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Joel's return to playing The Sims 4 in 2019 is something to behold; dubbed by Joel as "Meme House", every stream so far has been full of golden moments:

The series as a whole

  • A fan named Mairiba made an original sitcom theme for the show, and a full-length version that references several in-series events. Then they made a Season 2 intro focusing on Johnny Zest's arc.
  • A fan named LonelyMonarchist1998 used "Baka Mitai" from Yakuza 0 to make an anime ending theme for Meme House, which was used in Part 22.
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  • The fact that Garfield, of all people, is the Only Sane Man and the only one of the original three with a legitimate job.
  • The various shenanigans Dio and the others get up to, especially when Enyaba Ordonez and Johnny Zest are involved.
  • Bulk Bogan randomly met a clone of himself, who Joel dubbed Liquid Bogan and promptly had the original kill. Garfield later met his own clone, and did the same thing. Finally, Dio met his own clone and...spared his life and befriended him.
  • A Fortnite dancing mod was implemented, resulting in many Sims randomly breaking into dance, sometimes for over a dozen in-game hours.
  • After becoming a vampire in Part 2, Dio liked to regularly exit the house during the day, despite sunlight being capable of killing him, much to Joel's annoyance.
    Joel: *sees Dio standing outside in broad daylight* DIO!! Dio, Jesus Christ, what are you doing?! *tells him to get back inside* What the fuck, dude, you fucking crazy?!
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  • So many Sims die that Death has appeared in every episode, and is frequently grumpy with whoever's doing all the killing. Eventually Joel installs a mod that adds his own scowling face under Death's hood, just to drive the point home.
  • The incompetence of the Oasis Spring police force is a sight to behold. They've been defeated by locked doors, fooled when suspects pretend to be asleep, dance and violate several gun safety laws, and on the rare occasion they do arrest someone it's impossible to keep them in prison for long. The firefighters are just as incompetent at doing their jobs, with 2 dying in part 21 while the residents had to put out the fire themselves.
  • Dio's tendency to run around kicking people's trash cans and generally being a minor nuisance when not actively tormenting people, which feels weirdly in character for him.
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  • The fact that Dio's sheer arseholery has alienated every single other sim he has met and has even led to Funky Kong of all people snapping at him. Funky Kong, who is even nice to Johnny Zest and Bonzi Buddy finds Dio too much of a dickhead to be around.
  • The original household in particular becomes such a Weirdness Magnet that it rivals the Aqua Teen Hunger Force house in comparison. Random insane npc Sims always spawn in the area and immediately sprint towards their house for absolutely no real reason. It gets to the point where Joel has to frantically lock the door on them to just have one second where a random intruder doesn't cause someone to die or get the house set on fire.
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Pilot (2013)

  • Four words: Mario Brothers Antichrist Baby. It takes the Mario/Luigi pairing and runs absolutely wild with it.
    Joel: This no longer looks like a nose! It looks like a flaccid dong!
    • Joel "decorates" the Mario brothers' front yard with items such as a pool of blood, a dead body and an adult superstore sign.
    Joel: Would you gladly drive to this place just to, you know, visit and shit? I would.
    • Luigi holding a pistol in his hand while he and Mario flirt with each other.
    • Right before he and Mario woohoo, Luigi starts crying for no reason. Joel says that Luigi knows he's about to commit a crime against nature.
    • The entire woohoo scene is set to "Do The Mario".
    • Right when Luigi begins to have the baby, Joel declares that there must be a sacrifice, resulting in Mario killing the newspaper boy. It must be seen to be believed.
      • Mario buying food from the fridge is perfectly timed with the Grim Reaper shaking hands with the newspaper boy's ghost, making it look like Mario sacrificed a child for 30 bucks.
      • Right after Mario shoots the newspaper boy, a policewoman arrives to arrest him...except she can't get inside the house. Eventually, she just leaves.
    • The baby is born, and Joel decides to name her Princess Peach...and forgets the H at the end of her name.
    Joel: She will be evil and insane.
    • Throughout her life, Joel becomes very horrified and disappointed in Princess Peach, and decides to have Luigi kill her. This is made all the more hilarious by the Steam notifications in the corner telling Joel to pull the trigger.
    Rezarious: DO IT FOR SWEDEN
    Rezarious: DO IT
    Rezarious: PULL
    • This all culminates in Luigi killing the Grim Reaper.

2nd Pilot (2014)

  • Joel revisits The Sims 3 one last time with a mod called "Violence and Aggression" installed. What does he do with it? Everybody get up, it's time to slam now...
    Joel: What the fuck is going on...? <Link Zelda picks up Kirby Superstar and slams him to the ground> HOLY SHITZO!! <laughs as Kirby turns into a ghost> OH SHIT HE DIED!!
    • He body slams an entire family to death... and then steals their house!
    • Link then body slams a Horse.
    • His horrendously failed attempt to recreate Kermit the Frog in that same stream.
    Every living moment is pain, Joel!
    Joel? Make love to me JOEL!!
    I'll be having children's tears on the rocks.
    I've had my drink, now it's time for murder.
    • Upon seeing Kermit punch a ghost in the face, Joel makes the modest request that this image be put on his tombstone.
    • Kermit also kicks a sims crotch in a really far distance, causing Joel to say this:
    Joel: Holy shit! I just teleported my testicular contortion!
    • Link body slams a victim, then as Death comes to reap him, Link body slams him too.
    • Joel messes with the newly modded body modifiers to give Kirby ridiculous, glitchy, Liefeldian muscles:
    Joel: You know those advertisements on the Internet that says, you know... "Tried this new cure and I got RRRRRRRRRRRRIPPED!!"
    • There's also his reaction to a girl transforming into a full-grown woman, just to get slammed by Link.
    Joel: Ohh no. Oh no. What the hell. What the fuck. What the SHIT!!
    • Link's suspicious, sharply upturned mouth and the glorious accompanying noise Joel makes.

3rd Pilot (2015)

    Season 1 

Part 1

  • When Garfield tries to cook some Macaroni and Cheese, he gets set on fire, and then suddenly two Sims enter the house unannounced. While everyone else is panicking, the second newcomer (who looks suspiciously like Bill Gates) completely ignores what's going on and instead decides to play on the GameCube! Now lovingly animated here.
  • When creating the characters, exploration of custom content leads to the sight of Dio with Sans' head.
  • Garfield performs a midnight home invasion on their neighbor's house, and proceeds to use their kitchen to bake cake, while ignoring their neighbor's constant protests.
  • Dio trolling internet forums for fun.
  • Dio drinking a glass of gamer girl pee. So this is where Giorno gets it.
  • Dio gets arrested for murder and Joel decides to leave him there for a while. When the chat points out he still has the Switch, Joel immediately switch gears and makes him break out of prison!

Part 2

  • Needing to find a Drug Dealer so he can have Garfield cook a Weed Pizza, Joel makes Enyaba become a drug dealer!
  • The Shaman has arrived.
  • Bulk, high on drugs, went to the gym and met Madeline, who cheered while watching his workout despite him being naked. Bulk promptly ruined the mood by killing someone in front of her.

Part 3

Part 4

  • Joel finds that one plant outside the house is a "Trash Plant" that grows tiny bags of trash as "fruit." He proceeds to harvest the Trash Fruits and make trash pancakes.
  • At the chat's behest Joel decides to test drive a mod function for running Sims over with a car. Cue a bevy of random Sims holding an impromptu funeral on the sidewalk, Bogan planting a Trash Fruit as "tribute"...and Dio calmly washing his hands in the loo. Later, Bulk used the car to murder 6 random Sims for no good reason, then passed out near their corpses.
    Joel: This is the weirdest stream ever.
  • While Bogan is visiting the Solar Flare, a random woman butchers and cannibalizes another lady right in front of him. Joel promptly makes Bogan leave and instead visit the nearby Futures Past.
    • A few minutes later, Joel decides to revisit the Solar Flare to see how the situation is unfolding. When he gets back, there are pieces of flesh on the floor, the lady is now a ghost, another woman is dancing and the bartender, who has the head of Waluigi, is laughing.
  • The one time the Bogans' stereo plays a song Joel actually likes ("Lonely Rolling Star" for the record), the radio breaks down right before the chorus. Joel is appropriately anguished. As a bonus, Dio and Garfield are dancing in sync.
  • Toward the end of Part 4, Joel adds more JoJo characters, Yoshikage Kira and Killer Queen, except the latter is represented by Markiplier in what is essentially a fursuit.

Part 5

  • Enyaba is the first major death in the series after getting killed by Kira for kicking his trashcan however any impact this would've had is severely hampered by the extremely dopey look on her bodies' face accompanied by a kazoo remix of Kira's theme.
  • Joel discovers that you can play as the default sims, and plays as Johnny for a short while. A group of the other characters begin to show up, fronted by Kira, who has Killer Queen walking in front in true Stand style. Joel is hilariously terrified.
  • Funky Kong, while at Johnny's house, goes to take a shower. Revealing that under the modded costume is a Sim with the head of a Dwarf, much to Joel's confusion.

Part 6

  • The Running Gag of Little Tummy's Laxatives Powder and MDMA that were randomly purchased after The Squarepants Household moved in.
  • After Enyaba died in the previous episode at the hands of Kira and Killer Queen, Joel has Spongebob and Albert Wesker move in to her old house. The bong is still there, as is Bogan's picture!
  • Wesker becomes an assassin proficient with a sword, and uses a technique called 'BERSERK' to kill one of his first targets; Joel almost completely loses it at the animation.
  • Five Words: Spongebob Squarepants Despair Event Horizon. After Wesker's killing spree and his lack of personal hygiene, Spongebob sleeps on a bench outside while Joel plays an instrumental rendition of "Mad World", the whole scene is funny because of the implication of Spongebob, of all people, would've been depressed. This would later become an Establishing Character Moment for Spongebob, as being a somewhat depressed person.
    Joel: Ever since Spuntelbabl hit dat crack, Spuntlbub was never the same... My God...
  • Four More Words: Spongebob Squarepants Redemption Arc. After the somewhat broken down sponge decides to grill, Joel cheers him on... until it's revealed he is actually cooking "Krabby Dogs" instead of Krabby Patties. And then Joel gets mad at him.
    Joel: He going for it! He going for it, dude! With the wrong food! You giant fuckup! You had one job!
  • After befriending one of the clients, a slightly unhinged woman by the name of "Diamond Mooney", Joel adds her to Wesker and Spongebob's house at the request of the chat, then transforms the sim into none other than Jill Valentine! On the YouTube upload of the full stream, one commenter reasoned the humour behind this as such:
    Imagine being Wesker, you get this awesome job where you get to earn money by killing people. It's all going cool and dandy until one of your clients, some crazy girl named Nancy, begins to come over just to hang out.
    You sorta of get along with her but she is pretty annoying and she shouldn't be there. Does she know how easily that you could kill her? Anyways, one day you come back home from work and you discover that the crazy girl who wouldn't leave you alone has not only moved in but she changed her name and is now impersonating one of your deadliest enemies.
    Imagine being Wesker.
  • The Bogan household desperately needs money to pay their bills, so Joel has Bulk twerk for money on the street. He makes thousands of Simoleons from random passersby.
  • Dio commanding the ghosts of Bulk Bogan clones to repair the sink and clean the house.
  • Adorning the front of the Bogan house with a giant selfie of Dio, accented by Christmas lights.
  • The Anthropomorphic Personification of Twitch Chat suddenly hooking up with Johnny Zest.

Part 7

  • Joel stumbles upon a ghost named Kory Fuller dancing on his own grave, which is followed by him playing the Cory in the House theme over his dancing.
  • Dio, Garfield and Bulk celebrate killing Madeline by Default Dancing and Flossing while E1M1 plays.
  • Spongebob fortnite dancing to Stadium Rave, and then immediately twerking.
  • CBT Wizard kicking Johnny Zest in the crotch seven times then immediately taking a bite out of a burger.

Part 8

  • Jill Valentine and Nemesis are now the first Sims to WooHoo in the series, much to the disgust of Joel. Even funnier is that they did it to the Knuckles Rap.
    Joel: What in God's name... What's in God's absolute fucking name just happened?
    • Even better is when after the two get in bed, Joel moves his camera to watch Spongebob playing Goofy Goober Rock with the bed still in the background.
  • When Bogan decided to visit the Squarepants residence, Joel discovers a certain glitch with the radio and the Fortnite dance animations that caused Bogan to continuously dance even as he moves around. The result? See for yourself.
  • vargFren was added to the town and was instantly killed upon arrival by the cannibalistic owner of his new household. Pepsiman then takes immediate revenge with a gun.
  • While at the gym, Pepsiman's conversation with CBT Wizard is interrupted when the background suddenly flashes white. Joel looks around and notices two Bonzi Buddies in the distance, with a third one walking into frame soon after. Joel's response is to fearfully claim that "they've arrived."

Part 9

  • The weird implication that Pepsiman successfully delivered a demon baby and becoming a doctor.
  • A new unlikely couple forms between Twitch Streamer Jerma and the CBT Wizard who quickly become the second pair to WooHoo in the series... not in either of their homes but in a bed belonging to two girls they just met.
  • Bonzi having a bad day on the job and leaving work early somehow caused him to get a promotion.
  • While Funky's death is by no means funny it causes some pretty humorous whiplash as Joel goes from devastated at his death to ecstatic at Bonzi's seemingly successful plea to the Reaper to confusion and annoyance when Grim pulls a troll move by taking Funky's soul anyway and then Fortnite dances on his grave to top it off.
    • This is almost immediately followed by Spongebob calling the recently deceased Funky to come over for "Movie Night", which to Spongebob apparently means dancing non-stop in a barren lot for hours.
  • Twitch Chat celebrated so much over overcoming his terminal disease that Joel eventually got sick of it and told him to stop.
    • During the initial celebration after Twitch Chat comes back from the hospital, Jerma randomly kicks Chat in the groin. Seems like he's learned a few tricks from his lover.
    • Joel tries to make the celebrating stop by having a random woman fatally run over. However, this in turn causes the celebrating Sims to glitch out as they rapidly switch back and forth from freaking out about the dead Sim to celebrating Twitch's recovery, making it look like they were celebrating the woman's death.
  • Toad Bup's house has an absurdly small TV and a bed completely outside. Joel and the chat joked that it was Spaghetti Grapes' house and he was nice enough to let Toad hang out there.

Part 10

  • Toad constantly had visitors coming over when desperately trying to sleep. The fact that the "front door" of his house was just a door frame, causing the visiting Sims to simply walk inside and knock on his bathroom door to announce their arrival, didn't help.
  • Toad had Garfield shows up as a caterer. After repeated attempts to get him to cook, which totaled $350, Garfield made macaroni and cheese...which Spaghetti Grapes ate.
  • Joel used cheats to make Freddie Mercury's piano skill go to the highest level, but since he was tense the music sounded worse than at level 1.
  • Big Smoke was cannibalized and turned into a ghost... and almost everyone in the household ate some of his remains. Including Smoke himself.
  • Big Smoke kills an old man in a gang for tormenting Pepsiman and now the other gang members are going to try to kill him, a threat that means literally nothing since Smoke is already dead.
  • Vibe Check's torment of Johnny Zest while sleeping, acting as his 3 AM sleep paralysis demon.
  • Bob Ross paints terrible recursive paintings of Vibe Check's face, which are worth more than the Mona Lisa and can be seen from space.
  • Joel used a mod to have random objects as Garfield's 'hat', which became huge and often interfered with his animations.

Part 11

  • Somehow, Spongebob failed two separate 90% checks for a successful surgery and died. Joel speculated the doctors couldn't figure out how his sponge body worked.
    • Before he dies he decides to buy some drugs and gets high.

Part 12

  • Freddie Mercury shows up at the bar where Nemesis and Jill are having a date, he uses the microphone not to sing but instead tell jokes about the time he pissed his pants.
  • Spongebob became Very Flirty thanks to some pills, to Joel's horror.
  • Wesker was bullied by two Sims, one of whom compared him to a zombie and the other to a Sims 1 Sim. When he killed them to heavy metal music, a ghostly Sim danced to it.
  • The wedding was going fairly smoothly until a burglar broke in, sending Joel and the chat into hysterics and ensuring Death showed up as a wedding guest.
    • Then (and doubling as a Moment of Awesome), a beleaguered Johnny Zest is the one to pull the trigger on the robber!
    • After the burglar is dead the sims are all either crying at the ordeal or just don’t care at all instead focusing on the delicious wedding food, and then there’s Bogan who's just groovin’ the whole time after somehow getting himself stuck in the fortnite dance glitch despite not being playable at the moment.
  • The moment starts out as a horrifying reprise of Jill's nightmare, right up until it's very clear that the burglar doesn't have the immortality tag, fails to really do anything of note and gets unceremoniously offed by Johnny Zest of all people.
  • When Joel cinematically zooms towards the Kong Household to show its ominous new appearance, he zooms in towards the 'lava' on the ground, showing the stock image watermark still in it. You can hear Joel trying really hard to not crack up.
  • Johnny Zest's "new form" Dark Johnny goes on a crotch-kicking rampage.
  • After Doomguy kills one too many demons, Death beats the snot out of him.
  • Doomguy celebrated killing Bonzi Buddy and the last of the demons with an epic breakdancing session.
  • What is Funky Kong doing when we first see him trapped in Bonzi's absurdly small underground prison? Dancing.
  • The game crashed after Joel had Funky move into the Bogan house, forcing him to depict Garfield burning down the Kong house with macaroni in stop-motion.

    Season 2 

Part 13

  • Once again, the Oasis Springs police are completely incompetent and yell at a wall for hours instead of trying to get past a locked door. They get so frustrated by this that they eventually start firing their guns wildly into the air!
  • Dio resumes his usual torment of Johnny Zest, first by Self Woohooing in his bed, and then he tricks him into shaking hands with him (hand buzzer prank). Johnny gets absolutely blasted by Dio's "ELECTRO COOM".
  • Joel builds Dio his own room in the basement; however his inexperience with building leads the house now sprouting a very tell new roof that doesn't even cover the new hallway, which Joel doesn't bother to cover with wallpaper to make it match the rest of the house. Dio's new room is decorated with a Christmas tree and festive lights for no real reason.
  • A nerd randomly walks into Wesker's house asking to talk about video games and cards. Spongebob declines by incinerating him with a blowtorch.
  • Pepsiman decides to redecorate the gym after he buys it and the results are... sure something with the walls and floors now covered in generic images of the Pepsi logo copy-pasted over and over. Joel questions if Kirilian just looked up stock images of Pepsi and plastered them everywhere to which Kirilian simply replies "yes".
  • Joel purchases a naked gnome who's censored with a cartoonishly big pixelated box (or as Joel calls it a 'Minecraft penis') and almost names it Germa.
  • Wesker's Harvestfest celebration had him add laxatives to the turkey as a means of sabotage...and then he ate from it. Twice. Then a burglar broke in, and the police finally did something useful and arrested him while everyone else continued to pee themselves. Then Wesker was kidnapped, but due to a bug a clone of him, dubbed Liquid Wesker, appeared in his place.

Part 14

  • Wesker arrives to pay the Bogan Household a visit; when he steps through the door, several ghosts accompany him. Joel is spooked to see Bonzi Buddy flying down the path, but then practically screams in horror at the sight of Madeline Bynum’s ghost, who somehow managed to sneak in unannounced!
  • Have no fear, because Bill Murray is here! ...He ends up doing everything but busting ghosts, from getting embarrassed at the sight of seeing Garfield on the outside toilet, distracted by a passing superheroine, playing video games with Wesker, and eating breadsticks!
    • He was then turned into a Plantsim by accident, died in a horrible fire, and was erased from existence shortly after.
    • Joel pausing to note how chaotic this part is.
      Joel: First of all, we have Pickle Bill, Funky Kong, nude Wesker, GHOST, Dio, and outside we have Jotaro Kujo and Todd Howard in the sky.
  • Although Bonzi's ghost was initially seen as a threat, all he ended up doing is cleaning up the dishes, all while the Soviet National Anthem blares from the radio. This leads to Joel and the chat theorizing that after the events of the Season Finale, Bonzi pulled a Heel–Face Turn with the help of communism.
    • However, this does not stop Garfield from kicking him in the dick.
  • Joel puts in a lot of effort in trying to accurately recreate Jotaro as a sim, but for Kakyoin and Iggy he just slaps some red hair on a pre-made sim and renames their female dog Iggy.
    • Even with all the effort Joel put into making Jotaro's sim he still ends up looking ridiculous since Kirilian had to quickly throw his outfit model together leaving Jotaro with very large hands and no neck.
  • Twitch Chat takes a shower in the rain, not caring if anyone sees him.
  • Jerma and Twitch try to join a gaming club and to find out they aren't gamer enough to apply.
    • Jerma is invited to join a cosplay club, when attending a hangout he kicks the leaders crotch and runs back home.
  • Both Bulk and Vibe Check kill sims by suffocating them with a grilled cheese sandwich and diaper respectively.
  • We find out that one of the CBT Wizard's outfits has him wielding a Keyblade, causing Joel to incredulously ask "who's giving out free Keyblades at Lidl". Becomes doubly funny if you're aware of the Uniqueness Decay Keyblades have actually gone through in their home series.

Part 15

  • Dio picks up exactly where he left off last stream: hitting a punching bag with a picture of Johnny Zest taped to it.
  • A chat member asked why there were so many dead people, to which Joel replied they must have missed the past 14 streams.
  • Anakin Skywalker reappeared suddenly and was immediately murdered by The World. Then Shaggy murdered Dio, who was brought back when Funky bribed the Grim Reaper with money.
  • The first thing The King does upon moving in is go skinny dipping in the toxic waste in front of his castle then casually go inside to eat yogurt in front of the chef they hired while still naked.
  • In order to have things line up more in the real world, Winterfest is replaced with "Gamer Day." Such traditions for it include streaking, smoking weed (a part of it the King LOVES), fighting, eating pizza, and playing games. This holiday then leads to several naked Sims being outside as well as the later events to unfold.
  • The DJ the CD-I household hires doesn't seem to mind being assaulted by them. It doesn't take long for him to enthusiastically start playing again after Link smashes a bottle over him, complete with a giant gash still on his head.
  • When Joel sees the naked King in the pool again floating upwards, he mistakenly thinks it's the King's dead body floating in the toxic waste.
  • The King almost froze to death in the pool while nude, then visited a Russian bar and almost froze to death again while making snow angels in the nude.
  • The CD-i household have a binge fest on cocaine, Zelda and Link are so out of it they just stand around flossing for hours.
  • Boom!Robotnik meets Bulk and immediately asks him if he's ever woohoo'd.
  • Sonic the Blue Terrifying Human was added to the series and nearly burned the house down cooking chili dogs indoors, then tried and failed to steal Jim Carrey Eggman's money.

Part 16 (The Magic Bullet Special)

  • The episode was a crazy Show Within a Show commercial Bulk was watching for the Magic Bullet, wherein Ralph Bullet went absolutely nuts and killed everyone except his immortal grandma, who was sealed in a tomb by three Grim Reapers.
  • Dio in an amazingly fitting fashion for the whole episode becomes mad and annoyed and leaves the couch once Bulk flips the channel to the commercial.
  • Joel showing the actual infomercial before the gameplay starts and completely ripping on it is absolutely hilarious. His intense psychoanalysis on it must be seen before anything.
  • A large chunk of the episode has the 20-minutes long commercial playing in the background, with some of the dialogue accidentally, but hilariously, synching up with what's happening on-screen.
  • The pizza lady seems to strangely hit it off with Ralph then later starts to send him ominous texts regarding her relationship with him. For whatever reason, his responses to them can only be "Ok."
  • Granny 2 is an intensely grumpy and done with everything lady who is "older than time itself," and only wishes for death to finally come. However because of this she is cursed with immortality, not even Death can end her. She ends up trapped in the pool forever as mentioned above.
  • Ralph can become this in a meta sense upon realising that he's not the first round, bald, pizza-loving moron with a blue color scheme and that name to be seen in a Vinesauce series.

Part 17

  • Nobody in the Bogan household listens to Freddie when he tries warning them about the cursed lands and underground hideout of Liquid Bogan next door to them. Bulk then kicks him out for trying to cook them a real meal rather than something shitty like Froot Loops. He also blames all the insane events later in the episode on this.
  • Joel constantly gets Vibe Check to do several dangerous things in hopes of him dying such as constantly spraying more fuel onto a giant bonfire and trying to attack a buff police officer.
  • Dio gets his own holiday called "Dio Day," however it is during this day where everyone openly expresses their disdain for Dio, even while trying to be nice to him or when there's more important things happening such as the burglar incident below.
  • Vibe Check chugging down a whole bottle of pharmaceutical medicine.
  • Vibe Check gifts Dio birth control medicine supposedly as a joke but he actually ends up liking it.
  • Dio constantly uses his timestop ability to needlessly teleport everywhere throughout the episode. He also constantly teleports in front of Boom Eggman while he's trying to play video games.
  • When Vibe Check asks Dio about his personality, he responds saying that he's a very religious person who deeply cares for his family.
  • Dio receives a lap dance from Vibe Check and specifically chooses to receive it on the pizza chair.
  • A burglar broke into the Bogan House and while the police tried to arrest him, what really stopped him was a ghost beating him up and then another one shooting him.
  • After Vibe Check abruptly murders Doomguy (with a grilled cheese sandwich) he attempts to seduce The Grim Reaper/Joel to bring him back, and what happens? Death laughs at his attempt and reaps Doomguy anyway.
  • The episode ends with the Eggmen playing with the OG household's video games and then grabbing them and running off.

Part 18

  • Funky Kong tried to get along with the Grim Reaper, but turning on The Simpsons made Death leave immediately.
  • The grilled cheese thief came back from the dead and tried to rob the Bogans but was once again defeated by a locked door.
  • For reasons unknown to man, Dio decides to use his Stand to get on the rooftop of the local Mcdonalds, proceeding to Fortnite dance and piss in the vents at the same time.
  • Spongebob was woken up from a nap by a text from a ghost dog calling him ugly.

Part 19

  • After seeing one of the cultist members hanging around at Mcdonalds without his mask on, Joel randomly decides to rename him Tommy Wiseau.
  • Vinny's attempt to make his own restaurant turned into an Epic Fail when all he was able to buy was an empty room and a microwave, resulting in people coming in with their own food for him to nuke.
  • The hilariously bad living standards of the Vinesauce household: Their house contains no doors, is small and cramped, the wallpaper is incomplete and the part that is looks like Mr. Blobby threw up or exploded as described by Joel, there are only two beds which are a coffin and toddler's bed, their only equipment for cooking is an ancient worn out microwave, there is no plumbing appliances aside from a kitchen sink meaning you'd have to scrub yourself with that if you want to bathe, they do their business in a large bush outside which Joel has fallen asleep in, and the house isn't even fully covered by a roof. It's no wonder fans have exclaimed how hilariously shit their home is.
  • The TV the Vinesauce crew has is on the floor while their gaming console is on the desk, resulting in an extremely limited viewing perspective.
  • One of the random NPC Sims audibly says "Agga."
  • The stream ended with Vinny killing a Sim with grilled cheese, and then Death joining in on a game of Garfield Kart.

Part 20

  • Vinny bothering to buy candles for his restaurant as if to properly lighten the mood despite the rest of his business being as low quality as possible is way more funny than it should be. He then goes to peoples' home like last stream to "ask" for money for it. Hilarity Ensues again; it's also during this that Joel notices all the household's money having gone towards the restaurant means they can't even feed themselves anymore.
    • A hentai festival begins in town during this process too.
  • After Dio snaps the neck of a burglar, his corpse has an extremely silly face, prompting a laugh from Joel and for him to say that this is the expression of everyone who watches Meme House.
  • Garfield's attempt to burn down Dantette backfired hilariously when he got set on fire himself.

Part 21

  • Right at the start of the episode, Joel overlays a deepfake video of himself singing over the opening. At the end, for under a second, he unmutes the deepfake, which plays Baka Mitai.
  • The one-year anniversary stream starts like the entire series did: with yet another horrible fire in the Bogan Household. After initially deciding to do nothing, problems seriously started when the Bogans tried to put out the fire as two firefighters burned to death from walking right into it, Funky came home from work only to be greeted by the fire, Bogan was shot for kicking a firefighter in the crotch, an IRS man took the shower, and Dio died to the sun. Thankfully, Garfield was the MVP and saved them both.
    • After Dio was brought back to life almost everyone on the lot was disappointed he lived, including Death.
    • It's also implied Wesker started all of this since he pointed and laughed at the fire.
  • Dio drains Johnny Zest's blood with the help of a Paper-Thin Disguise of a blue mustache.
  • Bogan's possessed movements from eating the "cursed fruit" that Wesker had.

Part 22

  • Johnny Zest coming into the meme house just to use their Gamecube while crying alongside Dio.
  • Dio performs Extreme CBT on Johnny Zest enough times in a row for challenging him to the point where keeps collapsing and then can't walk right for the rest of the part. Funky Kong also sleeps through it and Garfield comes home to it only to also go to bed.
    • While Dio was torturing Johnny Zest, the CBT Queen arrived and performed Extreme CBT on her own soul.
  • Dio goes to Johnny's place and cooks spaghetti for Doomguy. While making it, he yells at the spaghetti, vapes, cries into it, drops glass on it, and just cooks it all together in one pot. Doomguy doesn't end up liking it.
    • Johnny Zest comes home to a random plate of spaghetti in his kitchen, all his plumbing appliances broken, and Freddie Mercury sitting on his couch watching tv.
  • Dio once again wears a Paper-Thin Disguise to trick people, this time pretending to be the Pringles mascot selling a new chip. He at first does this to drink from Twitch, and then tries it on Johnny. Dio nearly gives away his cover by kicking Johnny's trash as he comes home but then casually sets it back up as he approaches.
  • When Kira orders Dio to summon his stand against "Funky Buddy," he needlessly plays dumb for a second before then summoning The World on-screen for the first time and having it dance. He then effortlessly destroys Funky Buddy.

Part 23

  • Before the episode can properly start, Joel is gifted a game on Steam called "Hentai Dungeons Holy Pussy", which sends Joel into a minutes long wheezing laugh.
  • Inspired by giving the Grim Reaper a plate of ham after killing Shaggy, Bogan decides to become Santa and run around the world giving out crappy presents.
  • Duke Nukem randomly has a baby girl, which the chat dubbed Jesus due to her birthdate and appearing out of nowhere.
  • Johnny Zest returns home to find it on fire, and goes to sleep in the burning house like nothing unusual is happening.
  • Absolute mayhem ensued when Toad's house caught fire. Toad entered the living room, and began dancing while singing "All I Want for Christmas is You" by Mariah Carey, completely oblivious to the growing inferno. Toad only panicked when the Grim Reaper started to freak out.

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