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    Vinny streams with their own pages 

  • Accidentally Correct Writing: Vinny occasionally passes off corruptions as something only someone as stupid and/or silly as him would do, but "corruptions" are actually used in software testing - they just happen to fall under the more professional term "fault injection".
  • Approval of God:
    • Vinny acknowledged Vappy and Southbird's work before they became Promoted Fanboys. During a stream of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D in late 2014, Vinny acknowledged that Vappy was uploading his streams to YouTube and said he didn't care that he was doing that, with the same year seeing the registration of The Full Sauce channel, an official stream archive that Vappy helps maintain. The following year Vinny discovered after streaming Super Mario Bros. 3Mix that Southbird had uploaded highlight videos of his streams and Vinny approved of it and made Southbird an official video editor for his streams a few months later. Vappy eventually left due to personal issues making it difficult for him to maintain the channel.
    • The videos in Vinny's Full Sauce channel's playlists tend to come from Vappy's other channels if they aren't hosted on The Full Sauce itself, but the channel also has a link to a full playlist of Vinny's Pokémon X streams from YouTuber Irishredawg, who is not officially connected to Vinesauce.
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  • Ascended Fanon: While it initially started off as a Fan Nickname, "John Fullsauce" wound up becoming the official handle for the second owner of Vinny's "Vinesauce: The Full Sauce" channel, with him doing solo streams under the moniker and referring to himself by it on Twitter.
  • Author's Saving Throw: According to Vinny, a number of Sunday Stream segments, such as Shovelware Showcase, Grab Bag Garbage, Failed Mascots, and Trio of Trash, were either replaced or renamed due to them stoking debates among fans over whether or not some of the games included actually reflected the negative connotations of the segment titles (especially since most submissions are brought in by fans rather than Vinny himself). Among others, Grab Bag Garbage was renamed Grab Bag Gamble, Failed Mascots became Forgotten Mascots, and Trio of Trash turned into Trio of Treasure, with the latter playing off of how "Treasure" can refer to both legitimately good and So Bad, It's Good games.
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  • Banned Episode: During one of Joel's Pokemon ROM hacks streams in 2017, he played a hack named Pokemon Cock which is mainly known for its crude language, including racial slurs. Once the stream was finished, the Pokemon Cock segment was removed from both the Twitch and YouTube VODs, and both Joel and his viewers have refrained from re-uploading anything related to that specific segment since.
  • Beam Me Up, Scotty!:
    • The Crenando running gag is, more often than not, attributed to Vinny misreading Ganondorf's name. While it was Vinny who introduced the joke, it was an old friend of his who misread it, years before the stream even began (specifically, when some of Vinny's friends were playing Super Smash Bros. Melee on a small TV, which made text hard to read), and Vinny wasn't even present when it happened and heard about it from another friend. Vinny himself has clarified this not to be the case multiple times, though many people still believe it was an on-stream occurrence; TV Tropes even assumed it was his mistake and documented it accordingly for a while.
      Vinny himself mistakenly attributes the misreading to Gamby, an old friend of his and frequent butt of jokes for Vinny and his friends, during a stream of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D and corrects himself during a The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD stream, saying that who said it is unknown to him. During a stream of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, another installment in Ganondorf's home series, Vinny comments that he himself has had to be corrected by Mike when it comes to certain details of the original incident.
    • Joel's "Who's been drawing dicks?" quote is often associated with Mario Paint, despite the fact that it was introduced to Vinesauce in his Windows XP Destruction stream. The quote is referencing something one of Joel's teachers said when he was a kid rather than anything from Vinesauce, and the original drawings (which were done by a classmate of Joel's, not Joel himself), as well as Joel's replica in the Windows XP Destruction stream, were drawn using the Paint program that came with Windows. SiIvaGunner is probably to blame here, given how one of their most popular "high quality rips" ever is a Stupid Statement Dance Mix combining the joke and Mario Paint music.
    • Despite it being a moment from a Joel stream, Vinny has sometimes been miscredited with the "GRAND DAD" meme.
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  • Corpsing: Vinny showed the chat multiple odd tweets from The Iron Sheik during a stream of Super Mario Bros. 3Mix and found them so hilarious that he couldn't stop chuckling even after he went back to simply playing the game.
  • Creator Backlash:
    • Joel expressed weariness towards both the popularity of both BonziBuddy and Grand Dad jokes. His feelings towards the former are particularly apparent in his Windows 7 Destruction stream, where he was irritated that BonziBUDDY worked on the OS after installing it, despite the fact that it looked like it didn'tnote .
    • The original reposter of the "Fuck Bees" video absolutely hates the fact that the song's inclusion in Vinny's Super Mario Galaxy Repainted stream led to countless Vinesauce fans commenting on the original video. This reached the point where the creator now trolls "Fuck Bees" viewers by posting slanderous comments about Vinny (despite the fact that he had nothing to do with its inclusion in the hack in question) and spoiling The Force Awakens in the video's description.
    • Vinny himself hates the "bees" meme as well. According to him, the only time he ever found it funny was in the context of the original Super Mario Galaxy Repainted stream. However, this seems to have lessened as 2016 went by, as he has referenced it himself when his character in Animal Crossing: New Leaf gets chased by bees after he started streaming that game again after its Welcome amiibo update was released in late 2016.
    • Vinny is sick of and baffled by the existence of the "HE THICC" meme, wondering how a joke name from an online player for Mario Kart 8 could achieve such memetic status and a bundle of fan games. He even requested to his fans in one stream to stop making HE THICC games because of it.
    • Vinny eventually disavowed Vlinny after his fandom became too much to bear. Originally a quirky joke Mii "evil" clone of his from the Vinesauce Tomodachi Life and Vinesauce Miitopia series, Vlinny became an Ensemble Dark Horse as the series went on. Unfortunately Vlinny also got too popular with certain kinds of obsessive fans on Tumblr. A combination of Vlinny being a thinly-veiled alt version of Vinny, Vinny's own discomfort with sexual/romantic fanart of himself, and the fact that some of the fans were flooding the Image Booru with said content right where he could directly see it, even after he stopped playing anything with Vlinny in it, creeped him out enough to back away from the character for good and institute policies against those obsessive fans' behavior.
    • Vinny isn't exactly fond of his old RPG Maker games, calling them "cringe" (something he notes he rarely does) and barely gets halfway through the first game, Chrono Continuum, before getting too embarrassed to read the dialogue his 16-year-old self wrote.
  • Creator's Favorite: Of a sort; Vinny has gone on record stating that the "SPEEN" voice is his favorite one to put on, to the point of shouting "SPEEN" without an ounce of hesitation when asked about his favorite voice at his TooManyGames 2019 panel.
  • Defictionalization: While playing the Game Boy Color port of Razor Freestyle Scooter, Vinny improvised new lyrics to the game's chiptune rendition of "A Story About Us" by Never Too Late; dubbed "Scoot the Burbs", it quickly became a fan favorite. He would later restart Animal Crossing: New Leaf using the Welcome amiibo update's added New Game Plus feature, naming his new town Da Burbs ("The Burbs" didn't fit within the character limit) after viewers picked it in a Strawpoll, with that being the town featured in his post-update streams of that game.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The official highlights video for Human Fall Flat, due to the unusual circumstances behind its uploading. The video was posted on PornHub by an unverified account Vinny created specifically for that one video (referencing a line in his Super Mario Galaxy Repainted stream noting that comments on fan reuploads of his material on PornHub are more civil than comments on his actual YouTube uploads). At the end of 2020, PornHub purged every single video on their platform by unverified uploaders for legal reasons, including the Human Fall Flat highlights . Because Vinny never posted it to YouTube, this means that fan reuploads are the only way to watch itnote .
  • Meaningful Release Date:
    • Vinesauce itself was founded a day before Vinny's 25th birthday. Vinny himself commented on how it wasn't on the exact same day when he streamed on the site's fifth anniversary (the day before his 30th birthday).
    • Fred streamed Super Mario Bros. 3 on March 10, 2015, AKA Mario Day. Vinny also streamed Super Mario Bros. 3Mix (a hack of that game) on the same day, though that stream was part of a then-ongoing series of streams and not a standalone stream.
  • Missing Episode
    • Due to Livestream's deletion of old archives (which were limited to begin with) and Twitch's August 2014 implementation of non-permanent video-on-demand archives, scores of earlier Vinesauce streams, including those by early streamers who are no longer part of Vinesauce, are largely lost or unpublished. YouTube archives of full streams generally started to appear in 2014 (around the same time as the aforementioned discontinuation of permanent video-on-demand archives) and Southbird made a forum post regarding the nearly complete lack of archives from before 2013, such as how the very first stream (Vinny's first Chrono Trigger stream) is completely gone.
      • A change of format for Livestream wiped out the handful of short clips that had remained along with, among other things, the viewer minute count which was well over 300,000,000. As of 2016, the only active streamers who don't keep archives of their current streams are Jen, Darren, and Hootey (they do have YouTube channels, but they generally aren't used for archives of full streams). The autopilot was revamped after scores of videos were removed by Livestream, so that is a lost relic as well.
      • Vinny has stated that he's saved several archives of his old streams, several of which are older than either what's been uploaded to Vappy's personal channels or what's been uploaded as VineClassics on The Full Sauce, but he's reluctant to upload them partially because he doesn't think there's enough interest and partially because he isn't fond of the quality of some of the older streams.
    • Footage is missing from some of Vappy's uploads of Vinny's Super Mario 3D World streams because the recordings were lost.
    • On Joel's full stream channel, his uploads for The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask originally began with the second stream. This would later be corrected. However, there is one stream of Majora's Mask that took place before the first part, from what is said by Joel, the stream was cut off by a blue screen right after he got back from some errand. Unlike the part 2 before part 1 upload mishap, this "Part 0" stream was never uploaded.
    • Joel and GPM's Vinewrestle 2016 streams were intentionally kept off YouTube to avoid copyright strikes. They were uploaded to Joel's Dailymotion channel instead.
    • YouTube uploads can be lost due to copyright strikes. Southbird temporarily set his highlight videos for Vinny's Super Mario Bros. 3Mix streams to private to avoid this and also moved his 3Mix development videos (along with his other non-Vinesauce videos) to a separate channel, though the highlight videos were made public again after the post-Super Mario Maker takedowns of ROM hack videos had slowed down.
    • Following Twitch cracking down on use of copyrighted audio in streams in late 2020 following intense legal pressure, both Vinny and Joel wound up having to delete every clip of theirs below 10,000 views and every still-up VOD as a protective measure. While the full streams are still up on YouTube to watch, the deleted clips themselves are no longer accessible on Twitch, and the low likelihood of every clip-maker having downloaded every one of their clips means that the vast majority of them are likely gone forever.
    • Joel once streamed a game called Super Nazi Penis Cartel Freedom Fighters 3. It was a ROM hack of Super Mario Bros. 3 that, as you can probably guess from the title, was extremely NSFW. The Full Stream YouTube channel upload was pulled around the time that YouTube started getting stricter about racist and sexual content.
  • Never Work with Children or Animals: Rev's cat Herman is known for interrupting streams, at one point even playing with the keyboard and shutting a game off while Rev was streaming. Limes's ferrets are also known to crash streams.
  • Pop Culture Urban Legends: Joel inadvertantly created one back in 2015. During a stream, he went off on a tangent about how the name of the game Body Harvest always made him think of Harvest Moon, and jokingly pitched a game called "Body Harvest Moon" where you play as a farmer who just killed his wife and have to tend to your farm while hiding her body from the police. A Redditor by the name of sparta213 ended up watching an animatic of this clip while half-asleep, misremembered it as being an actual game he'd played sometime later, and started a thread asking if anyone else remembered it. It kicked off a years-long search for this lost "Evil Farming Game", documented by YouTuber Justin Whang, and it was only in June of 2021 that someone was able to tie it back to the original video. Joel discussed this in a stream after Whang made an update video on the subject, being amused by the whole thing but also apologising for sending so many people on a wild goose chase.
  • Promoted Fanboy:
    • All of the streamers except for Vinny started out as viewers.
    • The late Vappyvap88, who started off unofficially uploading full streams to his personal YouTube channel, went on to officially help managing an official channel for posting Vinny's full streams. Vappy eventually stepped down from the role due to him becoming too busy with real-life commitments to continue managing the channel and was replaced by an anonymous "John Fullsauce", himself also an example of this trope.
    • Captain Southbird, who had uploaded highlights of certain streams (primarily Vinny's Tomodachi Life streams) and was eventually discovered by Vinny after the latter streamed Super Mario Bros. 3Mix (Southbird made both the hack in question and highlight videos of Vinny's streams of it), was also considered an official Vinesauce partner as well. Most of his newer edits would later go on Vinny's own channel, while the edited versions of Vinny's Tomodachi Life streams remained on his own, though his channel does feature videos featuring more miscellaneous content than the videos on Vinny's channel (which tend to be more similar to the videos Vinny himself makes), such as stories and anecdotes shared by Vinny during various streams. Southbird later started editing Vinny's Animal Crossing: New Leaf streams (primarily streams of the Welcome amiibo update) and they ended up going on Southbird's own channel instead of Vinny's. Southbird eventually resigned from his position on good terms on Christmas day 2018, providing one last video in the form of a feature-length Mayor Vine highlight/recap compilation. Since then, his position has been filled by a rotating cast of guest editors (with each video's editor listed in the description and end card), themselves promoted fanboys.
    • Similarly to Southbird, SuperWiiBros. started off making fan highlight videos of Joel's livestreams, often emulating his Signature Style of fast-paced, off-kilter editing with a highly esoteric sense of humor. While Joel still edits all of his official highlights videos himself, SuperWiiBros. has since been brought on-board as an assistant editor for them as a means of reducing the workload for them (as they often take at least several months to come out due to Joel's self-admitted perfectionism).
    • GPM was made a Vinesauce streamer in 2016. He had collaborated with Vinesauce in the past (such as with Vinny's Super Mario Galaxy Repainted stream from around the end of the previous year) and had experience streaming beforehand.
  • The Red Stapler: Sort of. Vinny's fondness for Scoot helped increase popularity and demand for Scoot on Animal Crossing villager trading communities.
  • Referenced by...:
  • Role-Ending Misdemeanor:
    • Former member Tame (AKA Bran) was removed and UnPersoned from the team for using donations meant to go to charity on a new computer.
    • GeePM was a longtime fan and collaborator who eventually became a full-time member of the Vinesauce team in 2016, but was later put on a year-long suspension from the team at the start of 2017 after soliciting donations for personal needs. He ultimately chose not to rejoin the team in favor of striking out on his own as an independent streamer. Later, GeePM announced that he would be retiring from streaming permanently and deleted all of his YouTube archives after both his participation in the 2021 smear attempts against Vinny and the concurrent revelation that he previously assisted in a coverup of severe misconduct within his own community.
  • Rule 34 – Creator Reactions:
    • At the end of this stream someone shared NSFW fanart of Joel with Undyne and Temmie which he found hilarious. He also talks about the time he discovered a thread on 4chan's yaoi board with pornographic drawings of himself and Vinny. He found it hilarious as well and took it completely in stride.
    • On the other side of the coin, Vinny has expressed discomfort with people drawing sexualized versions of him and shipping him with other people or characters, or even with anything that portrays him as a Mr. Fanservice in general, especially after an influx of such art during the Vinesauce Miitopia series. The deluge got so bad that he changed the rules on the Image Booru to clamp down on it.
    • When asked whether she had any issues with people drawing porn of Laimu, Limes responded that she was okay with it and appreciated every piece of fanart, including the risqué ones, only requesting that anything explicit be kept out of her official art tag as she'd prefer to keep that clean.
  • Schedule Slip: Some of Joel's stream archives on YouTube are uploaded long after the fact, sometimes by a year or more. Joel prefers to wait until he finishes editing the related highlight video, then uploading both things at once, something exacerbated by Joel's self-admitted perfectionist tendencies.
  • Screwed by the Lawyers: Vinny was forced to stop playing popular music during BRBs in favor of video game music in November 2020, following Twitch growing more rigid with DMCA enforcement that year and Vinny himself getting a copyright strike from a clip that included a snippet of "Temporary Secretary" by Paul McCartney (ironically an artist known for being critical of copyright law as a result of spending years fighting to regain the rights to his own songs). This enforcement also led to both Vinny and Joel wiping all of their VODs on Twitch (though not YouTube) as well as regularly purging clips that fail to reach 10,000 views or more in a given timeframe.
  • Sequel Gap: The seventh installment of The Adventures of Mario and Luigi premiered five years after episode six.
  • Trolling Creator:
    • Vinny has mentioned that he sometimes likes to say completely random things to get the attention of people who have his streams playing in the background, such as people who have a stream playing in one tab while a different tab is open. For example, he might jokingly say that something lewd is happening onscreen during completely normal gameplay.
    • The very existence of this video from the Twitch Clips channel, which features an apparent clip of a neutral run of the long-requested game Undertale. The "full-stream" video in the description is set to private.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The first time EarthBound asked for Vinny's name, he entered "Binyot" instead. When the same screen came up later in the game, he changed it to his real name due to viewer requests from the previous time. Had he not changed it, the scene featuring Paula directly reaching out to the player during the final battle would have had less of an impact than usual, which is why viewers asked Vinny to change the in-game name.
    • Pretty much every time Joel plays Dwarf Fortress, he mentions considering making a tutorial video series for the game since he repeatedly insists that the game's easy and chat is over-complicating things.note  The idea never took off, and Joel even went as far as saying he doesn't think he's the right guy for the job, comparing the idea to someone attempting to learn math from a clown.
    • Early in 2023, Vinny was originally going to play Goose Goose Duck, but due to a server outage he instead went with Among Us VR again.
  • Why Fandom Can't Have Nice Things:
    • The fan submission Image Booru used to be very open regarding subject matter so long as it followed basic etiquette. However the Mii character Vlinny from his Tomodachi Life and Miitopia streams proved to be extraordinarily popular with fans on Tumblr, resulting in a lot of accounts dedicated to making fan content of him long after Vinny stopped streaming those games, some of it erotically tinged or involving shipping with the various other Vinny-based Miis. Some users went so far as to kin with Vlinny. Due to its proximity to Real-Person Fic, the behavior made Vinny uncomfortable to the point that he established a new rule limiting the influx of Vlinny-based art, which he explains here.
    3. Please try to keep your art related to current streams. We understand that older streams/memes are still very near and dear to people’s hearts. We encourage artists to expand on their creativity and try new things. If all of your uploads consistently focus on only one subject unrelated to current streams it may be removed. (e.g. Tomodachi Life, Vlinny/Vinny, Meat, Granddad, games that were streamed several years ago) This does not apply to general Vinesauce fan art, such as Vineshrooms.
    4. If your art is considered uncomfortable or inappropriate to be shown during the art segment it may be removed at the moderators discretion. Just because you are comfortable with something DOES NOT mean that the streamers/viewers are.
    • Vinny used to do live streams almost daily for the greater part of ten years and was fairly open to interacting with fans and highlighting community contributions, leading to the Image Booru becoming one of the largest of its kind. But after a brief hiatus caused by a cancellation attempt in April 2021 that was later revealed to have been the result of a coordinated smear campaign by a group of embittered ex-associates, he decided to withdraw from interactions with the fan community as much as possible, shifting from daily live streams to primarily prerecorded content made with a private audience and holding live streams on rare occasions. In addition, Vinny decided to shutter the long-standing Art Corner segment for good, specifically citing the Image Booru as having made him too uncomfortable to continue with it (due to the above uncomfortable artwork as well as at least one of said ex-associates having been a frequent Booru contributor), and stated that he would no longer be holding panels at fan conventions in the future.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Vinepedia which was made to replace the old wiki.