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Vinesauce Tomodachi Life stream moments can be found here.
Meme House stream moments can be found here.
The Blue Shell Incident moments can be found here.

  • While ironically funny, BonziBUDDY's return to the world of Windows 7 in Joel's Windows 7 Destruction Stream is somewhat awesome to witness.
    • Here's a much more awesome moment, from the Windows XP Destruction Stream: The virtual computer's now in complete shambles, a MIDI version of The Final Countdown is playing in the background, and Joel's attempting to download Lose/Lose onto it to finish it off. Bonzi has this to say:
    "This one is sure to make you laugh! What did the beaver say to the tree? [...] It's been nice gnawing you!"
    • Note that after he says this, Bonzi puts on his sunglasses, and just...waits, for his inevitable end. Program or not, you gotta admit that Bonzi became a full-blown, fearless badass for a moment, at that point. He knows he's going to die, and yet he doesn't even care; In a way, Bonzi had won (and literally by winning the crowd, as evidenced by his rise to meme status).
    • And again, in Joel's Windows 10 Destruction Stream, the virtual computer seems to be standing against everything Joel throws at it, until Joel reveals that he's recently made friends with none other than the virus reviewer danooct1, who's given Joel a particularly powerful trojan to destroy the system with. Its name is MEMZ, and its inclusion in the stream was enough to shoot its creator, Leurak, into viral-levels of fame.
    • For the climax of the first part of Joel's Windows Vista Destruction stream for the 2017 Charity event, Joel reveals that Leurak's been cooking up another virus for him to use. Its name is... BONZIFY! That's right, Bonzi's back, and he's packing more than a few tricks up his sleeve. In the end, Bonzi manages to hijack the entire VM and insert Bonzify's code into just about every single program and process he can find, resulting in Joel being completely unable to use the VM. Not even restarting the VM works, as Bonzi simply returns and destroys the VM by ending critical system processes.
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  • Although Joel's knack for creating Gonkish Sims in the Sims 3 streams is rightfully hilarious, some of the Sims he created are surprisingly intricate and well-made, such as his interpretations of Mario, Luigi, and Ash.
  • Vinny beating a particular boss in Bloodborne and unleashing the most badass Large Ham moment (and simultaneous Precision F-Strike) of any Vinesauce stream in existence has to be seen and heard to be believed.
  • Hootey playing Cook, Serve Delicious on extreme difficulty and New Game Plus. At one point he decides to go for a perfect when his girlfriend calls during the final rush hour of the day. Not only does he manage to answer the phone and continue playing as normal, he also manages to complete the day without messing up once.
  • For the 2014 charity stream, it was decided that they wanted to try to reach at least $5,000. Some time after hitting $10,000, it was realized that if they could "somehow" breach $20,000, it would qualify as a grant and be officially named "the Vinesauce Child Cancer Research Grant", so they "really hoped" it would get there, despite downtime on the donation site... so they kept going past 24 hours. With roughly a half-hour left they were over $22,000, with ten minutes left they were at $23,000, and the final tally was $24,663. The rallying cries weren't the usual Tear Jerker moments, but sometimes insane, always awesome things like "This stream is going to kick cancer in the balls!" The sheer emotion in the voices of Vinny and the crew at the end of it caused many Manly Tears to be shed.
    • And then, for the 2015 charity stream, that previous total was crushed. Can you say, $55,716? Even better was that they broke the record before Vinny started his first stream during the charity event!
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    • Even better, when the donations closed and even the charity T-shirts/hoodies were about to close, enough people bought them to force it open again!
    • For the 2016 charity stream, the fans of the streamers completely annihilated the 2015 record, raising a total of $80,815.
      • That's on donations alone. Plus the extra stuffnote ? $108,209.25.
    • The 2017 charity stream one-upped that, bringing in $137,337 total after reaching over $100,000note  for the first time ever during the charity stream.
    • With the 2018 charity stream, it continues rising onward, raising not only $121,778 at the official end of the charity stream, but adding the items bought for the event raised the amount to $181,902.
    • It just keeps happening. After already setting the bar pretty damn high at $121,778, the 2019 charity stream smashed that amount with a donation total of $153,428 by the end of it all. Even more amazing is that by the end of the final day, the amount gained was more than doubled that of the first two days combined!note  What's even more impressive is that Hootey mentioned the amount spent before reaching the July 25, 2019 deadline was over $200,000 for the first time at around $219,420 (at least under the initial announcement)! The final numbers eventually totaled out to $210,338.92, which is still fantastic in its own right. And while we're on the subject with Hootey, he also announced the creation of Variety Is Hope, a new 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to fundraising for the betterment of online communities and causes that benefit the greater good. Truly the Vinesauce community can be considered awesome in their own rights for this one.
    • Even under a year where the biggest threat to people wasn't necessarily cancer for once, in a period of time where things that could go horribly wrong did go wrong (even under the first day of streaming for the Variety Is Hope channel in 2020 with multiple technical issues for pretty much everyone streamingnote ), the end result from Day 1 alone felt so right with Vinny learning that the near $72,000 donated from Day 1 (total donated was still going up from over $71,000+ by the time Day 1 concluded for the channel, though it was at $72,432 at the start of the second day) not only smashed last year's Day 1 total but also nearly beat out their Day 2 total from last year also! (The Day 2 total from last year got beaten only minutes into 2020's Day 2, by the way.) It goes to show even when things are truly at their worst, people can still find a way to bring their best to others that really need it the most!
      • And as an added bonus, Variety Is Hope's first-ever video game, Vine Realms, was released to the public by the end of the day for both Windows & Macintosh users (Linux users were later added by Day 3).
      • For the first time ever, the Vinesauce Is Hope event finally broke through the $100,000 barrier by its second day! And as an added bonus, it was done during Joel's Windows Longhorn Destruction, reaching $100,056 during his stream, before ending the night with $112,133! After that milestone was broken, one might only wonder what Day 3 for 2020 has in store for us.
      • Finally, on Day 3, the conclusion for Vinny's stream ended not at $150,000 (which was met around the time Vinny played a cursed NES cartridge of Super Mario Bros. 3 and well before Vinny's first look at Vine Realms), not at $175,000 (which was met during his corruptions stream on mainly Nintendo 3DS games), but at over $200,000 in donations alone! Even more amazing, it didn't look like it would break through the $200,000 barrier by the time Vinny & Joel ended their Four-in-a-Row (a.k.a., Connect 4) matches in Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics, especially when they were at $186,949 during one of their last matches of the night, but they somehow managed to break through with nearly $15,000 added by the last 10 or so minutes beginning their thank yous to the audience with $201,218 going into $201,268 before the donations for the night finally ended at $202,395 going on $202,421! Eventually, it was revealed that the end result total was $256,515!
  • During Limes' first stream of Far Cry 4, she managed to basically show off how sturdy the vehicles have become, compared to Far Cry 3. Managing to fall several feet on a quad, rolling down a mountain, and still not blowing the same quad bike up? Just hilariously awesome.
  • Captain Southbird, who makes highlight videos for Vinny's work (mostly the Vinesauce Tomodachi Life streams) effectively becoming a Vinesauce partner, announced by Vinny while streaming Super Mario Bros. 3Mix... which Southbird made. See here.
  • Vinny manages to find Chris Houlihan's room in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past — in a corrupted state, no less.
  • Any time Joel and Fist of the North Star mix, you know something cool's going to happen.
  • Joel finally gets his hands on JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle, and if that's not enough, at around 30 minutes in he pulls off DIO's famous Road Roller move on Jotaro Kujo to finish him off. If that's not enough, "Sono Chi No Sadame"note  is playing as he does so. And if that's not enough, he also triggers the Morioh stage's Dramatic Finish, and Jotaro is dragged off into Reimi's Alley. And the music syncs up well with the events going on, making this an amazing moment for JJBA fans all around.
  • Three words: Shaq. Versus. Goku. Witness it here. Shaq Wins.
    • And the fact that a Quad City DJ's + Ai Wo Torimodose mashup is playing at the same time makes it downright amazing.
  • During his second run of the Elite Four in Pokémon Vietnamese Crystal, Joel accidentally sends out his underleveled Kadabra, Satam, against Bruno. After realizing that switching to his Pidgeot would cause the game to crash, he leaves Satam in, who proceeds to wreck Bruno's shit. Afterwards, he becomes a staple on Joel's team.
    Joel: Satam has returned from Hell! He is here to slay the innocent and conquer Earth.
  • Joel's battle against Sans in the No Mercy run in Undertale. He evolves from sheer panic, shouting "What the fuck?!", and often not even managing to begin the battle at all, to being quiet and calm and absolutely acing the early parts of the battle that, only an hour earlier, gave him so much trouble. A single battle can change a man much.
  • One day after someone named Towel hijacked Joel's online presence in November 2015 (which was resolved on November 10), Vinesauce fans were panicking, fearing the worst. What does Vinny do when he find out? He simply tells his fans "Don't panic."
    • Vinny ended up calling out his fans after they went overboard in responding to this. (For anyone looking for the Imgur image included in his post, it's here.)
    • Joel's final response to what happened: "Well that was fucking stupid." Along with an announcement of continuing to produce new videos as usual.
    • Many of Joel's subscribers ended up ditching him because of the hijack. Once Joel returned, new subscribers poured in. This makes Joel the first Vinesauce member to celebrate the 200,000 subscriber milestone not once, but twice.
  • Joel decides to spend his last day in jail in Hard Time going around killing people, including his Sitcom Archnemesis, Fairytale. The best part? He lives, and it's the only time so far that he's managed to do so.
  • Joel finally goes on a rant on the people who disrespect streamers' chats by shouting that another streamer has gone live.
  • Though Vinny's stream of Human Fall Flat is more of a general funny moment, this part near the end where he recreates the "One Of My Turns" scene from The Wall, complete with the music, is amazing. Vinny even stated that it was one of his favorite Vinesauce moments in the past year.
    • You also got to give Vinny credit for him exclusively uploading the highlights video to PornHub of all places. However, Southbird made a YouTube highlight video to provide a work-safe alternative.
  • GPM, a longtime moderator and friend of Vinny, officially becoming a member of Vinesauce.
  • The entire Vinewrestle 2016 stream, which were matches taking place in WWE 2K15 starring members of the Vinesauce team and some of their memes. Not only that, but Joel and GPM were narrating it like a real WWE match all the way!
    • It also brought along a few incredible moments, such as Rev getting destroyed by GPM, Joel fighting against Dio, Vinny and his brutal moves against Bob Ross and that was just the start!
    • After Dio defeats Joel and Vinny, GPM, Vinesauce's new blood, avenges them by destroying Dio in the last match and becoming the champion of Vinewrestle 2016!
    • The entire fight with Bulk Bogan against Duane. The way the awesome music syncs with the fight made it probably the most intense one in the whole stream.
    • The last match of the stream? Bulk Bogan VS John Cena. The winner? Bulk Bogan.
  • Joel's stream of The Political Machine 2016. Playing the game for the first time against an AI-controlled Donald Trump, with next to no knowledge of U.S. geography or politics and with a totally incoherent platform centered around legalizing cannabis, he wins the election!
  • The Tumblr blog "JoJo's Bizarre Text Posts" prompted its followers to ask how they first got into JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and a number of people responded that they wanted to know what Joel was talking about when he made JoJokes, and fell in love with the series.
  • The saga of Biowolfe, a Miiverse user and creator of the role-play Hyrule Highschool that GPM followed on his Miiverse Is Hell streams. Over a period of two months, he and a few other Miiverse users created a six-episode-long saga with the depth of your average Miiverse role-play. At the end of the last episode, GPM realizes that he was put on a Ruse Cruise, as Biowolfe had created a buff villain, an in-universe force called "cringe" that explained the events of the series (which involved killing off all the major characters as they could not exist without destroying their universe), an alternate ending that featured Hyrule becoming a communist nation, and even mentioned a certain live-streamer that had been following the series!
  • Joel managed to beat the 1988 version of Ninja Gaiden, a game known for being Nintendo Hard, in one hour.
  • Imakuni beat Psychonauts, which is notorious for its collect-a-thon elements, in a few streams. With 100% Completion.
  • Joel's playthrough of Super C is awesome for several reasons: 1) He beats the game in one sitting and one run in exactly 25 minutes, 2) he does not resort to extending the number of lives with the Konami code, and 3) he kills the final boss on his last life.
  • Vinny got 100% Completion in Banjo-Kazooie, which, being a collectathon platformer, requires the player to obtain hundreds of items to do so.
  • Vinny took on Super Monkey Ball 2 and later made it his goal to beat the game with under 1,000 deaths. He managed it in 999.
  • Ima's Repainted version of one of her favorite games, Jet Set Radio Future, for the 2016 Charity Stream, which adds in a feature initially cut from the game (which plays the songs from the first game), a brand-new jukebox full of hand-selected new music, character models edited to look like the Vinecrew, Donnakuni, Porkchop, and the Twitch chat itself, sprays drawn by artists from the Booru, and a hilarious Gag Dub done by Mike (of Red Vox) and Andrew (aka Huggbees). The soundtrack is full of Awesome Music too: Mystery Skulls, Caravan Palace, The Pillows, Noodles (one of The Pillows' contemporaries), Royksopp, and Red Vox, among others.
  • Vinny completing The True Arena on Kirby: Planet Robobot after a few tries. He begins to grasp the boss patterns fairly quickly and even defeats Star Dream Soul OS on his very first try, with a little help on the very last attack.
    Vinny: That was really fucking hard and totally worth it for the sense of accomplishment.
  • Near the end of the Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots streams, Vinny — who has been unspoiled about most of the game's major events — finally sheds his Deadpan Snarker tendencies and goes full fanboy mode when [he gets to pilot Metal Gear REX, blast through a load of Gekkoes, and fight Metal Gear RAY on the docks of Shadow Moses Island. The sequence is awesome enough on its own, but hearing the usually calm and deadpan Vinny fully immersed in nostalgic glee makes it one of the peaks of the stream.
    • It happens again at the start of the Final Boss fight between Snake and Liquid Ocelot, when "Encounter" starts playing and the classic health bars show up, and even more toward the end of it, with "Snake Eater" and the corresponding stamina bars, to the point of actively shouting "YEAH!" and giggling like a maniac.
  • In Vinny's Super Mario Sunshine HD stream, after struggling against the emulator, the game, and the glitchy remake for the longest time, he manages to get it together to beat the lily pad ride, Turbo Nozzle dash, and Pachinko secret levels on his first try.
    Vinny: I'm sorry, what was the problem?
  • Vinny utterly thrashed the Nihilego-fused version of Lusamine in the climax of Pokémon Moon's story, a battle many players struggle with, but Vinny was giggling the entire way. This came during a series of streams in which he needed help from the chat throughout most of the game in regard to Pokémon, types, moves, etc., and to see him stand tall in such a convincing fashion really shows how much he learned.
    Vinny: (chuckling) I finally learned, guys. I finally learned how to play the game. It took me the last battle of the story to get there, but I finally got there. *beat* Or one of the last.
    • What makes this equally Hilarious in Hindsight is that in a way, Vinny fulfilled the character development most new trainers go through in the anime; starting off weak and inexperienced, only to find his feet when the world needed him the most.
    • Identically to Holly Conrad, Vinny caught Tapu Koko right out the gate with a Quick Ball. Which, for those not familiar with Pokémon mechanics, only has a 2% chance of occurring.note 
  • During Vinny's EarthBound stream, when climbing up to the meteor in Onett at the end of the game, Vinny's entire party except for Poo fainted during a particularly brutal fight with a Ghost of Starman. Vinny then proceeded to not only get the meteorite piece but also stealth his way off the hill without encountering a single enemy. At the end of the hill, he encountered another Ghost of Starman, making everyone think he would die, but then managed to run from that battle and make it back to safety unscathed, a feat that is usually way harder than one might expect. Needless to say, the chat flipped out.
  • While playing a Metroid-themed hack of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Joel successfully manages to speedrun the game using an out-of-bounds glitch in Hyrule Castle. After some mockery of the fact that he did it with "a shitty Samus hack", Joel comes to the realization that he technically holds the speedrunning world record for that particular version of the game!note 
  • Not video game related, but still awesome: Joel got to live out his dream and visit Japan; not just once, but twice!
  • Everything about the Terminal 7 game, a SourceMod game made by Vinesauce fan Nooke and based on Vinny's Terminal 7 meme.
    • To get into it specifically, the game invokes Unexpected Gameplay Change multiple times with a few stealth levels similar to Manhunt, a Point-and-Click Game level, and is topped off by playing a corruption-like glitched version of the first Super Mario Bros. level among others. All in the Source engine. Vinny comes in expecting it to be simple meme-infested mod, but what he got was a serious project with thought and care put in.
    • Vinny's playthrough of the game is accompanied by improvised voice-overs as Mario and Luigi, which greatly enhances the drama and emotional punch of the game's dark nature.
    Luigi: Mario, you wouldn't believe it...I was on the run, I was...I escaped. I couldn't stay there anymore, Mario, I had to leave. I-I had to come back home!
    Mario: Luigi, I don't know if you...remember what you did. You did some real bad shit, had to go're telling me you escaped? I dunno, I dunno're a fugitive! I dunno if I can keep you here...whoa, where are you pointing that thing, Luigi? It's okay! It's okay, Luigi, don't-hey! Hey! Listen to me! Listen to me! This isn't what Mama Luigi would want! Okay?
  • Vinny did a Super Mario Land 2 lore video, detailing how Mario came to own a castle and how Wario stole it. Then someone animated it.
  • Vinny explained during his Metroid: Zero Mission stream that he noticed a trend wherein he would stream a game, and soon after a sequel would be announced. He decided specifically to play a Metroid game knowing that it hadn't seen a proper sequel since Metroid: Other M. It worked.
  • Similarly, he streamed Animal Crossing: New Leaf hoping that the Nintendo Direct the day after would either confirm Isabelle for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate or announce a new Animal Crossing game. It worked on both ends.
  • Limes announces that she is joining the Twitch team as a customer support rep, to the surprise and cheers of her fans.
  • At the beginning of his third The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth + stream, Vinny mentions that he's rusty after not having played the base game for so long and loses a few runs, then goes on to utterly DECIMATE the rest of the game, including almost performing a no-hit run on the final bosses with ease. Lampshaded mid-stream, even!
  • Vinewrestle 2017 doesn't get quite as intense as last year's predecessor... until Joel pits Rev (who demonstrated extreme Made of Iron qualities in the first round) against Dio (who was nearly the Final Boss of last year's Vinewrestle). They both turn out to be Determinators to a level even Joel isn't prepared for, and they simply will not stop, with both beating the hell out of each other, resorting to various dirty tricks, and getting increasingly close to pinfalls as Joel's commentary grows more and more frantic. Dio ultimately wins after a series of road rollers, but Joel then announces Rev's victory on a technicality and moves him to the finals.
  • Vinewrestle 2017: Summer Slaughter, another Vinewrestle entirely composed of new challengers both familiar and unexpected. One of the best moments comes in an early match, which pits Cheeseburger Freedom Man against the embodiment of everyone in the Twitch chat. After what's generally a Curb-Stomp Battle in Twitch Chat's favor, Twitch Chat rams Freedom Man into an upturned table he propped against the turnbuckle several minutes prior, then brutally headbutts him through it, instantly ending the match. It's the first match in Vinewrestle that ends by a violent knockout rather than a pinfall or submission.
    • Trip vs Sad Cena is another intense match. Despite early predictions, Trip turns the entire match into one long No-Holds-Barred Beatdown, effortlessly outmaneuvering and tossing Cena like a ragdoll despite being an ordinary man. He quickly proves to be one of the night's most acrobatic and unpredictable fighters, and Cena can only get a few glancing hits in.
    • Doubles as a funny moment, but during this part of Vinny's charity 2017 stream, a certain someone entered Vinny's house without warning. Who, you may ask? None other than Jerma985, who had agreed to make a cameo on stream for Vinny, like a meet-up only possibles in the wildest of dreams.
  • Waaaaaay back in 2012, Vinny played a browser game called "" and, over the course of an hour, was brought on a journey combining mind screw-y surrealism, the uncanny valley, and awesome music. The best moment of it? This entire section, where The Mars Volta's "Frances The Mute" plays over (and seems to sync up to) a section full of paranoia-inducing religious horror and fourth wall breaks where the game starts typing things UNDER VINNY'S IN-GAME NAME into the chat field. What follows are some of the most unnerving moments in Vinesauce's history. Fourteen minutes of chaos. Special mention, as well, to the "Heaven" part, where Vinny somehow makes it into the supposedly closed Heaven, only to shoot through space as the song's Subdued Section ends.
    Vinny: This never happened... How do I leave!? This never happened! No! Gaaaah, savwher do I leave? This never happened... (sees a door labeled EXIT) Exit! (goes through and is teleported into space as the song reaches its final section) Ohhh... no...
  • In playing Dark Souls 3, Joel experiences considerable trouble trying to beat the Soul of Cinder. In one attempt, after he decides he wants to start using Embers to boost his health beforehand, he ends up pressing the wrong button and wastes a use of his Estus Flask right before he enters the arena. He ends up winning.
  • Joel managed to endure the full eight hours of Desert Bus.
  • Joel got Jon St. John to show up in his Best of 2017 video to threaten him with an asskicking unless he puts out the Vista Destruction video as Duke Nu- Sorry, "Duki Nuki".
  • Vinny's playthrough of Cuphead was definitely an awesome playthrough for him, as he handled most of the bosses without too much difficulty. Special mention goes to his fight against Grim Matchstick, whom he defeats in a single attempt.
  • During his E3 2018 Bethesda Conference Reaction Stream, Joel decided to end off the stream with a treat, in celebration of the previous announcement during the Xbox Conference, and some closure to a Running Gag in his community: he takes on the legendarily difficult "Turbo Tunnel" level on the original Battletoads game. He says that he has a secret technique that allows him to beat it, and the only thing he reveals about it is that it involves "sound". But it requires intense concentration, and he hasn't played the game in a while. He jokes that it's easy, and that he'll beat it first try. He does. It has to be seen to be believed.
  • Vinny defeating the Bonus Boss of the Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion, Inner Agent 3. He lets out quite the Big "YES!" upon doing so.
  • Late into Mother 3 Vinny manages to get not one, but two Mystical Sticks, Lucas' ultimate weapon that only have a 3% chance of being dropped by Heftyheads. Even better, Vin wasn't even trying for the second one; he just happened to get it by pure chance!
    • Also in MOTHER 3, you have Vinny's surprisingly impressive voice acting for Porky Minch, perfectly capturing the character's childish insanity and egotism while being so separated from his normal voice you'd swear it wasn't Vinny talking if you didn't know otherwise.
  • A chat member points out that Vinesauce, for a brief moment, became the #2 most watched channel on Twitch.
    Chat: "Vinny ur number two on twitch"
    Vinny: (astonished) For Tetris [99]? (Beat) This is hot off the heels of that fucking big tweet going around saying that variety streamers are hurting themselves calling themselves "variety streamers". What the fuck? (another Beat) For Tetris! This isn't... This is... unebelieveable to me that fucking Tetris is getting this many viewers.
  • While Joel's blindfolded run of Street Fighter II is mostly comedic, the final two stages are remarkable to watch especially considering his lack of vision.
    • Not only does Joel beat Sagat 2-0 on his first attempt, but ten seconds into round 2, he manages to crouch and jump over four consecutive Tiger Shots.
    • After Joel wins the first round of his sixth match against M. Bison, both fighters reach lethal amounts of health in round 2. Just as M. Bison comes in for the kill with a Psycho Crusher, Joel finishes him off with a regular punch.
  • Vinny goes through much of Devil May Cry 5's bosses without continuing via Gold Orbs through pure grit and practice. Special mention goes to his battle against the final boss (still not using Gold Orbs), which took 45 minutes and included at least one attempt where Vinny manages to parry an impressive number of attacks.
  • Joel made a Stylistic Suck song based off of a random Mario player’s username. During a Super Mario Maker 2 stream, he was able to find his official YouTube, confirming he did play the same game (though not remembering that he encountered him), enjoyed his work, and is a Swede as well. Joel is beyond elated, and tells the entire chat to subscribe to him. This stands out as a Heartwarming Moment that the chat helped make by sending the link and connecting them. Mind you, the chat could have sent him false links or trolled either party, but no, they actually went and found him. A rare moment of chat uniting to make a happy moment and showing restraint. Perhaps chat isn’t all memes and trash, after all.
    • The Mario Maker 2 stream in question ended up being a nineteen hour long stream in which Joel works on beating his excruciatingly difficult level called 'Can'tBeatThis Land', as Mario Maker levels can only be uploaded if the creator can finish it. The chat often pleaded with Joel to simply make the level a little easier so he could finish it, but as Joel hates compromising his ideals the level remained brutal, up to and including fake dev paths that will screw you out of a win in you try to take an easy way out. When SimpleFlips gets around to playing the level he falls for the fake paths many times to Joel's mad cackling glee before giving up on the spike maze to practice, and Mike Matei ends up ragequitting the level. Four months later, the level has a whopping 0.11% clear rate.
  • The finale of Joel's Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas stream has Joel, after losing many times in the horse racing betting game, deciding to go all-in and bet every last ounce of cash on an 8:1 bet. When the horse wins he completely freaks out.
  • Corruption Stockpile 19 features an impressive Donkey Kong Country corruption that turns the game into a Shoot 'Em Up, complete with exploding beaver bombs, as seen here. This was achieved through the combination of several other corruptions, including but not limited to:
    • An invincibility corruption.
    • A sprite swap corruption to turn Donkey Kong into Funky's plane and Diddy into a rock.
    • A corruption that gives Donkey Kong the movement patterns of Enguarde
    • A corruption that makes Diddy move at extreme speeds horizontally but returning to Donkey Kong's location every five frames.
  • The Super Mario World ROM hack Mario's Mystery Meat might be a shitpost-y meme dump, but that doesn't stop Vinny from appreciating the polish and production value that went into it. The best moments in particular for him were when the game briefly turned into EarthBound and U.N. Squadron (here and here, respectively).
    Vinny: "You engage Mr. Dink." Excuse me, this just turned into fucking EarthBound? (Stunned Silence followed by chuckling)
    Vinny: Yo, WHAT!? How did you put U.N. Squadron... one of my favorite fucking Shmups... in Mario World? How did you do this!?
  • During AI Dungeon 10, after Vinny went from trying to summon ghosts in an asylum to almost going through an assassination attempt on Martin Luther King Jr. to eventually playing basketball (with flesh as the ball) with some more spirits, it ends up turning into the ultimate adventure fit for Ghosts & Goblins, going from trying to kill Dracula to killing Satan himself with only Brother Murk & Johnson The Monkey helping along the way, with Vinny acting like an action hero for his part by first shooting Father Féval, then shooting a shit ton of demons before destroying Count Grey and his minions that try to confuse him, and finally defeat Satan and save his "daughter" Rose by using vampiric psychic powers to explode Satan's balls (which also contains his brains for some reason) and then using all the bullets he has to destroy Satan for good. While it's a more melancholic ending due to his aftermath with playing basketball against some spirits and shooting Father Féval, the fact that he ended up killing Satan in the first place warrants an awesome victory in its own right.
    AI: And the moral of the story is: Don't follow Satan.
    • The monkey character also deserves one in the story for the fact that it went from betraying Vinny around the start of the story (near the end of the summoning ghosts in an asylum part), thinking he was actually dead after that point, to actually helping Vinny out in defeating Satan and saving Rose in the first place. That's certainly a tale of redemption in its own right!
  • Despite the lack of cutscenes, Vinny's The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Randomized playthrough managed to acquire an ongoing meta-narrative of its own. The very first item he began with was the Cabana Deed, a useless item whose only purpose was as a Plot Coupon for the infamously annoying Triforce Collection Sidequest. However, due to the way the randomizer's seed was set, finding all the other items necessary to get inside the Cabana proved to be one of the most difficult tasks of the game. Furthermore, process of elimination made it more and more likely that whatever MacGuffin he needed to beat the game was inside the Cabana, making the situation even more frustrating. Thankfully all the effort paid off, because the Cabana turns out to be the location of the Light Arrows, the final items he needed to finish. In short, the Cabana Deed he began with turned out to be quite the Chekhov's Gun, and the ongoing gag of Tingle struggling to get the keys to his house turned out to be the key to defeating Ganondorf in the end.
  • The finale of Joel's stream of Grand Theft Auto: The Definitive Trilogy had him crash the game due to drinking hundreds of cans of Sprunk. For almost an hour, Chat watched as Joel made CJ drink HUNDREDS of cans of Sprunk, all set to motivational 80's songs. Once Joel hit his goat of $6000, Ai wo Torimodose started playing, and, motivated by the theme of Kenshiro, WENT FOR $5000. Even though the game crashed before he could reach his new goal, it's still a moment of awesome due to how a glitch only known by a few people became common knowledge due to something only Joel would think of doing.