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"Oh, I love that sound. [It's] the sound of us getting out of here in one piece."
Darman, Hard Contact

The complete polar opposite of Darth Wiki's Most Annoying Sound, this is for a sound/visual cue/etc - usually in a video game (but not always), that may or may not come up often, but is so satisfying to hear that sometimes you just want to reset the game/rewind the video and hear it again. Whereas Most Annoying Sound is universally caused by the sound itself, the Most Wonderful Sound can either be caused by the sound itself (perhaps it's a particularly catchy jingle, is an iconic sound, or is a quote that's just that badass), or because hearing means that something really good just happened or is about to happen.

The most wonderful part of these wonderful sounds, of course, is figuring out how to spell them.

Compare Awesome Music and Signature Sound Effect. Contrast Hell Is That Noise.

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    Comic Books 
  • X-Men has the sound effects we know and love: Nightcrawler's "Bamf," Wolverine's "Snikt," and the "Zakt/Zapt" of Cyclops' Eye Beams.
    • "Snikt" has a dozen different versions: Unsheathing is "snikt", re-sheathing is "snakt", when X-23 does it it's "shikt" and "shakt", and when he had the bone claws, it was "schlikt" (sp?) and "schlakt". Some writers forget and use "snikt"/"snakt" for all versions, though.
    • When Storm gets mad...really mad...the sound effect "Skara-KOOM!" (or some variant thereof) shows up. Raw elemental awesome will usually ensue.
    • Blink, of Age of Apocalypse and Exiles fame, has her own sound effect when teleporting: A loud "BLOINK", usually drawn out over several syllables.
  • Dreamwave Comics' Transformers: Generation One series had "SPOOM!" It was a wonderfully Narmy sound for the explosion of someone getting a hole blasted in his gut, and fans loved it. Simon Furman, not so much, and he didn't use it for very long despite - or perhaps because of - delighted fans begging him to use it more.
    • On the flipside, "SHEAAAAGGGGH!" and variations tend to be poked at.
  • Don Martin of MAD was the master of wonderful onomatapoeia.
  • In Howard Chaykin's American Flagg!, the Sonambutol guns (which shot tranquilizers at rioting crowds) went "Papapapapapa" when the trigger was pulled back, "OOOOO" as they shot and "mow mow" when the Sonambutol capsules burst and released the drug.
  • The Mighty Thor and The Incredible Hercules tend to have wonderful sound effects: "Ska-crack!" "DOOM!" and so forth.
    • A recent issue of Incredible Hercules had the marvelous sound effect of "KRAKAJAMMA". Which, as a clever anon remarked: "He hit him so hard it had four syllables and a J".
  • There's something to be said for Spider-Man's "Thwipp". Though it takes three more steps towards Crazy Is Cool with Marvel 1602 where the sound effect is changed to... wait for it... "Thwippe".
  • Watchmen:
    • "Hurm"
    • Ronch ronch ronch
  • Fables: "Snicker-Snack!"
  • For fans of a certain maniacal Monster Clown, "AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!". Spells doom for The Joker's victims, but spells awesome for his fans.
  • The old Captain Marvel from, well, Marvel comics, when he switched places with Rick Jones to become the Cap: K-TANG!
  • The Avengers: AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!]] Bonus points if it's Captain America who gets to call that out.
  • The oh-so-satisfying (and surprisingly accurate) sound of Iron Man's fist hitting, well, anything: FTANG!
  • IDW's Godzilla comics have a very consistent 'SKREEOOONKK' for the big guy's signature roar. It makes for great entrances.
  • Justice League International: "Bwah-ha-ha!"

    Fan Works 
  • Child of the Storm namechecks one very particular battle-cry as this:
  • The titular character of The Lorelei Chronicles believes that happy laughter (as opposed to evil or bitter laughter) is one of the best sounds in the entire universe. Justified in that she has a pretty hard life, which has left her sort of laughter-starved.
  • One for All and Eight for the Ninth brings in the sounds heard as Izuku's bonds with the Ennead progress - Level 1's thump-thump-thump-CLICK, Level 2's DING!, Level 3's VWORP...
  • In Skyhold Academy Yearbook, Cullen and Cole are both ecstatic to hear baby Skye saying her first words. Actually, they're pretty excited any time she says anything.

    Films — Animation 
  • After nearly 20 years of simply being read, in Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie, Captain Underpants' triumphant "Tra-la-LAAAAAAAAAAA!" is finally heard. And it is glorious! Some fans have even said that it perfectly matches their headcanon voice they've imagined for him since first reading the books.
  • The Disney logo. The little bit of music... brings back memories.
  • The sound The Iron Giant makes when he's rebuilding himself, especially after the ending.
  • How to Train Your Dragon (2010): *silence* ... scrrrreeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEE - "NIGHT FURY!" "GET DOWN!" - EEEEEEEEE fhwoooaph BOOM!
  • At the climax of the film Megamind, when you hear those first chords of "Welcome to the Jungle", a chill goes up your spine as you realize that Megamind has come to save the day.
  • Ponyo's voice in Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea is absolutely adorable, especially when she speaks for the first time ("Ponyo... love... Sosuke!").
  • The Super Mario Bros. Movie has a few:
    • A substantial amount of the film's score consists of beautifully reorchestrated Mario game music. Every time you hear a familiar tune on the soundtrack it is sure to bring a smile to your face if you're a longtime fan.
    • The very last thing we hear in the movie is Kazumi Totaka crying out "YOSHI!" in The Stinger.
    • In two different scenes, Bowser can be heard letting out the unmistakable growls and roars of Kenny James, his voice actor from the games.

  • Semi-literature, semi-Real Life example: When J. R. R. Tolkien was constructing the fictional Elven language, he composed it of all the sounds he felt were most pleasing to the ear.
    • Well, this comes from a guy who said that, ignoring the actual meaning of the words, "cellar door" sounds more beautiful than "beautiful". He had his own private theories about why certain words sounded beautiful or ugly.
    • And on the flip side of the coin, he tried to make the Black Speech as ugly as possible — lots of harsh consonant clusters, excessive use of guttural vowels, and so forth.
      • Which, for this lover of consonant-full languages (and harsh beauty in general - we need a word for that...), backfired. It wasn't too thrilling for French speakers and fans, either; Tolkien didn't like French's guttural R so he gave it to the bad guys.
  • Not exactly a sound, because...well, obvious reasons, but whenever the small caps appear in Discworld books, for the dialogue of Death and Death of Rats. squeak.

  • The loud knocking sound that often accompanies winning a replay or extra ball.
  • The GOAL! sound from World Cup Soccer.
  • The choir from Black Knight 2000's Awesome Music.
  • Twilight Zone:
    • "Beyond this door is a dimension of sight." "Don't touch the door!"
    • "Beyond this door is a dimension of sound." "DON'T TOUCH THE DOOR!"
    • The distinctive "slam" when you hit Wizard Mode.
  • In most tables, the sound of the game's announcer yelling MULTIBALL!
  • The Addams Family:
    • "Now you've done it!"' (Massive crescendo)'' "SHOW TIME!"
  • Theatre of Magic: "OH NOOOO! Ow, oof, oof, ow! This ball is full of magic!" Not only is it a Funny Moment every time, but also because this skips having to spell M-A-G-I-C to light up the ball lock.


    Tabletop Games 
  • Warhammer 40,000: Hearing the phrase "The shadow in the Warp has been lifted." Congratulations! You've just survived an invasion of planet-eating locust monsters! This is as near to a happy ending as most W40K denizens will ever get.

    Theme Parks 
  • For fans of Walt Disney World:
    • "Please stand clear of the doors. Por favor manténganse alejado de las puertas."
    • Basically everything the Ghost Host says in The Haunted Mansion.
    • The sound of the Main Street Electrical Parade as it marches down Main Street.
    • The chime sound on Star Tours
    • The music of Wishes, but especially the beginning and the Go the Distance segment (from Hercules).
    • Clearly the team behind Happily Ever After knew a lot of people would be feeling sentimental about Wishes. So they go and throw in an epic orchestrated version of Go The Distance during the finale, complete with vocals. And to add even more icing to the cake, they play the entire gosh darn song over the fireworks.
      • Speaking of Happily Ever After, the final piece of narration slowly leading into the last verses of the titular song. And as the final chorus begins, we finally see Tinker Bell's grand entrance.
    And so, our journey comes to an end. But yours continues on. Grab hold of your dreams and make them come true. For you are the key to unlocking your own magic. Now go. Let your dreams guide you. Reach out and find your Happily Ever After.
    • The airplane-cabin 'DING!' right before the Soarin' preshow at Epcot. Also, the entire score of the damn thing.

  • BIONICLE: As described in Tale of the Toa, one of these occurred when the Golden Kanohi are created.
    Then there was a pearl of sound, like great bells mixed with laughter.
  • Tamagotchi: The various sounds used to indicate a Tamagotchi evolving. And as of the modern versions, the "victory" sound when perfectly completing a game.

    Web Animation 
  • RWBY
    • Any time Crescent Rose or Ember Celica unfold, cock or fire.
    • Penny Polendina has an adorable and lovely voice, courtesy of Taylor McNee.
    • Jason Liebrecht's pitch-perfect recreation of Qrow's voice, after his previous VA was let go due to misconduct. Many fans didn't even notice the change.
  • RWBY Chibi: The characters tend to make rather adorable sounds from time to time during skits. Examples include: Weiss' humming when she's cleaning up in Episodes 5 and 6, Ruby's cheery "Aaaaah!" when she sidles up to Weiss in Episode 9, Weiss' cute groans when she's sick in Episode 11, the oddly endearing sounds of Mercury and Emerald laughing in Episode 21 and Ruby squeeing over raining Zweis in Episode 11 of Season 2.

    Web Videos 

  • The sound of a tiger chuffing. Basically a generic non-threatening greeting noise. It's hard not to try and chuff back.
  • Someone saying "I love you", or any other variation, as long as it's sincere.
  • Just about any sound in nature and the animal kingdom could be considered as this:
    • The sound of rain can be quite nice.
    • A purring feline is possibly nature's most soothing white noise (It's actually that way in order to invoke a continuation of the stimulus that prompted the purring. That's right. The Most Wonderful Sound is self-sustaining).
    • Also the chattering sound a cat makes when it's watching birds through the window.
    • A snorting dog, which happens for the same reason a cat purrs.
    • Any kind of canine howling.
    • The buzzing of cicadas on a summer night can be quite wonderful.
    • Every single sound a guinea pig makes. Wheeeek!
    • The whooping call of a spotted hyena
  • Train whistles in the distance. Pure music.
    • In many metro systems, the chime that precedes the doors closing (as long as you're on the train, otherwise it's Hell Is That Noise if you're in a hurry).
  • That noise an old kettle makes when the water inside it starts to boil.
  • Adobe After Effects plays a very easily distinguished and very pleasing "Twingg!" sound when it reaches the end of a Render Queue, meaning the videos are finished being edited and are ready for viewing.
  • Click your mouse...YEAH! Now do it a couple more times, best sound ever.
  • Lord in heaven, the buckling spring keyboard. So clicky, so satisfying...
  • The startup sound of Windows 3.1. Holy nostalgia.
    • How about Windows 95? Oh, it's musical heroin.
    • There's a sweet moment in the film Outsourced where the workers take their computers from the flooded office up to the roof and connect through a jerry-rigged set of electrical outlets to a street lamp. Thirty computers power up and play the Windows XP startup sound simultaneously.
    • Even the otherwise reviled Windows ME had a beautiful startup sound.
    • No matter which version of Windows you're using, the default sounds that play when plugging and unplugging external devices (such as a USB keyboard, an SD card, or external hard drives) are always satisfying. They stayed mostly the same from Windows XP to Windows 7, with the only major difference being the type of instrument samples being used. Windows 8 and onwards changed them completely, but they still manage to sound just as satisfying.
  • The Mac startup noise.
    • Made somewhat disturbing by Don Jon
    • Another beautiful sound from the Mac is the 3-note lick that plays to announce that iTunes has finished importing/converting audio data to MP3 or AAC.
  • The little jingle that sounds when you start a Samsung smartphone. Especially if you just purchased it. Ding ding ding ding ding diiing...
  • Someone say "startup sounds?" The sound of a Sony Playstation starting up. The sound of many people's childhoods, and the prelude to many many great nostalgic games like Crash Bandicoot, Final Fantasy VII, Spyro the Dragon, Silent Hill, Twisted Metal, this list could go on forever. Even the distinct sound of the lens moving as the disk is read and the soft beep when the disk starts being loaded are pure nostalgic bliss.
  • Orgasmic.
  • The distinct whirring, clicking and buzzing sounds vintage hard disk drives make, particularly the Seagate ST-225 and ST-251, as well as MiniScribe's stepper-motor-equipped models.
  • The "Boooommm!" noise at the end of the Dolby Digital Countdown advertisment.
  • Clack-clockle... NATURAL 20!
  • In Girl Genius, the twisty musical notes emitted by Agatha when she's in full-on Spark mode. You can almost hear them.
  • The noise in a football stadium - or a packed bar - when your team scores. Less wonderful if it's the other team scoring.
    • The silence in a packed bar when your team scores, if everyone else in the bar is supporting the other team.
    • The sound of a stadium - sometimes an entire stadium - singing a club song. When two teams share the same song, as with Liverpool FC and Borussia Dortmund, who both sing You'll Never Walk Alone, the results can be truly spectacular.
  • The sound of a golf ball falling in the hole.
    • And the following golf clap.
  • A tennis ball's little pa-thmp as it bounces off the court.
    • The big pa-thmp it makes when connecting with the racket is even better.
  • A nothing-but-net swish in basketball.
    • The characteristic "thomp-thomp" of a basketball being dribbled. Outdoor balls also add just a bit of the rubbery "boing" to the sound to make it even nicer.
  • The crack of a bat hitting a baseball on the sweet spot.
    • "Driven deep to left, back, back, back...THAT BALL IS GONE!"
    • THERE IT GOES!!! There it goes! Way back! It might be out of here! It could be!! IT IS!!! HOOOOLY COW!!! CUBS WIN!!! CUBS WIN!!! CUBS WIN!!!
    • For longtime fans of the game (and particularly of the Red Sox), we cannot get enough of this.
    • And for Blue Jays fans, Tom Cheek's call of Joe Carter's World Series winning home run. The childhood dream of hitting the winning home run come to life.
    • Jack Buck got two epic final calls in a row during the 1991 World Series, courtesy of back-to-back game winning hits. The call Kirby Puckett's walk-off home run in Game 6 was a masterpiece of understatement from Buck:
    Jack Buck: Into deep left center... for Mitchell... and we'll see you... tomorrow night!
    • While WCCO-Radio announcer John Gordon was rather less restrained:
    Gordon: Puckett swings and hits a blast... deep left center... way back! Way back! It's gone! Touch 'em all Kirby Puckett! Touch 'em all, Kirby Puckett! And the Twins have won this game!
    • And his call of Gene Larkin's game 7-winning Texas League single was one for the record books:
    Jack Buck: The Twins are gonna win the World Series! The Twins have won it! It's a base hit! It's a one-nothing, ten-inning victory!
    • His son Joe got to make the call that half of Chicago held out hope (for a century) would come someday.
  • For rowers, the rhythm of all eight (or four, or two, or however many) oarlocks in time. Actually, all noise from rowing - the water, the boat, the oars, the oarlocks - it's beautiful.
  • The sound of metal (or plastic) cleats on concrete as the team leaves the locker room. It's like a pre-game anthem for those lucky enough to hear it.
    • Hockey skates make a similar noise.
    • The distinctive crackling noise of roller skates on concrete.
  • For fans of Roller Derby, their favorite team's skate-out theme.
    • Likewise, the double-whistle of a Lead Jammer being called.
    • Each home team of the Minnesota RollerGirls has one at the beginning of its skate-out theme.
      • The air raid siren of the Atomic Bombshells (made by an actual old-school air-raid siren)
      • The countdown and rocket launch of the Rockits
      • The beginning of the Dagger Dolls' skate-out video, which simply defies easy characterization
      • The actual bagpipes of the actual Macalester College Pipe Band playing on the Garda Belts
      • And by extension, the Macalester Pipe Band saluting the passing of MNRG's first mascot, Tom "Tom-Tom the Leprechaun" Donnelly with Amazing Freaking Grace at the beginning of the 2015-16 season.
      • Just about EVERYTHING John Maddening says. The man is a walking Most Wonderful Sound.
  • Goal Horns followed by your team's choice of celebratory song.
    • Same goes for the final siren. Especially in a Grand Final, and ESPECIALLY especially if it's your favourite team that's just won the Premiership.
    • Hearing your favourite player/team/etc cheer after winning is always wonderful, especially since they've worked so hard on it. A particular nod towards Formula One drivers who love screaming in their helmets.
      • Speaking of Formula One and motors in general: the revving of an engine. So soothing.
  • Speaking of sports and goals, the hammy way football announcers tend to shout "GOOOOOOAAAAAAAAL!!" Especially if it's for the team you're rooting for.
    • Billy Connolly once remarked that the most orgasmic sound in football is the "near miss". Imagine the scene, it's the last minute of the game, a team is awarded a penalty. The stadium is silenced with nerves. The loneliest man in the world places the ball on the spot. Opposite him between the sticks, the loneliest man in the universe! The kicker runs up, strikes the ball and puts it just past the outside of the post. At that moment, 40,000 fans go "OH"! It resonates around the stadium and pretty much climaxes in a giant exclamation mark rising to the heavens!
  • Your National Anthem is usually wonderful anytime, anywhere, but especially associated with sports. Hearing that song played at the Olympic Games as your nation's flag is raised to salute your country's winning a medal is like a religious experience. In American baseball, "The Star Spangled Banner" is always played right before the game ("O Canada" if you're a Blue Jays fan or were an Expos fan) and can evoke a similar reaction, especially from older fans for whom "PLAY BALL!" are the last two words of the anthem.
    • Similarly, a National Anthem played before a game between national representative teams.
    • For countries that are part of the United Kingdom, a gold medal at the Olympic Games results in "God Save the Queen" - but one at the Commonwealth Games results in the National Anthem of their home nation - "Flower of Scotland", or "Mae Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau" in particular.
  • The drone of a large box fan. I can't sleep without switching one on its highest speed. "Whurrrrrrrrrr....."
  • Aviation is filled with awesome sounds.
    • The sound of a passenger jet taking off. That is, if you're inside the plane or standing sufficiently far enough from it to avoid ear damage.
    • On the opposite end, the sound of a passenger jet landing and then activating its reverse thrusters. Often followed up by the captain announcing the landing and welcoming passengers to their destination.
    • In a like vein, the sound of a jet engine spooling up.
    • Piston engines get this, too. Just listen to the sound an old piston fighter makes as it starts up. Even a relatively new plane like a Thunder Mustang (to-scale replica of a P-51 using a smaller 12-cylinder engine) has a glorious startup.
    • The Rolls-Royce Merlin. The whine, the splutter, the cough, then the roooaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrr........
    • The cough-sputter-roar of a radial engine at startup.
    • Or the sound of an entire group of fighter jets doing afterburner takeoffs, one after the other, each jet following right after the one before it.
    • The utterly visceral sound of a sonic boom.
    • A-10 Thunderbolt strafing run. BHHHHRRRRRRRRRRRRR
    • The screaming buzz of the C-130 Hercules that's going to carry you and the rest of your unit out of the combat zone.
    • The legendary Vulcan Howl, the signature of the Avro Vulcan bomber.
  • The clicking sound of a switchblade.
  • The sound of serious gunfire. I'm not talking about the little fire cracks of an AR-15. I am referring to the mighty blast of a gun such as a Mosin-Nagant M44
    • Or the even more mighty USN 16"/cal 50 Mk 7. POOOMFFF! "That was just one barrel!"
    • A-10 Thunderbolt. Its iconic 'BRRRRRRRRRRRT'!!! sound is aptly called "devil's fart".
    • In a different direction, the sound of a minigun firing off thousands of rounds a minute is pretty awesome: [1] [2]
    • Or the sound of a grenade being inserted in a grenade launcher
      • Or the "pumhp" noise of a grenade launcher shooting a grenade.
    • The "ka-ching" noise of the M1 Garand's bullet clip getting ejected from firing the last round. More famously known as the "Garand Ping" among gun enthusiasts.
    • The sound a 12-gauge shotgun makes firing buckshot.
    • The thunderclap of anything in .50BMG.
    • Artillery fire from 100 meters behind the firing line.
      • Hell, the sound of artillery fire when you're the one pulling the lanyard/firing lever.
      • The radio call of "Splash, over" note  to the forward observers calling for it.
      • The radio call from the observers when the rounds have been adjusted onto the target: "Fire for effect, over!"
    • The chaotic rattle/roar of a machine gun range.
    • In general, the sounds of gunplay. These include gun assembly, gun disassembly and reloading. Modern FPS games are great to listen to as a spectator for this.
    • Pump-action shotguns being cocked. (Provided nobody's being unfriendly)
    • The four clicks of a Colt Single Action Army being cocked.
    • This Punt Gun. Skip to 1 minute.
    • Dirty Harry's .44 Magnum. That wonderful sound effect that made it into so many classic action movies like The Terminator and even some video games like Barry's magnum from the opening of Resident Evil.
  • The sound of a well-maintained electric engine. For a layman, a barely audible hum. For an engineer? Basically a purring cat.
    • The sound of any properly adjusted, properly tuned, well maintained engine especially under a heavy load.
    • The sound of pretty much any properly adjusted, well maintained machine just doing its thing.
  • White noise can be a very relaxing sound.
  • Any Vanity Plate that is not Nightmare Fuel tends to induce nostalgia and ends up as this.
    • Especially this [3] and this [4]
  • The sound of a coffee grinder at 7 in the morning (or earlier) - any time of the day if you're a writer.
  • The various sounds of water. Rain, a trickling stream, a waterfall, the sea...
  • The sound of bubble wrap...bubbles popping.
  • The K5LA train horn (the ones you hear on Amtrak trains). Especially with the Doppler Effect.
  • Typing on the keyboard. Very soothing.
  • The chip shuffling poker players do. Also very soothing.
    • "Washing the tiles" in mahjongg.
  • Huge crowds of people singing.
    • The sound of black choirs.
  • To some, the hauntingly beautiful call of a loon.
    • In a related vein, the "woo-OOO-ooo-ooo" call of the mourning dove.
  • The Kaching! of a sale and money going into your pocket.
    • Or finally paying for that thing you've been saving for.
    • Etsy's smartphone app does this whenever you make a sale there.
  • The sound of the school bell after a long, hard day.
  • This is usually compared to the booing and jeering of opposition supporters: The jubilant cheering of a player/the team and their supporters after they beat the odds.
  • The sound a time clock makes after you punch out after a hard days work.
    • "Congratulations, you're hired. When can you start?"
  • This quotation:
    Strolling across Regent's Park in London today, the sun was shining, the groundsman's mower was thrumming - all that was missing was the sound of leather on willow. But it was a weekday, and come Saturday, I know that the players in their whites will be scattered across the lush grass, playing out the ritual that is so much part of an English summer.
    Much might change, but not cricket.
  • The sound of a WW2 fighter plane passing overhead.
  • For a fencer, the little "ka-chunk" of the spring-loaded weapon tip registering a hit.
    • Or the meaty wooden "clack" that two bokken make, if you're a kenjutsuka. Or the "whoosh" that a good kirioroshi makes for iaijutsuka.
  • The sound of an important bus approaching, though it can easy lapse into Hell Is That Noise if you have only just missed it.
  • For gearheads / petrolheads, the sounds of certain engines. YMMV
  • Steam locomotives, especially the big ones.
    • The sound of an LNER A4 Pacific Chime Whistle.
    • And for those across the Atlantic, Norfolk & Western 611.
    • For West Coast railfans, there's Union Pacific's 844.
    • And for those in the middle, Nickel Plate 765.
    • All of the sounds a steam engine makes while it's just sitting there, simmering. They almost sound alive.
      • The bubbling hiss of an injector adding water.
      • The roar of the fire.
      • The wheeze of an oil-fed fire.
      • The heartbeat-like thump and chuff of the air pump.
  • More modern trains can induce this as well.
    • Modern electric trains. From the cutting edge hum of a high speed train, to even mundane stuff like the multi-staged buzz of a commuter train leaving the station.
    • The deep thrumming of an ElectroMotive 16-645E3B, all 3600 horsepower, making a station stop.
    • Starting an EMD SD40-2.
    • A Deltic zooming along, pushing 100mph
    • Departing ZSSK class 363. Oh boy.
    • And for ALCO fans, the immortal 251.
    • There's a reason Neil Young invented "Rail Sounds" for Lionel. It uses recordings of actual trains activated by an algorithm to produce the exact sounds of the different trains in your setup.
  • This video is guaranteed to have something for every petrolhead or gearhead.
  • For people in engineering or manufacturing, the firm CLUNK of a contactor closing and a big three-phase induction motor starting up. CHWOOOOOAAAAAAH
  • The gooey, squishy sound of stirring up a big bowl of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, just after you add the butter. If you grew up in Canada or the United States, that sound probably conjures up a whole range of childhood memories. (Or memories of being a poor college student.)
  • ASMR is audio-erotica for relaxation. It's a unique sensation often described by the lucky few to experience it as "brain tingles", a relaxing euphoria. (The tingle in your scalp or up your back that some sounds produce is a "frisson" and is caused by something else). On YouTube, people whisper into the camera for ASMR videos. Some videos are "roleplays" others are people using objects to make relaxing sounds. Discovering that you're not alone in this experience can be pretty heartwarming itself.
  • *open book* *turn page* *turn page* *turn page* (several hours later) *turn page* *turn last page* *close book* *happy sigh*
    • If you are lucky enough to own a copy of Grant's Scottish National Dictionary Volume 6, go and fetch it, and then find a nice quiet room, open it at about the middle, prepare yourself, and then close the book.
    • And if you need a little more drama in your life, slam your books shut. Better than chocolate.
  • During the US war in Vietnam, the rotors of helicopters were truly the most wonderful sound for American ground-pounders; it meant that either rescue, reinforcements, or fire support, or most often all three at once, were arriving on scene, as any veteran can attest.
  • The CBS Special Presentation intro, especially if it was close to Christmas. Whatever was on, it was going to be good!
  • Even if you aren't Catholic, the intro to NBC's Christmas Eve Vatican Mass is just so nice.
  • Hey guys!/Hello, Internet!/Hey, everybody, it's.../Hello everybody, my name is.../Top o' the mornin' to ya, laddies!/Ha-ha-how's it goin', bros?/So...
  • The sound a sloth makes.
  • Genuine happy laughter counts as a whole, but babies' laughter in particular, as it's quite possibly the most adorable sounds that are humanly possible to make.
  • To many insomniacs after a bad night, the sound of a hot shower or bath running.
  • The sound of a jet airliner taking off (as long as you're far enough away, of course). It's the sound of human ingenuity allowing us to overcome our dense bones and lack of wings...and fly anyway.
  • A small child's laughter; especially if it's your child.
  • Particularly for fans, the sounds figure skates make as they carve into the ice.
  • For fans, the sound of wooden pieces on a wooden board, be it chess, shogi, checkers, go, or another game.
  • For iPhone users: the da-ding! of an Apple Pay card being read.
  • Paleontologists have built a model of the Parasaurolophus crest and recreated its calls. The sounds themselves are eerie, but come on, it's as close as we can get to hearing an actual dinosaur!
  • The sound heard in the animation seen at the beginning of Netflix original shows. It is very satisfying.
  • All the different ticking noises mechanical bicycles make.
  • This Walt Disney Home Video logo, especially if you grew up with it!
  • After an ice show, Yuzuru Hanyu takes a deep breath, bends forward in a deep bow of respect (and to wind up), cups his hands around his mouth, and screams without a mike: “ARIGATOUGOZAIMASHITAAAAAA!!!” (Thank you very much!) It’s always greeted by cheers from the packed venue, who had just seen an awesome performance from a Living Legend (and his costars, if any).
  • Hentai moans can be this to some. For obvious reasons.
  • The sound of your house whirring back to life after a power outage.

    Voice Acting 
Some of the best Japanese anime, Western Animation, animated film, and more recently, video games are praised not only for their plot, animation and characters, but also for the people who voice the characters. They give the animated characters life, depth, and personality. Here are some of the most specific examples.


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