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  • Vinny, Joel & Fred - Drunken CS:GO has the trio doing a drinking game while playing Counter-Strike. The gold is found in the commentary and Joel's rambling.
    Vinny: If you were drafted, to the military, and they told you to lead the bayonet charge, would you?
    Joel: I'd fuck Bayonetta!
    • Some time later:
    Joel: I'm disappointed. I lost a good fuckin' friend to violence.
    Vinny: ...To violins? How did the instrument make you lose a friend? [...] I lost my best friend to saxophones.
    Joel: Hey Vinny. Hey Vinny. I'm Obi-Wan Kenobi. I know... the things. You must go to the Dagobah system. Vinny. Vinny, you must kill... kill for victory. Kill...
    Vinny: You got it, you got it. Okay.
    Joel: I am Obi-Wan. I am Obi-Wan Alcohol. I am the master of your mind! Kill! Kill!
    [Vinny gets killed.]
    Joel: Oh, you have failed me! You have failed me! I shall now go back to being a ghost. You have failed me, Vinny!
    • Joel defying Fred in using the bomb to win in favor of killing everyone on the other team.
  • Vinny and Joel's unexpected encounters with specific insects. Vinny attempts to shoot a stinkbug with a airsoft pistol (backed with accidental, dinky Kirby music), while Joel goes apeshit at a hornet before crushing it with a book.
    • What occurred to Joel in 2014 paled in comparison to what would happen five years later. These clips barely scratch the surface of an incident which took at least 10 minutes, with the aftermath lasting at least half an hour. Highlights include locking himself in the bathroom, multiple attempts to thwack the wasp with a book, whipping out a knife and playing the guitar and then trying to smack the wasp with it. Vinebooru contributor and animator Zeurel made this nearly five minute cartoon rolling up the best wasp attack moments from that stream into one neat package.
  • Rev's 24 hour Boat-o-Cross stream had plenty of good moments:
    Joel: It's awful, you're disgracing my language.
    Rev: Pizza Hut may have blacklisted me. I don't know why they would do that, but yeah.
    'Legends speak of a great man. A man who played Boat-o-Cross for 24 hours. His name was Rev, AND HE SUCKED DICK!
  • Speaking of Joel's encouragement songs, there's a whole album now of songs about how much Rev sucks.
    • The Revnarok, an album of 50 songs dedicated to Rev, performed by Joel, done in the style of Anal Cunt. That's about all that needs to be said.
  • The Japonies series, in which Studyguy and friends get together to bet on horse races... in Japan World Cup.
    • "Fuckin' Pee Pee Donuts!"
    • "Oh, that's too lewd! But wait a minute, we're all too lewd!"
  • The Pathfinder stream with Hootey, Rev, KY, Imakuni and Jen.
    • Ima and Jen's plan to take down a knife-wielding assailant by ripping off their clothes, throwing the clothes at the guy, setting the clothes on fire in mid-air, and having them land on the guy. All to get around a save that the guy probably would have failed anyway.
    • Any time that Randus the Savage, played by Rev, gets into the spotlight. OH YEAH!!!
      • Special mention goes to when the group are trying to sneak around an enemy base.
    Randus: OH YEAH!!!
    NPC: We're trying to not be seen.
    Randus: (quieter, but with no less energy) OH YEAH!!!
  • As an incentive for their 2015 charity stream, Games Repainted made a Vinesauce-themed Super Mario Galaxy mod, with help from GPM (who would eventually join the team full-time in 2016) and Imakuni. Predictably, it's a fountain of memes with increasingly bizarre texture and music swaps.
    • Did we say Super Mario Galaxy? Sorry, we meant "Vinny Plays Badly".
    • To begin with, the main character is Sponge (complete with Mario's model being altered to always frown), Bowser has his head replaced with that of Vinny's Mii, a Luma has Karl Pilkington's face, and Rosalina is Two Faced.
    • The end of the intro sequence. Not only is Bowser's head replaced with Vinny's Mii, his roars are lifted from the "Choicest Voice" stream. Then, after the flying saucer comes through, there's a close-up of Peach's eye... and the image in the reflection is Ralph Bluetawn.
    • One graphical change involved a tutorial image being replaced with a picture of Rev making a goofy face that Vinny interpreted as Rev saying "y'all".
    • Good Egg Galaxy has a constantly repeating children's song about how you should always do your best that quickly causes Vinny's Twitter feed to blow up with messages about how he should do his best. He tires of it really quickly.
    • Then the secret room has Vinny's "Rub Titties" rap from the Crimelife 3 stream in it.
    • Vinny was looking forward to hearing the Honeyhive Galaxy music, one of his favorites in the original game. GPM said they weren't able to change the music for that level and Vinny believed him, but this turned out to be false shortly after Vinny entered the area. The music starts off as normal, but then it starts to slow down, distort, and then stop. What does the music then Bait-and-Switch to? "It's hip to FUCK bees!"
      Vinny: You son of a bitch! You played me like a goddamn fiddle!
      • According to GPM, people in the chat were vomiting from laughing so hard.
      • This leads to a discussion between GPM and Vinny. GPM asks Vinny if he would actually fuck a bee (bee-stiality if you will) in a world where he couldn't fuck anything else. Vinny then asks if the bee would be the size of a human, or if he would be the size of a bee, because if the latter were the case, he'd agree to it. GPM is appropriately confused, questioning why that would even matter to Vinny.
      • Then they tried to get everyone to post "#beesex" on Twitter to try and make it a trending topic.
    • When asking GPM how he'd feel about Wario's face in the sky, Vinny determines that Wario, who could could be solving all the world's problems, is just choosing to look at people naked in the shower.
      Vinny: He could solve world hunger. He could solve like you know, all the problems and anyone who's got weapons and wants to use weapons, but no, he's just looking at people naked.
    • Vinny's Guy Fieri imitations. It ends up with his Twitter feed becoming flooded with Guy Fieri pictures (alongside the "do your best" stuff).
    • Vinny making references to the Funky Kong ASMR video, peppering his ramblings with "bodacious" and the like. When Vinny left the room during part of the stream, GPM ended up doing a parody of ASMR and Vinny referenced the Funky Kong ASMR video specifically after he returned, followed by GPM changing his parody to reference the "fuck bees" song by mentioning wearing a bee costume to a costume party, with his comment about "be[ing] a bee" earning a Lame Pun Reaction from Vinny.
    • At one point, Vinny brings up that some Vinesauce videos have been uploaded to PornHub... and that the comments there are more tolerable/readable than on YouTube.
    • The day after, Rev tweeted this:
  • The entirety of Joel and Rev's Blind Pokémon Drawing stream, mainly due to the former streamer's incompetence.
    • Their conversation about how Salvador Dalí was "worried about [his] dick being cut off", and how he put subtle hints about this in his art, especially this gem:
      Joel: So, the guy had like a... circumcision phobia?
      Rev: Yeah! Yeah, seriously. You start looking at it — you know the melting clocks? You know what that's about?
      Joel: Melting cocks. (silence, he starts laughing) Melting cocks!
  • The "Everyone is Vinny" stream. Several streamers join together to play a modified version of "Everyone is John", with Hootey as the DM and Vinny as the victim. Contains possibly the most corpsing of any Vinesauce stream.
    • KY uses "Vinnie Vole's Existential Nightmare" as the game in his ticker.
    • The various "obsessions" of the voices inside in-game Vinny's head, including shouting "It's hip to fuck bees!" and attacking children.
    • During a hectic moment, Hootey hits himself in the crotch with the dice. Funny as it is, but shortly thereafter:
      Vinny: (after someone gets another roll of 6) These dice are weighted!
      Hootey: They're very heavy, yes. I hit myself in the balls with them, thank you for reminding me.
    • Vinny's misadventures in a supermarket once he gets control of the (in-game) Vinny. He goes to the fruit aisle, steals a grapefruit, stuffs it in his pants, and heads towards the break room to "grapefruit his mans" (a bizarre sexual move involving hollowing out a grapefruit). When he's stopped by a guard, he tries to attack by throwing the grapefruit, misses, and gets smacked with a crowbar. Rev takes control, decides that the grapefruit isn't worth it, and flees... while screaming about fucking bees.
  • GeePM, Rev, Joel, Cr1tikal, and Huggbees do a Drunk Mario Party stream. Highlights include Cr1tikal eating raw eggs instead of drinking, copious amounts of creepy fanfiction and art (including Yoshi vore and Fat Marle being read aloud), and Joel drinking so much he passes out during the stream.
    GPM: Joel, do you need help?
    Joel: (after a pause) I need MapQuest... (cue laughter from everyone)
  • Vinny and Imakuni visit each others Animal Crossing: New Leaf towns:
    • The two have a casual discussion about their preferred methods of dictatorial rule. One comment on the linked video sums it up as such: "This whole thing is like Hitler and Stalin sharing a sunny afternoon together, discussing their preferred methods of suppressing individual freedoms over scones and hot tea."
      • Then Imakuni casually mentions her sacrificial fire pit, her nonchalantness even unnerving Vinny.
    • Imakuni leaves a parting message before leaving Vinny's town: It's hip to fuck bees
      Vinny: GET OUT! *random Angrish*
  • The day before before the 2017 "Vinesauce is HOPE" charity stream started, Hootey had a short conversation with the Vinesauce Twitter bot about the stream. In addition to being adorable, there are gems such as Vinebot asking if Rev is okay (his incentive for that year was even more Flash games). The crowner is when Hootey checks an undetermined upload to Vinebot that was causing problems. It's a picture of Grand Dad.
    Hootey: ... (sets parameters for "Granddad" to be a $100,000 goal)
    Vinebot: I understand! That seems like a very high number.
    Hootey: It's for the best.
  • To help him get over his childhood anti-Sonic bias, Imakuni decides to get Vinny to play Sonic 3 Knuckle, as they call it (also with a highlight video).
    • Much of the humor came from the awkward scenarios of having to practically guide Vinny through the levels (she was Tails) because he had never played a legitimate Sonic game before.
    • Upon his first... several times entering a bonus stage, Vinny gets the globes one (where Sonic has to move upwards using the momentum of him orbiting the titular spheres) and immediately jumps down, ending the round.
    Imakuni: You're learning! (beat) ...You're not learning!
    Vinny: YEAH I'M CLIPPING!!
    Imakuni: WHAT?!
    Vinny: YEAH!!
    Vinny: [in his Sonic voice] ZIP ZOOM, MOTHERFUCKER!
    • The entirety of Carnival Night Zone (a.k.a. the "Carnival Fucking Nightmare") is a laugh riot, with repeated instances of japing, as well as the infamous Barrel of Doom.
      • In the particular case involving the Barrel of Doom, Vinny has a hard time advancing past the part containing said barrel. The reason why? He tries to apply laws of physics on the barrel to increase his jump height (long story short, make the barrel bob up and down so as to build up momentum), and in the end it turns out that all he needed to do was use the direction buttons to move it. Imakuni takes an almost sadistic glee from Vinny's frustration with the barrel.
      Imakuni: I'm enjoying this so much, chat. You have no idea!
    • Vinny manages to have enough trouble with the special stages for Ima to have to play them for him. During one stage, Ima notices that Vinny's controller has an oddly high amount of latency with the emulator they're using. Later on in another stage, Ima outright loses control of the game, only for Vinny to realize that it and the latency from before was because he was clicking out of the emulator to browse the web.
    • Vinny manages to get stuck in a loop in Ice Cap Zone Act 1 when he repeatedly falls off one of the pendulum sections and tries to reboard it. Then he finally manages to get past it (prompting Imakuni to celebrate), only for him to get hit by the freeze blaster right after said section, getting knocked all the way back to the bottom. When he goes back to try again, he gets hit by another freeze blaster, causing them to lose their final life.
    • During one of the Special Stages, Vinny reads a message in the chat saying "Ask her about our lord and savior, Ken Penders."
    • Vinny typing "Poopergeist" into a text-to-speech program, with wonderful results.
      • It gets even better when Vinny misspells it as "poopergiest".
    • Ima informs Vinny that the name of the roosters rescued from the Badniks is "Cucky". Vinny's reaction is hilarious disbelief.
    • As Vinny struggles with the levitating platforms in Marble Garden Zone Act 1, we get this gem:
    Vinny: Wow, this game is fucking unforgiving.
    Ima: Yes, but once you understand how it works, it becomes very easy.
    Vinny: Like butt stuff.
    (extremely awkward silence)
    Vinny: That doesn't garner a response, it doesn't deserve one.
    Ima: Oh, uh, uh, uh...
  • The dream team of nightmares eventually return to the game...
    • The running gag of Ima repeatedly sabotaging Sonic in various ways, such as accidentally slamming him into quicksand in Sandopolis Zone, and accidentally dragging him into a fire blaster in Flying Battery Zone.
    • Right afterward, Tails glitches and gets stuck on a propeller.
    • While doing Sandopolis Act 1, Vinny mentions how Sonic must get really sweaty sometimes and Imakuni immediately tells him to stop because Sonic Forces actually had a joke about Sonic getting sweaty and smelly which made her very uncomfortable. Then, a few minutes later, Vinny goes even further...
    Vinny, doing a Sonic voice: Oh, I feel dizzy! Fuck! Shouldn't have eaten that enchilada!
    Imakuni: ...Don't... don't have Sonic have... chili dog, fart gas or something-
    Vinny: SMELLS BA~D!
    Joel: World's colliding, man!
  • Vinny and Joel's individual reactions to the announcment of LEGO Forza.
    Vinny: I'm sure someone out there is losing their goddamn shit over this.
  • Their reactions to Sans unexpectedly being announced as a Mii Fighter costume for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was also a significant contrast, with Joel outright corpsing, and Vinny being suspiciously silent. Joel's reaction came after he had been trolling the stream with Megalovania.
    Vinny: [long Beat, mic noises] I'm sorry, did something happen? I stepped away from my computer for a moment...
  • Phasmophobia with Vinny, Jerma, Ross, and Giwi ( Jerma's POV, Ross's POV)
    • Jerma getting talked down for not playing in VR mode because his headset wasn't working.
    • The odd beeping coming from Vinny, which the rest think is either a fire alarm or a bat's sonar.
    • Ross clipping through the wall.
    • "I see, uh, two pillows. They look, uh, freshly-bought from IKEA"
    • ""Give us a sign, you're the piano man~"
    • The Running Gag of Jerma trying to mess with everyone by making digeridoo noises and talking like a ghost.
    • "Phantasmal spirit, A/S/L?"
    • "Put on the Red Sox game."
    Jerma: (in a distorted voice) Don't touch that dial now, we're just getting started.
  • During a Mario Kart 8 Deluxe charity stream featuring Limes, Rev, and Mike, Rev learns of Vinny's seething hatred for Star Trek: Picard, and despite never having watched it, asks Mike to tell Vinny how much he's been enjoying the series. Later into the stream, Vinny joins the call, and Rev takes the opportunity to tell him himself. Poor Vinny sounds mortified, while neither Mike nor Limes can contain their laughter.
    Rev: So you apparently talk about Star Trek as much as I talk about Warhammer, so I was like 'alright, I'll fuckin' watch Picard; let's see what Vinny's-'
    Vinny: No, not that one! Nooooo... No, Rev!
    Rev: What? It's good, man!
    Vinny: No! I'm... so sorry for your loss!
    Rev: But it's good, though! I like the action, it's nice!
    Vinny: The ACTION!?

  • The entirety of Fred's The Legend of Zelda: Oracle Games drunk stream.
    'The Darth Vaders of vagina?'
  • From his first stream of Miitomo (link):
    • He pauses to look at his Mii's first potential outfit option, declaring it to be a "pure douche" clubbing outfit. He would continue to check out various bizarre outfits.
    • After a while of trying to figure out how to play Miitomo Drop, he says he wants a cat. He drops Imakuni's Mii and gets candy instead, though he did get a cat sweater after dropping another Mii. He asks the chat to decide the color... and ends up with purple. He did eventually get an actual cat companion, as well as a cat miniskirt.
    • He drops Rev's Mii, whose tendency to bounce off bumpers more than the other Miis prompts a response of "Goddammit, Rev."
    • He tries on the cat sweater and the cat miniskirt, commenting only that the colors don't match.
    • He tweets a Miifoto of his Mii wearing a dinosaur hood and a spacesuit.
    "He is Beauty. He is Grace"
    • He shows his answer to what he thinks the best thing about cats is.
    "iam allergicbuttheyarestillcute#yolo"
    • The stream's title of "Memetomo" ends up being fitting when he shows that he commented that memes are something he noticed becoming popular recently.
    • Game's question: "What did you do last weekend?" Fred's answer: "Cry."
    • The game asked "What did you have for dinner last night?" One of Fred's friends, Gross, gave "dirt" as his answer.
    • Game's question: "What's something from your past that you wish you could forget about?" Fred's answer: "All my mistakes"
    • To end the stream, he states that "I'm done with Miitomo arigato Mr. Roboto," adding that he's tired.
  • From his second stream of Miitomo (link):
    • He starts off by commenting on people at work recycling components from computers and other electronics while thinking of which famous person he'd like to be friends with. He eventually starts to type "Vinny :(" but ends up skipping the question entirely.
    • The game asks him about something he wants to quit doing but can't. He quickly cracks himself up by saying "My job" (which he had talked about earlier) and ends up sticking with that as his answer, to which his friend Ghostly's Mii responds, "My job? Well, I believe in you!"
    • He checks the answer list and it shows that Imakuni had also noticed memes becoming popular recently.
    • Game's question: "What's your earliest memory?" Fred's answer: "Parents divorce"
    • Game's question: "What would you like to get for your next birthday?" Fred's answer: "A job I actually care about"
    • Game's question: "Are you completely addicted to any TV shows right now? If so, what?" Fred's answer: "That fredsauce show on twitch is pretty good imo"
    • Game's question: "What's your favorite place on Earth?" Fred's answer: "My bed." This is a Call-Back to his previous comment on being tired.
    • Game's question: "Which animal would make you run as fast as possible in the opposite direction if you saw it?" Fred's answer: "Bear"
    • Imakuni shared a picture of her Mii angrily shouting "This is... my stand!" in front of a Thomas the Tank Engine toy. Fred is amused by the strange face she's making.
    • Fred's Mii claims he has breaking news on what Imakuni was doing recently: "Shitposting with photos of Vinny"
    • Continuing with friends' answers: "I hear Fops's favorite type of bread is... dick"
    • Checking more answers by Imakuni: "Word is on the street is that Imakuni's been here recently: "The moon and back." She also claims to have been afraid of spiders and bugs her whole life, which causes Fred's Mii to shiver.
    • Another answer by Fops claims that the best thing about cats is that they don't judge people, which Fred denies.
    • "This is how Vinesauce relieves stress: Play drums with two red dildos." Cue Fred laughing and commenting that it's something Vinny would do. "Two red cocks for two Red... Vox."
    • Rev sent a picture of his Mii wearing a suit and looking surprised. Rev's caption: "Actually my face whenever I get a photo taken."
    • Game's question: "What outfit would you never be able to pull off?" Fred's answer: "A dress"

  • During his stream of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, when playing through the game's multiple endings, he ends them with increasingly gravelly, cough-filled Title Drops.
  • GPM decided to play Youtubers Life, creating the character Chet, a guy who works on videos nonstop while blowing off his friends and loved ones. The name of the playthrough? "Chet's Depressing Youtuber Life". Highlights here and full playlist here.
    • By part two of the series, Chet gained a reputation of not knowing how to end videos.
      GPM: (reading chat) "[Chetsauce] How To End Videos (a 10 Part Series)" (chuckle)
      • "'Chet forgot how to end videos'... Chet never knew how to end videos."
    • At one point, Chet decides to make a video that might cause drama. The title?
      [Chetsauce] Chet - VINESAUCE IS A HACK
    • Chet's annoying laugh, first thought to be tied into the in-game music (as it stops when GPM mutes it)... only for it to come back later.
    • While doubling as something out of The Dark Half, by the end of the stream, a swarm of Chet Twitch accounts begin flooding the chatnote , causing GPM to become legitimately scared.
  • GPM's Miiverse Is Hell streams, where he looks at Miiverse posts (usually from the Youtube community/involving roleplaying) and riffs on them, are always good for a laugh.
    • During one stream, Huggbees decided to join him. Eventually, they come across a roleplay and Huggbees decides to voice one of the characters as Kaiba. The conversation then begins to turn into a general discussion of all the horrible things Yugi has done and things Huggbees got annoyed at in the anime.
  • Even when playing it vanilla, GPM's Perpetually Modding Oblivion brings much hilarity, most of the humor involving the hyper-competent City Guards.
  • GPM gets back from watching Sausage Party, and decides to "review" it (lasts about 23 minutes or so, contains spoilers) while playing Doom's multiplayer. It had... a strong effect on him, to say the least, and it's the angriest he's ever been on stream. Particular moments are his rant on sexy hotdog buns, his freakout over the orgy scene, and his reaction to the ending.
  • During his stream of the Black Hat Elusive Target from Hitman (2016), after an hour or so of conventional stealth, he decides to abandon it at the last minute in favor of finishing it as the Vampire Magician, with a little bit of Dio thrown into the mix.
  • Shitty Plug n' Play Games, in which he plays one of the many, many shovelware-loaded consoles with games that are eerily similar to real games.
    • Kong, who GPM first describes as "Donkey Kong's brother", then cracks up at the very crudely-drawn ape on the title screen.
    • Lawn Purge. The title alone is hilarious. The title screen also features a lawnmower with a face. GPM gets a very good laugh out of both.
    • Memery Test. GPM expects it to be a memory match game with memes.
    • Dringle. GPM then comes up with a personality for Dringle: his real name is Drew, and everyone keeps calling him Dringle.
    • Eggs. A robot catches eggs, then random pictures pop up on screen, as well as a caption saying what it is... or not. For example, a hedgehog labeled "URCHIN", a whale labeled "GOLDFISH", a bubble labeled "BLEB", a pumpkin labeled "LANTERN", a starfish labeled "PENTAGON", and a tilted planet with rings... labeled "EARTH".
    • Run 110m Hundles.
    • Edacity Snakes, which is basically Snake, but features an off-color Kaa.
  • Pretty much all of GPM's "Roblox is Hell" streams are comedy gold, whether it be because of his fans following him around (and occasionally impeding him), the So Bad, It's Good games that he comes across, or his own eccentricity.
    • He discovers on one server that he can still perform the dab dance command even when his model is that of a mouse, which led to the affectionate nickname of "Dabby" by fans.
    • The seventh stream has him coming across a (surprisingly well made) Five Nights at Freddy's roleplay area. Hilarity Ensues as he creates an Original Character named "Schkungus", complains about the microtransactions, and attempts to repeatedly play Vinny's "Scoot the Burbs" song on the pizzaria speakers, much to the manager's dismay.
      • The same stream features GPM achieving warp speed on a swing set. GPM and the chat proceed to go absolutely mental, and Rev (who was in the game with GPM) makes futile attempts to find him.
      Rev: "Every now and then, I see you appear; it's like watching a fight scene in Dragon Ball!"
    • During a collaborative stream with Huggbees, they play through a bunch of levels centered around Dan and Phil, which leads to several surreal imitations of the two.
  • During the Mario Party 6 stream, Huggbees asked GPM a question: who would win in a fight: Captain Crunch, or the Trix Rabbit? GPM's answer? None other than Barney Rubble.
    Huggbees: Alex, what streaming network are you part of?
    GPM: Streaming network, um... Vinesauce.
    GPM: Oh... oh, you know what, you're right. I forgot...
  • His playthrough of the pre-alpha build of Hello Neighbor brought plenty of laughs, from the neighbor throwing bear traps at GPM's house to watching said neighbor breaking through his own window to get inside. The clincher, however, has to be the end. After several failed attempts at getting into the neighbor's basement, he finally opens it only to discover there's nothing but an empty room behind it.
  • GPM playing Club Penguin blind is hilarious enough, but the kicker is when he takes solace in the lighthouse and looks through the telescope, after his fans once again follow him around.
    GPM: Nooooo!
  • While playing a Super Mario Bros. romhack called Janked Up Mario Party, GPM accidentally punched himself in the balls while trying to put his controller down.
    • During a later stream of Janked Up Mario Party, he starts hyperventilating after finally beating a particularly difficult level.

  • During Hootey's Independence Day Stream of Xenonauts, he had to send his Alt Squad out to recover a downed UFO. He moved Buttsmachine in front of the Riot Shielder... and was then instantly sniped by reaction fire. His reaction was priceless.
    • Also during the same stream, he had his shotgunner walk right up to an alien and fire... and somehow miss, with a 98% chance to hit. He proceeded to stop to laugh for a minute or two.
    • Once, he joked that he could recruit civilians by knocking them out and carrying them back to base. He used the stun rod on a nearby civilian, which killed it and left behind nothing but a pool of blood and some organs.
  • Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast Way to Go, Buddy Edition, a mod that turns many sounds into one of Lando's voice clips. It has since become his notification sound for new followers.


  • During one of Darren's streams, Joel tipped him $5 dollars, with a message that makes as much sense in context.
    Joel: Darren, you must milk the cat. Please, please, milk all the cat cap! Mama Mia, that's a spicy meatball. Oh, stanky danky amiibos. Mama mia, nuke Ireland now.
    Darren: Fuck off, Joel. You're saying nuke my country? How about nuke your country? Jesus fucking Christ. I like how Sweden is saying nuke someone else's country, yet your own country is going to shit.

  • Imakuni installed a text-to-speech voice reading all the donations she received out loud. Hilarity ensued.
  • When playing Digital Devil Saga, she told a story about going to a strip club with Rev. It involved her discussing titties in an innocent little kid voice, a friend spending $500 on strippers, someone asking to see her penis, and Rev getting treated like a BDSM slave.
  • From her Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer stream:
    • The first house designed had a toilet in the middle of the floor, which she claimed was the centerpiece of the room. A chat member commented that the computer in front of it is "for shitposting while shitting." After the house was completed, the camera panned around the newly completed room as usual, but this time it seemed to focus an awful lot on the toilet.
    • After finishing Lopez's house, he told her that he preferred manga over comics (and in the original language), that his house wasn't complete without a picture of her, and that they should have a slumber party. Imakuni concluded that he is a creepy Occidental Otaku.
  • The minigame The Beat Goes On in Mario Party 3 produced a pattern that ended up being pronounceable, to hilarious results.
  • At one point in her Animal Crossing: New Leaf stream, she ends up setting her town theme to that of The Nutshack. It takes her a few seconds for her to realize this, before she lets out a Big "NO!" and decides to just roll with it.
  • Imakuni manages to get a fair amount of funny moments from her playthrough of Sonic Adventure 2:
    • Imakuni is very knowledgeable on the game and its many glitches, and is eager to show them off. One highlight is when she shows off the trick that makes you drive backwards during the kart-racing levels. The fact that the character’s speed remains the same while driving backwards only makes it funnier.
    • While playing Pyramid Cave's third mission, she shows off an alternate route accessed via summoning rings with Mystic Melody to Light Dash along. However, she keeps dying due to how finicky the Light Dash is; at one point, Sonic just falls through the pulley he is supposed to grab onto.
    • Eternal Engine naturally provides Imakuni with a lot of pain and is the level she struggles the most with. During one of her attempts at the fifth mission, she dies at the end of the level due to the Artificial Chaos enemies.
    • The Chao Garden is full of enough moments that it almost deserves a section of its own.
      • Gilbert, her first Chao. She repeatedly puts Gilbert into the Kindergarten's classroom to keep him out of the way without releasing him. At one point, he even draws a skull on the ground.
      • Imakuni's repeated use of the term "fuck fruit" to refer to the Heart Fruits.
      • When she gets multiple Chao, they frequently get in the way when she is focusing on raising one Chao with the infinite animal glitch. Explanation 
      • During the 12th stream of the game, she is in the process of feeding two of her Chao (Bevis and Scrunt) Heart Fruits to breed them. However, a third Chao, Satan, decides to wander over and ends up breeding with Bevis instead, quite literally cucking the other Chao. The offspring's stats also turn out to be fairly decent, which makes the ordeal even funnier.
        Imakuni: NOOOO! NOOOO!! NOOOOOO I GOT CUCKED!!! NOOOOO!! NOPE HE WASN'T A BREEDING!! What!? What!? NOOO! I have to fucking find out! I have to- you fucking, you fucking- [inhales] MMMMMM I didn’t even give you the fruit! [exasperated laugh]
      • Then the chat nicknames the Chao, and...
        Imakuni: [despondent tone] Gotta raise Cucky up good!

  • Thanks to the chat, Imakuni ended up nicknaming the Pagumon line "Vinny" during her Digimon World Dusk stream. At first it's merely chuckle-worthy due to the devil (and imp) theme of its evolution tree (which is the basis for the chat's nickname idea; hint, hint), but becomes outright hilarious when the chat realizes that one of the Ultimate-level Digimon from said evolution tree is an obviously female LadyDevimon (the next evolution in line? Lilithmon! Cue fan art).
  • By her own admission, Imakuni has a little bit of an obsession with the Blue Spheres minigame in Sonic Mania. So, imagine her surprise when she discovers the Mania version of said minigame in the extras menu...
    Imakuni: Like, I don't know what the difference is so far, hold on...
    Imakuni: What the fuck is this green one?! What?! Oh my god?! [...] It's hard mode. That's actually kinda cool... I don't wanna play it though.
  • Early on in part 2 of her Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure playthrough, Ima finds a "Romance Compatibility Test" machine, which asks for a pair of names and gives a love prediction, Magic 8-Ball style. She (along with her chat) spends the next five minutes having fun spitballing random names. Hilariously, the machine's prediction for Joel and Rev is spot on.
    Romance Compatibility Test: A small rift between you will grow into a gaping valley if you don't consider the other's feelings.
    Parin: Hmm... I suppose that's true.
    Imakuni: He knows, guys...

  • Jen's Animal Crossing stream. The contrast between the happy, laid-back game and Jen's profane commentary is hilarious.
    While doing errands for Tom Nook.
    Jen: "You don't deserve these flowers, Nook, you fucking bastard."
    After an ostrich villager makes fun of Jen's name.
    Jen:: "I'm going to dig a hole and push you in it, you fucking whore ostrich!"

  • Havel the Rock from Spelunky.
  • As a result of reaching an $80,000 incentive for the 2017 charity stream, KY plays FinHAl FantHAsy X, a mod that replaces Tidus' dialogue with his infamous laugh. Laughter from KY, and various "ha" puns, are prevalent.

  • The killing of General Ronk during Limes's stream of Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. First, his three Orc captains that Limes painstakingly hunted down and apparently killed moments before showed up during the fight. After they were dealt with, Ronk himself proved to be one tough bastard, not even accounting for his flunkies. And because she kept failing at the highly convoluted final blow QTE, he regenerated to 60% health at least three times. Ronk Stronk, indeed.

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