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  • Bonus Episode:
    • Southbird's edit of the crossover with the Vinesauce Tomodachi Life streams, which happens via the Dream Suite, isn't numbered, with the following video continuing from the previous video.
    • The crossover with Imakuni's New Leaf streams isn't numbered along with the rest of the episodes, with the following episode continuing from where the previous episode left off. However, this episode isn't completely standalone; references to the stream show up later when residents of Da Burbs mention Mayor Risa (Imakuni's character).
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  • Fan Nickname: After Bob ends up being one of the first villagers in Da Burbs, people in the chat use the term "natural Bob" to refer to when Bob is among the first few villagers in a new file instead of either moving in later or being added via amiibo. Vinny also reads messages about viewers having "natural Bobs" in their own towns.
  • In Memoriam: While adding Molly, Vinny briefly says her addition is partially in memory of his dog, also named Molly.
  • Meaningful Release Date: Part 17 was streamed on Scoot's birthday. Vinny wanted to attend it because Scoot is one of his favorite characters. Scoot receives a Beautiful Statue as a present.
  • Name's the Same:
    • Vinny's original Animal Crossing: New Leaf town (before he restarted the game using the Welcome amiibo update's New Game+ feature after installing the update in question) is called Vineland. Vineland is also the name of a real-life city in New Jersey, which Southbird points out in the first of his videos.
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    • Vinny refers to the addition of the duck villager Molly as being in memory of his dog, also named Molly.
    • Vinny references Cherry from Animal Crossing when a machine with the same name shows up in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, joking that the former Cherry followed him into the Zelda series.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Vinny made a Strawpoll for whether to keep Frita in Vineland. Viewers voted for her to leave, so she isn't a resident in the 2015 and 2016 revisit streams.
    • Vinny created three Strawpolls to decide the name of his second town, with the first two being discarded to make room for more suggestions. The options were Da Burbs, Buvvins, Binyot, TheBurbs, Vineland, and The Burb, in order from most to least popular, with Da Burbs being absent from the first poll and Buvvins being absent from both the first and second polls.
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    • Vinny originally considered having Gala move out when moving Coco in. He decides to have Cherry move out instead because Wisp suggests her before Gala.
    • Vinny wanted to move Stitches into Da Burbs and noted viewers' support of his decision, but he couldn't do so because the Harvest Festival was going on, so moving villagers in wasn't possible at the time. The next time Vinny scans an amiibo, he adds Molly instead.

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