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Most Wonderful Sound / Vinesauce

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  • Vinny laughing. The harder he laughs, the more wonderful it is.
  • Any of Vinny's Mario impressions, even the current Mario voice.
  • Joel's laugh. Many fans state that Joel's laugh has the ability to possibly cure cancer.
  • Hearing Joel utter "Well that was fucking stupid, wasn't it?" in the video announcing his return to the channel after the hijacking incident not only sums up the whole situation, but is done in Joel's poignant and hilarious style.
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  • The times Hootey laughs, while vastly rarer and less documented, has similar effects.
  • Anytime Rev shouts "YES!", or celebrates in any manner.
  • Limes' sounds of glee and murder!
  • As calm as Fred usually is, he's not immune to the sort of hard, loud laughter that usually comes from Vinny.
  • Multiple viewers have said that they like how Joel sounds when he speaks Swedish, such as when he spoke to his Swedish viewers in Swedish after his Xbox 360 died (as seen in the comments of Piergaming's upload of the incident in question).
  • If you have the Vinesauce alert Chrome extension, that little chime that plays when a streamer goes live.
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