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"It is time... for the ultimate battle."

Season 1

  • Part 7 has a sequence where Bulk is murdered seemingly out of nowhere by his own friend, Madeline. After failing to revive him, Garfield takes revenge on Wario, who apparently talked her into it and laughed over his death. Then Joel discovers evidence that Madeline was Evil All Along. DIO then makes a bargain with Kira to turn back time to before Bulk's death, and while he gets revenge on Wario by killing him again, Madeline escapes after being beaten up. Joel decides it'd be poetic justice for Bulk to kill her in the same way she killed him, and after a brief detour with more clones, Bulk tracks her down and does the deed. It's capped off with Bulk, DIO, and Garfield dancing to the music from the first level of Doom.
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  • In Part 9, Bonzi Buddy revives Funky with his demon powers after Death tricks him about sparing the latter's soul.
  • In part 10 Dio was ambushed and attacked by two women, one of whom successfully knocked him out. Despite the disadvantage, he soon recovered and showed them they messed with the wrong person.
  • In Part 12, the Season 1 Finale, Doomguy himself arrives to take out the Demons infesting the town all culminating in an epic battle to the death with Bonzi Buddy (pictured on the right) which he wins as a metal cover of E1M1 plays.
    • During Jill and Nemesis' wedding a burglar shows up and threatens the party goers with a gun, but before anyone can get hurt Jerma shoots the burglar yet this isn't enough to take him down. Twitch Chat and the burglar get in a fight which Twitch loses, however before the burglar can shoot Twitch he's finally gunned down by Johnny fucking Zest of all people.
    • Johnny Zest finally puts his foot down after weeks of torment, and goes on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge in which no one's crotch is safe from kicking. He may have been in the throes of a nervous breakdown, but in a way, it's cathartic to see him finally get revenge.
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    • vargFren ascends while building his rocket and becomes a master of all skills.
    • While battling demons, Doomguy is arrested by Nick after Nathan gets shot by the super demon, getting taken away in a helicopter. A few moments later and Doomguy lands as the helicopter crashes down (this animation being used when Sims are cleared of their crimes) then kills the demon.

Season 2

  • The first part of Season 2 had the police finally be useful and arrest a robber while everyone else was incapacitated thanks to poisoned food.
  • Johnny Zest makes his introduction to Season 2 by emerging from the 'gamer basement' he had built under his house, then charging at Bulk Bogan and beating the crap out of him without any hesitation! He ends the fight by seemingly punching Bulk in the kidney, then letting him stagger away.
  • While it's also over the top and ridiculous, how Spongebob goes about killing River: He summons a bike and drives straight towards River before jumping into the air. The bike collides into River, sending him into the air with Spongebob. Spongebob then deploys a parachute, pulls out two pistols and proceeds to gun him down mid-air. River falls back onto the bike, causing it to explode as Spongebob lands. All while Rules of Nature plays.
  • There's something oddly satisfying seeing Dio getting absolutely humiliated in Part 14. Unlike most other characters in the series, Dio hasn't had many hardships at all, so seeing him struggle with attacking people at the gym, and then promptly getting his ass kicked by the Sim that would later become Jotaro is amazing.
    • Also, while the other 'chads' on the gym simply dodge his non-deadly attacks, Jotaro manages to block his murder attempts with ease AND counter-attack. When Dio tries to pull an Ass Kicks You on Jotaro, he promptly kicks him in the balls while he has his back turned! Then, in a non-canon hypothetical death match, Jotaro killed Dio with ease.
  • Bogan immediately killing a CBT Queen who attacked Bob in Part 18 and then everyone cheering afterwards. Doubles as heartwarming.
  • Just seeing Kira return can be considered an awesome moment.
  • By the Season 2 finale, we finally see The World appear physically.
  • Dio single handedly ends up stopping both Lasagna Ocelot and "Funky Buddy" by himself (granted through summoning The World for the latter). It just goes to show how powerful he actually is and that he's only been holding back by not summoning his stand.


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