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Animal Facial Hair

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What a manly—er...dogly—mustache.

This is when an animal, often an anthropomorphic animal, has facial hair, whether in the form of a mustache or beard. Sometimes, the facial hair is in the form of whiskers slicked into a moustache. Sometimes, the facial hair, moustache or goatee is a marking, smudge, or localized area of individual hairs that look like a moustache or goatee.

Fictional examples can apply to pretty much any animal as long as it's not a natural feature of their species; or in the case of dogs, a default characteristic of the breed.

Often used as a form of masculine Tertiary Sexual Characteristics. Compare Furry Baldness, Furry Female Mane, Weird Beard, and Nonmammalian Hair. See also Clothing Appendage.


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  • From Otter Pops, Sir Isaac Lime, Louie-Bloo Raspberry, and retired character Rip Van Lemon all have facial hair. The former two have a mustache, while the latter has a beard. The other male otters have standard animal whiskers, something the girls lack. Poncho Punch was briefly given a mustache and goatee in 2003, though later switched back to having whiskers.

    Anime & Manga 

    Asian Animation 


    Films — Animated 
  • Alice in Wonderland: Justified, but also Exaggerated, with the Walrus' yellow moustache, which is longer than that of a real walrus.
  • Ratty from The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad has a mustache and Angus MacBadger has a white beard.
  • In An American Tail Papa Mousekewitz has a beard, and several background characters have beards or mustaches.
  • In Gay Purr-ee, Big Bad Meowrice has his whiskers slicked into a mustache.
  • The Great Mouse Detective: Dr. Dawson and Hiram Flaversham both have mustaches.
  • In The Lion King (1994), the part of lions' manes under their chin looks beardlike; Scar in particular has a leonine Beard of Evil.
  • Kung Fu Panda: Master Shifu the red panda has a bushy white mustache.
  • Open Season: Roger, the skinny cat in the two sequels, looks like he has an off-center variant of a toothbrush moustache.
  • The Rescuers: Rufus the cat has a mustache, as do some of the mice in the Rescue Aid Society.
  • The Secret of NIMH: Mr. Ages has both eyebrows and a mustache, while Nicodemus and the Great Owl have especially long ones. Jenner has Big Ol' Eyebrows and an evil goatee.
  • Shrek 2:
    • Harold keeps his goatee even when he turns into a frog.
    • Puss in Boots and Donkey have goatees, and Puss has his whiskers slicked into a moustache.
  • Merlin in The Sword in the Stone usually keeps his facial hair when morphing into various animals (justified in walrus and goat form, not so much in squirrel, rabbit, mouse, crab or caterpillar forms...)

    Films — Live-Action 

  • In the Chanur Novels the lion-like Hani have beards and moustaches, along with manes. Both genders.
  • Redwall: Older mice in the animated adaptations have beards made of whiskers. Younger mice look more "clean-shaven", and a few officer hares have mustaches.

    Puppet Shows 

  • Wicked has Professor Dillamond, a goat-man professor with a goatee.

    Theme Parks 

    Video Games 
  • Angry Birds: One of the pigs has a brushlike orange moustache.
  • Plenty of older Little Tail Bronx characters have had this since the start; Russell Ryebread, Bruno Dondurma and Colonel Pretzel are only some examples of this, with all heaving a mustache and beard of some kind despite being anthropomorphic dogs. A bonus goes out to Fuga's Shvein Hax, who manages to have chest hair on top of his fur. Must be all that testosterone.
  • From the Skylanders series:
  • Star Fox:
    • Peppy starts sporting a mustache in later games.
    • Fox himself grows a goatee after becoming a father in one of the (non-canonical) Star Fox Command endings.
  • Touhou Project: Genjii from the PC-98 games had a beard. Note that Genjii was a non-anthropomorphic turtle.
  • In World of Warcraft the little boy Pandaren will sometimes say when clicked on that he's growing a beard. Pandaren are, of course, anthropomorphic pandas and some do indeed have beards, putting them into this trope.

  • Angel Down: Bernard, Samuel, and Ward have all sported a bit of extra chin fluff to indicate beards.
  • Lackadaisy: Many of the male characters have patterns in their fur that look like facial hair (Victor's snout/face is brighter and looks like a goatee + mustache, for instance.)
  • Twokinds: Many of the Keidran and Bastitins (particularly the older males) have various kinds of facial hair. Keith also eventually grows a small goatee.

    Web Original 

    Western Animation 
  • The Annoying Orange: In a vegetable example, Professor Plum has a moustache and a beard.
  • Arcane: Heimerdinger's pet Poro has the exact same white mustache he does.
  • Blitz Wolf: Adolf Wolf has a black ribbon-shaped moustache that is similar to Adolf Hitler's infamous toothbrush moustache.
  • Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers: Monterey Jack had a very thick moustache as well as whiskers. It would twirl itself when he smells cheese.
  • In Dog City, Mayor Kickbark and Rusty MacCracken in the animated sections have moustaches, as does McCracken's puppet inspiration Mr MacTaggart.
  • Littlest Pet Shop (2012): Some pets have this, including Digby ("Trading Places") and Sam U.L. ("Terriers and Tiaras"), who have mustaches/beards. They are portrayed as somewhat masculine (Zoe has an unspoken crush on Digby, while Sam U.L. is a hard training Bruxellois).
  • Looney Tunes:
  • In MAD:
    • One skit parodying Duck Dynasty, "McDuck Dynasty", features Scrooge, Donald, Huey, Dewey, and Louie. Donald and Scrooge have beards made of feathers.
    • In another skit, there is a light grey dog dressed up as his owner Rick who has a slightly lighter grey moustache of this type.
  • In My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, beards and mustaches show up sometimes on stallions and vary between being the same colour(s) as their mane and tail or being a generic black.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM): Uncle Chuck sports a large, bushy mustache.
  • Wakko's Wish: The Warner’s father, King William the Good has a moustache that looks like catfish whiskers, but more curved.
  • SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron: Commander Feral has what appear to be waxed whiskers styled like a mustache, Professor Hackle has the "muzzle beard" kind, wrapping around to encompass his jawline and cheek fur, and is colored white like his hair (his actual fur is kind of grayish tan) and several other characters either have face fur suggestive of a beard or mustache (and, in Tiger Conklin's case, stripes), or actual, separate beards and mustaches.

    Real Life 
  • The bearded vulture or lammergeier has facial feathers that look like a beard.
  • The mustache of the walrus makes it quite easy to anthropomorphize this animal, so much so that a mustache style is named after them.
  • Goats are so well-known for their beards they even named a kind of beard after them.
  • Some tabby cats and white spotted cats appear to have moustaches.
  • The schnauzer (a breed of terrier) is named after a German term for mustache, because it looks like it's wearing one. For that matter, many other terrier breeds have a similar appearance.
  • Many dogs have a dark skin pigment marking on their upper lip right under their nose that can look like a toothbrush moustache due to said dark upper pigment showing under the light, lighter, or white fur.
  • The patas monkey has a white, twirly mustache. This and its red fur, resembling a Hungarian Hussar's uniform, gave the animal its alternative name "Hussar monkey".
  • The emperor tamarin has a large, white mustache, resembling that of German emperor Wilhelm II.
  • The male moustached kingfisher has orange and blue feathers and blue feathers trailing from the outer corners of his beak that look like a moustache.
  • Horses can sometimes grow something very much like a moustache as part of their winter coats.
  • Bearded Dragons have a collection of spines underneath their chins which resemble a large reptilian beard, when they feel threatened they puff up and darken it to look more dangerous.
  • A certain domestic rabbit pattern is called a Charlie (an extreme high grade type of white or broken pattern) after Chaplin, because they sometimes have an abbreviated toothbrush moustache that resembles his.