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    Vinesauce streams with their own pages 

  • 8.8: While Vinny isn't a reviewer per se, he'll occasionally give his opinion on a game, especially if it's at the end of a long-running series. His opinions are generally moderate even if it's obvious he really liked (or disliked) a particular game, which causes some of his fans to lambast him for not worshipping a game or labeling it the spawn of Satan himself. Vinny is often aware of this and tends not to "review" the games he plays as a result, knowing full well the sheer amount of negative attention he gets when he does so.
  • Acceptable Ethnic Targets:
    • Joel nukes Norway in Shadow President, not out of genuine hatred but because of the friendly rivalry between Swedes and Norwegians.
    • Joel is from the north of Sweden, which is known for its dislike of Stockholm. His playthrough of the Stylistic Suck game Sweden Simulator spends more time complaining that the game is set in Stockholm than the actual gameplay. Joel notes, however incredulous, that such things would never happen where he lives, although he notes that the game's portrayal of Midsommar is relatively accurate.
  • Acceptable Targets:
    • Crops up every now and again when discussion turns to fandoms, especially Sonic fans.
    • Joel has a few music-related ones. Nu Metal is unsurprisingly mocked, especially Limp Bizkit. Vaporwave and nightcore (well, the stereotypical versions of them) have also become this, partially due to Joel's Windows 8 Destruction stream. One genre that particularly sets him off is freeform Jazz, which he spends several minutes ranting about during his Commodore 64 stream.
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    • It pops up rarely, but it's rather obvious that Joel doesn't like bronies. On his Pokémon Blue playthrough, he calls the Pokémon Fan Club Chairman one, and says he needs psychiatric evaluation.
    • Sonic the Hedgehog is never really taken seriously in Vinny's streams, thanks to the constant jokes he's cracked about it and that the only things he's streamed relating to it are parodies like Sonic Dreams Collection and terrible fan games (contrast the Super Mario Bros. series, where Vinny has streamed nearly every major game, and keeps his enjoyment and joke-cracking at equal levels). However, he's since admitted that he's a bit too harsh due to Nintendo bias and personal preference, and is planning on streaming a Sonic game as of 2016. Among the rest of the site (including Ima and Southbird, the designated Sonic fans), expect people to mock the series' Dork Age often, such as during Southbird's streams of Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). Come 2017, Vinny has finally streamed his first official Sonic game: Sonic 3 & Knuckles with Imakuni. While he struggled with certain parts of the game, he admits he enjoyed it and has finished the game. He still frequently makes jokes about in, mainly Sonic's in-your-face 90's 'tude, but reminds viewers (mainly to prevent backlash) that he actually likes the 2D games but was on the SNES side of the console war, so he's obligated to take shots.
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    • Certain Vinesauce fans. There are two kinds that get mocked often; those who spam the chat in order to get the attention of the streamer (especially if they're doing it to ask when another streamer, usually Vinny or Joel, is streaming), and those who idolize Vinny and/or Joel by taking everything they say seriously and ignoring other streamers (which can lead to the aforementioned chat spamming). Vinny ended up creating a caricature of his idolizers in the form of Tucker, a teenage loser who takes everything Vinny says as advice regardless of the consequences. In a more joking, self-deprecative way, being a Vinesauce fan automatically means you're a meme-loving loser.
    • ASMR and the subculture devoted to it, mainly because of the infamous Funky Kong ASMR video that's become a meme among the community.
    • Jabs are often taken at YouTube celebrities like PewDiePie and Markiplier.
    • Vinny is prone to taking jabs at DJ Khaled (who was subject to jabs during a stream of Super Mario Bros. 3Mix and a stream of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D) and other celebrities he perceives as egotistical, particularly Glam Rappers.
    • Vinny and Joel often mock Todd Howard during some of their streams, mostly in their The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion streams respectively and like blaming any glitch and mechanic oversight on him.
    • Garfield, due to his overstayed longevity, decline in quality, and ridiculous voice, among other things.
    • Vinny sometimes takes shots at conspiracy theorists, most frequently Flat Earthers and people who genuinely believe that space is fake. Ironically, he's expressed interest in "tinfoil hat"-like subjects in the past on stream, such as UFOs and top secret government projects like MKULTRA. In his playthrough of Area 51, he blames his waning interest of The Grays squarely on the - as he puts it - "wacko" side of the alien conspiracy "community", mostly because of everyone having conflicting information.
    • For Joel, pretty much anything lower than an 8 (Thrash Metal) on Mohs Scale of Rock and Metal Hardness. Makes sense, as he plays in a Death Metal band. He's particularly fond of making fun of Nu Metal and Alternative Metal and often calls music from these genres "skunga gunga music". He also sometimes slips into the role of a moody teenager who hates homework, the sort of person Joel assumes listens to these genres.
    Joel: Unga bunga ga ga ga doodogaga SEECKNEEES
    • Twitch donators in general, particularly for Vinny and Joel. The main reason either of them usually give is that they don't believe themselves worthy of any money because of their usual content, but they also believe that donators on Twitch donate for the wrong reasons (this is also the reason why neither of them call out subs or donations).
      • Joel in particular was pretty pissed off when Twitch forcefully enabled Bits for every channel on the service.
      • Vinny was similarly annoyed when a Twitch integration mod for Noita started displaying subscription notifications on screen (accompanied by a pile of fragile, star-labeled purple boxes that block spells for every notification).
      Vinny: I mean, thanks, but also... you know... (sighs) that's not why I do this!
      Twitch chat: years of not acknowledging subs has finally come back to bite you in the ass
      Vinny: It doesn't come from a place of... non-apprectiation. It comes from a place of not, like, wanting to put that stuff on my stream. You know that. Like, I'm playing Chrono Trigger and a particularly emotional or interesting moment happens, and then like... "FartsOnHisOwnBalls69420 has re-subbed for 4 months". It's like... ugh.
    • Undertale is this for the people on Vinesauce who haven't played it yet, which is unsurprising given how lengthy its entry in Broken Base is. For Vinny in particular, it's to the point where he'll audibly groan in frustration if he so much as hears music from it. This is mostly because he's heard things about how nasty certain fans will get for not playing the game in a very specific way, not to mention his general disinterest in playing it.
    • Anime is this for Vinny. He doesn't specifically hate anime, but much of his exposure to anything anime was from his Sunday streams (which is generally reserved for weirder games). He also explains in his review of the AKIRA film that his anime bias was like that of his bias against Sega in that he simply didn't know anyone that was really into the hobby when he was a teenager. At best, his friends weren't interested in anything more niche than Dragon Ball Z, Cowboy Bebop and Ghost in the Shell.
  • Accidental Innuendo: Not a question of if it happens, but when. Streamers say things the chat will eagerly pick up. Members of the chat will always take a screenshot of another's... questionable post when necessary. In many cases, these will be cleverly cropped.
  • Adaptation Displacement:
    • While it's become less of an issue as time goes on (due to things like the increasing prevalence of full stream channels), many people who only frequent YouTube are unaware of the streams and think that Vinesauce is just highlight videos. In particular, many are unaware that most Vinesauce-produced content consists of relatively straightforward playthroughs of games and that things like Vinny's game corruptions and Joel's virtual machine destructions are actually quite infrequent.
    • Several of Vinny's characters are more well known for appearing in his Tomodachi Life streams than their original appearances. On TV Tropes, before the Vinesauce Tomodachi Life series received its own pages, those characters' sections on the Vinesauce character page covered their incarnations from that series exclusively, and they didn't reappear on the main Vinesauce character page until after that series had ended.
    • Upon the emergence of SiIvaGunner, many people know and recognize Grand Dad from that channel rather than the streams the bootleg originated from.
  • Archive Panic:
    • The average streamer will stream for at least one hour each session, and most go for at least three or four hours (the ones on a less strict schedule, like Ima or Jen, will stream for the entire day if they can), so catching up on anything missed live is a doozy, and newer fans don't even bother and just watch the highlight videos (which leads to things like Discredited Meme usage). Fortunately, since streams are generally less content-dense than something like a Let's Play, it's pretty easy to put one on in the background while doing something else without missing too much. Another problem is that a few streamers don't archive their streams, and Twitch's VOD deletion system means that it's very easy to miss out on one of their streams forever.
    • Vinebooru has over thirty thousand pieces of art (the first of which is a picture of a ferret uploaded by Direboar in 2013, likely to test the system), and it's not slowing down anytime soon. Looking for a specific piece of art can be tough, though it became a bit easier when the old Booru was replaced with one with a more efficient tagging system. Oh, and there's even more fan art on outside sources like DeviantArt.
  • Author's Saving Throw:
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment:
    • Happens a lot, especially during Vinny's run of The Fantastic Game, as well as other games like it (he has referred to such games as "the egglike genre" due to that specific game's apparent egg obsession).
    • Vinesauce is trying to turn Joel's channel hijacking as one of these, believing that trying to discuss it in the future would still give the hijacker the attention he wanted.
    • In a similar vein, Vinny is also trying to turn the Jefferson County, WA emergency alert system hijacking as one of these, as the perpetrator specifically did it to advertise Vinesauce. At first he didn't believe it and went into his usual Self-Deprecation shenanigans (telling everyone it's not worth subscribing to his chane), but as soon as someone in his chat confirmed it on Twitter, he immediately stopped addressing it in any way, shape or form. Given that it's a criminal offense whose most lenient penalty is five years in prison, it's a fairly reasonable reaction.
  • Broken Base: Bound to happen with such a variety of people at the helm...
    • Between people who prefer Chatango for Vinesauce streams and Twitch chat for Vinesauce streams. Some say Chatango is the "true and proper" Vinesauce chat, while others call it an unmanageable pool of chat wars, preferring Twitch for having mods and being less chaotic. As of the switch to multiple streamer channels, the Chatango has been almost entirely replaced by Twitch chats and now only serves as a standard chatroom, so the argument has mostly become moot.
    • Vinny switched from playing Super Mario 64 DS to the original because of a control issue. Some fans are calling Vinny immature for quitting the former because of a control issue, some fans are just telling him to play it on the 3DS so he can use the Circle Pad (which still only provides eight-way movement instead of actual analog control), and others are saying that Vinny has the right to stop playing something if he's not enjoying himself.
    • Vinny pulling a save scum near the end of the final challenge of Hand of Fate 2 by restarting the game right after he died, mostly due to him (and a good portion of his Twitch viewer base) being tired of playing the game and just being tired in general due to streaming at 3 AM. He even lampshaded it shortly after the restart.
      Vinny: It worked. (Beat) I can see the YouTube comments now...
    • Vinny's Toad Games stream. You either love it for the sheer amount of jank present in all the games played, the sudden earrape present in one of the games, and the fact that one of the entries was a porn flash game, or you hate it for those exact reasons. Specifically, the fact that the games were submitted on the basis of those specific properties by someone impersonating webcomic artist Zedrin for the sake of defaming them.
    • Vinny's Shovelware Showcase is one of the most popular of the common non-corruption blocks, but circa early 2017, the series has gotten flack for including games that aren't awful by the stream standards, but just have a license on it of some TV show or cartoon. While this is a clear case of The Problem with Licensed Games, some of the streams include Lego Island 2 and Sponge Bob Square Pants Creature From The Krusty Krab, two games that aren't absolutely terrible, in fact they are often cited as an example of No Problem with Licensed Games. The entire point of the streams are to highlight terrible games made for a quick buck, so many question whether or not the games should be better managed. Some even think that whoever sends these games to Vinny just does it because "SpongeBob SquarePants" or "Jimmy Neutron" is on the cover.
    • It would be an understatement to say that the "Art Games Streams", as they've been called by the community, aren't a fairly large point of contention. Many people in chat will call out these games for not really being that much of a game, more so just a weird way to portray someone's opinion, and it just comes off pretentious. The Beginner's Guide and Everything Is Going To Be Ok are the largest examples of this on the stream, as they both delve into topics such as Depression and Anxiety, but the viewership seems very split on how well these games tackle them. Especially Everything Is Going To Be Ok, where the comments of the full stream have opinions on the side that it talks about issues in a more serious and realistic way that should be discussed more, but on the side that it comes off as the creator wallowing in their own issues and coming off as far too unhealthy to even watch.
    • Both In-Universe, and out, Memes. While of course, there's nothing really stopping them from being created around a stream, streamer reactions to them vary. Vinny and MentalJen really have made it clear that they get tired of them after a while, but streamers like Joel and Rev seem to be more encouraging towards them, occasionally referencing them at times. It doesn't help that chat occasionally loves to go into sprees to spam as many memes as possible. Are they ingrained into the Vinesauce stream and enhance the experience, or are they just Forced Memes that should get a lot less attention than they deserve?
    • Hoo boy, the Chat. The Vinesauce Twitch chat may be one of the most controversial figures attached to the group. While of course, it does allow users to directly communicate to the streamer and the other members, it's also blamed as the root of some of the toxic parts of the community. Also, many point to how chat's at times rudeness really detracts from the stream itself, including the aforementioned Art Games. At some points, it even stops the streamer from even wanting to stream a certain game because they don't wish for chat to freak out. For example, Vinny almost completely refuses to acknowledge the existence of Undertale, just because of how demanding chat was during Joel's run of the game. Some say that the streamer shouldn't have the chat dictate the stream, and have them play what they want, but others say that they should give into their fanbase.
      • Undertale is especially controversial to the Vinesauce viewership, though more-so the streams of the game than it itself. Many people complained and tried to backseat Joel when he went through the game in 2015, which created a huge rip between how people thought he was supposed to play. While this is not a situation unique to Vinesauce, it did have lasting effects on the channel, including Joel instating new rules to avoid a fiasco similar to it in the future. While it's almost unanimously agreed that the backseating went way too far, there are arguments to whom was to blame, the chat or the actual Undertale Fanbase. Another factor that makes it controversial is how Vinny goes about avoiding the game, for example, how sarcastic and dramatic he was at the reveal of Undertale for Nintendo Switch. Some say he's justified that he doesn't care about it but others argue that he doesn't need to be so in-your-face about it.
  • Common Knowledge:
    • People who only watch the YouTube highlights tend to think that Vinny does corruptions a lot more than he actually does. While he does do them semi-frequently (at least once or twice a month), it's far from the only thing he does. Another factor is that, as fun as corruptions are, many don't realize that they're not very good streaming material; unless Vinny has been sent some corruption states (generally by Weinerless Steve, such as with the Majora's Mask corruption stream in 2015) or is using a real-time corrupter, most of it is simply changing values until something interesting comes up. Similarly recurring segments involving collections of bad or unusual games like Shovelware Showcase and Getting Weird With It are only done on Sundays and Vinny's streams throughout the week primarily consist of normal game playthroughs, contrary to what some may believe by only looking at popular highlights.
    • Many think Joel does his computer destructions frequently. He actually only does them about once a year, and only for special occasions at that (usually the charity streams, as of 2014).
    • Many people think the two most popular streamers (Vinny and Joel) are the only streamers period and will only bring them up in conversations, much to the dismay of the streamers and more knowledgeable fans.
    • Some newer fans who have discovered the stream post-Full Sauce are unaware that Vappy manages the Full Sauce channel and, upon coming across his personal account, accuse him of stealing Vinny's content. Never mind the fact that none of the streamers previously had an archive for their full streams, and Vinny has stated numerous times that he doesn't care if people reupload his streams.
    • On that note: the contingent that still think Vappy is in charge of Full Sauce. Due to unspecified "logistical issues", Vinny has a new manager for the Full Sauce channel. Since this person doesn't really talk about their self and Vinny hasn't disclosed anything about them, the community has since taken to calling this person John Fullsauce in reference to Vinny's own tendency to jokingly refer to specific production studios as an individual, like John Halo.
  • Creepy Awesome: Vinny's games corruptions can veer into this territory at times, featuring garbled audio, graphics, animations, etc. that look downright nightmarish to witness while being immensely entertaining specifically because of how fucked up they get.
  • Critical Research Failure: After being attacked by a wasp during his stream of Game Mod Super Mario Medley, Joel proclaims that wasps "don't really provide a purpose" in the ecosystem other than "destroy". In fact, wasps play a variety of roles in the ecosystem, including pollination, fermentation, and predation. This could be justified by Joel being in an irrational state of mind after having dealt with a wasp.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: A staple source of humor site-wide, though Joel tends to show it the most. Only he can make something like nuclear war hilarious.
  • Discredited Meme:
    • A large problem since most outsiders know the stream from the highly quotable corruptions and replays on YouTube, which if it's just repeating the joke out of context, really wears thin on the streamer.
    • After Rev wished someone a happy birthday by mistake, it became common to joke about it being his birthday regardless of which day it is. This ended up getting old and he became tired of hearing it, to the point of banning people who continue to repeat it even after being asked to stop.
    • For Joel, BonziBUDDY. He made it quite clear in his Windows 7 Destruction stream that it would be the last time Bonzi sees light in his videos. This is discussed during his Windows 8 Destruction stream, in which he explains the reason he doesn't like BonziBUDDY: That the reason he found it so humorous at first was not the character itself, but the fact that it was malware trying to masquerade as a kid-friendly cartoon and he feels that by making it a meme, it lost this original point. Vinny came to despise the character around the same time; he was added to the Vinesauce Tomodachi Life streams when he was still considered funny and deleted around the same time Joel got tired of him. This makes further sense when you take into the account that a lot of users in the Five Nights at Freddy's fandom have piggybacked on Joel and Bonzi's fame to create the terribly disguised Bonzi Bonnie meme. This meme is loaded with references to Joel's encounters with Bonzi, but the users have never once given Joel credit for the inspiration, with the exception of the person who actually started the fad in the first place.
    • Vinny as a whole seems to have a bit of a distaste for memes in general, and while he overall takes it in stride, he'd rather prevent the creation and overuse of memes, which in itself can lead to more memes.
    • Vinny, despite initially laughing at how it was executed in the repainting of Super Mario Galaxy, has said that he never found any of the subsequent spamming of phrases like "it's hip to fuck bees" and "#beesex" after the stream of said re-painting to be even remotely funny, and considers the meme to be one of the least funny ones he's been a part of. To a lesser extent, Vinny once said "do your best" during a stream of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD and wasn't fond of the fact that it could be interpreted as a reference to another Super Mario Galaxy Repainted meme. Vinny's dislike of the "fuck bees" meme is probably for the better, considering the "fuck bees" video's uploader displaying a strong dislike of both Vinesauce and people who bring it up in said video's comment section (to the point where he constantly slanders Vinny and spoils The Force Awakens in the video's description). Not that that's stopping Joel, GPM, Rev (in the case of the Everyone Is Vinny stream), and Southbird (in the case of videos featuring hacked copies of Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Pokémon Moon that had their text replaced with YouTube comments) from bringing it up despite this. However, Vinny's distaste for it lessened as 2016 went on, as he himself referenced it a few times near the end of that year when his character in Animal Crossing: New Leaf got chased by bees during the streams he did after that game's Welcome amiibo update was released.
    • Vinny has mentioned more than once that he does not want Apple Dave (who was created by fan artist Lamango as a "bootleg" version of Toad, similar to how Vinny's Sponge character is a "bootleg" version of Mario) and someone else can "adopt" him instead. His associates, Mike and GPM, are more than happy to take him in instead.
    • Vinny has discouraged the over-use of a "Swole Potter" meme because he finds it hilarious and doesn't want to make it become a discredited meme. Again, not helped by GPM, who uses "buff" memes.
    • Vinny has been dissatisfied with "He Thicc", a Mii seen in a Mario Kart 8 stream that spawned two Super Mario Bros. ROM hacks. After being disappointed by Super He Thicc Too, he swore that he wouldn't play another He Thicc-related fangame unless it were an SNES ROM hack of a higher quality. Someone subsequently delivered with Super He Thicc Worl & Knuckles, which, even for the one-note joke He Thicc is, was actually much more competent. Months after the meme seemingly "died", a Super Mario 64 corruption happens to give Mario a He Thicc-like palette swap, which Vinny react to with palpable frustration.
    Vinny: Wait a minute, which Mario Bro. is this? (Beat) It's He Thicc!? AWWWWWW, MAN!!! It's been several months since He Thicc showed up on the stream. It was a good several months.
Several months after that, he gets another accidental reminder of He Thicc's existence.
Vinny: Who's this pink Mario? Oh, it's Pop Tart, yeah. Or He Thi— ughhhhh. We don't bring up He Thicc on the stream any more, chat.
  • Averted with Vinny's opinion of the "Cube" video that autopilot displayed back when it was a standard feature of the stream, which he brought up in 2016 during a stream of Kirby: Planet Robobot because that game's cube-shaped collectables reminded him of it. Despite his admission that he resurrected an old meme, his dislike of memes in general, and an abundance of cube-related messages in the chat following the video being shown onscreen, he was content with the fact that he made that particular piece of Vinesauce history relevant again.
  • Zigzagged with the infamous 7 Grand Dad meme. Sometimes Joel will change his mind from time to time to see whether or not it's funny, but he has gone on record that he still finds it finds it funny in its original context. He will occasionally reference it in streams, especially with anything Flintstones-related, for the chat to only explode with references to the meme. He'll also occasionally express his distaste for the meme by editing his Spooky Saturday intro by changing how the intro's Joel reacts to Grand Dad, like with a "SHUT THE FUCK UP!!" or "No.... No." Vinny's reaction to it ranges from indifference to annoyance, seeing as there was a stretch of time when people just tried putting Grand Dad in corruption compilations to see how he'd react.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • One of the guest streamers, Stupidface, ended up getting very popular due to his ridiculous voice.
    • Joel's dad is popular among the fanbase, mainly for some of the ludicrous things he's apparently said to Joel in the past and his allegedly Kermit the Frog-like voice. Another popular parent is Imakuni's mom, "Donnakuni", partially for being the only streamer parent to frequently appear and partially for being especially funny.
    • Jabroni Mike became incredibly popular with fans after guesting in several of Vinny's streams due to his boisterous attitude and hilarious commentary, to the point that it led to him launching his own streaming channel. Over time he's eventually become the Sixth Ranger to the Vinesauce team, and regularly does co-op streams with the various other members of the Vinesauce team as well as Vinny.
    • BonziBUDDY is perhaps the most fondly remembered part of one of Vinesauce's most fondly remembered streams ("Windows XP Destruction"), much to the chagrin of Joel.
    • V-Dub. Despite being a joke character, the sheer ridiculousness of his whole shtick made him a hit.
    • Charlie (Cr1TiKaL) and his friend Andrew (Huggbees) are very well liked whenever they join in a guest stream. While Cr1tiK4L is very well-known in his own right, Huggbees is becoming very popular due to his deadpan delivery, his dead-on impression of Nicolas Cage, and generally being hilarious.
    • Out of all the fictional characters the team have spawned, none have been as popular as the Vinesauce Tomodachi Life characters; Two Faced originated from those streams, while Sponge, who originated as a one-off joke in a Super Mario 3D World stream, gained a more fleshed-out personality as well as a larger presence due to those streams. Vinny was particularly baffled at how popular Vlinny is, since Vlinny's primary physical trait is being a version of Vinny's Mii with a V-shaped mouth, which itself references Vinny's "Shitty Miis" stream.
    • Usually if a certain meme or Running Gag is popular, they'll end up being an emote, which signifies this status to the chat. This can happen to voices that the streamers give, such as Tinky WinkyExplanation  and Mr. Dink or just Funny Moments, like 7 Grand Dad or Mario Pissing. Sometimes, after certain streams, if the chat and the streamer have latched onto a certain character during their play through, they'll be promoted to this status with their own emote, even if it's only temporary. Examples include Brisco from Michigan: Report From Hell and the Undertaker from The Town with No Name.
  • Face of the Band: Although Vinny was the face of Vinesauce for a while, Joel is taking up a mutual spot with Vinny for the title. Vinny for his corruptions and Joel for extreme over-the-top weirdness.
    Their popularity is vastly more immense than those of the other streamers that many fans favor documenting every new stream by Vinny and Joel only, leaving out crowning moments by other streamers. There's a surprising amount of fans who genuinely believe that Vinesauce is a two-man team, to the point where Jen commented during her part of the 2015 charity stream that she was "sandwiched" between those two in the first day's schedule (she was right after Joel and right before Vinny).
    On Know Your Meme, only Vinny and Joel received articles separate from the one about Vinesauce itself, and the only two memes from the community to gain pages were Meat and SPEEN, both from Vinny. The article about Vinny himself was rejected completely for a while, while Joel used to have a negative opinion of his article due to accuracy issues, though he was later made an editor to fix this. In addition, the Joel article's picture used to actually be of Darren, who gets very little coverage on the main Vinesauce page.
  • Fandom-Enraging Misconception: Never act like Vinny and Joel are the only streamers on Vinesauce. This problem is lessening as time goes on, with site growth leading to most of the other streamers becoming as least recognized, but it still happens often enough. Vinny himself says during one post-stream art showcase that a piece of fan art only depicting him and Joel should have included the other streamers, while a comment Joel left on Dem Engineerz' "The Fall of Frooby" video (which is an edited version of one of Joel's streams of The Sims 3) says that a surprising amount of people don't know who Fred (AKA "Frooby") is, with Joel noting that his Sim is quite accurate aside from some facial exaggeration. Confusing Vinny and Joel for each other, despite the two sounding nothing alike, is also prone to annoying viewers.
  • Fountain of Memes: Pretty much anything out of Joel's mouth is guaranteed to catch on.
  • Friendly Fandoms:
    • A good number of Vinny and Joel's fans also happen to be fans of ProtonJon, due to Jon's tastes and commentary style (particularly during his own streams) being remarkably similar to Vinny's and especially Joel's and due to Jon admitting to liking their work. The overlap is more visible on Jon's own Twitch channel though, but it's not too uncommon to find a regular from Jon's chat in Vinny's or Joel's.
    • There's also a fair amount of overlap between Joel's fans and those of Super Mario 64 streamer Simpleflips, thanks to him being friends with Joel (itself stemming from the "shoutouts to Simpleflips" Running Gag from Joel's Wheelchair Mario stream).
    • A fair amount of overlapping also exists between Jerma985 fans and Vinesauce fans, on account of Jerma's streaming style being pretty similar to Vinny and Joel's and due to Jerma being friends with the two.
    • Many Vinesauce fans are also fans of the now-defunct Two Best Friends Play, due similarities in style and Vinny's guest appearance on their podcast and friendship with Woolie. Vinny mentioned receiving a surprising amount of concerned fan mail over his well-being in the wake of their dissolution.
    • A lot of intersection exists between the fanbases for Vinny and RubberNinja of Game Grumps fame, due to their real-life friendship and frequent guest appearances on each other's streams.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment:
    • One of the levels from Vinny's 2015 Super Mario Bros. X contest was based on the Vinesauce Tomodachi Life streams and featured Sponge being Driven to Suicide after David Bowie (his best friend in those streams) is killed. At the time it was intended to be Black Comedy, but the real David Bowie actually did die of liver cancer at the beginning of the following year, removing the (already dark) humor from that part of the level. The level's number, 56, is also the same as the episode number of the David Bowie special of Vinny's Tomodachi Life streams, during which Vinny removed his Mii out of respect.
    • Joel playing and mocking the unreleased Muhammad Ali Boxing during SNES Madness Part 2 now comes off as this, given that the stream occurred a mere four days before Ali passed away.
    • During Vinny's first stream of Another Metroid 2 Remake (a fan-made remake of Metroid II: Return of Samus), he repeatedly jokes about Nintendo "celebrating" Metroid's 30th anniversary by issuing a cease-and-desist notice against the game. Less than a day later, the game's staff announced on Twitter that the game actually was taken down by Nintendo.
    • Rev's "Live Action Flash Games" video, which includes a video that heavily features Batman, was released on the same day that Adam West died.
    • While the Toad Games stream was initially well-received for the So Bad, It's Good quality of the games present, audience reactions quickly turned hostile after the Fullsauce upload on YouTube once it came to light that the games were submitted by someone who was impersonating webcomic artist Zedrin for the sake of defaming them. Not helping is the fact that one of the entries was one of Zedrin's own porn games from 2016, meaning that Vinny's streaming career was in potential jeopardy thanks to the game violating Twitch's terms of service regarding pornographic content. Zedrin himself expressed disdain over the incident on social media, and the stream overall became one of the most polarizing ones for the Vinesauce community as a whole as a result of the circumstances surrounding the fiasco.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: Vinny commented during a stream of The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap that the streams he does incredibly late at night often have several British viewers, due to the five-hour difference between the time zones of New York and the UK.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Joel once played a bootleg Mario game for the Sega Genesis that featured Mario screaming realistically when he dies. This was unnerving on its own, but this ended up showing up in a sample level in Super Mario Maker, an actual Nintendo-made game, and players can make the same thing happen in their own levels.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Has its own page.
  • Ho Yay:
  • Just Here for Godzilla:
    • Theres a handful of fans who only follow Vinesauce for Vinny and Joel. Vinny has stated before that he wishes the other streamers got more recognition by the fandom.
    • Likewise, people who watch Vinny/Joel solely for their corruptions/Windows OS destruction videos respectively, when they make up a very small fraction of their output.
  • Memetic Mutation: Has its own page.
  • Misaimed Fandom:
    • Joel has made it very clear throughout the channel hijacking incident that he doesn't want people, however well meaning, to talk about the hijacker, because even giving him negative attention is giving him the attention he wants. Many fans were less than receptive to this message, and prior to cleanup, every one of these trope pages was littered with hyperbole prominently featuring the hijacker's handle.
    • One formed over the Mii character Vlinny from Vinny's Vinesauce Tomodachi Life and Vinesauce Miitopia streams. Vlinny was a fairly minor villain in the playthrough who later became an Ensemble Dark Horse due to a series of comedic mishaps, but the fanbase subjected him to a truly bizarre degree of Draco Inleather Pants and Self-Fanservice that eventually took on a life of its own. The amount of Loony Fan and Stalker with a Crush-by-proxy behavior involving him bled onto the stream to the point that Vinny himself eventually became disgusted with Vlinny altogether, and instituted various changes to keep Vlinny's fandom away.
  • Misblamed: People accused PeanutButterGamer of stealing footage from Vinny when his Super Mario 64 hacking video featured corruptions that had previously been used by Vinny. He is actually a Vinesauce fan and the video in question featured new footage of corruptions Vinny previously used. The situation regarding attribution was rectified by giving the video a description with very detailed information on where the corruptions and the program they use came from. PeanutButterGamer's Ocarina of Time hacking video would later mention the Vinesauce Corrupter by name within the video itself.
  • Never Live It Down:
    • Despite the "bee sex" meme being despised by both Vinny and the "Fuck Bees" video's uploader, GPM, Joel, and Vinny's fans seem to be determined to reference it whenever the opportunity strikes, and even Southbird (who edits videos for Vinny) referenced it in a non-Vinesauce video that shows a copy of Animal Crossing: New Leaf that had the game's text changed to YouTube comments, including comments referencing the meme in question.
    • Despite eventually hating it, Joel's initially positive experience with BonziBUDDY is continually referenced.
    • Rev accidentally wishing someone a happy birthday on the wrong day led to a common running gag of wishing him a happy birthday on the wrong day. He eventually got tired of the joke.
  • Older Than They Think: Vinny's jokes about Midna being a cat from his The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD streams aren't something he originally came up with. The villains of Hyrule Warriors, a game Vinny has played, occasionally call her a cat when insulting her.
  • Overshadowed by Controversy: Pretty much everything good that happened for Vinesauce in 2015note  was completely overtaken by Joel's channel being hijacked in November. Considering how much panic and exaggeration there was on TV Tropes and other Vinesauce sources during the time, you'd be surprised to known that it lasted for slightly over a week and didn't have too much at stake (for one, the hijacker was a lot less threatening than originally thought to be; for example, Joel's full stream channel was completely unaffected).
  • Popular with Furries: Vinny's streams, due to a combination of his Animal Crossing playthroughs (itself a series known for this trope) plus the fact that some of his Big name Fans in the early days were members of the furry community.
  • Ron the Death Eater: Bunji the Frog from the Gigglebone Gang games, normally a young and playful frog that simply provides assets to mess with on his dedicated screens, thanks to Vinny's absolute dislike to the frog and the fandom running with said hatred, was twisted into a gluttonous villain with a squeaky voice that devours almost everything you can name, if most of his booru art is to go by.
  • Scapegoat Creator:
    • Direboar is responsible for designing and maintaining the team's website. As a result, some people blame any and all problems with the website entirely on him. In 2015, viewers were given another reason to treat him this way when he actually did end up not being able to salvage the original Vinesauce forums when they were lost during maintenance in 2015, which led to the forums having to be rebuilt from scratch.
    • Ludicrously enough, a Vocal Minority of fans got angry at Vinny for not taking more visible action against Joel's YouTube and Twitch channels being hijacked as well as at Joel for keeping a low profile during this entire incident. As the hijacker was trying to impersonate the YouTuber Bastrin, some viewers were angry at him as well. Vinny himself addressed this, stating that they were "the worst kind of Vinesauce fans" and that he believed Google would solve this problem in due time (which, fortunately, is what ended up happening).
    • The uploader of the "Fuck Bees" video is angry at Vinny for its meme status and repeatedly slanders him while trolling Vinesauce fans, despite the fact that Vinny, who streamed the mod but had nothing to do with its development, had nothing to do with its inclusion in Super Mario Galaxy Repainted and would later grow tired of it himself.
  • The Scrappy:
    • BonziBUDDY is this to Joel. Fans think a bit differently.
    • Vinny vehemently despises Malo. Naturally, like with BonziBUDDY and Joel, the fans tend to deliberately put Malo in art to annoy Vinny, often by drawing other characters (both from Zelda and other series) with his face, such as one piece that makes a play on words by drawing the similarly named Mallow from Pokémon Sun and Moon with Malo's face.
      • Vinny also really hates Bunji the Frog from the Gigglebone Gang edutainment games; finding his voice, mannerisms, and gluttony very annoying and creepy. This resulted in the character's appearance in a few fan games like a Half-Life mod simply titled Kill the Frog and the Vinesauce Minecraft mod had a dream sequence where the player is given a gun and can shoot swarms of attacking Bunji's.
    • GeePM personally despises Minions and Seth Rogen movies, (e.g., Sausage Party).
  • Scrappy Mechanic:
    • The old Vinebooru was the most feasible way of hosting Vinesauce fan art (particularly because it was the only hosting site linked to on the stream's home page, and because it was the one streamers paid the most attention to), but it wasn't exactly the most efficient way. After a particularly bad image spamming on it in late 2015, Southbird expressed a lot of his gripes about it (mainly its horrible user-management system) and it was later replaced with a new Booru.
    • The forums ended up having to be replaced in 2015 after the old message board was lost during maintenance. Direboar ended up finding out the hard way that the new forum software is more prone to having issues with spambots, as such a thing did happen in 2016, and the forums largely ended up being abandoned in favor of the Vinesauce Subreddit, which Vinny once mentioned as being sort of a replacement.
  • So Bad, It's Good:
    • The MIDI rendition of "The Time Is Now" made by a MP3-to-MIDI generator program in "Windows 8 Destruction". Rather than resembling the actual instrumentation, the "rendition" ended up being a cacophony of overlapping piano tracks.
    • Darren's MIDI rendition of the "Do Your Best" song from Super Mario Galaxy Repainted sounds like a horribly off-key piano cover of the original.
  • Spoiled by the Format: In "7 Grand Dad ( Real Cartridge ) ( Part 2 Finale )", Joel promises that he will eat a raw egg if he can't beat the game within the next 2 hours. The title says it's the finale, so that guarantees he'll beat the final boss in the video. The video is also just under 2 hours long (1 hour 57 minutes), and he only makes the bet and starts the timer a good way after starting, so unless you were watching the stream live or not paying attention to the video's length, you'd know there will be no eating of eggs in this video.
    • Anyone who were familiar with the Desert Bus knows that it takes you at least 8 hours for a trip from Tucson Arizona to Las Vegas in 45 MPH, at least it's how the game works. In Joel's "Desert Bus 2 Charity Incentive 2018" full stream video, the video length is only 7 hours. Do the math.
  • Squick:
    • In the Windows 10 Destruction stream, Joel remembers a fetish forum for ice, of all things, and Googles it. He discovers a thread in which the members talk about freezing "milk" (always delivered with a winking face next to it) into ice. The implications alone as to what the "milk" actually is, as well as mentioning mixing it with "lemon", are gross enough, but then one person mentions that he gave some of the "milk" ice to his younger cousinnote ... and Joel promptly goes "Screw This, I'm Outta Here!" after reading that.
    • Most of the Flash games Rev looks at inevitably dip into this, big time.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!:
    • The community is rather divided about site growth.
    • The transition in late-2014 from a single streaming channel shared by all streamers, to streamers streaming on separate channels has triggered similar divisions. The base has been split between those who see this as a great opportunity for streamers to stream more games of their choosing and to organize the fanbase better, and those who see this as a sign of Vinesauce and its community fracturing further into separate camps. The split more or less faded quickly, with positive effects like lesser-known streamers becoming more famous (all of the active streamers managed to become Twitch partners in 2015) and chats generally being more organized outweighing the negatives.
  • Ugly Cute: The primary appeal behind the very odd-looking, yet just as adorable Meat.
  • Uncanny Valley:
    • Ima's act of pretending to be 12 years old throws many off guard. That she uses it for Power Perversion Potential does certainly not help matters even though it's Played for Laughs and she assures that she's just joking.
    • Baby Hazel and friends in the games Rev streams.
  • Unexpected Character: Despite all the backlash from Joel, Bonzi still returns in the last part of "Windows 10 Destruction" to fight Joel another time, thanks to a fan-made program.
  • Values Dissonance: During his infamous prank call on the dubious PC Optimizer Pro's service center as part of his Windows 10 Destruction stream, Joel uses the "I sexually identify as an attack helicopter" copypasta as a means of trolling the receptionist. The joke wouldn't fly smoothly today now, as the greater mobility of the trans community since 2016 has resulted in them being more vocal about the joke being offensive and demeaning, which in turn led to the "attack helicopter" copypasta and similar parodies of transgenderism & xenogenders being much more heavily scorned.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not for Kids?: Despite the Mario-inspired logo and frequent streams of games rated as being suitable for minors, Vinesauce is definitely not family-friendly, but despite this Vinny has mentioned coming across fans as young as about 10-13 years old.
  • The Woobie:
    • Joel slips into this during his genocide run of Undertale. He makes it very clear that he really doesn't want to kill all the lovable characters in the game and it's audibly painful for him to have to do so.
    • Ima's voice for when she's pretending to be a 12-year-old kid almost always features her character begging for his/her father to stop hurting him/her.


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