horribly wrong; the appearance of this critter has made a demand for them as exotic pets, which is threatening the conservation of this already endangered species, and because they are one of the few venomous mammals they will have to have their teeth ripped out to be suitable pets. The majority will also shortly die in transit and in captivity from poor care.
  • Ducks, and especially ducklings, which are so tiny and fluffy that one often feels the urge to put them in their pocket.
  • Bumblebees. Fuzzy, fat, so gentle they don't mind being poked, and only want to pollinate flowers.
  • The Dik-Dik is one of the smallest species of antelope and has distint eyelashes around big bright eyes, dainty little boundy legs, a mohawk and a twitchy snouth that inflates slightly when they make their whistly calls. And the males have tiny little horns and don't even really fight over territory, just feinting at each other until one runs away.
  • The royal antelope is the smallest antelope, period. Everything about it is tiny and delicate aside from its huge doe eyes; it looks almost like a mouse on mini-antelope legs, or a deer from a Moe series.
  • Wallabies, pretty much a smaller, chubbier version of a kangaroo.
    • A remarkably large part of the marsupial order Diprotodondia is made up of what look like ambulatory plush toys. Along with wallabies, the order includes the aforementioned quokka, the koala (basically a living teddy bear), the wombat (which resembles a ground-dwelling koala), and Australian species of possums (many of whom are rather friendlier-looking than their North American namesakes).
  • Pythons, especially ball pythons, are known to be one of the cute snakes due to having round eyes, chubby coils, a Cat Smile, and the tendency to curl up.
    • Another one of the rare snake species that gets attention as cute is the hognose snake, which has big eyes, a short upturned nose (hence the name) and some fun-to-watch behaviors like rattling their tails and puffing out their necks to scare predators away, or just playing dead if that doesn't work.
  • Tarsiers, tiny inches-tall tree-dwelling primates with HUGE eyes. Though they can verge into Creepy Cute as their eyes resemble Wide Eyes and Shrunken Irises and can't move in their sockets, making them look perpetually shocked.
  • The galago or bush baby is another big-eyed, big-eared, pointy-nosed not-quite-a-monkey, made doubly endearing by its curious behavior and little human hands.
  • The Grass Mud Horse. On a meta-level, it even qualifies as Badass Adorable, since it has been picked up as a meme, figuratively fighting Internet censorship in China.
  • Rosy-faced lovebirds. Miniature parrots with big eyes, a permanent smile and Luminescent Blush. Even their name is adorable!
  • The Shiba Inu, the breed of dog that inspired the Doge meme.
  • Alaskan Malamute puppies. They look like toasted marshmallows on legs. And are FLOOOOOOOOFY!
  • For a shark, at least, the thresher shark has a startlingly Moe face, with large staring eyes, a small mouth angled into a nervous frown and teeth almost too tiny to be seen, making it look not only harmless but worried or embarrassed. This is the shark in the "shy shark" meme.
  • Provided they aren't showing you their teeth, bears are adorable despite, or possible even because of their size. There is a reason teddy bears are based on them.
  • Many species of moths (e.g. silk moths, maple moths) literally look like felted toys of themselves, and some come in cartoonishly bright colors. Even the cutesiest versions of Mothra aren't an exaggeration.
  • You wouldn't think a slug of all creatures could possibly qualify as this, would you? Say hello to Costasiella kuroshimae, aka the Leaf Sheep Sea Slug. Its head looks like a cartoon of a sheep or a cow, and the rest of its body resembles some sort of leafy bush. Cool fact: it absorbs chloroplasts from the algae it eats and incorporates them into its body, making it one of the few animals in the world capable of photosynthesis.
  • Shih Tzu's just try looking into their eyes and not have your heart melt.
  • Skunks. They're like a cross between a cat and a ferret, and they have the fluffiest tails! Even their warning system for you know what is like a cute little dance. And it's truly endearing when you encounter a family of them on the move. No wonder some people keep them as pets.
  • Viverrids are pretty cute across the board, but special mention goes to the genets, who could aptly be described as a combination between a tabby cat and a ferret, with the playful personality to match.
    • The same goes for their Madagascar relatives, the euplerids. Perhaps the most notable example is the fanaloka, who resembles an adorable fox with the eye-catching body patterns of a civet. Even the fossa, despite often being seen as a vicious lemur-killer, is also very cute.
  • The kinkajou, also known as the honey bear, is a frugivorous, arboreal cousin of the raccoon that’s native to the jungles of Central and South America. Imagine combining Winnie the Pooh with a New World monkey, and you've got the kinkajou.
  • Tree-kangaroos, also known locally as boongarries might just be the cutest of all marsupials. They're like regular kangaroos, but smaller, fluffier, with brighter colorations, and they live arboreal lives akin to monkeys, as they evolved to fill a similar ecological niche in the jungles of New Guinea and Northern Australia.
  • Hedgehogs. Small, chubby, with a pointy snout and beady little eyes, and they curl up into little balls when they’re scared! Aww!
  • Brazilian tree porcupines are a classical example of how Mother Nature attempts to create something which is supposed to be scary and dangerous to wild animals only to melt the heart of humans. Picture a spiny critter with huge eyes, a pig-like nose, a prehensile tail and tiny clawed forepaws. Cute, isn't it? Add the ability to coo like a (human) baby and mimic human sounds and what you get is one of the cutest animals from South America. Unsurprisingly, Animals Wonders' numbers of subscribers skyrocketed after introducing the viewers to Kemosabe, a banana-loving male specimen.
  • The Flapjack Octopus. They're small, have fins on their heads that resemble ears, and, of course, are so cute that one of their names is literally Adorabilis.


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