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Western Animation / The Biskitts

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The Biskitts was a cartoon show produced by Hanna-Barbera that ran on CBS in the 1983/84 season. It followed the adventures of miniature anthropomorphic canines, set in The Middle Ages.


  • The Ace: Waggs - Appropriately he is leader of the Biskitts. Mouser is his counterpart among the Whiskers.
  • Big Bad: King Max note 
  • Bribe Backfire: In "Turnaround Hound", Shiner is cornered by Scratch and offers the wildcat King John's treasure in exchange for not eating him. Unfortunately for Shiner, Scratch couldn't care less about the treasure.
    Scratch: Wrong villain, doggy! That one only works with King Max!
  • Cats Are Mean: Scratch, the wildcat who is constantly trying to catch and eat the Biskitts. Averted big time with the Whiskers, a group of pint-sized cats who only appeared in the episode "Raiders of the Lost Bark".
  • Enemy Mine: In "A Dark and Stormy Knight", the Biskitts are forced to work together with King Max to try and defeat the Dark Knight, a new enemy who threatens them both.
  • Halloween Episode: "A Biskitt Halloween". Waggs and Sweets are kidnapped by an evil witch.
  • Here We Go Again! / Oh, No... Not Again!: Because Shiner kept constantly getting into trouble in "Snatched from Scratch", both tropes were said during the episode.
  • Hold Your Hippogriffs:
    • "Muzzlenote  up!"
    • "Back on your pawsnote  again"
    • "Just like taking bonesnote  from a pupnote "
  • The Scapegoat: Usually whenever one of his schemes fail, King Max would immediately blame Shecky, his court jester. ("This is all your fault, Shecky!")
    • Shiner is the same with Waggs, often blaming the Biskitt leader whenever something goes wrong for no reason.
  • You Go, Girl!:
    • In "The Bone in the Stone," Waggs is injured after Pyronce the dragon attacks and takes their treasure. The Biskitts are forced to journey to the dragon's cave without him. On their way, they find the legendary "bone in the stone" (clearly a dog version of the "Sword in the Stone"), which could aid anyone who could pull it out. When the boys all fail at the attempt, Sweets volunteers to try. Shiner scoffs at the idea that a girl could succeed where a guy couldn't, but ends up eating those words when Sweets succeeds in pulling the bone out. With Sweets now leading, the Biskitts are able to locate Pyronce's cave and retrieve their treasure.
    • In "The Princess and the Plea," Princess Biskitt is captured by King Max. The male Biskitts (Waggs, Bump, Shiner, Downer, Scat, and Mooch) set off to rescue her and leave behind the female Biskitts (Sweets, Lady, and Wiggle) because they believe that saving princesses is "guys' work." The girls, suspecting something wrong, follow anyway. The boys wind up getting captured and imprisoned along with the princess, but fortunately the girls arrive in time to save them and help them escape.