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Describe Jon St. John, or I'm gonna kick your ass, bitch!

Jon St. John (born December 19, 1960) is an American actor and D.J. best known for his role as Duke Nukem, though he's also known in Sonic the Hedgehog for being the voice of Big the Cat and E-123 Omega in Sonic Adventure and Sonic Heroes.

Notable roles

Tropes pertaining to him

  • Approval of God: Loves the BALLS-BALLS-BALLS-BALLS-BALLS meme.
  • Creator Backlash:
    • He regretted voicing Big the Cat, to the point that he deliberately forgot how to do his voice. However, he later clarified on his Facebook that he only hates the voice, not the character himself.
    • However, he says that he considers his worst role to be Danzaiver in the dub of the game Evil Zone.
  • The Danza: See the Vector Tanks entry
  • Irony: He doesn't like guns at all.
  • Man of a Thousand Voices: Although he's most famous for one voice in particular, he has a surprising range - so much so he even got the part of Duke in the first place by surprising Lani Minella, herself a woman of a thousand voices, with his ability to imitate some of her thousand voices.
  • Playing Against Type: His role as the big-hearted simpleton Big the Cat is as far as you can get from the sociopathic macho-man role of Duke Nukem that made him famous.
  • Throw It In: When Lani Minella wanted to cast him as Big the Cat, she asked him to wing a voice for a stupid sounding character. Jon proceeded to wing the stupidest sounding trick voice he could think of, and to his horror, Lani thought the voice was perfect and hired him on the spot.